Chapter 190 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Almost at the same time, in the downtown area of Landbarn.
Going into the side street, there is a coffee shop called 『Pile Bunker』.
Inside the store, there are six box seats and a counter. An elderly gentleman stood behind the counter, serving drinks according to orders.

「Master, one coffee please」

A craftsman-looking man walked into the store and took a seat at the counter while placing his order.
While preparing a coffee siphon, the old gentleman with the white small mustache wore a surprised expression on his face.

「It’s rare for you to come here on weekdays. You’re done with your work?」

「Today’s a day off. I managed to make ends meet somehow」

A man in his late twenties, smiling happily. He works as a carpenter, and a regular customer here.
After a quick look around, he replies to the master.

「It’s been a while since I’ve gotten free time on a weekday evening, but there are sure quite a few customers here」

「I guess that means words about this store has spread」

He brought the coffee to the counter while smiling. The young carpenter picked up the cup, his nose tingling with the aroma.

「Oh? It seems he’s here」

The door opens with a chime of a bell, and a new customer arrives.
He was wearing a black uniform with a rose shaped pilot’s badge on his chest. The men hanging out in the box seats near the entrance were buzzing at the sight of him.

「…Rose Knight」

「Ohh what a muscular high quality man we got here」

The young man licked his lips and tried to leave from his seat.

「You better stop there」

He bent one eyebrow when the old man across from him stopped him. But the words that followed made him sit up again.

「That guy’s taken」

The Rose Knight, scanned across the store. If you follow his gaze, it stops at a craftsman-looking man sitting at the counter.
The craftsman-looking man raises one hand in the air, as if he knows him.

「Catching a good man like that」

The young man who had almost stood up earlier said enviously, pouting his mouth.
The craftsman-looking man and the rose knight are lovers.
And this store is a place where they can meet without worrying about being in the minority.
The master, the owner of the store, watches them sitting shoulder to shoulder and squints his eyes.

(I didn’t realize it would be so much better now that we’re in the jurisdiction of the Empire)

It all started with the fall of Landbarn and the arrival of the Rose Knights.
The Rose Knights’ pilots didn’t just stay in their quarters and train.
At night, they go out into the streets to eat, drink, and talk to people on the street.

「Why the hell a guy hooked up with another guy?」

The citizens were disgusted. The pilots, however, were not offended.

「Well, don’t say that. Come join me, I’ll buy you a drink.」

They continue to invite them with smiles on their faces without fear.
At first glance, this act seems useless. However, the repeated invitations were beginning to change the minds of some of them.

『A traits I didn’t even know I had』

They were wondering if it was something like that.
A light drink. The drinking party with a lot of people was noisy but cheerful and fun.

「Next time let’s have a meal together, yeah?」

Relationship between men that won’t mentally exhaust you. It was not bad, some of them thought.
After giving each other their contact information, they began to invite each other out to dinner and play together.
And before you know it, you’re sleeping on the same pillow in the morning.

(It was a fortunate thing)

As a minority, the Master felt lonely.
However the number of people who shared the same thoughts as him began to increase. And in order to help them, he sacrificed his retirement funds to open this store.
And now, the business is going well.

『A rose colored wind that blows from the Empire』

It certainly brought a new sense of value to Landbarn.


The two of them raise their glasses of water in front of the master. From the box seat behind them, a sharp gaze flies to the back of the young carpenter.

「Damn, I also want a pilot as my lover」

Although the tone of his voice was spiteful, there was a tinge of envy in his words.

「It’s sure nice」

The old man sitting across from me also nodded his head and let out a hot breath.
A pilot with a high salary and a high social status. But that’s not the only reason they’re popular.
They all have a well-trained body and the strength that surpassed life and death on the battlefield. That’s what makes their heart melt sweetly.

(Their gazes hurt)

So thought the young carpenter sitting at the counter.
He felt jealousy stabbing at his back like an arrow because he was dating a rose knight.

(I never thought I’d get to date a pilot. I have to thank the boss for this)

He wanted a lover, so he started going to this store.
『Pile Bunker』 is the only place in Landbarn where flowers and bees meet.
He doesn’t have high hopes like having a pilot as a lover. However, he has a tendency to be reserved when it comes to something other than his work.
He has never been able to escape his solitude.

(It’s lonely…)

On the way home after the store closes, he often sighs to himself.
One day, however, a sudden turning point in his life came to him.

