Chapter 211



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The first floor of the Kingdom merchant guild is crowded with people.
I’m sitting at the counter by the wall. As usual, I’ve come to deliver the potions.

「Tauro-san, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you but, is it okay?」

While receiving a bottle filled with potions of various shades of red, blue, and green, the tough-looking man asks me.
He’s the chief of staff of the merchant guild, who’s in charge of my potion sales.

「I was wondering if you could increase the number of D-rank cure status abnormality potions that you deliver」

Instead of answering immediately, I asked him why.
Then, the strong-looking man put his palm up to the side of his mouth and pulled his face closer. He said in a small voice.
He seemed to be willing to tell me, but it seems it’s not information he could disclose to the public.

「It was still in the middle of an investigation, but it seems that there’s been a major incident at a brothel in Awoke」

A strong smell of spices escaped from his mouth, probably from his lunch. I endured it and urged him to continue.

「Apparently, a lot of people visiting that brothel had their mind controlled. And it’s an extremely powerful one」

I understood the moment I heard that. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. It’s probably a similar incident that happened at the elven brothel.
The only thing that surprised me was how strong the mind control was.

「You need a D-rank potion to release the mind control?」

He nodded.
In the past, the country’s most prominent team of adventurer, 『Robust』, had been cursed with 『Severe Burns』 from a Lesser Salamander.
It took a D-rank cure status abnormality to lift that curse.

『D-rank cure status abnormality magic』

Compared to the cure injuries and cure diseases, there’s only a handful of magicians who have mastered it. This is probably because there is more demand for these magics when it comes to recovery-type magic.
Because of this, the healing of the 『Robust』 members did not go smoothly. It was at that time too, at the request of the merchants guild, we changed the rate of delivery of potions.


Recalling the commotion at the time, it was definitely a big incident.
Before I could reply, the chief of staff continued to speak.

「The kingdom even has to beg the eastern country to send the saintess. Fortunately, she is willing to come, but the number of victims is too great」

As a merchant guild, we want to do what we can. He added while letting out a sigh.

「The Saintess… from eastern country?」

Taking a direct hit of the breath of spice, I hold my breath. I tilted my head and asked after hearing the unfamiliar words.
The chief of staff nodded and kindly told me.

「She is a person who is said to have been born into God’s grace」


「Super high level cure status abnormality magic. It’s said that she could produce a similar effect to that magic several times a day at no cost」

There was something about the way he said it that caught my attention. I wondered what he meant by 『producing an effect equivalent to magic』.
The chief of staff seemed to have read my thoughts when he saw my face.

「The Saintess is not a magician. It is said that the power of Saintess is innate」

Apparently, she doesn’t need to chant spells or create magic circles or anything like that.

「That sounds awesome」

I put myself aside and let out a cry of surprise.
D-rank magic. You will be considered a high-ranking magician if you can use it even just once a day. If she can do more than that, it makes sense that she would be called a 『Saintess』.

「And here’s the important part」

The chief of staff continued.

「The saint is still young, she is just past her mid-teens. She’s not a high level beauty, but she’s said to be quite pretty still」

His eyes sparkled as he began to speak passionately.

(Now that I think about it, he likes idols isn’t he?)

An idol group live performance in the Holy City. I remembered seeing him going there every night and standing in line at the private room where he can get close and touchy with the idols.
Rather than a perfect beauty, he’s more into the friendly and cute-type of girls. I bet that’s what excited him.

「I’d like to see her once if there’s a chance」

He crossed his arms in front of his chest while being mesmerized. It’s good to have a hobby, it makes your life more colorful.
Then I told the chief of staff of my intention to accept the offer.

「I understand, I will make more cure status abnormality potion next time」

The chief of staff thanked me with a broad smile. I said my goodbyes and left the merchant guild.
While having lunch at a stall in the central square, I pondered over the incident in Awoke.

(The culprit is probably, Elder)

It’s a painful thing to remember.
It was the first time I encountered a serious crisis since I was transferred to this world.
What if I didn’t have a high level of cure status abnormality magic at that time? What if I hadn’t gotten into the habit of applying the remaining magic to myself before going to bed.

