Chapter 192 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Now, the stage moves to the east, to the royal capital.
The headquarters of the merchant guild that stands facing the plaza. In the guild leader’s office on the top floor of the building, surrounded by a strange atmosphere.

「The Grim Reaper and a knight of unknown nationality, is it?」

A small old man who looks like a goblin, raised one eyebrow while sitting in his overly large chair.
I, who had gone to the giant hole in search of mineral resources, but gave up and retreated.
After talking to the herbivore mechanic, I took him with me and came to report back as soon as possible.

「B-class Knights, painted green and white, with silver ornaments all over its bodies」

I tried to explain with hand gestures while standing.
The guild leader crossed his arms and groaned loudly.

「About the Grim Reaper, there was no helping it. You will have no chance of winning if you fought that man」

There, I sighed lightly.

「The fact that the Empire had realized the existence of the giant hole. Their quick ears got us this time」

A look of defeat crept across his face, which was unusual for him.
A team of adventurers had been sent to Awoke to retrieve the golem. The expense for that was also wasted.

「Still, Knights painted in green and white, huh? On top of that, they had the same fighting style as Tauro-kun」

Sitting on the couch, the vice-guild master, who looks like Santa Claus and Goblin jii-chan looks at each other.
Santa Claus, who seemed to have no idea of who they are, lightly shook his head from side to side.


The guild master crosses his arms and makes a sullen face. His gaze turns to the herbivore mechanic standing next to me.
He seems to want his opinion from a technical point of view.

「The Knights of unknown nationality, used a rifle as their main weapon, and fought by shooting magic from a distance」

Herbivore mechanic who understands, speaks out his opinion.

「In regards to their movement method, they’re continuously casting wind magic on their legs to move around」

Just like my hover movement.
With this, they eliminated the Old lady’s advantage in mobility.

「What all of this shown us, is that the pilot must have an unusual amount of magic power」

Goblin jii-chan and Santa Claus nodded. Me? I feel a bit complicated because I’m the same as them.

「I’m excluding the possibility that they’re using a technology that are several times more efficient than us, because that’s highly unlikely」

Including me, the three of us listened in silence.

「Abundant amount of magic power and high magic power control ability that make them able to move using wind magic without crumbling their posture. And there are five pilots who have both of these aspects. There are too many of them to be considered outstanding individuals. It’s better to consider them as a some kind of military force」

A look of realization appeared on the face of Herbivore mechanic as he continued. He looked a little lost, but continued with his words.

「Based on racial traits, it is more likely that they are the elves」

I haven’t mentioned the possibility of them being an elf yet. Because I didn’t want to give them a false impression.
And it’s only based on my personal impression.『The Knight’s design was similar to an elf-branded bag』is the base of my assumption.
However, Herbivore mechanic came up with the idea of them being an elf through his own build-up of evidence. It’s safe to say the certainty just increased.

「I see」

「But I never heard the existence of Elves Knight and pilots」

The guild master and vice-guild leader share their opinions.

「Maybe because they don’t see the need to show it to the world. They’re all so secretive after all」

「Certainly, their species does have what it takes to become a pilot」

The conversation between the two old men gets more lively.
While this is happening, the Herbivore mechanic is busy mumbling to himself.

「ーーand so, it all makes sense if we assume as such」

Herbivore mechanic turns towards me. He looked at me with both eyes and his mouth wide open.

「….I see now」

I wonder what it is.
I stared back at the herbivore mechanic with a bad feeling in my heart.
I had a feeling that if I looked away, I would lose.

「Guild master! Vice-guild master! Please listen to me」

At the sound of a loud voice that almost sounded like a shout, the old men looked at us to see what was going on.

「I finally… I finally figured it out! Now I know why Tauro-san is so special」

(Could it be, I got found out that I have a cheat from the stone statue!?)

For a moment, my heart almost stops. But there should be nothing that could lead him to such a conclusion with how this talk is going.

(What does he mean?)

I was silent, waiting for his next word.
Herbivore mechanic pointed at me and shouted.

「Hear me and be surprised… Tauro-san is an elf!」

The guild master’s office fell into silence.
Goblin jii-chan blankly looked at me.

「……He doesn’t look like one, though?」

「It’s possible that he’s a half!」

Santa Claus raises an eyebrow at his words.

「I’ve known half-elves, but they should be looks cooler, appearance-wise」

There are some harsh looks thrown at me about my looks, but I can’t help it.
What I don’t understand is how the herbivore mechanic came to this conclusion.

「His amount of magic power, and his ability to manipulate magic, there can’t be any other possibilities other than this!」

Herbivore mechanic shouted as he didn’t get the reaction he expected.
I was somehow convinced.

(Data supreme principle)

He’s dancing around the numbers and began losing sight of reality.
Otherwise, he would have known at a glance. That I don’t have an elf element in me, if I do say so myself.

「You are sure one strange elf then, aren’t ya!」

Goblin jii-chan jumped down from his overly large chair and poked me with the butt of his pen.
Santa Claus sighs while shaking his head from side to side.

「To think you’re an elf with that look, it must’ve been difficult for you. I feel sorry for you」

I’m not sure what he means by feeling sorry for me, but I do know that he’s being rude.

「Don’t take it to heart, he was just joking」

Under my piercing gaze, Santa Claus shrugged his shoulders and apologized.
Goblin jii-chan, on the other hand, turned his head and laughed.

「I can assure you that Tauro-kun has no elven blood running through his vein. There is no elf like him, not in smell, not in atmosphere」

At that explanation, Herbivore mechanic’s tension dropped to the right angle.

「If the guild master says so, then it must be true」

I’m not an elf, that’s for sure. However, if you are convinced of that by his explanation just now, it makes me feel a bit sensitive.

「Then, let’s assume that the Knights painted in green and white is from the elves side and move on to the next topic」

Santa Claus claps his hands and gets back on track after the discussion derailed significantly.

「The question is, why would the elves send their Knights to the great hole?」

What do you think? He continued as he looked at me.

(That’s a difficult question)

That place is far from the spirit forest, and there are no trees or water that the elves like. It’s a rough place with only rocks and gravel.

「Maybe because recently, the price of mineral resources has been rising rapidly, so they tried to develop the mine themselves?」

I said that, but I’m not convinced myself.

「The place is too far away from them to maintain it themselves. It’s more like them to let the humans develop it and wait for the price to drop」

I agree with that opinion.

(Then, for what purpose?)

I tried to put myself in the elves’ shoes, but I couldn’t figure out why they would show up there.
We all wondered about it for a while, but no one could come up with a plausible answer.

「I’m putting this on hold, then」

The guild master sighed disappointedly.

「We’ll have to give up the mineral resources in the giant hole. The empire, the elves, it’s too dangerous to mess with」

We all shook our heads in unison.
This was not a problem that could be handled by a single guild of a country.
Thus, the meeting came to an end.




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