Chapter 20




 Translator: Nefarian

Awoke, at the Elsailles tiered platform.

「Am I really not being nominated by him?」

The woman with beauty like a porcelain mannequin confirms it to the concierge.

This is because the new golden spoon she caught in her grasp a few days ago, did not make a reservation for her name on the specified day.

「Yes, there is definitely no mistake.」

The concierge also appeared to be baffled.

This was the first time such a thing happened.

Customers caught in the Elder’s spell would usually regularly appoint the Elder as their chosen woman and continue to financially support the Elder.

Furthermore, within Elsailles which was one of the top stores in Awoke, Elder was the number one prostitute.

「That is very strange, I wonder if he died somewhere?」

The Elder muses.

It’s not an impossible thing to happen.

Although this was quite close to the centre of the capital city, sudden death was still within the realms of possibility.

Besides, the Elder had absolute confidence in her brainwashing abilities. At the very least, her track record of success had never been broken before.

「Well, I guess it can’t be helped.」

Saying this, she changed her clothes and returns deep within the tiered platform and stands at the highest place right in the centre of attention. This is a reserved seating place for the Elder that is rarely taken by anyone else.

(He may have really died, or perhaps he may just be running late for unknown reasons.)

The Elder was thinking about it.

(If he’s dead then I can only let it go, but if he is late, I will use that as the reason that he needs to make up for it with a tribute.)

The Elder came to this conclusion and stopped worrying about the matter.

If one of her golden spoons died, then all she had to do was ensnare another. Besides she still had plenty of financial supporters.

Capital City, Swiss Ham, Tauro’s Room.

Today is a refreshing morning.

Just like usual, the morning sun creeps through the gaps of the curtains creating a band of light in the room.

If the window is opened, then clean air characteristic of a fresh air morning will flow into the room.

I take a deep breath.

Let’s do my best today as well.

I decide to actively explore the capital city and spend the morning in a meaningful manner.

This place is turning into my home town. There is no disadvantage to learning the geography in this area.

I only passed through this park yesterday, so let’s take a nice long stroll along this park today.

「Yo! You over there! Are you a traveler?」

Suddenly a voice calls out to me.

When I turned around, I saw this decent looking young man with a smile approach me.

「I am one of the people in a senior position within the merchant guild here at the Royal Capital. Ahh, but it’s my day off today.」

I haven’t asked him anything, yet he keeps babbling on by himself. He is giving me a friendly grin.

「You must be a traveler right?Actually I’m dealing with magic stones in the guild, but I do have a troubling matter.」

Having said that, the man shows quite the troubled expression.

「Because the high-quality magic stones were sold for cheap, I decided to buy a lot for the guild. However, I forgot that the guild has already reached the prescribed upper limit per month for the number of magic stone purchases allowed.」

The man laughs out loud in an embarrassed manner.

「Ahh, to explain a little, when the guild buys too much, it will create problems of distribution within the market so this is a decision that was made by the guild. It is natural that you wouldn’t know about this.」

「The problem is that we planned on buying up to the limit, but we could only secure 90% of the products.」

「This is where you come in. I want you to buy the remaining 10 percent. Yeah, the only reason we are able to purchase the magic stones for such a cheap price is because we have connections as a guild. This kind of transaction is usually impossible to achieve. The other party also doesn’t want to deal with anyone else other than people from the guild. This is because our guild has credibility.」

The man continues to speak non-stop.

By the way, I haven’t said a single word since I met him.

「The other party also knows that I am part of the guild. Therefore, if you have my recommendation, you will be able to purchase the magic stones even if you aren’t from the guild. This is quite special, don’t you think?」

He pronounced the word “special” with a thick emphasis on the word.

「Hmm, but well, it is after all my mistake to begin with, so I will allow you to just buy it at a 10 percent discount on top of the guild’s already discounted bid. I will pay the difference of 10 % to you.」

The man shows a pained expression for an instant before smiling and giving me a wink.

「Ahh, you don’t have to worry. It certainly hurts to pay 10% more, but I am after all the chief of the guild so I can afford that much money.」

I am not worried at all…

「If you purchase the magic stones, you can make a lot of money if you sell them outside of the capital city.」

「The other party will also be satisfied by being able to sell to a guild they trust.」

「I on the other hand can write off my mistakes. Even if it may be a bit expensive.」

Again he smiles and winks.

「What do you think, it sounds good doesn’t it? This can only be done by a traveler like you, otherwise it would be impossible. After all, you need to sell the products quite a fair distance away from the capital city. Moreover, this deal will only last until the end of the day. The other party has some issues with financing so they have given us the deadline as today.」

「The reason I am telling you about this special opportunity is because I feel like you are someone trustworthy. Ahh, you don’t need to be humble. I already know, who I can trust and who I can’t trust. That’s because I also work for the guild. You need the ability to judge a person accurately if you want to succeed in the merchants guild and I have full confidence in my eyes. You understand don’t you? Then shall I guide you now? Let’s go meet the other party together.」

Saying this, he tries to take my arm.

