Chapter 196 Part 1



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The headquarters of the Merchant Guild, that is located at the Eastern side of the public square at the center of the Royal Capital.
Inside the room of the Guild Master of that headquarters is a man with narrow eyes and a slim body who has come to visit.

「Have you been sniffing all around for information regarding Tauro-kun?」

Sitting on the chair, the elderly man, with a small build that is much like that of a goblin, flips through the report.

「Well that is fine, that matter will be handled on my end」

Standing in front of him, who is a guild master, is the person in charge of the 『Assassin Guild』.
To perform a thorough extermination of the dangerous existence that is closing in on the surroundings of Tauro, that is what they were requested to carry out.
However, there is a factor that led to a slight hesitation in terms of decision-making this time, so the Assassin Guild decided to discuss with the Guild Master before they made their move.

「Well then, I shall be off」

The person in charge of the Assassin Guild bows once and leaves the room. Looking at that back of his, the Vice Guild Master, who was also in the same room, stroked the white beard that he is proud of.

「The target being a Saintess will make this a diplomatic issue with the nation of the East after all」

「Even if that is the case, it also seems like the aim of the Saintesss is quite different from the outsiders. I do think that this matter will not become one involving fighting」

The Vice Guild Master, who shows signs that he is giving this some thought.

「So we will be leaving this matter as is?」

The Guild Master, while sitting in the chair that is too big for him to sit in, shook his head from left to right.

「We will contact her regarding this matter. The rest of the matter will probably sort itself out I would assume」

After asking for the name of that individual, the Vice Guild Master nods in response.
That individual is one of the people who is the follower of Tauro. She has no direct relationship with the Merchant Guild in terms of corporate hierarchy but if she hears about the matter, she would probably take action on her own.
Including her skill in decision making, that competency of hers deserves the trust of others.

「We must at least take responsibility and finish the cleaning up of this matter on our end I would assume」

「If it is to that extent, then that cannot be helped I guess」

Just like this, without much sense of the danger that awaits them, the two of them exchanged words with each other.

The inn, that is five storeys tall, built in the North of the entertainment district of the Royal Capital.
In a single room of that inn, a single female is reading a letter with much enthusiasm. That figure of hers is almost as if it is like a female college student who has received a favorable reply from the company that she was interviewed at while hunting for a job.

「I have managed to get a certain someone on the hook」

After she finished reading the contents of the letter, the female college student lifts her head up from the letter. On that face of hers is happiness slowly appearing due to the favorable response she has gotten.
The two of them who are in the same room as the female college student showed signs of being relieved at that sight. One of them is a young man, who wears a mask of naivety and reeks of the smell of males, and the other is a female high school student who has a hairstyle that is like that of a princess.

「I have been rejected about two times on my journey to this point. However, when I persistently complimented the interest of the other person, the attitude that the other person took towards me changed」

She spreads the letter out in front of the two other people to show them its contents.
On the letter is what is thought to be the words lined up neatly, skillfully written by Doctor Slime.

「Here, read through this letter. It seems like the other person has been quite touched」

While giggling away, the female college student hands the letter to the Chest Hair Pheromone.
The young man takes the letter with his hand and runs his eyes through the contents.

「What is it, what is it, 『Your zeal towards gourmet has left quite the deep impression in my mind. If you have no qualms with the person being me, I will be delighted to have a discussion with you』 or so it says」

After the Chest Hair Pheromone says this, he makes an expression on his face that suggests he was trying to fool around as he shrugs his shoulders and looks up at the sky.

「Oh God, please forgive this sinful woman who deceives other people」

The female college student pulls the ear of the Chest Hair Pheromone with all her might.
The female high school Saintess gazes at the other two, who are frolicking with each other, with a smile on her face. These days, to her, the two of them feel as if they are her actual siblings.

「……The operation, shall we confirm the plan once again?」

Sensing the gaze of the female high school Saintess, the Chest Hair Pheromone lets out a cough and straightens his posture as he sits on the chair.
The female college student too, with her face slightly blushed, agrees with the female high school Saintess.

「Let me see. Well, I shall start with the explanation」

Picking up the letter, the female college student spreads the map of the Royal Capital on the table.

「The time is the day after tomorrow, during the evening. The place is a certain restruant at the entertainment district. Doctor Slime is set to come to this place. We will have the Saintess keep Doctor Slime company」

*Thump, thump*, using her finger, she taps a single point on the map with much force.
The female high school Saintess stares at that point of the map with a serious expression on her face.

「Please leave it to me」

Lifting her face from the map, the female high school Saintess replies with her lips as straight as a line, her face expressionless.
She proceeds to look at the female college student, her eyes meeting that of the eyes of the female college student. Thereafter, she shifts her gaze to that of the Chest Hair Pheromone.

「The two of us will be over at this place. It is here that we will attack the 『Doom squad』. It is a restaurant on the same entertainment district but it is located slightly further away so it should be fine」

「I got it」

The Chest Hair Pheromone winks, his long eyelashes cutting through the air.

「Both of the private rooms have already been reserved. I will be giving money to the owner of the store so we can get away with being slightly flashy during the operation」

And, while looking at the other two, the Chest Hair Pheromone continues to speak.

「Only the reservation has been placed so I plan to make my way to the store to pay the deposit later today. Anyone wanna come along with me?」

The Chest Hair Pheromone gently caressed one side of his cheek, which was bluish in color, using his hand.

「That is a good idea, I want to check out the battlefield before the operation」

「I as well would very much like to come along」

The female high school Saintess nods as well.

「Well then, let us all go there and confirm the location once again」

On the other hand, the Saintess of the nation of the East has, in anticipation of the battle against Doctor Slime, entered the final steps of her preparation to win against Doctor Slime.

Two days later, at the restaurant, which looks like a modern-day restaurant serving Chinese dishes, located at the outskirts of the West of the entertainment district.
I have set foot in that place.

(Has Corneal-san gotten some juicy information I wonder? To call for an emergency meeting of all things)

When I was having my lunch at a store that I ate at quite a number of times before, the employee of the store told me about a certain matter. That the 『Adult Gourmet Club』 will be taking place in this store in the evening.
Corneal, who has been, basically, quite busy with the jobs he has been tasked with over at the Knight Order. Because of this, him leaving a message at the store is something that he has done before up until now. However, it seems to be quite an urgent matter this time.



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