Chapter 232 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Three Springs, a rural city in the southern part of the Empire. A road that stretches from there to the east passes through the mountains and leads to Landbarn.
Currently, a group of Knights is advancing to the east across the plains west of Landbarn.
There were seven of them, three B-class Knights and four C-class Knights. Each of them had a yellow lily symbol painted on their shoulders.
This indicates that this group is a part of Lily Knights, 『Yellow Lily Squad』.

『Unlike in Three Springs, it’s already spring here, isn’t it, Onee-sama』

A C-class looks back and says with the external sound system. The snow covered mountains behind them were white and shining under the blue sky.
Beyond the mountains, Three Springs had yet to show even a hint of spring.

『Three Springs only have summer and winter after all』

The pilot of the B-class Knight who was leading the way answered in an external sound system as well. The ones she refers to 『Onee-sama』 was a woman in her mid-twenties.
No one can see it because she is sitting in the cockpit right now, but if she had opened the Knight’s breastplate, her hair would have caught the attention of anyone who saw it. Her long blond hair, braided into a bun, was wrapped around her head.
It looked like a golden crown, which enhanced her elegant face.
Incidentally, they are not her real sisters. Lily Knights is made up of only women, and there is a custom for the junior members to call the senior members 『Onee-sama』.

『This is a common climate in inland areas, but it goes from winter to summer at once there』

She, who’s their commander, continued while squinting at the brightness of the snowy mountains.

『And so the spring flowers, which are supposed to bloom in order, such as plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and cherry blossoms, had no choice but to bloom at the same time』

After she finished her explanation, the blonde hair curled in braids smiled at her in the cockpit. It’s quite destructive, but it’s a shame as it can’t be seen from the outside.
Even so, the C-class pilot reacts as if she knows that she’s smiling at her.

『As expected of Onee-sama!』

C-class clasps its hands together in front of its chest while making an overly high pitch. The other C-class next to her pokes her with its elbow.

『Don’t you know the poem, 『Three Springs have no spring』? As a lady, you ought to be well-educated』

The girls kept advancing forward, laughing happily while chatting with each other. When the sun was directly above them, they arrived at Landbarn.
The C-class of the Frontier Knights standing at the gate walked up to them and called out to them.

『Excuse me. Are you from the Lily Knights?』

When she politely replied about who they are, the frontier Knight said he would lead them to the garrison.
They followed behind him and arrived in a large vacant lot adjacent to the city. A stone wall surrounded the perimeter, and the ground was paved with stones.
The girls had their Knights kneel on one knee and descended on a rope ladder. Then they gathered with their commander.

「This time, our client is a Margrave. He’s a pretty big shot, so don’t be rude to him, girls」

The members of the Yellow Lily unit nodded earnestly at the words of blonde hair curled in braids.
The Margrave is one of the most important vassals of the Empire. He has continued to make remarkable achievements, such as taking Landbarn from the Kingdom and succeeding in developing a large-scale mine.

『Currently, the seat of the imperial prime minister is vacant. And the one who will fill that position is probably the Margrave』

That’s what the rumors say.

「It sure is surprising」

The one who spoke up was a girl with brown hair in a braid. She also wanted to wrap it around her head like her captain, but unfortunately it was not long enough, so she let it hang down her back.
Instructions received from Lily Knights’ headquarters. The mention of the Margrave was something that made the captain do a double take.
After quickly completing the demon beast subjugation in the western part of the Empire, she immediately headed east.

「Come this way, please」

The soldier leading the way urged them to get into the golem carriage. As the soldier on the driver seat waved the reins, the golem carriage began to move.
With the sound of their footsteps echoing, they crossed the wide garrison grounds.

「Onee-sama, are those B-class Knights Rose Knights?」

A girl with her hair cut at her shoulder spoke as she looked out the window of the carriage. Her expression was tense.
At the end of her gaze, she saw black Knights lined up in a stance with one knee on the ground. However, their colors were not entirely black, it also had small red roses painted all over it.

「……You’re not wrong. I knew that they were stationed with the Margrave during the Battle of Landbarn, but I didn’t know that they were still stationed here」

The captain replied with a surprised tone.
The Rose Knights are renowned as one of the most elite knight orders in the Empire. For the girls who also ride Knights, they respect and fear them at the same time.

「It is fortunate that we’re on the same side this time」

Her sisters all agree with their onee-sama, the braided blonde who exhales a sigh of relief.
Lily Knights is an international mercenary knight order. They are different from the Rose Knights or the Frontier Knights, which are independent but still belong to the Empire.
Depending on the job they receive, they may become enemies.

「I don’t want to fight those heroes of the withdrawal battle in the Grand Canyon」

A woman with short-cut blonde hair opens her mouth while brushing her hair up.
It was a battle that took place about twenty years ago. It was a battle between the current emperor, who had just ascended to the throne, and the great nobles of the Empire who opposed him.
The imperial knight order led by the emperor was trapped in the enemy’s trap. In order to help them escape from the valley, the Rose Knights acted as a wall in the rear to hold off the enemy forces.

「My body shuddered when I read about it in a book」

Only a third of the Rose Knights made it out alive. What had shaken the people was the fact that even with their numbers reduced to this level, they had not let a single enemy pass.