(It was dangerous)

A cold sweat broke out as I thought about how much of a danger I had avoided.
I wouldn’t be able to lift Elder’s brainwashing. And it wouldn’t just stop at my crotch and would’ve etched through the marrow of my bones.

(But to think it would require a D-rank to lift the curse, it was that strong huh?)

Ponytail was brainwashed by a male elf. But it was able to be lifted with F-rank magic.
Magic ranks are qualified into high level D-rank, intermediate E-rank and the lowest F-rank. Among these, D-rank is extraordinary.

(Maybe it’s a combination of verbal attack that breaks the mind beforehand, mouth technique that makes your consciousness hazy, and magic)

Her appearance might look like an elder lich, but her skills are definitely top notch. I remembered the scene of me shaking my head strongly from side to side as the old woman took a bite out of my crotch.
Incidentally, I couldn’t remember the scene after that. I think it’s due to my mind’s defense mechanism kicked in.

(I’m so glad I managed to get away)

At that time, I had just transferred to this world. I was nothing more than a nobody.
No one would have cared even if I had disappeared.

(But now, I’m a pilot of the Kingdom merchant guild Knight)

I have built a firm position in society.

(I’ve also made a few friends)

Corneal, the pilot of an A-class Knight of the Kingdom’s knight order, and Lightning, the national pilot of the Black Locust country. I also have a subordinate, namely Cool, a unicorn who likes to eat virgins.
They’re all very reliable. I’m sure they’ll help me out if I ever in a pinch.

(However, unfortunately I’m the only one my familiars can rely on)

Then I think about my familiars.
Imosuke, who looks just like the fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly, Dangorou, who looks just like a dung beetle, and Zaratan, who is a turtle.
If something happened to me, there would be no one that could protect the garden forest where they live.

(Even if they were asked to leave due to unpaid rent, they can’t hold a conversation in the first place)

They also have no gold or silver.

(As I thought, I need someone as their guardian just in case something happened to me in the future)

A powerful enemy, the elven Knights, has begun to show themselves. As a person who has someone to protect, I want to have an extra insurance plan.
Looking at the list of friends in my head, there was only one suitable person.

(I think it should be Lightning)

I once took him to the garden forest and introduced him to Imosuke and Dangorou. And that Lightning at that time had treated me with respect.
Even though when I had summoned Imosuke, the elves had treated me like a fool. But he was nothing like them.

(Alright, let’s invite him to the brothel next time)

Why a brothel? The reason is simple: it’s the only way I know how to entertain someone.
I don’t know enough about food and alcohol. What I am most confident about is playing in a brothel.

(It would be best if he enters our Doom squad)

If that happens, he could make a connection with Cool-san. And then Lightning would be able to borrow her strength when he needed it.

(Now the only thing left is how Lightning thought on the matter)

A young man with a short mustache and a sense of justice. With this image in mind, I reached for my after-dinner coffee.
The purpose of this secret evil organization, the Doom Squad, is to allow its members to live as they wish.
In order to do so, they are willing to deviate from the rules of society. A good example of this is when one of our members took the first time of an old man from the rental bookstore away from him.

(She trespassed and attacked him in his sleep)

Furthermore, Cool-san is wearing the costume of the old man’s dream girl. It can be said that we have violated both material and spiritual aspects of his.

『An unprecedented, assault on both body and mind』

The joy of it was so great that it enthralled the virgin eater unicorn. It didn’t stop snarling on his belly until the old man at the rental book store passed out.

(Would he be convinced if I told him we are a righteous bandit?)

That might be pushing it too far.

(Anyway, I should try and invite him first)

Lightning lives downstairs from my room with his family of three. Thus I made up my mind to visit them in the near future.


About the same time, in the small city in the northern part of the empire.
In a room in the exclusive residential area of that city, a woman with the beauty of a mannequin just woke up.

(I seems I have dozed off)

She sat up from the couch and closed the book that was lying face down on the table.

(It’s been a while since I’ve had that dream. I think it’s because I’ve been running away from Awoke, maybe)

The dream is a memory from a long time ago, when she was a girl. It is the story of a time when she was violently forced to abandon her home.
She was the only one who survived. All of her relatives, including her parents and siblings, lost their lives.


