Chapter 192 Part 1



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Landbarn, the frontline city of the Empire, west of the Royal Capital.
An office overlooking the central plaza to the south. Starting from the Margrave which is the lord of this territory, the other executives were gathered there.

「The Ghost Knight!?」

The bald, middle-aged man, the Margrave, shouts in surprise at Grim Reaper’s explanation.
Count Rosehip and Handle mustache, their feelings were the same. They had never expected that they would encounter a Ghost Knight in the middle of wasteland like that.

「And there’s five of them you say?」

The Margrave wiped off the sweat that had broken out on his forehead with a towel. He was shocked because he thought there was only one of its kind.
At the same time, this also means that the Grim Reaper has taken on several powerful long-distance attack magicians by himself.

「You did well coming back here alive」

The Margrave had nothing but admiration for him.
He successfully defeated the five Ghost Knights. Moreover, he brought back both of the frontier knights he had sent with him safely.

(The two B-class Knights of the frontier knight order wouldn’t be able to compete with the Ghost Knight)

The Margrave thought so even though they were his subordinates. But that was a fact.
The Grim Reaper just shrugged his shoulders at his compliment.

「If it were me only, then I would’ve been dead by now. It was also thanks to the other Knight」

「There’s another Knight?」

The Grim Reaper continued his explanation to the Margrave.
After he defeated one of the horsemen by surprise, he continued to be whittled down one-sidedly by magic attacks.

「As expected, at that time I was ready to embrace death」

A gloomy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth the moment he recalled that scene.
The desperate situation was overturned by a single attack magic shot from somewhere. A ghost knight was shot down by it.
Another white light arrows followed after, and another Knight’s head was blown off and fell to the hole.
「I took advantage of their flustered state and defeated one of them myself. After that, I crawled to the surface but…」

He was astonished by the scenery he saw there.
Magic missiles were shot from the top of the rocky mountain, and the Ghost Knight was running away from them in a zig zag.
Even from the eyes of the Grim Reaper, he knows that the Ghost Knight had no leisure while dealing with those. It narrowly escaped and disappeared to the north.

「The next one would be me, so I thought. However…」

He cut off his words and lightly shook his head from side to side.

「The other party went down behind the rocky mountain. I couldn’t catch his figure, and I didn’t know his goal」

He wanted to confirm his identity, but he didn’t have the strength to do so, so he just returned.
That was the end of Grim Reaper’s explanation.

「Those Ghost Knights were painted green and white with silver ornaments, huh?」

A middle-aged man with short, gray hair groaned while putting his hand on his chin.
He has a muscular body that does not match his age.

「Those types of Knights… I completely have no idea about them」

Count Rosehip, the leader of the Rose Knights, naturally knows a lot about Knights. If this man with short white hair didn’t know, then it couldn’t be an official Knight.
As he twisted his thick neck, the Grim Reaper added another explanation.

「Although I did say Ghost Knight, I can’t be absolutely sure. The reason for this is their fire power」

A glint of curiosity appeared in Count Rosehip’s eyes. He looked at him and continued to speak.

「I took a few hits, but they were not enough to destroy an A-class Knight with a single blow. I don’t think they’re the same Knight that attacked the expeditionary force」

The Empire’s expeditionary force, led by the Marquis, aimed to capture Awoke. They lost two A-class Knights to a magic attack from long range and were forced to retreat.
After a short pause, Count Rosehip expressed his opinions.

「Could it be that they are models with reduced power in exchange for more stability? Or perhaps an improved version of the experimental Knights owned by the merchant guild?」

“I see”, along with such expression, an air of understanding spread through the room.

「Then, does the one Knight that was hiding itself, the one who performed an overwhelming magic attack was the original?」

The large man with short white hair answers the question of the civil servant with a handlebar mustache.

「It’s possible. But if that was the case, I don’t understand why the Ghost Knight was shooting at each other. And why did it spare Lord Reaper?」

「Maybe it went crazy, leading to a friendly fire?」

The Margrave, who had not joined the conversation but was listening, nodded in agreement with Handlebar mustache’s words.

『Ghost knights are unstable and sometimes will go berserk』

That’s how the Empire side perceived it. In fact, at the Battle of Landbarn, the Kingdom’s flagship Knight, the 『Sheltered Girl』, attacked its ally, a fellow kingdom’s Knights.
But the Grim Reaper denied it while furrowing his eyebrows.

「I felt a clear intention in its actions. I don’t think it was because it went berserk or out of control」

The only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock as no one opened their mouths. The Margrave’s head moved like a pendulum, reflecting the lights dazzlingly across the room.

