Chapter 196 Part 2



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I was guided by the employee to a private room deeper into the store.
This store also has a No-Hands Restaurant service*. Due to this, there were also private rooms like this where customers can enjoy both meals and women.
[*TL note: A restaurant where customers do not need to use their hands to eat as they are fed by the employees, thus its name.]

「Sorry to have kept you waiting Corneal-san」

Trying to find the figure of Corneal, I call out to him while walking closer.


However, the person who was there is a single young woman. This person is not the one and only member of the 『Adult Gourmet Club』, Corneal.

「Do not mind me, I too have only just reached a short while ago」

That person was Cool-san, sipping her tea with a calm expression on her face.
Crossing my arms, I tilted my head all the way to the right. Seeing me do this, she continues to speak.

「This is because I have heard that the 『Adult Gourmet Club』 will be open just temporarily」

However, the question mark floating above my head still does not disappear after that explanation of hers. Even though she is the mysterious person of the 『Doom Squad』, she is not a member that is participating in the 『Adult Gourmet Club』.
Cool-san does not show any signs that she minds any of this and continues speaking her words in a low voice.

「Boss, this is a trap. The person who called for this meeting is not the Skewering Whirlwind himself」

Due to my shock, there are wrinkles forming in the middle of my forehead but I do not doubt those words of hers.
One of the responsibilities that Cool-san has is the gathering of information regarding the red-light district. During the time when the spy from the Empire was out and about, it was through her warning that I had helped me out a lot.

(So I should take my leave from this place as soon as possible)

I thought as such but I have my suspicions about the Cool-san in front of my very eyes. She is as cool as ice and does not even show any signs of standing up from her seat even for a moment.
If I do think about how this is how she is usually, that would be true but.
While I was pondering about this matter, two people, a male, and a female, showed their figures, walking towards us from the further back of the room.

「I welcome you all, the people from the 『Adult Gourmet Club』, no, the 『Doom Squad』」

Saying these words with a smile is a man with a gentle demeanor. He has thick eyebrows and curly hair that seems to be hard to straighten if he ever wanted to do so.
The spots he has at the place where his mustache is after shaving is blue in color. Those thick chest hair of his show their figure from the male boobs of his well-built body. He seems like the type of person to be featured on the posters of films from France. Well if I have to guess, the scene of the blue sea and a white yacht would have most likely fit those type of people.

(He reeks of the strong smell of a man. He is the type of person that can be called a person that 『If the eyes of a female meet the eyes of this person, that female would become pregnant』)

Driving his yacht across the Aegean Sea, a playboy who is overflowing with pheromones.
The traits of the personality of a person that I do not have even a single fragment of.

(I too would have liked to have the following words said to me by someone else. I would get pregnant just with my eyes meeting with yours)

With these thoughts of mine and with my eyes filled with a slight feeling of envy staring at the Chest Hair Pheromone, he shrugs his shoulders.

「I see that the two of you do not show any signs of unrest, I would say that this is to be expected」

Just then, the young female beside the Chest Hair Pheromone continues the conversation. Her front bangs are slanted, with her hair in front combed in such a way that they are behind her ears. She gives off an atmosphere that, no matter how I look at it, screams that she is right in the middle of searching for a company to hire her.

「But will the two of you be able to maintain your composure after hearing this I wonder? We have the boss over at your end, Doctor Slime, over at our end」

At that moment, a giant question mark drops down from the sky, landing at the space in between Cool-san and I. We immediately turned to face each other.
When the female college student who is searching for a job looks at the two of us acting in such a way, she lets out a suppressed laugh suggesting that she was filled with satisfaction.

「That guy with a nice body build must be right in the middle of a purification right about now. But you do not worry at all, we will not go as far as to rob him of his life. We will only have him become a true human being after purifying his heart through the mighty power of God」

The female college student who is searching for a job continues to laugh, her laugh turning from one of a suppressed laugh to a cackle. Beside her is a Chest Hair Pheromone, who looks like he just shot a love arrow through the heart of the wife of another, smiling away with the ends of his mouth curving up from side to side.
When I looked at the interaction between the two of them, I felt a chill in my heart, one similar to when a chill runs down my spine.

(This is bad. Corneal-san has been captured by them)

The fact that they mistakenly thought that Corneal was the boss rather than me. I do not feel that anything was weird with that misunderstanding.
That is right, when I think about it, at the Royal Knight Order, Corneal-san is a pilot who operates an A-rank Knight. The chief of the Knights also thinks of him highly and it seems like recently his position over at the Royal Knight Order is one that is second only to that of the chief of the Knights.
It is only natural that they see him as a cut above me, who is merely a person who is the chief of the Knights of a Knight Order with only one person in it.

(I must hurry it up and come to the rescue of Corneal-san)

I whisper into one side of the ear of Cool-san but her reaction is dull.

(It will be alright, the Skewering Whirlwind is a man with much insolence in his behavior)

Cool-san takes a sip from her cup of tea.

(It is for his very sake that we let them perform a little purification on him so as to allow him to be one step closer to becoming a true human being)

It is a fact that Cool-san has had the first time experience of a person with one taken away from her by Corneal-san. That person is a student who was in the same year as me, the son of a noble.
Perhaps it is due to this incident, but Cool-san is pretty cruel when it comes to anything that concerns Corneal.
The two of them, a man and a woman, walk towards me who is currently flustered.

「I will not allow you to come to his rescue, I will crush you right here」

The Chest Hair Pheromone says as such while he takes off his shirt and hangs it on the right side of his shoulder. He looks just like a man of the sea.
After that, a strong smell of a beast that came from the dense forest of hair on his chest and the hair under his arms, that looked like that of the nest of a bird, spreads over to me

「The opponent you will be facing is, namely, me」

In front of me who has wrinkles forming at the top of my nose, the female college student who is searching for a job stands, blocking my path.
The outfit of hers that draws a strange line between being flashy and not being flashy makes my heart skip a beat for merely a moment.

(This is not bad, I say this is not bad. However, this is not the time that I should be thinking about such things)

I do not have any time right now to be doing my play with the female college student who is searching for a job where I conduct a sexual harassment interview with her.

(Please be safe, Corneal-san)



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