Chapter 244 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

To the west along the highway from the royal capital. After passing through Awoke and crossing the Empire’s border, was Landbarn.
Until recently, it was a provincial city of the kingdom, but now it is the center of the Margrave territory.

(….To think that it will turn out like this)

This is the entrance hall of the lord’s mansion facing the central square of Landbarn.
The western sun shone through the windows, and a woman was standing there casting a long shadow on the floor.

(I shouldn’t have told her)

The captain of the Lily Knights’ Yellow Lily Squad, whose elegant and neat face is distorted by regret.
She wears her long blond hair in a braid, wrapped around her head like a crown.
The person in front of her is the vice captain of the same yellow lily squad. She has been standing in the hallway leading to the entrance hall, her back against the wall since earlier.

「Ou, good work today」

She called out to the maid passing in front of her and patted her butt.
Seeing her flinch and blush, she smirked and rubbed the bridge of her nose with her index finger.
Incidentally, the vice captain is tall and has short-cut blond hair, but she is unmistakably a woman. If anything, she could be considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Seeing her behavior, the captain with braided blonde hair let out another loud sigh.

(The dignity of the Lily Knights will be questioned)

It all started with a certain problem that the vice captain brought up. The captain recalled the tea time with the rest of the group before going to bed last night.

『Why do the men in this mansion frequently touch the maid’s butt and breasts?』

No one can blame the vice-captain for questioning this.
She had been a maid for a day as a punishment for messing with her employer’s maid. At that time, she had been groped around by people in the mansion.
The captain, who had a magazine in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, returned the cup to the table and casually gave her answer.

「That’s because the Margrave himself wills it. The house rules, so to speak」

It is not unusual for a Lord to fondle their maid. However, it would be rare for them to encourage others to do the same.
She was surprised when the commander of the frontier knight order told her about it.
The vice-captain’s eyes had the same reaction as her eyes widened in surprise, but that was not all.

「Heh……. That means it’s okay for us to touch them too, right?」

The captain with blonde hair curled into braids took her eyes off the magazine at the unexpected words. She was looking at the vice-captain with short blonde hair has a dark smile on her face.
When the captain tries to refute her, the vice-captain laughs even harder.

「It’s what the Margrave wills, right? So I should obey it, right?」

Unable to find a word to refute her, the conversation ended there.

(And the result of that was this)

The captain with blond hair curled in braids brought her consciousness back to the present.

「This is quite big. You have something nice down here aren’t ‘cha?」

The one who said this was the blonde short haired vice-captain.
Next, a big-boobed maid with a pile of towels in both hands walked by. Taking advantage of the fact that she couldn’t resist, the vice-captain squeezed her breasts from behind.

「…..Oi oi, it sure has gotten hard isn’t it?」

The maid turns red and tries to leave quickly, but the vice-captain whispers in her ear while skillfully using her fingertips.

「Stop that! That’s not on the level of greeting anymore」

When the captain glared at her because she was going too far, the blonde short cut turned to look at her. She then closed one eye and stuck out her tongue, and released the maid with both hands.
The problem, however, is not only with this vice-captain who does things as she pleases.

(To think the other members started doing the same thing…)

The four girls who ride C-class Knights. They, too, began to do the same thing as the vice captain.

「Good work today~」

「Thank you for your hard work」

As she said this, she stretched out her hand to the nearest maid. Her tone was cheerful, but her fingers were bent like the claws of an eagle, her eyes were bloodshot, and her breathing was ragged.
They were not the cute little sisters the captain knew.

(My goodness, they’re like beasts on a hunt)

Last night’s tea party. She regretted the fact that she was too distracted with the vice-captain, she didn’t notice the change in the other girls.

(The maids here are pretty well rounded, aren’t they?)

There is a wide variety of them, from the young woman to woman at the marriage age, from the timid to the wildest.
If having a skin-to-skin contact with them was allowed, it was only natural that the desires of the girls, who were in their springtime, would run wild.

「Well isn’t it fine? This is such a heavenly situation where you can freely touch them」

The one who called out to me from behind was another B-class pilot.
The Lily Knights, an international mercenary knight order. Their group is divided into four squadrons, red, blue, white and yellow, and the basic formation for each squadron is three B-class Knights and four C-class Knights.
The captain, vice-captain, and her are B-class Knight pilots.

「Now that you said it, I think you are right. It was also my mistake to tell them without thinking」

While turning around, the blonde braided curls continued to speak.

