Chapter 2




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「…. Have I arrived? That was in an instant.」

By the time I noticed it, I was sitting in a bush of weeds.

When I stood up, the height of the weeds was about as tall as my knees.

There were clumps of stone all around the weeds.

These were not naturally formed stones.

All of their surfaces had seemingly deteriorated due to the wind and rain.

It seemed like a stone building, which had been built a long time ago, had collapsed and was just left here as it was.

When I looked about my surroundings, I found out that I was on a small hill.

I could see a meadow and a forest. A little distance away, I could see structures resembling a town and a pathway that looked like a road.

This is a scenery that I am not familiar with in the slightest.

The town has a castle wall around it, making it seem like I was in medieval Europe.

The only sounds I can hear are the shaking of the grass and rustling of the leaves caused by the gentle wind. There is absolutely no sound of cars within the vicinity.

(First of all, let’s confirm the magic spells I obtained. I didn’t have enough time a while ago so I couldn’t see it in detail.)

The book I was supposed to be holding in my hands was gone but I didn’t feel flustered at all.

That’s because, I could feel the existence of all the required information in my head.

When I visualised opening the book within my mind…I could read it.


To the person who loaned out this book, the following powers shall be lent.

This book and its gifted powers shall be returned at the point in time where the person borrowing this book has died.

Granted Powers.

Foundations of Akashic Magic, as follows:

Cure Injury Spell (S~F)

Cure Disease Spell (S~F)

Cure Status Abnormality Spell (S~F)

Cure Injury Potion (S~F)

Cure Disease Potion (S~F)

Cure Status Abnormality Potion (S~F)

※1 Foundations of Akashic Magic, allows the caster to bypass the process of recovery and immediately achieve the end result of recovery.

Chanting incantations, drawing magic circles, preparing materials, waiting for the stars to align and all general requirements that are usually needed to cast magic are all unnecessary.

※2 The number of times a spell can be used on a single day is as follows:

There is a limit to the amount of times a spell is usable daily and this limit count is restarted daily as well, it has no correlation to actual sleeping time.

S  1

A  3

B  6

C 10

D 15

E 21

F 28

Additionally, to the loaned person, the following are given as preparation. In relation to these goods, it will not be necessary to return them.

Ability to speak the general official language of humans (D)

General traveller equipment set

9 gold coins

10 silver coins

Report End.


…. That stone statue is really kind.

That’s the impression I got after reading the details.

Well, first of all, let’s check the magic spell.

I don’t really know the standard in this world, but I’m guessing that I am completely overpowered.

S~F is probably the rank of the spells.

Judging from what it says, S is the highest rank whilst F is the lowest rank.

After all, god himself said that I will be able to use the “world’s highest form of magic”.

If I use the Cure Disease Spell at rank (S), I should be able to heal all types of incurable diseases.

If I use Cure Injury Spell at rank (S), I might even be able to save someone that had their body split into two as long as they haven’t died yet.

Not only that but I can make various kinds of potions to act as medication. As long as I make and stock up on my manufactured potions, I can use them as supplies after I am no longer able to cast the corresponding magic spells. They will also be available in large quantities when there is an emergency situation.

I can also sell it for a lot of money.

I don’t think the potions are part of the magical system.

I’m not sure whether god was kind or really thoughtful, or the fact that he had a slightly weird way of talking, but the equipment and amount of money I got for free as a start-up is really helpful.

After all, no matter what kind of cheat ability I had, if I don’t have money to start with it would have been really troublesome.

Imagine a situation where the reincarnated arrives without any food, drinks nor cash.

No matter how powerful a person is, they may not be able to keep themselves alive long enough. Even if they managed to get to human civilisation, they would have no money to spend.

And no money means no food. When unbearable hunger starts to set in, they would be forced to use their power to rob people of their food and potentially become wanted as criminals.

……. I can only imagine an unhappy future for them.

Ah, now that I think about it, perhaps that stone statue has already caught plenty of people like me in order to request the same thing from them?

And at that time, the first person to arrive didn’t even have a single piece of clothing and things went really bad for them, or something like that?

