Chapter 197 Part 3



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「I will let you off this time. Well then, time for you to head back home」

The High school Saintess, who has an extremely pale expression on her face.
However, the fact that the Gourmet of Gold gave her mercy most likely had the opposite effect, it instead incited her will to fight. Signs of willpower gathering within her has started appearing in her eyes*.
When she drops to the floor, she thrusts forward her Rosario and declares.
[*TL note: The original text here actually translates to 「power started filling in her eyes」 which is weird in English, thus, I went for a translation that is closest to this but instead made more sense]

「I will not accept any charity from an evil spirit! There are no national borders in the eyes of God, at any point in time, God is the ally of people who fight for good. If you are the Knight Order commander, then I too must save the citizens of this nation no matter what!」

The Gourmet of Gold, who slowly closes his eyes.
He speaks in a calm manner and with a low voice.

「I have warned you」

「I say you most likely are trying to make me give up. The likes of the sweet-talking of an evil spirit are not one that I will lend my ears to!」

A clattering sound can be heard as the Gourmet of Gold stands up from his chair.
He takes several steps without saying anything at all and moves towards a slightly spacious area that is in front of a door.
As he suddenly takes off his belt, it is revealed that the lower half of his body has nothing worn over them. After he did this, he slowly started dancing.

(What is this? Do you mean to say that this is called a ritual for summoning something)

The High school Saintess has her eyes fixed on the dance, a suspicious expression on her face.
Just as she does this, as if a bolt hit her in her mind, she caught on to something, she proceeds to cover her mouth using one of her hands.

(What an insane situation this has turned out to be! Doctor Slime was not a victim who had his mind taken over by an evil spirit all along! He had summoned the evil spirit of his own will and had been using it to his own benefit, a person who is filled with evil I say)

The expression on the face of the High school Saintess becomes one of a wince as she reacts to her very own carelessness.

(It is only natural that the Holy Rain (Holy Shower) does not display any of its intended effects I say)

Even during the time that the High school Saintess was doing this, the Gourmet of Gold puts both of his hands on both sides of his belly and moves his hip in a circular manner, round and round.
Wiping the sweat off of his forehead which has become slightly sweaty, he opens his mouth to speak.

「See, this is what is called a morning exercise, it is something that is done every morning without any rest for even a single day」

Wrinkles started forming on the forehead of the High school Saintess, most likely due to her bewilderment after hearing the sudden explanation from the Gourmet of Gold, which meaning she did not get at all.
She does nothing but continues to wait. To wait for the preparations to be completed. Preparations for the fluid, that flows around her very own body, to be released to the outside world.

(If I can just directly rain the fluid down on the evil spirit that appears. Ohh God, may you let this preparation be ever so slightly faster)

Without any relation to what the High school Saintess was thinking in her mind, the Gourmet of Gold continues to speak his words.

「However, many things have made me quite busy today you see. So this is yet to be over」

Just as he says this, the Gourmet of Gold although just ever so slightly, did indeed shiver. After that, both of his eyes popped wide open.

「Hmm! So it is here」

(Is the ritual for summoning over? Will the evil spirit appear? Oh God, please protect me)

The High school Saintess closes both of her eyes and gets on her knees on the floor that was covered with floor tiles.
The Gourmet of Gold, who walked up to her, pushed her body, which is slender and delicate, down on the floor without much effort whatsoever.
He then changed the direction, he was facing towards, by a hundred and eighty degrees. After this, he used the lower part of both of his legs, namely both of his shin, to hold down both of the arms of the High school Saintess by pushing them from both sides of his shin.


In front of the very eyes of the High school Saintess, who was pushed down on the floor and was trying her very best to push herself away from him, the mouth of the Gourmet of Gold became stiff and he remained in the same position he was in as if he was planted to the ground.

(What in the world is happening right now?)

While the back of the High school Saintess feels the coldness coming from the floor that was covered with floor tiles, her body became stiff from the uneasiness she felt from this bizarre situation.
Her eyes are still closed during this very moment but she knows that her surroundings have gotten dark. At the same time, a sound that is much like the rumbling sound of thunder resounded throughout the room.

(I see that the door that leads to the Underworld has appeared. It is time for the evil spirit that has been summoned to show itself I say)

With the decision made in her mind that she is ready to face what awaits her2, the High school Saintess timidly opened both of her eyes little by little.
What lay in front of her very eyes, the scenery that was there up until a little while earlier, which was that of a private room of the restaurant, did not exist anymore.
The scenery that enters her eyes was only the big and muscular rump of the Gourmet of Gold.
However, she does not take notice of that very fact. This is due to the distance between his rump and her eyes being so close to each other, causing her to only see this as an unusual space where the color of skin spreads throughout the entire space, filling her vision with its color no matter where she looked.
At that moment, something moved at the center of the vision of the High school Saintess.

(The door that leads to the Underworld!)

Along with her absolute certainty in what she was currently seeing with her eyes, she screams these words in her mind.
The center of the unusual space slowly opens up little by little and from within the center, something that is unknown in nature started showing itself.

(That is the evil spirit! Even though the perfect chance to strike it is right here, at this very moment, the preparations for the Holy Rain will not make it in time for this!)

The High school Saintess grinds her teeth out of pure frustration at this situation.
However, at the same time, she is also experiencing shock from seeing an evil spirit appear in its purest form for this evil spirit has not possessed the body of any person at all.
The writings in the form of the holy scripture that mentions that being, the wall paintings, the many stained glasses; That being differs from the depiction that any of the above have made.
The form that it took on is neither a combination of beasts nor a person who has undergone deformation in many parts of his or her body.
It does not have any eyes, neither does it have a nose, it does not even have a mouth. It is merely a mass of something that is dark brown in color.

(The evil spirit is trying to crawl out of the door it was summoned from!)

While struggling, the evil spirit pulls the other remaining half of its body out from the door.

[1. TL note: The original text here actually translates to 「power started filling in her eyes」 which is weird in English, thus, I went for a translation that is closest to this but instead made more sense]

[2. TL note: tldr; Original text is 「with her mind decided」 which is weird so I went with the closest translation that has more clarity. The original text here actually translates to 「with her mind decided」 which is weird in English as the grammar is weird and English requires for there to be something that her mind is 「decided」 on. The closest translation, 「with her mind set」 also faces similar issues and another issue – it has a totally different meaning. Thus, I went with a longer version that has more clarity.]



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