I…… ran the hell away as fast as I could with all my strength.

No matter how one saw it, this was definitely a scam.

He was so shady that it made me want to choke.

Even if it was one in a million chance that he was legit, I am not someone who would ever need to make money by going out of the capital city to sell some magic stones.

I already have all the money I need, besides I can make more anytime I need it.

The park is a scary place even in the day time.

This is exactly as the aunt from Bell Talk had warned me.

If I into this world with a cheat combat ability, then I could of pretended to get scammed and then defeat the bad guys in a timely fashion like some sort of historical play, but I did not have any such ability.

If I were taken to their hideout, it would of been a suicidal action.

By the time I reached the town square, I was out of breath and it was already noon.

Recently I am surprised at how fast the morning goes by.,

At a restaurant near the town square I have my lunch and order a beef filet mignon steak, garlic with mashed potatoes and a salad. I don’t know the official name of this dish.

But it is still very delicious.

Preparing myself for the afternoon, I fill my belly to around eight-tenths full.

I enter Jayanne.

I was not able to forget that day where I learnt from the light cruiser teacher.

I want to taste that supreme product once again.

Thinking this I go to the lobby and immediately made my nomination.

I’m relieved, she is already at work even at this time and it seems that other customers have not made a reservation for her.

By the way, the beautiful bombshell Onee-sama from the other day hasn’t arrived to work just yet.

When I entered the room, I experienced her superior capabilities just like the last time, but there was something a little off about her.

I could see that she occasionally had this pained expression.

How do I describe it.

It seems that perhaps her physical condition is not that good right now, so it’s like she is overworked.

She tries to hide it from me but I still could tell from her expression that she showed a little while ago.

That’s the kind of feeling I get.

「Umm, excuse me but are you perhaps feeling ill?」

When I asked her this question, she seemed to be taken aback.

She shows a vexed look.

She might be a workaholic so perhaps she can’t forgive her own actions for showing weakness.

「I am very sorry.」

She bows her head in a sincere apology.

Seeing her like this also made me feel a little embarrassed.

She then explained to me…

That she has been ill for some time now since a while ago.

She is trying to make sure the quality of her work is not going down, but she just can’t get enough energy to work to the best of her abilities.

The day before yesterday when I came in here, was she also like that? I didn’t even notice it.

Because this is the second time I’ve nominated her, she may have become a little more comfortable with me and showed me this side of her.

I started to think.

(Her standard of work is wonderful. It made me realize that women are amazing.)

And I don’t think I am the only with with such sentiments.

(There should be a lot of men that can understand how precious she is. Out of all the men, there should also be plenty of men who can appreciate a women and respect them.)

This respectable women is suffering from bad health.

Even if she is a first-class woman, she is so sick that she can’t really hide it on the outside anymore. She seems to be in quite a lot of pain.

Furthermore, she said that she’s been like this for a while now.

(The concierge said… That she is a model example for all the girls who work here and that other girls learn from her by watching her and being instructed by her.)

She is definitely someone who is above the norm.

She is an existence who conveys and teachers the other girls as to what kind of attitude and techniques you need to have for work to her juniors and colleagues.

This amazing girl is suffering.

If I leave her alone just like this, she is probably not going to be able to continue working.

(Is it really okay for me to leave her like this?)

No, it ain’t right.

How can it be right?

Losing her like this is a big loss for all the men in this world and perhaps even for the women as well.

(Luckily I possess healing magic. Injury, disease and status abnormality cure, with these three types of spells, I should be able to cure whatever she has.)

According to the stone statue, I am supposed to have the worlds highest form of healing magic in my arsenal.

I decided to treat her but now I had to consider the method.

(It won’t be appropriate to give her a potion. I don’t have any potions on me right now and I would definitely like to avoid creating potions right in front of her eyes.)

It will make me stand out too much.

I have a hunch that it would not be a good idea.

(『To tell you the truth I can actually use magic. Alright, here goes nothing! Cure Disease~!』, saying something like this is also not appropriate.)

If I showed off my capabilities to use magic to treat people, a flood of people seeking treatment will show up at my door and beg “Please treat me! Please save me!”.

I feel as if I would be forced into one of those doctors that had to work day and night. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to play, there would be no time to sleep and perhaps there may be times I can’t even eat my meal in peace.

If I can speak my real intentions, the honest truth without the need to conceal anything, then…

I can courageously state that I don’t plan on eliminating all the disease and sickness from this world.

