Chapter 238 Part 2



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『Since the economy is improving, the merchant guild must pay a sum of money』

This argument that someone always says and there are always certain people agreeing to it. He was concerned that that was how the decision was made.
The guild master who guessed his feelings, waved his hand in front of his face, and said “it wasn’t like that”.

「It’s about the Eastern country. The leader of that place, His Eminence the Archbishop, has requested that 『Sin and Punishment』 be propagated publicly」

Santa Claus has an expression that says, “Oh, really?”. He prides himself on being ahead of the curve in the capital when it comes to 『Sin and Punishment』.
「You are to select the appropriate person and send them there. That’s what I was ordered to do」

After thinking for a moment, Santa Claus opened his mouth.

「In terms of performance, it should be either Jayanne or Cassabell. But if we want a name value as the store in which it originated from, I think we should go with Jayanne」

The guild master shook his head at that opinion.

「No, we should go with Cassabell. Apparently, the Archbishop’s heart was moved with what he saw in the magazine about the Divine Tournament. If that’s the case, then we should probably go with the store of the participant」

Jayanne’s concierge will be disappointed, but he has to put up with it. The small old man who looks like a goblin continued.
Incidentally, 『Sin and Punishment』 was first served to the Grim Reaper by Explosive onee-san. Because of this, Jayanne is trying to increase the power of its brand by claiming that it is the store where it originated from.
However, now that a star player named the 『Plain Queen』 has made her debut in the Divine Tournament, the banner is not looking good.

『Sin and Punishment diffusion into the Eastern country』

If they could have played a role in that, the name of the restaurant would definitely have gone down in history. There is a good chance that they could have turned the tables in terms of recognition as well.
That is why Jayanne’s concierge will probably shed a tear of frustration and the owner of Cassabell will be jumping in joy.

「I also heard that the Saintess from the Eastern country will be returning to her home country soon. I think it would be a good idea to bring her along」

Santa Claus-like vice guild master nodded quietly and strongly caught the guild master’s eyes.

「I understand. Then I will start the selection process right away. Please leave it to me」

He effortlessly rose from the sofa, shaking his ample belly. For the first time in his life, the guild master showed signs of panic.

「It’s alright, I will pick the candidate, so you, vice guild master, can pick someone to escort them」

But Santa Claus dismisses it with a single word, along with a stern look.

「Such a thing like escorting can be left to Tauro-kun. What’s important is what’s inside. How come that I, the leading expert on 『Sin and Punishment』 himself, didn’t go there?」

The goblin-like guild master jumped down from his office chair and retorted vehemently.

「Since when did you become the expert? I’m the one with the most knowledge, this is non-negotiable!」

They walked out into the hallway, shoulder to shoulder, competing with each other. While arguing with each other, they boarded the golem carriage just like that and headed for Cassabell.


The town square that stretches to the west of the Kingdom merchant guild. If you look to the north from here, you can see a bunch of towers standing tall.
This is the royal castle, the center of the country where the king, nobles, and government officials reside.
A guest house was built on the grounds of the castle, where the guests from the Eastern county stayed.

「My work here is finally coming to an end」

The one who spoke with a satisfied expression was a girl who looked like a high school girl with a princess cut. She was the Saintess from the eastern country.

『Ability to use super-advanced cure status abnormality several times a day at without cost』

A power so powerful that it defies human nature. At the request of the Kingdom, she had been devoting herself to curing people every day at the guest house.
In the beginning, people used to queue up to get cured, but recently the number of people have decreased.
This meant that there were less patients to save, which was a good thing for her.

「Brainwashing of this many people, which can only be lifted by D-rank or above. Just who could’ve done something like this?」

A young woman in a bishop’s uniform, her well shaped eyebrows furrowed as she tilted her head. The new bishop, Shitanaga, is assigned to accompany the high school girl-like Saintess.

「According to a high-ranking official of the Kingdom, it was the work of a woman」

She continued, although with a hesitation. It was because it’s not easy even for one of the best magicians in the Kingdom.
Moreover, the woman was said to have escaped the hands of the guards and disappeared somewhere.

「At any rate, the country is safe thanks to you, Saintess-sama. No matter how powerful the brainwashing technique is, it couldn’t resist your power」

The presence of the high school girl Saintess was very reassuring for Shitanaga who had taken a position that involved the government of the country.
Seeing how relieved she was, the high school girl Saintess spoke as if to tell herself.

