Chapter 198 Part 2



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「There is a strong possibility that someone similar to the high elves is behind this matter. If that’s the case, their goal must be to monopolize the next generation of the world tree」

It was the same opinion that the fat high elf had arrived at.
The hustle and bustle that had immediately followed the pilot’s report from the meeting room had long since passed.
The skinny high elf is now sitting in his seat, leaning on one elbow.

「If so, then there are two things that we should do」

The chairman held up one of his long, crooked fingers.

「The first one is to capture those who are equivalent to high elves. Dead or alive」

Then he raised another finger.

「The other is to prepare for war with the Empire. I suspect that the Empire is under the influence of this individual」

「Why do you think so?」

The chairman answered the question of one of the high elves.

「The Empire has been growing rapidly in power over the last few decades. If a high elf was behind all of this, then it would be no surprise」

The high elves exchanged glances and nodded at each other.
Rather than thinking that it was due to 『the power of the current emperor』, they were more convinced with 『the help of us, excellent elves』 as the reason.

「This person who is equivalent to a high elf, can I count on you to find him?」

The fat high elf nodded his head in agreement with the chairman. It was something he said, there was no denying it.
After confirming this, the chairman looked at the skinny high elf.

「Are the knight order ready for an expedition?」

For the first time since he arrived, the skinny high elf showed some signs of liking the chancellor.
He smiled and licked his lips.

「Who do you think I am? I am the honorable commander of the elven knight order」

The chairman erases his expression and stares at him coldly.
He doesn’t like this man. But since he was elected by the council, he had no choice.
This man who is as skinny as a dead tree is the best pilot in the world.

「That is all」

At those words, everyone stood up.


The stage shifts from the elven village to a wasteland far to the south, in the southern part of Awoke.
There, the figure of an A-class Knight of Count Rosehip is advancing with more than ten Knights in tow.


The black-colored Knights proceeded in step with each other, making a neat two-row formation with a carriage pulled at the tail end. Seeing that, Count Rosehip nods in satisfaction.
Rose Knights that were reduced in numbers after the Battle of Landburn, and at one point there were fewer than ten Knights.
Fortunately, the loss of pilots was minimal, and the number is now being restored thanks to the supplies.

「This is the place huh」

The knights stopped in front of a giant pit.
It was reported that many golems were crawling down there.

「Doesn’t look like they’ve made it to the surface yet」

He sniffed and continued to speak.
They are valuable as a mineral source, but they’re also strong demon beasts, it is one of the most powerful ones. Clay golems aside, a Knight is needed to defeat a Stone Golem.

『Do you see any other Knights around?』

He switched to the external sound system and asked his subordinate to check. This is the first important thing.
As soon as they arrived, the Knights split up around the perimeter to check on the surroundings. A gesture saying there was no one came from various places.

(Fumu, so the Ghost Knight have left)

While thinking about this, he looked around with his Knight’s eyes. In particular, he looked at the giant rock to the north, but could not see any sign of presence.
He waited for a while, but could not confirm the presence of any enemy.

(Let’s descend then)

Then Count Rosehip turns his Knight’s face to the Giant Pit.
It must be more pleasant at the bottom. The Stone Golem, a powerful creature, is in a deeper layer.
While the weaker clay golems that can’t get close to the lower levels are in the shallow layers.

『Half of you stay behind and keep an eye on the surroundings. The rest of you, with me to descend. Let’s go!』

Count Rosehip takes the lead, issuing instructions via external sound system.
The Knights in black with rose patterns followed, shouting loudly.
With their excellent sense of balance, they slid down the slope and arrived at the flat ground one level below. They immediately draw their swords.
Their strength is incomparable to that of the frontier Knights. Pieces of clay began to roll up everywhere.


Among them, Count Rosehip’s A-class Knight was exceptional.
He stands at the front and crushes stone golems with the same ferocity as he does to clay golems.

『Find the remnants of the golems! It might lead us to something』

Receiving the orders, the Rose Knights searched while wiping out the golems.
When they reached the middle layer, they finally found something.

『Is this it?』

One of the subordinates asks uncertainty.
In the Rose Knight’s hands were the remains of a chair and scraps of cloth and leather.
From the shape, it seemed to be a part of a Knight. It must have been used for the interior of the cockpit.

『Fumu, the body have completely eaten by the golems huh』

The A-class Knight, with a large rose on a black background, whirled his head around. He then glanced at the golems around him.
If it were a wild animal, the remains would be nothing but bones.

『What happened to the pilot? The golems shouldn’t have eaten a corpse』

The black Knight of his subordinates shrugs its shoulders and shakes its head from side to side.
Its shoulders, chest, and hips do not have the fiendish bulges like an A-class Knights, but are covered with numerous small roses.

『I think this stain may be what’s left of them, though』

He looked around and saw reddish-black stains on the ground.
A remnant that stuck to the sole of a golem after being crushed by it.
It must have created a pattern like a seal.
It seems unlikely that there is anything that can be recovered.

『Alright, we’re done here. Let’s return to the surface and retrieve the Stone Golem we destroyed』

Count Rosehip decides without hesitation.
Their objective this time is to obtain the remains of the Ghost Knight and, if possible, a Stone Golem as a mineral resource.
He doesn’t intend to do anything more than that, even if he has the extra strength.
He climbed up the ramp while acting as a guard.
Soon after, the Knights on the surface came and informed him that the carriage had reached its limit.

『We’re going back』

He ordered his men to throw away the corpse of the Stone Golem he carried to the back.
And while they were doing that, he arrived at the surface of the Great Pit.
Count Rosehip nodded with satisfaction, looking down at the inside of the Giant Pit from the edge.

(Still, this is surely an amazing mine. It’s not often you see something of this size)

Landbarn would become even richer if it was added to the part of the Margrave territory.
His mouth unconsciously loosened.

『Reporting in!』

The carriage was ready to leave. Just as they were about to start their journey home, a Knight came running up to him.
The pilot was a newcomer. He used to be the second prince’s escort Knight in the kingdom.
He had been converted to a member of the Rose Knights by Count Rosehip’s physical language.

『We found a survivor and have secured him!』

『A survivor?』

He raised one eyebrow and asked for a detailed report.
They found him lying like a rag in the shade of a rock near the surface of the Great Pit. He was very weak and unconscious.

『Yes, and about this survivor, he was actually an elf』

A deep crease appeared between Count Rosehip’s eyebrows at that information.
His subordinate Knight shrugged its shoulders slightly in sync with the pilot. He did not seem to have any idea why there’s an elf there.

『Give him potion and don’t let him die』

He pondered for a moment, and added further instructions.

『Restrain him with the rope, even if he is weak. We don’t him using magic on our way back』

He ended the talk and crossed his arms in the cockpit. The Knight of the Rosehip Count also crossed his arms in sync.

(An elf in this place? Is he the pilot of the Ghost Knight?)

All sorts of thoughts run through his mind.


However, he couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer.
If you’re not good at something, leave it to someone who is. The image of his superior, the Margrave, and his colleague, the handlebar mustache, floated in his mind.

『Let’s go』

The Rose Knights, led by the Count Rosehip, began to make their way toward the Landbarn, with a carriage containing the corpse of the Stone Golem at their center.



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