I also don’t think that I would go out of my way to save everyone single person who was suffering from some sort of serious illness or injuries.

I only want to save the people who are close to me or those I see that have a value in our relationship.

The criteria I would use is based on my mood at the time. I would also take into consideration the potential loss or gain from saving them.

As of right now, I don’t feel the need to spread my fame or have more money than I already have.

Therefore, in terms of what I use to calculate loss or gain, I don’t take into consideration how much remuneration they can offer or what honor I can gain.

I am not a person filled with compassion, I am no philanthropist and I don’t really do things for charity.

Thus, I don’t have any intentions of pretending to be a doctor in this world.

(If I could use my magic while preventing her from knowing that I have activated my healing magic, this could work.)

Luckily my magic activates immediately without needing to chant.

If I do this with subtlety, this will probably work out.

「Excuse me for a moment, but would you mind lying face down on the bed for me?」


She looks slightly doubtful at my request.

Well that is to be expected.

I improvise a reason before trying to explain to her.

「Well the thing is, I believe that the reason your health is declining is because I can see there is a slight strain on your body that is causing it. I have some expertise in this matter, so if you would like I could try and treat you?」

I tried to sound like one of those gramps who were in expert in using osteopathy and massage.

Naturally, I had absolutely no knowledge in the area.

When I was in elementary school, I saw someone giving a massage, I imitated their techniques and was given praise by my family members, that is the extent of my knowledge in giving massages.

She was a little lost as to what to do, but she agreed in the end.

However, her expression is uneasy.

Well, it’s understandable. A strange and unfamiliar customer is saying things like “Let me try something on you”.

Perhaps, she is not feeling satisfied because she is unable to perform her job satisfactorily due to her poor health. She is also grasping at the straws as she doesn’t know what else to do and it’s eating away at her guilty conscience, these two things combined is why she probably nodded to my request.

「Alright, relax your shoulders for me…… Take a deep breath in.」

I say these words in a dignified manner as I placed both my hands on the back of her scapula.

What came to mind was the time I attended a routine physical as part of the compulsory examination from the company, where they wanted to take photographs of your x-rays.

I timed my casting of my Cure Disease Spell (F) for when she breathed out.

「Hm…? Okay, exhale gently.」

I felt odd for a moment just then. I definitely invoked my spell and I felt a response of her getting treated but I don’t think she was completely cured.

I feel like it didn’t completely heal her, like something was stuck, this feeling of not completely curing her is probably the odd feeling I am experiencing.

(Unlike giving someone medication, magic allows me to feel a sensation of curing the person.)

Indeed, this is pretty cool.

I have never experienced this sensation in the past, is it because my own body doesn’t have any illnesses? Or perhaps the rank of magic I used on myself was too high so the feeling also got reduced?

「Alright, take another deep breath in.」

Just like before, I timed it for when she breathed out, but this time I casted Cure Disease Spell (E).

The response was even greater than before, but there was still no sensation of her being completely cured.

Even an E rank healing spell was not enough, what a tough illness.

「I feel extremely comfortable now. Thank you so much.」

After exhaling, this time round, she gave me her thanks.

She probably felt it herself that she was feeling a lot better, because she was feeling relieved her face became slightly flushed.

「The treatment is not over just yet. Can you breathe in for me one more time?」

I activate my magic one more time. This time I used Cure Disease Spell (D).

There was a considerable response, but I could tell that there was a little bit more to go before her illness is cured.

Just what kind of disease is she suffering from? This illness is crazy strong!

「A-Alright, just one more time should do it. This time, please close your eyes….. Okay now breathe in for me.」

This time I used Cure Disease Spell (C). Her body even shined for a moment.

(As I expected. It was the same when I consumed a C Rank potion, but even when casting a C rank spell, her body is emitting an additional light.)

It was the correct decision to have her close her eyes.

As expected of a Rank C spell, I could tell that it completely cured her.

I tried using Cure Injury Spell (F) and Cure Status Abnormality Spell (F), but it didn’t feel like it had any effect.

Alright, there doesn’t seem to be any other abnormalities.

「The treatment is complete. How do you feel?」

She wakes up slowly and moves her body lightly.

And immediately the expression on her face was beaming with energy.

「I feel extremely good! Thank you very much!」

She was already starting to sparkle with energy. Her condition seems to be great, to the extent that she is dazzling.

She links both her hands and places them in front of her chest and she expresses her gratitude towards me, her face is red as she is excited and in joy. Her eyes are moist.

I tell her, “Oh I’m really glad then!” as I smile at her and she approaches me.

「Then, shall we continue from where we left off a while ago?」

Saying that she showed me a blooming smile.

As for me, I received the ultimate service and experience from her as she tried her best to show me her gratitude for completely curing her body.



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