It felt like the stone statue was already accustomed to its actions when it invited me to accept the request.

Well let’s just leave that aside.

The fact that it is mentioned that I don’t have to return any of the preparatory goods is really nice.

If these current clothes are damaged, it means that I can just throw them away.

But then, what would happen if I had to return the language ability, is that something that is even capable of being returned? Well, it doesn’t really matter either way I guess.

The fact that there is a general official human language means that they probably exists… Other races and their respective languages. This seems to be a fantasy world; though I’m only guessing…

In addition, language ability being (D), speaking ability being (F), reading ability being (E) and writing ability being (D) is my current state in regards to language.

This probably means that I can read and write at the very least.

Nonetheless, I wonder why? The only page that has writing on this book is the very first page. The 2nd page is completely blanked out. I feel like the book is uselessly thick, especially if there is going to be nothing in the other pages. How meaningless…

For the time being, I have understood the magic portion of things, so let’s check my equipment next.

A backpack made out of cloth.

Inside is a water bottle and a smaller bag containing some food resembling a bunch of short breads.

There are also 2 glass bottles, shaped like a test tube sealed with corks. These bottles contained light red liquid. Because it’s the complete traveller equipment set, this is probably some sort of remedy for injury or illness.

Things I got for wearing are as follows:

A thick mantle with a hood. Clothing made out of regular cloth from top to bottom, which includes underwear and socks. A pair of leather boots and gloves. A hip belt made out of skin along with a short dagger. A skin pouch with money inside of it. Unfortunately, there are no identification cards or documents.

It’s probably standard for them to ask for these types of documents when entering a town so I thought it would have been useful if I had them.

On the other hand, I will still probably be able to manage even without it.

After confirming my equipment, I decided to try out some magic.

I want to grasp how it feels to cast magic.


I shouted out “Appraisal” while focusing my gaze on some nearby grass.

Nothing happened at all.

「Status Open!」

I shout out another command while holding my hand to my chest.

Nothing happened.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to appraise or to see my own status.

This time I imagined the magic spell, Manufacture Cure Injury Potion (F) and tried to activate it.

When I did this, I felt like some sort of trigger had been pulled within myself. At the same time, a bottle of glass with light red liquid in it appeared before me. It looked exactly like the test tube with the cork on top that I saw just before.

Staggered at the appearance, I almost dropped it on the grass but I barely managed to catch it with my right hand.

The surprising thing is that a container actually appeared.

I was anticipating that only the chemicals would come flooding out in a splash or if I casted the spell without a container, I thought the spell would just fizzle out without actually activating.

This really looks like a potion bottle.

I’m surprised, but it’s a pleasant one.

If it’s this simple, then I won’t need to prepare any bottles when making a potion.

I suppose it is extended to containers when it mentioned that all preparatory materials were unnecessary.

There is a certain place I wanted to visit when I reached town so I added two more Cure Injury potions (F), three Cure Disease potions (F) and three Cure Status Abnormality potions. Furthermore, I produced (E) rank potions for each of these three types of potions.

Cure Disease potion (F) is light blue in colour, the Cure Status Abnormality potion is light green in colour.

(E) rank potions have their individual colours slightly darkened.


I tried shouting this command but the goods in front of me don’t change.

Good grief, nothing is being stored at all.

I tried making space by fiddling with the bag containing food in the backpack.

I was hoping the bag was some sort of item box but as expected, it was just an ordinary cloth bag.

To my regret, it truly seems that I do not have such convenient abilities nor tools.

I stored away the potions I made inside of the backpack carefully so that they don’t break.

When I shouldered the backpack and walked a little, a clinking glass sound resounded; however, the glass didn’t appear to crack.  In the future, I will be sure to come up with a solution to this problem but for now, I’ll just have to bear with it.

Well then, shall we head off?

My destination is the town that that I can see a little distance from here.

I don’t have any confidence of being able to survive by sleeping out in the open within a fantasy world, so I want to arrive before the sun sets for the day… No, if I think about the procedures I need to go through and then finding a hotel to stay in, I really want to arrive even earlier if possible.




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