「They will probably complain profusely if I stop now」

I don’t know what to do. Seeing the expression on the captain’s face, the B-class pilot shrugged her shoulders.
While looking at that figure with half-lidded eyes, the captain said sarcastically.

「Are you not going to greet the maids yourself?」

The B-class rider grinned, closed one eye, and elbowed the captain.

「Onee-sama is the one and only for me」

The blond haired, braid curled captain blushed with a troubled expression at her words.
Seeing that figure with a hint of affection, the B-class rider continued.

「Why don’t onee-sama greet them too? Onee-sama too actually wants to greet them yourself, don’t you?」

The blonde-haired, in a braid, onee-sama’s heart skipped a beat when her true feelings were revealed. Her eyes widen as she looks back at the B-class rider with a surprised expression.
It wasn’t only the carefree vice captain and the girls who had just woken up to spring* who found the current situation fascinating.
[*TL Note: Experiencing puberty.]

「I know that much already. I don’t mind, so go ahead and say hello to them. 『It’s a woman’s shame not to eat the meal set before her』, an opportunity like this doesn’t come along too often」

The captain, who looks a little troubled after being told so, nodded strongly at the B-class rider with eyes full of energy.

「You’re right, this is a rule that has been decided by His Excellency, the Margrave. It would be rude not to follow them」

The B-class rider smiled in her heart at the excuse the captain gave to herself.

(This part of her is what makes her cute)

The blonde-haired, braided curly sister with flushed cheeks awkwardly walked to the back of the entrance hall and immediately began to greet the maid.
The muffled voice of the maid reached the ears of the B-class rider.

(Now wait a second, she’s definitely inserting her fingertips there. She’s merciless as always when she’s snapped)

She is aware. Of the fact that her onee-sama, the captain of the team, is actually quite a nympho, despite her serious demeanor.
She is usually repressed, but when she lets loose, she is much more intense than the vice captain. She is so-called “Mutsuri”.

(Just don’t overdo it and get scolded by the Margrave later, onee-sama)

By the way, although they are call each other as older sister and little sister, they are not real sisters related by blood. In the Lily Knights, the person that is more senior is referred to as “Onee-sama”.
The B-class rider squinted at her onee-sama, who was chasing after the maid as if she was possessed.


The stage moves further north from Landbarn, across the Imperial City.
On the banks of a clear river stands an elegant white castle with exquisite towers. In front of it, there are various roses with gorgeous primary colors in full bloom.

「It’s getting late. I should probably head back to the castle」

A good-looking, old warrior who was strolling alone in the garden was talking to himself.
The old man, who is the Knight Commander of the Imperial Knights, was strolling through the gardens of Rose Castle, renowned for its beauty.

「Count Rosehip said we could leave tomorrow, but… I wonder if that’s true」

With the scent of roses filling his lungs, he lets out a big sigh.
He had originally planned to stop by Count Rosehip’s castle just to spend a night, but there were some matters that he had to take care of as the lord of the castle, so he had extended his stay.

「Welcome back」

The footmen bowed to the old warrior as he returned to the castle. All of them looks strong and masculine.
Probably because of Count Rosehip’s preference.

(Let’s go see the Count)

The old warrior walks into the office of the lord of the castle. In the corridor up ahead, the pilot of the Rose Knights passes a footman.

「Yo, good work」

With a lustful smile on his face, the man pats the firm, tight butt of the stout footman.
The man laughed and cast an amorous glance at the young man whose cheeks turned red and lowered his gaze.

「This is quite big. You have something nice down here aren’t ‘cha?」

He must have spotted the bulging shape on the slacks when the servant footman walked in front of him. He said so while touching the crotch from the front with his hand.
The footman was holding a wooden box containing what looked like utensils in both hands, so he was unable to move. He frantically rubbed his inner thighs together and writhed, while the utensils made a clattering sound.

「Oi oi, it’s gotten hard ain’t it?」

While bringing his face close to the face of the footman with thick stubble, the man whispered as he deftly moved his fingers.

(I learned it from the Margrave. Was what Count Rosehip said, but…)

The old warrior thought as he walked by without moving his gaze.
When he was still stationed in Landbarn, Count Rosehip was impressed by how the Margrave’s treated his maids.

『We should adopt any good culture!』

He told him so emphatically, and the other day, the 『Skinship to the footmen』 began.

(Is this really a “good thing”, I wonder?)

He looked the other way and saw another Rose Knight’s pilot. This one was rubbing his cheek against the hard, tight butt of one of the footmen while sniffing them.
The old warrior wrinkled his brow and exhaled heavily.




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