Chapter 225 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Winter morning. In the audience room of the guest house in the royal castle.
It could be said that the season has passed its peak. The sun rises early, and the rays of the morning sun shine through the large windows on the walls deep into the room.

「Get down on your knees」

Shitanaga told the young man who was being escorted by a high ranking official of the kingdom through the line of guards.
She stood next to the high school girl Saintess and her face looked somewhat worn.

「Well then, Saintess-sama, if you would please」

The high school girl Saintess nodded quietly and stood up from her tall, overly decorated chair. She pulls up the front side of her long skirt and performs the 『Blessing Ceremony』.
The sound of holy water hitting people echoed in the audience room. A little later, a warm and nostalgic fragrance drifted to the noses of the guards.

「…Excuse me」

The high school girl Saintess shivers lightly as she tries to regain her lost body heat. Seeing this, Shitanaga kneeled down on the carpet. She took out a handkerchief and wiped off the leftovers from the 『Blessing Ceremony』.
When she looked at the young man, he was still kneeling. In the cold winter air, steam and fragrance emanated from his body.

「This is a『Holy Fabric』, take it」

Shitanaga stood up and held out a handkerchief to the young man.
A trace of the Saintess’ miracle that could dispel all kinds of evil. The handkerchief, soaked with holy water, is worthy of being called a 『Holy Fabric』.

(I hope that this will increase the number of believers)

After the brainwashing was lifted, the young man came back to his senses and, with tears of gratitude in his eyes, received the holy cloth. Shitanaga thought as she watched that figure.
The support for the kingdom is not only the result of lending and borrowing between nations, but also has a large aspect of missionary activities.
There is no such thing as pure good intentions. However, the god of the eastern country is a benevolent but strict god. Basically, believers of other gods are not eligible for salvation.

「This concludes the 『Blessing Ceremony』」

The high officials of the kingdom declared sternly. Then the high school girl Saintess walked through the guards and left the room accompanied by Shitanaga.
The long, soft carpet did not cause a single footstep to be heard.

「Thank you for your hard work, Saintess-sama」

They went back to their room and sat down on the sofa, and Shitanaga said to her with a gentle smile.
The first holy water of the day, extra virgin holy water, is considered to be the most valuable, which is why the ritual is so long. It must be hard to endure it.

「It’s alright, I am used to it. More than that, please tell me about last night, Bishop-sama」

The high school girl Saintess smiled brightly in return and her eyes shining as she begged to hear the story about last night’s 『Bureikou』.
The director of the northern monastery had left the guest house at sunrise. So she was unable to meet her.


Shitanaga thinks.
The next 『Blessing Ceremony』 is still a while away. It would be a good idea to reminisce about it as a way of reflecting on myself.

「I can only tell you my part of the story, but are you alright with that?」

The high school saint slightly shakes her head. Seeing that, Shitanaga speaks softly.

「At first, everything went well, but――」

Bureikou held in the kingdom, where world rankings were not prevalent. She was wary of a powerful men in the wild, but she couldn’t find anyone worthy of note.
Although her master urged her to attack aggressively, Shitanaga kept her pace and conserved her strength.
Despite being surrounded from five sides, she persevered in her defensive battle.

「I think because I was able to smoothly defeated my opponents one after another, I lowered my guard」

Shitanaga twisted her face in regret.
The new commander of the reinforcements, positioned in the rear. His first move was to attack as fast as he could.
By the time she realized it, he was already in the center of the castle. Because of the lack of defense, he was able to start inflicting tremendous damage.

(And the enemy is not alone. The biggest reason for my defeat was that I had forgotten about this. I was too distracted by the intruder from the rear gate)

Shitanaga instructed to concentrate the forces to the rear to repel the attack. However, what started right after that was a huge attack on the main gate.

(This is bad. Alright, let’s defeat the weakest one first, the one on the rear can wait after that)

She hurriedly went to the main gate. However, when she moved forward to crush them, the enemy easily retreated.

(What is happening?)

The lack of response baffled Shitanaga. Immediately afterwards, a shock struck her from behind, shaking the axis of her body.


When she turned around to deal with it, the enemy forces immediately returned to the main gate and began attacking again.

(The coordination from the front and back was too great!)