「I can’t be too proud. There are people out there who are far more fearsome which my power won’t work on」

The high school Saintess stared at a single point with a stern, sorrowful expression. However, she quickly relaxed her expression and smiled at Shitanaga.

「….I never forget to remind myself of this」

Seeing this, Shitanaga flashed a worried expression for a moment and then quickly let out a breath of relief.

(It’s alright. Her mental state seems to be stable)

While thinking about this, she recalled everything that had happened so far.
She doesn’t know why, but when she first arrived in the Kingdom, the high school girl Saintess’ mind seemed very unstable.
Somehow she looks like she lost her confidence in spite of her exceptional abilities. She looks like she is searching for a reason for her existence while being absorbed in her work.

(She’s going to break down at this rate. I have to at least get her to sleep)

The high school girl drinks as much tea as a horse would drink water and continues the treatment. She can’t seem to sleep at night, and her complexion is getting worse day by day.
As an emergency measure, Shitanaga skillfully uses her long tongue to teach her the path of yuri.
The saint is now able to sleep peacefully, but at the same time, her inclination toward Shitanaga has deepened.

(This won’t do)

She made the Saintess, who she was supposed to be supporting, captivated by her. This is something that cannot be allowed to happen.
If it was exposed, she would lose her position in the church and all her efforts would be in vain.

(I have to let her feel how wonderful men are)

If I am held before going to bed, I can sleep well and also have a change of scenery. With this in mind, Shitanaga asked the Kingdom to recommend a male brothel.
The result was better than she could have hoped for.

(As expected of a recommendation from the country, their service was excellent)

Returning to the present, she looks at the high school girl Saintess.
Her mental state is stable, her energy has returned, and her eyes are shining with her willpower.

「I have the power to save people, and a country where people live to be saved. Not many people are blessed like this」

The high school girl Saintess spoke to Shitanaga with lively eyes. Up until now, she had used her innate power to treat people as she was told.
But now, she is aware of her power and standing, and is willing to make use of it.

(To think she would change this much. The power of men is amazing after all)

Shitanaga narrowed her eyes and nodded.

「Even though that person lost his country, he is still facing his grief and living strongly. I’ve been too naive this whole time!」

Looking out the window, the high school girl Saintess clasped her hands together. That person is Kaze, the traveler of illusion and shadow, who visits the guest house every two days.
He is the number three in a high-class brothel, a man with long straight silver hair and feminine beauty. His age is more than a young boy, but less to be called a young man

『The Prince of a ruined country』

This is the setting created by the traveler of the illusion this time. He had escaped from his old vassals who were plotting to put him up and rebuild his country, and had drifted to the Kingdom.

『I don’t want to start a rebellion now that the people have finally recovered and back to their normal lives. In the first place it was my father and his old vassals who were responsible for destroying the country』

The high school girl Saintess, who was completely absorbed in the story, proposed that she would work with the Eastern country to rebuild his country. She must have believed that it would be influential since the Eastern country is a large country.
The traveler of the illusion dodged her suggestion by saying,

『Rather than rebuilding a ruined homeland on the surface of the earth, I want to leave poetry and music inside people’s hearts. That’s why I’m continuing my journey like this』

He then sings a song about the country as it was in the past on his lute, and talks to the high school saint with lonely eyes.

『I envy you so much for having a country to be proud of. Please let me continue to sing songs in praise of your country and yourself. Instead of just telling a sad story』

Here, the high school girl Saintess embraces the traveler of the illusion, raising an excited scream. He gently guides the girl with princess cut and pushes her down on the bed.

『One day, I will be go on another journey. Wherever I am in the world, I’ll be singing about you. I hope you won’t forget that』

Recalling the time when she peeked outside the bedroom door to see what was going on inside, Shitanaga sighed in admiration.

(Being a traveler, it is expected that they will be separated at some point. And yet, he still manages to inspire her to live up to her expectations. It was splendid)

Unlike the high school girl Saintess’ classmate, who is making his high school debut.
He is making her intoxicated with him, but the traveler of illusion is showing her an illusion for the sake of the other.
There is no longer any trace of her classmate in the mind of the high school girl Saintess.

(When I return to my country, I will write a letter of my gratitude to the Prime Minister)

She thought to herself and smiled.



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