Chapter 225 Part 2



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Urged by Shitanaga, the high school girl Saintess tells the young man in the bow tie and yellow bikini pants.
The young man smiled with narrowed eyes, and then slid his bikini down, exposing his raw business tools to the air.

「Eh? Kyaaa!」

The high school girl Saintess holds her face with both hands and stares between her fingers. The young man kept smiling, picked up her cocktail, and pushed his business tool down with his fingers into the glass.
Using it as a stirring muddler, he steers it in a circular motion three and a half times. Adding a hint of flavor.

「Muddler service, complete」

The young man puts the glass down again in front of the high school girl Saintess. Shitanaga takes out a silver coin and gives it to him as a tip.
The young man’s smile deepens, probably due to the high amount he received. Seeing this, Shitanaga ordered more.

「Can I have a double whiskey on the rocks, with ice cubes? And a muddler service please」

Tension runs on the cheek of the slit-eyed young man with no hair chest. But he soon regained his smile and replied with his chest muscles.
Then he walked back to the back of the room.

「Onee-sama? That person just now seemed surprised by something, didn’t he?」

The high school girl Saintess asks as she sips the cocktail that has been served with the muddler service.
From the look on her face, it seems that she likes the young man’s flavor.

「In this kind of store, it’s the quickest item if you want to see their skills. They probably knew that they were being tested」

Shitanaga gave a meaningful smile.
Without much waiting, the young man appeared.

「Thank you for waiting. Double whiskey on the rocks, with muddler service」

Then he put his thick muddler into the glass.


Probably due to the coldness and high alcohol content. For a moment, one side of his face is twisted.
Then, after three and a half turns around the round ice in the center of the glass.
Only the large piece of ice in the glass damages the muddler with a gurgling sound.

「…It is done」

A young man in bikini pants frowns and offers the glass with a ragged breath.

「Thank you, you’re pretty good」

Shitanaga raises the glass she received at eye level and winks at him. Realizing that he had received a passing grade, the young man looked relieved.
The young man received an even higher tip than before and went back.

「What do you think? I think he’s not bad for your first partner」

If you nominate him, you can receive full-scale muddler service in a separate room, you know? Shitanaga asked her.
The high school girl Saintess drinks the cocktail with her blushing face facing down. Then she said something in a whisper.


Unable to hear what she said over the music in the store, Shitanaga pulled her ears closer. Then she understood.

「You don’t really like it if they’re too muscular?」

She told her that she wanted a slim, gentle man. As she listened to the details, Shitanaga realized that apparently she had a specific image in mind.

(This is… seems like there is someone she likes. Although I don’t know if she herself is aware of it yet)

After leading her with questions several times, Shitanaga easily saw through it.
The high school girl Saintess, however, doesn’t seem to think she’s been discovered. She put her hands on her cheeks and wriggled around as if she was in trouble.
On the other hand, Shitanaga’s expression was full of astonishment and bitterness.

(To think… it was that boy)

It is a boy of the same age who attends a convent. Shitanaga knows him well.
The reason is that it was Shitanaga, of all people, who recommended him to be the 『Saintess’ schoolmate』.

(This is no good. She’s being deluded)

She bit her lip in bitterness.
He is well raised, intelligent, serious, and quiet. That was why she had chosen him as one of her potential followers.
However, the boy may have had his own thoughts. As soon as he entered the convent’s high school, he made his debut.

「I wonder why I’m here」

The mutters he uttered to himself, always in the form of a question. Then he played the four-stringed lute he had brought with him.
It was three days before he went to school when he first picked up the lute. He learned only three chords.
Shitanaga knows this. As an adult, it was a sight she could not bear to see.
However, the other students of his age seemed to like it, and female students’ shrills were heard in the classroom.

「Five years from now, it’s going to be a painful past to look back on」

She tried to give him a warning, but he just sighed and shook his head from side to side. Then he played one of the three chords he knew, the 『Chord of Sorrow』 on his lute.

「I don’t understand why you would say such a thing」

That’s how he answered.

(To think it would become like this)

Shitanaga is letting out cold sweat as she realizes she is partly responsible

(There is no choice but to let Saintess-sama experience the real thing and develop her taste)

She exhaled, feeling glad that she had realized this during their stay in the kingdom.