Probably remembering the sensation, she frowned while putting her hands on her lower abdomen and butt.
Due to the alternating waves of attacks, which constantly drained his concentration and strength, the enemy broke through the defense line in other directions as well.
In just a short time after the rear gate breached, Shitanaga had fallen.

「I see… so such a thing was…」

The high school girl Saintess can’t hide her surprise at the defeat of the reliable Shitanaga.
She looked down at the table and sank into a sea of thoughts for a while. Then she looked up and gazed firmly into the eyes of Shitanaga.

「I, too, would like to learn the techniques of men and women! Just like everyone else」

There is a strong glint of determination in her eyes. She sits with her back straight, not in her usual chatty mood.
Feeling the seriousness in her eyes, Shitanaga thinks.

(I don’t want to be given special treatment. Is that what she’s trying to say?)

Those who study God’s teachings begin to learn the art of men and women to get closer to God. If you go up to the convent high school, the subject is compulsory.
However, high school girl Saintess are different. She is a born saint, loved by God.
Due to her her duties, such as the 『Blessing Ceremony』, she was exempted from learning men and women techniques.

(But it’s something that she will have to learn eventually. Maybe it’s time to start teaching her)

For a moment, she let out a sigh lightly.

(Besides, she was becoming a little too attached to me)

The high school girl Saintess who has a hole in her heart. In order to heal her wounds, Shitanaga spends her nights comforting the high school girl saint with her long tongue.
This allows her to sleep peacefully, but the side effects are also noticeable. She begins to drown in the pleasure of her tongue.

(I can’t let this go on)

The high school girl Saintess who is equal to a national treasure. It’s not what Shitanaga wants to turn her down and break her spirit.
But if such a thing were to become known, she would lose the bishop’s seat that she had obtained.

(I wonder if the fact that we’re currently outside of our country is some sort of destiny)

The eastern country is not a very preferable place to get to know a man for the first time. Being a Saintess, the men will definitely be afraid of her.
If her first experience is a strained one, it will cast a bad shadow on the rest of her development. If that is the case, it is better to be outside of the country where no one knows who she is.

「I accept your resolve. Then let’s go to the brothel together this afternoon」

She decided to act as soon as she made a decision.
When you’re the age of a high school girl Saintess, it’s hard to patiently wait after you’ve made up your mind. She thought it would be better to take action as soon as possible.


The high school girl Saintess replied with a big smile on her face.


And then in the afternoon. In a corner of the entertainment district in the royal capital, there is a high-class brothel for women.
After changing from their bishop’s and monk’s uniforms to civilian clothes, the two of them entered the store hand in hand.


The high school girl Saintess opens her eyes and mouth wide in surprise.
Inside the store, the deafening sound of drums continued to bang away. Mirror balls were shining on the ceiling, spinning and scattering colorful lights throughout the store.

「Then, I will go with this one… and this one」

They sat down at the table they were shown and Shitanaga ordered drinks. The high school girl Saintess ordered a cocktail made from three kinds of fruit juices, while she herself ordered a cocktail made from orange juice and milk.
Matching the high school girl Saintess’ cocktail, both were without alcohol. Both were non-alcoholic to match the high school saint.
The young man, who had the physique of a bodybuilder, moved the muscles in his chest in reply.

「Ah, wow, he might be more muscular than Director-sama」

The high school girl Saintess scurried around looking at the surroundings half panicky.
She was completely overwhelmed by the fast-paced bass drum music and the sight of muscled men in bikini pants walking around the store.

「Sorry to keep you waiting」

A young man brought two glasses on a silver tray and placed them on the table. He is wearing bikini pants and a round badge with a number on it, probably showing that he is available for nomination.
His body is like an inverted triangle, without a shred of useless flesh. His face is thin and his hair is pulled up.
He’s slit-eyed so you can’t see his pupil clearly, but his face is not bad.


This guy might not be bad. As Shitanaga thought so, the young man asked her.

「Would you like a muddler service?」

Shitanaga squinted her eyes like a cat and made a smile with the corner of her mouth. The high school girl Saintess who doesn’t understand the meaning tilts her head.

「Onee-sama, what is a muddler service?」

The high school girl Saintess calls Shitanaga “Onee-sama” because they went out incognito. Shitanaga laughs mischievously, and asks her, “Do you want to try?”

「Yes! Then, please」



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