「Won’t you come to the Knights’ quarters starting from this day?」

He had been sent there by his boss.
It wasn’t that the boss knew that he was already swing that way. His master, who’s a normal person, only forced him to go because he didn’t want to.


A place where the pilots of his dreams live. He went there with his face shining with the joy of being able to work there.
Until then, there had been no Knights stationed in Landbarn. Now that there have been many pilots that came there, there is a lot of work to be done.
Extensions, renovations, new construction. Requests keep coming in without ceasing.

(I want them to live in a good environment, even if only a little)

With this in mind, he works day in and day out with all his heart, without slacking off.
And there was a man who watched him with admiration.

「Thank you for your hard work every day. Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?」

A man before his thirties, his body like a rugby player, wrapped in Rose Knight’s uniform.
A young carpenter who was surprised by the unexpected invitation froze up.

(Quick, I have answer him quickly)

But the more he rushed, the harder for words to come out of his mouth. What he ended up doing was unconsciously glare at him while opening and closing his mouth.
This was one of the reasons he couldn’t have a boyfriend.

「Y-Yes, I-I’d be happy to」

He finally squeezed out what’s on his mind.
The pilot waited patiently with a calm expression on his face, unlike the previous people who called out to him.
They must have been made for each other. Their relationship developed rapidly.
A week later, he gave his first time to the Rose Knight.

(It was wonderful)

The gentle smile on the pilot’s face when he found out that his partner had no experience. And the gentle way he treated him afterwards.
Even remembering it now, he feels sharp in the front and hot in the back.

(Is it really okay for me to be this happy?)

A sense of happiness that made him feel guilty.
Ever since, the two of them arranged their schedules and met up at the store for a series of dates.


However, there was something different about the pilot today.

(It’s strange)

When he talks to him, he doesn’t reply very well.
Sometimes, his mind seems to be somewhere else.

(Don’t tell me… he wants to break up?)

A cold sword of ice stabs into his chest.
But he, who knew that he’s not by all means the most popular person in the world, was prepared for it.
He knows the best that he’s not incompatible with him, like what he hears from people around them from time to time.

(I see, I’ve been too happy lately)

The warm and joyful days since they had met flashed before him like a running horse.
He looked at the pilot, who seemed to be having something hard to tell, and closed his eyes tightly.

「Would you receive this?」

The young carpenter hesitantly opened his eyes after hearing the unexpected words.
There was a small box held out to him by the palm of a burly hand.


While still feeling puzzled, he picked it up and opened it.
Inside, he found a silver necklace.


He unconsciously held his breath.
At the end of a thin silver chain was a ring made of the same silver. It had the mark of the world tree’s leaf carved into it.

(An Elf brand!)

One of these would be equivalent to half a year’s income for him.
When I turned to the pilot with surprise, he was rubbing the bridge of his nose with his finger in embarrassment.
Then he spoke in a whisper.

「How’d you like the idea of us renting a house and living together?」

A de facto marriage proposal.
The words “Grows a pair of wings in your heart and fly away*”. The young carpenter realized that this was not just a metaphor.
He really felt like he was floating in the air.
「*TL Note: “心に羽が生えて飛ぶ” I looked it up but can’t find what it really means.」

(This way, we can always be together)

He’s more than happy about that.
The young carpenter clung to the thick breastplate of the Rose Knight and nodded repeatedly, tears spilling down his face.
His lover’s hand gently brushed the back of his short cropped head.


He can hear a light click of the tongue from behind.
Immediately after that, words were thrown at him.

「Can’t be helped, I give you guys my blessing」

The box seats near the entrance. It is called the hunter’s seat, and is mainly occupied by those who are looking for a lover.
One of them said something as if they had enough.

「Yeah yeah, congratz」

Then he clapped with a displeased expression on his face.
The other guests began to clap as well, throwing words of congratulations.

「I wish you guys happiness」


The two were surprised at the sudden turn of events, but laughed happily while scratching their heads.


However, he begins to feel something was off on the applause that continues forever.
Then the master whispered from his back.

「Everyone is waiting, you know?」

An old gentleman who was the owner of the store.
The two understood the meaning of his words after a beat. They looked at each other and nodded their heads together.

(As I thought, this is embarrassing)

The words were faintly heard amidst the urgent applause. Was it the pilot’s or the young carpenter’s words.
Having made up their minds, they looked at each other and kissed each other in front of everyone.

「Ohh how passionate!」

Amidst the wild cries of the crowd, they continued to kiss for a long time, breathing in and out.
The applause and cheers grew even stronger.




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