She poured some water from the water pitcher into a glass and took a sip.
The only reason she was able to survive and escaped her village was because of the guidance of a spirit animal. As a young girl, it was believed that she had not yet acquired a familiar.
If the assailants had known, they would have killed her familiar first. Just like what they did to the people close to her.

(Though it was also because I had kept it hidden)

Not even my parents were aware of the fact that I had acquired a familiar.
Suddenly, I thought of opening the jewelry box. What I took out was a ring with a large ruby embedded in it.
When I put it on my finger and poured magic power through it, a pattern appeared in the jewel. It was a design of a spirit beast with the upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a lion against a large tree in the background.

『The world tree and a Griffon』

It’s the emblem of the elven royal family.

(What’s with 『Bloodless revolution』? Don’t make me laugh! Weren’t they just buried everyone alive to kill them so there would be no blood spilled)

She narrowed her eyes and thought. It’s truly elves-like ways of naming things which only cares about how it looks on the outside.
The elves dislike and despise the earth element. To them, the idea of being buried alive is both terrifying and humiliating.

(Well, whatever)

She realized that her expression was starting to shift as she felt the powder from her makeup start to fall off.
Regaining her composure, she thought about the battle of the elven Knights. It was the one that had occurred in the great hole south of Awoke.
That battle would be their first time since the Spirit War.

(Something is happening. And it’s different than anything we’ve seen before)

She lifts the corner of her mouth slightly into a smile and looks under the couch.
There, she saw her precious spirit beast. It was an earth elemental black snake about fifty centimeters long curled up in a ball.

(Something interesting might happen before my life’s ended)

It was a raven-snake, probably asleep. She smiles at it, then raises her head and turns her face to the north.
That was the direction of her hometown, the village of the elves.

(Oh my, it was already this late)

She was a little surprised when she saw the clock on the wall.
Elder then stood up to go to work at the local brothel.


The stage is set once again in the royal capital, in a stone building where Tauro’s home is located.
I live on the third floor, and Lightning, a pilot dispatched from the Black Locust country, lives on the second floor with his family.
I had just visited them with a souvenir in my hand, and was warmly welcomed.

「I’m really sorry for your concern, for you to bring this much…」

The polite young pilot bowed his head.
As a souvenir, I brought a large box of sweets of various kinds. After all, the best gifts are the ones that you can eat.
The sweets were immediately placed on a plate and tea was served.

「It has completely become winter here now, isn’t it? It must be snowing in your country at this time」

It has completely turned into winter. It will be snowing in the country.

In the Black Locust country, which is located in the north, the seasons move faster than in the royal capital. Heaters are already indispensable at this time of year.
Some houses cut down old black locust trees and use them as firewood for their fireplaces.

「Magic tools are expensive after all」

Lightning said in a light-hearted way, but it made me think.
Thanks to magic, this world is convenient and clean. The air conditioning is even more comfortable than in my previous life, as the temperature of the room itself changes.

(But it still cost a fortune)

No matter how good the tools are, you can’t get them without money.
I switched the gears on my mind and changed the topic.

「By the way, I heard that there are demons in the Black Locust country」

There are some suspicious rumors going around that light cruiser-sensei beat it with her bare hands.
It was a word I said without a second thought. But the next moment, I regretted it from the bottom of my heart.

(Damn it, I’ve gone and done it now)

The previously warm atmosphere froze in an instant.
Not only Lightning, but his wife sitting next to him was also turning pale. They were both looking down.
The only one who has not changed is the sleeping infant. She was hugging a stuffed animal in a small bed in the corner of the room.

(I don’t know what’s up, but it was definitely a taboo topic)

It was not something that a stranger should ask, it seemed.
A few moments later, Mr. and Mrs. Lightning put a smile on their stiff expression. Then, awkwardly, they mentioned another topic.
They acted as if the topic of the demon was never brought up at all.
I responded with a wry smile, and an awkward moment passed.

「Um… thank you for the tea」

I finished my tea and stood up from my chair.
I decided to invite him to a brothel at another time.

(I shouldn’t brought up the talk regarding the demon in front of the people from Black Locust country)

So I told myself as I climbed the stairs to the third floor.



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