「I suppose that’s what they call iron unity」

The blonde-haired, short-cut girl expresses her thoughts on the captain’s words.
In a desperate situation with no reinforcements coming, the Rose Knights literally became the last wall and continued to fight.
Even when their comrades standing next to them were defeated, they did not lose heart, but on the contrary, they wielded their swords with a burning desire for revenge. The great nobles, unable to bear the excessive loss, finally gave up the chase.

「It was my rash decision that led to this situation」

The emperor who survived was deeply regretful. After this, he stepped up his offensive and defeated the great nobles without showing any openings.
Many historians, from experts to enthusiasts, regard this battle as a turning point in the history of the Empire.

「We’re not going to run away either! The unity of the Yellow Lily unit will not be defeated even by the Rose Knights!」

A girl with braided brown hair made a bold statement while clenching her fists. The captain and the blonde short cut looked at each other and laughed.
After passing through the garrison, the carriage went directly into the city and stopped at the central square.
After they got off there, they entered the lord’s mansion in front of them and were led to the office of the Margrave.

「Yellow Lily unit of the Lily Knights. Three B-class Knights and four C-class Knights have arrived!」

Seeing the captain with blond hair curled in braids saluting, a person who seemed to be the Margrave stood up from his seat.

「Thank you for coming. It’s very reassuring to have the world-famous Lily Knights here」

The middle-aged man with a bald head shows a big smile and offers a handshake. The captain was surprised by his nonchalant attitude and the fact that he was more welcoming than she had expected.

(He’s quite friendly)

However, for the Margrave, it was a normal thing to do. He was a commoner by birth, but it was also probably because of his nature.
As they shook hands, she looked at the person next to the Margrave. Standing there was a large, muscular, short gray-haired man.
On his chest is a pilot’s and a knight commander’s badge in the shape of a rose. It was no mistake that he was the leader of the Rose Knights, Count Rosehip.

(Normally it should be like this)

Count Rosehip folded his thick arms in front of his chest and looked at her and the girls behind her as if he was judging them.
Looking at him, the captain with the blonde hair curled into a braid nodded.

『Useful or useless』

Mercenaries are only valued as such.

「I’m sorry that you have to keep standing like that, but I’d like to quickly fill you in about the job」

The Margrave withdrew his hand and moved to the wall where the map was displayed. He then pointed to the location of the, 『Great Hole』 in the southeast of Landbarn, and continued.

「I’ll have you work in the mines, or golem hunt, as we call it」

The Rose Knights had been carrying out this work, but now they had to leave Landbarn.
So these girls will be replacing them.

「May I ask you something, sir?」

The captain with blond hair curled into a braid opens her mouth, her cheeks tightening with tension.

「The Rose Knights have more than ten B-class Knights. However, we only have three B-class and four C-class Knights. Will it be sufficient to replace them?」

“It’s alright”, the Margrave replied while nodding.

「I’ll put the Frontier Knights under your command. You’re free to use them as you see fit」

However, the captain’s expression did not loosen. This was because she knew that the frontier knights’ abilities were below average.
The Margrave himself must have been aware of this. He looked at the captain’s face and continued to speak.

「Lord Reaper will also be joining the hunt. If you are in a bind, you may ask for his help」

Lord Reaper is currently fighting in the great hole with a group of frontier knight order.

(The Grim Reaper!)

The captain unconsciously staggered half a step. A small scream from her teammates rises behind her.
The Margrave and the Count Rosehip is the highest-ranking person she has ever met. And now even the name of 『Grim Reaper』 was mentioned here.

(He’s one of the most powerful men in the Empire! And you’re telling me that I would fight alongside such a person?)

As a pilot, she can see the difference between them because they are in the same world. To the captain, the Grim Reaper is a being on a far higher level from her.

「What, he may look and sound terrifying, but as long as you avoid pissing him off, you should be fine. He won’t kill an ally if you don’t provoke him」

Perhaps saying that as a joke, the Margrave looked up and laughed out loud. Seeing this, Count Rosehip shook his head with a slightly exasperated expression.

「I’m having room and meals prepared for you. First, you need to get rid of your travel fatigue」

The Margrave told them after he finished laughing and the members of Yellow Lily unit left the office.
The girls gathered in one of the four two-person rooms that had been assigned to them, and sat down on the bed, shouting pathetically.

「The Grim Reaper, he said, you’ve got to be kidding!」

The one who said that while lying on the bed was the vice-captain, a blonde short cut. The others had also become completely drained.
Seeing her sisters, their Onee-sama with blonde hair curled into a braid, tells them in a firm tone.

「What are you complaining about? You don’t get a chance like this often. I’m sure the other units will be jealous when they hear about it」

The unit members reacted to her words. Their rivalry with the other units made them think of what it would be like to be in the opposite position.
The blonde-haired, short-cut vice captain sat up on the bed.

「Well, if you put it that way, you’re right. The Red Lily in particular will be very frustrated. The captain there had a crush on Lord Reaper after all」

The girl with her hair cut short at her shoulders nodded strongly.

「The Blue Lily unit, too. We haven’t had a proper battle lately」

With the motive of bragging to the other units, the place was suddenly filled with excitement.

「Let’s go take a bath first, then have dinner. After that, we’ll meet with the leader of the Frontier knight order, okay?」

Everyone replied cheerfully to the words of their onee-sama who was their captain.



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