Chapter 173 Part 2



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Approximately west from the Royal Magic Academy, going past the central square.
A super-luxurious brothel, also known as one of the Three Families, is located in the center of the red-light district. There was a woman in Jayanne’s private room.

(With how I am now, I will definitely lose)

On the bed was a customer who ascended to heaven with satisfaction, lying on his back. Looking at that man who looks like Santa claus, she let out a small sigh.
A deep sense of melancholy floats in her innocent face.
Light cruiser-sensei reminiscing her previous battles. Her body shuddered a little as she gently pressed her rear with one hand.
Month by month has passed since then, but the memory is still fresh in her mind.

(I can’t stay the way I am now. I need to become stronger)

His match with one of her colleagues. Watching that match from the closet gave her some conviction.

(It’s slow but, I feel like he’s growing steadily)

She doesn’t feel an overwhelming growth like when they first met. However, he hasn’t reached the peak in that area and even keeps growing.
It’s amazing.

(He’s a hard worker after all)

Tauro is the pilot of the merchant guild Knight.
When he’s off work, he is almost certainly in the red-light district. Moreover, he’s playing around from early afternoon to late night.
He seems to go from high-end stores to low-end stores, without minding the store’s rank. He was often seen eating and resting near the stores.

(As expected of Tauro-sama)

She let out a breath of admiration with sincere respect.
Physique, strength, flexibility, and weapons. It’s never better than anyone else.
However, there’s probably no one in the red-light district of the Royal capital that doesn’t know the name Dr.Slime.
It is due to him continuously improving himself. That’s her favorite part of him.

(I can’t disappoint him. For that reason, I have to go outside Royal capital for once)

Travels around countries, defeats fierce men, and receives teaching from someone stronger. She always had an idea to embark on such a journey.
However, she is one of Jayanne’s main forces. She can be said to be one of its pillars.
Her sense of responsibility for her work has kept her from taking that step.

(But I can no longer use that excuse)

The rematch with Tauro.
The concierge has urged her to set a date for it. He seems to have a strong desire for the other party.
It’s an honor, but precisely because of that she can’t appear unsightly before him.

(It’s better to depart as soon as possible)

As her intention is not to make him wait, a long journey is no good. If so, there is no choice but to begin her journey as early as possible.
Light cruiser-sensei made up her mind.


Around the same time, on the highway extending south from the royal capital.
A beige Knight is heading south as the ground gently shakes every time it walks.
He carries only a rifle, no shield, and not even a sword.
From its characteristics, it is a B class Knight belonging to the merchant guild of the Royal capital.

(There’s quite a lot of traffic here)

My vision is shared with the Knight as my body lightly shaking up and down in the cockpit.
A golem carriage that has a height below the Knight’s knee passes by. Looking down at it, I think.

(I really want to run through it by hovering)

However, due to wind magic activated on the legs, there will be big clouds of dust flying everywhere.
A transportation method that causes a great deal of inconvenience to everyone on the highway. I couldn’t do it even though I wanted to.

(There’s a complaint about it once after all)

A letter has arrived at the merchant guild from people along the highway.

『The laundry that had been dried is getting dirty with dust. Could you please spare me from it happening again?』

I can’t argue at all.
A Knight who is much larger than a golem carriage doesn’t wind up much dust unless he runs. But hovering is something else, that can even make you unable to see the sun clearly.
Since then, I’ve kept myself from hovering around populated areas.

(This time’s request is a surveillance of a certain demon beast, huh?)

I’ve never received a request like this before. The one requesting it is the merchant guild.
I recalled the conversation in the guild master’s office.

「A village at the south is being attacked by a group of goblins」

Goblin jii-chan made a pitiful expression.
He feels complicated because of his appearance. But he doesn’t say anything extra.

「It can’t be helped if it’s just a common herd migration. But if there’s something behind it, it’s a different story」

Herbivore mechanic next to me explained to me who couldn’t understand anything so far.

「Goblins are sensitive to their surroundings. If there’s anything, they will immediately run away」

And that goblin is leaving the forest and attacked a human village.
It is possible that they’re only aiming the crops on the field, but it’s better to investigate just in case. Or so it goes.

(I see. So goblins are some sort of bioindicator, huh?)

