36. Wolf’s Hidden Village (9)

–Shizuku’s perspective

As I was caught up in battle with an endless monster horde, a shadow covered up the sun.

It was huge and bigger than a house. Is that a praying mantis? This is the first time I have ever seen such a big monster. I have to defeat it… I have to defeat it! I have to defeat it!!

「Gather more power, …!」

The golden claws of light flickered, and their shape momentarily distorted before returning. I was able to extend the time with the I received from Marge, but the way the glow of the precious gem pendant became cloudy was clearly indicating that I had hit the limit of mana that this exhausted land can lend. This land had been weakened to such an extent.

I have to take it back. The homeland which provided for our ancestors and was in return protected by them. A

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