A short distance to the east from the entertainment district, on the east side of the central square of the royal capital.
I was enjoying my afternoon tea in the guild master’s office of the merchant guild there.
The topic of conversation was, of course, about yesterday’s Bureikou.

「It was really close. If Tauro-kun wasn’t there, I would have been defeated」

The person who said this with a smile on his face was a petite, elderly man, the guild master. Hearing these words, Santa Claus, who was sitting in front of him, could not hide his surprise.
Fighting against old women was the guild master’s forte. He had never imagined that the guild master would fall behind in this area.

「I never thought she would be that powerful. What a fearful being, this Legend of the Eastern country is」

The Santa Claus-like vice guild master groans while stroking his white beard. Then he shifts his gaze to me.
He wants to ask about the other host of the Bureiko, Shitanaga.
I put my teacup on the table and say what I think.

(Maybe it was because her mouth was sealed, but I didn’t feel too scared. I attacked her alternately from the rear and someone in the front, and she fell rather easily)

“Fumu”, the vice guild master nodded, relieved.

「If even Shitanaga have grown rapidly, we would have had to reevaluate our assessment of the eastern country」

When he finishes, he removes his hand from his beard. “By the way”, he questions the guild master.

(Did something good happen to you? You seem to be in a good mood since this morning)

The guild master nodded while smiling, and replied.

「Tauro-kun tasted the tall girlie too. And his impression was, 『not bad』」

He sat down in the overly large chair and happily flapped his legs in the air.

「You sure have grown up. You should keep up the good work and aim to become an 『Old woman hunter』」

In contrast to Goblin Jii-chan’s smiling face, Santa Claus has a look of disbelief on his face.
I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to clear up the misunderstanding.

「It was just out of respect for the experience and a chance to study a legendary figure. It’s not that I’ve grown fond of the super-ripe type」

The guild master, however, just shook his head in a good mood.

「I know I know. That’s what everyone says at first」

Yeah, he definitely doesn’t understand.
Santa Claus shrugs his shoulders with a complicated expression.

「Is that so? Then I have nothing else to say. I just want to wish you a very happy future, Tauro-kun」

His way of saying it bothered me, but I thanked him for the time being.
Then a knock resounded. The vice guild master gave his permission, and the tough-looking old man entered the room.

「Bishop-sama of the Eastern country has something he wishes to discuss with the merchant guild」

The tough-looking old man looks nervous and reports. Perhaps out of habit, Santa Claus puts his hand on his white beard and said.

「Do they need a consultation or something?」

The tough-looking old man shrugged his shoulders and shook his head apologetically.

「About that, they said they will disclose the matter on the spot when you meet them. That’s why she wants you to come to the State Guest House as soon as possible」

The two top leaders of the merchant guild exchanged glances. The vice guild master nodded once and looked at the supervisor old man.

「Well then, I’m sorry it’s sudden and all but, would you go there immediately?」

The tough-looking old man makes a surprised expression. It was a summon from a noble from a neighboring country, he thought that the guild master or the vice guild master would handle it.


He pointed at himself and involuntarily asked for confirmation with his mouth opened slightly. Seeing this, the guild master nodded.

「This can also be an experience for you, so go ahead and go there」

The vice guild master, followed by the guild master told the tough-looking old man who is the chief of the guild. His expression is filled with determination.

「I understand! Then I will do my best, with all my heart and soul」

“Take it easy”, the guild master told him as he left the room with confidence.
Seeing him leave, I drank the rest of my tea.

「Well then, I’d better get going too」

When I saw it was time to leave, I left my seat. I pretended not to hear the guild master’s invitation for a 『Three Generations Bowl』.


The guild master’s office after Tauro left. The vice guild leader, who looks like Santa Claus, uttered a few words while looking at the closed door.

「Tauro-kun and the chief might make a good team」

The guild master, with one eyebrow raised wide, answers with a flash of light in his eyes.

「That’s what I thought, too. Not a bad combination for the future of the merchant guild」

However, immediately after he said that, he shrugged his shoulders and reached for a teacup on the table.

「Well, it’s still a long way off. We don’t know how things will change in the future」

As the guild leader sipped his tea noisily, Santa Claus responded.

「Yeah, we have no intention of retiring just yet, either」

The two old men laughed out loud together.



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