A method of observing a specific creature when you want to know the changes in the environment.
When the river gets dirty, fireflies disappear and crayfish increase. It might be similar to that.

「Therefore, Tauro-kun. I want you to go deep into the forest and check the situation」

I cross my arms, knitted eyebrows and tilt my neck.

「I’m fine with going there, but is it something that I would understand if I see it?」

I, who lacks knowledge of this world, do not know what’s normal and abnormal.
If someone were to accompany me, then sure, but if I alone investigate the surroundings, I wouldn’t be able to find anything.

「I thought that would be the case」

The guild master reached out his hand and held out a stack of papers as thick as a notebook.

「This is… a checklist?」

“You sure caught on quickly”, the petite old man nods with a smile.
The handed bundle of paper had a picture of creatures, its names, and a map.

「If you see a creature in the picture, I want you to mark it on the map. The rest will be analyzed over here」

Herbivore mechanic looking from the side opened his mouth.

「All of these are typical demon beasts that start migrating early」

Where it usually lives and where it lives now.
Using that difference and the type of demon beast, we can speculate where and what is happening there.

「I understand, with this, I feel like I can accomplish it somehow. I will immediately prepare to depart」

After that, me and Herbivore mechanic went to the hangar.

(We’re almost there)

I pulled my consciousness back to the present and observed my surroundings.
The street was getting narrower, and the greenery on both sides was getting thicker.

(There’s no more traffic, but it seems it’s better to walk from here out)

It will be no good if I move flashily and startle the bioindicator.
I occasionally stop and look around while filling out the checklist.

(Oh? Found a goblin)

I found a humanoid figure moving in the distance.

(The location is… here. Their number is, let’s see, about thirty, I guess)

I fill in the list while marking the map.
I keep observing for a while, but it doesn’t seem to approach me. It disappears into the trees as if to escape.

(This is an investigation. If possible, I’d like to avoid shooting my rifle)

The others will run away. And I won’t be able to get decent data.
I wasn’t going to make a move unless the other side attacked me first.
I thought and nodded while moving the Old lady forward.

(This kind of job is nice too since it’s refreshing)

Most importantly, there are creatures I haven’t seen before. I got a chance to learn about them.
Moreover, I don’t hate fieldwork and working outside.

(Hou… so this is a giant mole, huh?)

If I remember correctly, they were used to make my potion bags. I’ve never seen one alive before.
Old Lady steps deeper into the woods.
I spotted a round fur ball moving by relying on the shade of a tree, and compared it to the illustration.
I don’t know anything about this world, but I’m pretty sure moles don’t like the surface of the earth in the daytime.

(The fact that it’s coming out of the ground means there must be something in the ground, right?)

It’s just my thinking as an amateur, so it’s just an idea.
Like this, I kept investigating until the sun went down.


Early morning the next day.
In the guild master’s office of the merchant guild is the figure of Goblin jii-chan and Santa Claus. These old men’s morning is early.

「It appears there’s some kind of tendency here」

He places the stack of documents in his hands on the desk. It is the result of the survey brought back by Tauro yesterday.
The vice guild master, Santa Claus nods and opens his mouth.

「The more you go to the south, the more demon beasts you’ll find moving north. Even though it’s not on such a large scale」

He traces the map on the desk with his finger and continues.

「The movement of the demon beasts seemed to have been sucked up by the size of the forest. To the point a herd of goblins was pushed out to the north end of the forest」

The one point that proves it was the southern village that was attacked.
Seeing that, the guild master nods twice.

「It’s just my speculation, but there’s probably something further to the south. Fortunately, no ones lives there」

The forest breaks off at a certain line, and to the south of that is a no man’s land. It is a dry wasteland, with nothing but rocks and gravel.

「It’s unlikely that the demon beasts will overflow from the forest. However, the fact that there was a giant mole worried me」

Vice-guild master who heard the name of Giant mole. He thinks while stroking his long white beard.

「This “something” must be underground. We speculate that much」

「I think so too. However, we can’t tell what’s in the underground with our current power」

He agrees with the words of the guild master.
After a while, Santa Claus opens his mouth.

「I guess this call for continuous monitoring」

The two old men came to such a conclusion for the time being.




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