Chapter 181 Part 3



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Even as she mused at the way Light Cruiser-sensei was acting, the female monk bent her knees and bowed. It is an act done out of something called courtesy.

「Even though you have the letter of recommendation, the news has not come in all the way to my end」

The woman who is currently unconscious on the floor. This meant that she falsified her name and took the offensive against Light Cruiser-sensei all on her own.

「It is not worth troubling me for, the woman over there probably thought as such. The people below me have done such a disgraceful act」

However, Light Cruiser-sensei did not accept the words of apology of the female monk.

「For a person who just used your name without consent, she has not shown any signs of unhappiness」

Those pupils of Light Cruiser-sensei do not look away from the eyes of Shitanaga-sama.

「An instruction given by you yourself, or some connivance must have occurred. I deduce that it is probably somewhere along those lines」

After hearing these words, Shitanaga-sama opened her eyes wide as if she was shocked. Thereafter, she puts her hand against her lips and lets out a laugh.

「I see that you have quite the imagination」

Light Cruiser-sensei shakes her head and continues her words.

「Almost immediately after that woman was defeated, you showed yourself. You probably were observing from somewhere correct? This is not something worthy of being called me having quite the imagination」

Shitanaga-sama laughs gleefully, seemingly amused. After that, her face suddenly moved closer to that of Light Cruiser-sensei’s. All of the expression disappears from her face and she spoke in a low voice.

「For someone who is outside of the ranks, do not get ahead of yourself」

What Shitanaga-sama was talking about is the World Championship Ranking.
As Light Cruiser-sensei did not show up at any of the matches, she does not have any rankings as of yet. As compared to her, Shitanaga-sama is a high ranker whose rank is in the two digits.
By the way, the ranking of the Death God is in the single digits. However, as he has been absent from recent matches, his ranking is still dropping even now.
Taking her distance almost immediately, the usual expression returns to the face of Shitanaga-sama.

「You can say this is an apology, but if you do not mind, I can be your opponent after this. If you say that you will prefer for it to be carried out tomorrow, then I am afraid that I cannot promise you that I will definitely be able to be your opponent」

Although the tone of her voice is polite, the light in her eyes suggests that she is arrogant.
Light Cruiser-sensei has, for once, found that she is able to give a calm smile.

「If the situation as you say, I would very much like to be in your care after this」

The eyes of Shitanaga-sama look at Light Cruiser-sensei as if they are evaluating her. Shitanaga-sama uses her right hand to point deeper into the corridor.

「Well then, I will guide you to my personal quarters. Let us have many matches against each other and compete with our techniques until the Sun rises tomorrow」

The tongue of Shitanaga-sama slips out of her mouth and she uses it to lick her lips. She then turns to face forward and starts walking towards the corridor.

「Please be careful as to not lose your mind when we are having our matches against each other」

The ears of Light Cruiser-sensei pick up on those words that Shitanaga-sama said as she was passing by Light Cruiser-sensei.
As Light Cruiser-sensei narrows her eyes, she silently follows the back of the female monk.

At a time close to morning on the next day.
Shitanaga-sama, who did not make an appearance at the prayer in the morning, as well as the church duties that took place before noon.
To be on the safe side, two of the female monks went in the direction of her room to find out the reason. However, they were not worried at all.

「Once Shitanaga starts her matches, it takes very long so. It is very possible that her matches are still going on even as of this moment」

As the female monk, who has a small stature, walked along the corridor, she says this as a smirk appears on her face.
The eyes of the other female monk, who has a large stature, had an indecent glint to them and the ends of her mouth curved upwards forming into a wide grin.

「The opponent yesterday was a woman am I right? It must be that Shitanaga-sama found herself unable to stop」

「That is very possible. It is fine as long as that other woman was not driven to the point of madness」

The plays done by Shitanaga-sama are so long that a good example to describe it would be that it is as long as the mating season of snakes.
If the opponent is a male, there is a physical limit known as the ammo running dry. However, in the case of a woman, there are no such limits at all.
There are cases of the mind of the opponent being destroyed when Shitanaga-sama was up against a strong opponent that is only at the middle ground between being strong and being weak.

「How is the situation in the room?」

The two female monks arrive in front of the room. The one who has a small stature puts one of her ears against the door.

「They are doing it, they are doing it. I can hear the sound of moaning after all. It must be that the two of them are twirled around each other just like a snake」

The two female monks, one on top and the other below, looked at each other in the face as they let out an eerie laugh.

「Let me just take a little peek into the room」

When the female monk with a small stature hears the female monk with a large stature say these words, she nods.

「It really looks like the two of them are having a very heated match so I think they will not realize that we are taking a little peek」

After the two of them had this conversation, they quietly pushed the door open.
Two pairs of eyes look through the gap of the door, one pair from the top and the other pair from the bottom.
Those pairs of eyes see a situation occurring that could not have been possible and utter shock spread through their faces.


The two of them hurriedly opened the door and set their foot into the room.
Inside the room lies only one shadow.
The Shitanaga-sama, who they love and respect from the bottom of their heart, is laid there on the bed without any clothes on at all.
The entire body of Shitanaga-sama is all flushed. While moaning, her body slumps over and trembles from time to time just like a fish that has just been fished up onto the shore.

「Are you alright! Shitanaga-sama!」

The female monk, who has a large stature, grabs both of the shoulders of Shitanaga-sama.
At that moment, Shitanaga-sama lets out a shriek and uses her arm to slap away the arm of the female monk with a large stature.
Shocked at all of this, the female monk, who has a large stature, falls back on the bed, rump-first.

「Th, this is, is this not her being summoned by God all this time?」

These words leak out from the mouth of the female monk with a small stature, who has both of her hands to cover her mouth.
It is just as the female monk, who has a small stature, says, Shitanaga-sama has been summoned up there even right now. She does not descend from the place even as the two female monks call out to her. She has stayed like this with her mind up there.
Furthermore, her entire body is extremely sensitive. That is the very reason she slapped away the arm of the female monk, who has a large stature.

「The bishop, we have to call the bishop! Hurry up!」

The two of them run out to the corridor as if they are about to fall over, well, in fact, they did fall over countless times while they aimed for deeper into the corridor.
On the other hand, during that time, on the seat of a fixed schedule golem carriage that is heading North from the Cathedral Town, lies the figure of Light Cruiser-sensei.

(I have become even stronger as compared to my past self)

Through the journey this time, I have come to experience this first-hand.

(Would this also be all thanks to Tauro-sama)

Before Light Cruiser-sensei met him, what she had sensed was her reaching the peak of her growth.
Even as she had meant to not miss out on her training, all she had managed to do was merely maintain her form and not improve it.

(However, there is no longer any peak right now)

A play that is carried out while the person explains in great detail regarding the very own body of Light Cruiser-sensei.

A worthy opponent who persistently targets weak points that even I do not know of.
And also the very day that I managed to go past my limits.


As she remembers these memories, a sweet shiver runs down her spine. The Instructor, who uses both of her hands to embrace herself, waited for the shiver to stop.
She lets out a huge sigh and starts thinking once again.

(Just you wait. I will win this time. I will send you to Sukhavati)

Those clear eyes of hers, that look towards the outside from the window of the carriage. Those eyes face in the direction which was far west.



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