「If the Knight in hiding was the Knight of the Kingdom, it would’ve shot Lord Reaper already. Because even though we are currently signed a truce, the place was out of both countries and his figure was out of sight」

After listening to his superior’s monologue, Handlebar mustache opened his mouth to sort out the situation.

「Ghost Knights, which is the Knights of the Kingdom, and a mysterious Knight who is hostile to them」

He folded his fingers in two and continued.

「If that’s the case, then this mysterious Knight can’t possibly be the original Ghost Knight. On the contrary, it might be an enemy of the Kingdom. There is a possibility that we share similar interests」

Count Rosehip looks unconvinced. He crossed his thick arms while tapping his own arm with his fingers.

「This is troubling. In my opinion, I can’t shake off the possibility that it was the original instead」

There, he turns his head and makes a gulping sound.

「However, if we look at the result, we can see that he supported Lord Reaper. We don’t know if he’s an ally or not, but for now, he’s not an enemy」

Count Rosehip closes both eyes and sighed. I guess this is where he’s at.
Seeing that everyone has voiced their opinions, the Margrave asked the Grim Reaper.

「Have you been able to get any kind of proof?」

He is the lord of this region, but their status in the Empire is equal. The tone he directed at him naturally different from that of the others.
The Grim Reaper lightly shrugged his shoulders.

「I’m sorry, but I didn’t have the leeway to do that. We only barely survived after all」

No one can blame him for that. If the Grim Reaper can’t do it, then no one can.
The Grim Reaper put his hand on his thin chin as if he was remembering something. After a short pause, he continued.

「The fallen Ghost Knight was surrounded and began to get eaten by the golems. But they are supposed to only eat stones. So maybe there’s a leftover of it」

The main raw material for Knights is minerals. However, the area around the cockpit is often made of wood, cloth, and leather.
These are all things that mineral golems do not eat.
An understanding look and anticipation spread across everyone’s face.

「If that’s the case then let me go next」

Count Rosehip declared and puffed out his chest.

「We will deal with the golems with the full power of the Rose Knights. Even if the Ghost Knight appears, we will be able to oppose it with our numbers」

Before all the Knights are shot down, they charge while holding their large shield. The power of numbers will destroy the advantage of distance.
If their only advantage was taken away, the Ghost Knight wouldn’t be able to do anything.

「I guess we have no choice but to take a bet here」

At his insistence, the Margrave makes up his mind.
There are still some worries left. Like the remaining number of the Ghost Knight and the unclear standing of the mysterious Knight. However, doing nothing is also a bad idea.
After confirming that his superior agreed, Count Rosehip turned his head towards the Grim Reaper.

「I will leave the defense of Landbarn to you. I’m sorry to burden you while your Knight is in the middle of being repaired but, I beg for your cooperation」

The Grim Reaper nodded his thin, pointy chin.

「I understand. What, it’s not like there will be an enemy attack soon. My Knight will be finished repairing itself as we wait」

The A-class Knight of the Grim Reaper that was damaged by the Ghost Knight.
It is currently resting in a curing magic circle in the hangar and is in the middle of self-repair.
The Margrave sighed loudly when they had reached a decision on their course of action.

「The kingdom and my rival in the career race. Until now, that’s the only things I have to be concerned about」

He said it as if it was troublesome as his expression on his face twisted in displeasure.
Count Rosehip smiles looking at him like that. The way they look at this matter is the same, but the way he takes it is slightly different.

「Isn’t this interesting? Let’s just think of this as a way to put our skills to practice. I’m sure there are those who envy us for being here at this time」

The Margrave showed a small smile at his words.
He wants to test his strength, but he doesn’t have the chance to do so. There are definitely others like him in the past.
If the crown prince hadn’t found him at that time, he would probably still be a commoner, sitting in the corner of the city while complaining about his life.

「It seems I unconsciously put myself on the defensive」

He regained his energy in an instant and spoke out loud.

「I shall obtain a great achievement here and quickly take the seat of Imperial Chancellor」

And at the inauguration ceremony, he will make his rival, the Marquis, read a lengthy congratulatory speech.
The Marquis, a man of high standards, whose behavior is flawless in every way.
And such a man, hides his shame as he delivers a congratulatory speech that he never intended to read. Doesn’t the mere thought of it make your heart flutter? He thought.

「Born in a turbulent era, he wishes to test his own strength. The moment I will be referred to as such by the future generation is now!」

Let’s think of it that way.
At the Margrave’s words, everyone aside from the Grim Reaper laughed together.
No, looking at him closely, the edge of the Grim Reaper’s mouth was also slightly curved.



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