Chapter 245 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The royal capital after the sun went down. It was darker than usual, probably because of the thick rain clouds that covered the sky.
The rain that began to fall in the afternoon gradually increased in intensity and pounded the cobblestones without mercy.
The sound was clearly audible even to the ears of the herbivore mechanic who holed himself up in the Knight’s hangar.

(I want to go home today as expected)

The herbivore mechanic leaned against the window and looked outside.
This slender young man lives in a shopping district with his family. It’s just a short walk west on the main street in front of him.
But the rain was making him feel hesitant.

(I don’t want to walk home. Maybe I should take a golem carriage)

He was staying up all night outdoors yesterday.
The cold winter night drains his stamina greatly. He wants to take a bath, eat, and get some sleep.
Having made up his mind, the herbivore mechanic went to the Old lady to put away the inspection tools.
He pondered over the results of the tests he had done yesterday and today.

(No matter how many times I checked, it was the same. The remains of the auxiliary magic circle are gone)

A control assist device for the booster. There are various kinds of auxiliary magic circles, and by installing multiple of them, a Knight becomes stronger and easier to handle.
However, Tauro doesn’t need them because he has more magic power than others and is excellent at controlling magic.

『Wouldn’t it be a hindrance instead?』

He thought so and removed it. But there were still traces of notches and holes in the Knight’s body.
And this is not something a repair magic can fix. So it’s not like he can just put it in the repair dock and let the magic do the work.

(And not just this time)

Wand and staff that were thrown on the floor. As he picks them up, the image of the Old lady with only its armor that was in tatters floated in his mind.
It was when it was infiltrated into the underground hive to exterminate Helldivers and was caught in an unknown explosion.
The Old Lady repaired herself by consuming the remaining magic power in the Knight’s body, without using the repair dock.

(That time too, even the older wounds were healed)

It wasn’t a mistake on the checklist nor a mistake in his memory. Some kind of processing trace that proves it can’t be fixed by the repair dock was not found in the second inspection.

(As I thought, the reason must be the Old lady itself)

In the eyes of the herbivore mechanic, Tauro is an excellent pilot, blessed with a great amount of magic and ability to synchronize with the Knight. But that was all.
The Old lady, on the other hand, is a Knight that has been active for more than three hundred years, with many mysteries surrounding it due to the lack of records.
It is safe to assume that the mysterious things that happen are caused by it.

(It’s a private B-class Knight after all. I don’t think there’s ever been a pilot with lots of magical power riding it before)

Compared to the knight order, the Knight of the merchant guild is far lower in rank. That’s why it couldn’t attract excellent pilots.

(That’s why I couldn’t find anything odd up until now)

Feeling that it’s finally connected somehow, he shrugged his shoulders a little.


He finished putting the tools back in place and made sure nothing went missing. He then turns around and looks at the Old lady again.

(There’s nothing more I can dig up from the technical side. I might have to find another approach)

An idea comes to his mind to investigate the origin of the Old lady. But at the same time, a crease appeared between his eyebrows.

(Should I do literature research? But just what kind of documents should I start looking into?)

As someone who is a science person at heart, he has no experience in this field.

「Oh well, that’s something of the future. I’ll leave it to the me of tomorrow」

He said it out loud and went out of the hangar. He stopped a golem carriage waiting for customers at the east gate and hopped inside.
As he was about to tell the driver his destination, he hesitated because of how close it is.

「…..The red-light district please」

He changed his mind and told the driver the name of a certain low class brothel. It was the first time in his life that he had a favorite store.
Maybe it was the pent up energy from the all-nighter, or maybe it was the smell of the rain. His crotch suddenly became very hard.

(I hope she’s available)

The only woman he knew who was willing to be his partner. He thought of the freckled girl with braided red hair as he prayed to the god of business.


Passing in front of a store which was also his house, and through the central square, they headed towards the entertainment district. Midway, they entered a small alley and arrived at their destination.

(But what if someone had booked her first?)

The herbivore mechanic, backed by an impatience of something that happened commonly, spontaneously starts to walk faster. The lobby isn’t that big, so the girls can be seen clearly from near the entrance.

(There she is!)

The other side must have noticed him too. As the freckled girl with red braided hair straightens her back with an archaic smile on her face.
Her mouth is formed in a gentle smile, but her eyes are different. It was as if she was strongly pleading for him to nominate her.

「Is she your choice?」

The old concierge asks with a business smile before the herbivore mechanic even opens his mouth. Seeing him nod, he snaps his fingers lightly towards the platform.
With that, the red-haired girl bounces up from her seat.

「You came! Thank you!」

Her colleagues at the platform watched her back warmly as she hugged him vigorously in front of the counter.


The herbivore mechanic is led quickly to the bathtub as soon as they enter the playroom and is undressed.
The red-haired braids also stripped naked and entered the bathtub as they faced each other.

「You were staying up all night last night? That must be tough」

She spoke to him lovingly as she scrubbed his body, creating a cumulus cloud of bubbles.
After staring at him, the girl placed a folded towel on the edge of the bathtub and urged him to put his head on it.

「I’m going to shave you a bit, so stay still, okay?」

The red haired braid carefully moves the razor blade over his stubble that has grown a little. With foam surrounding him, there is no shortage of shaving cream.
While squinting his eyes at the feeling of her modest breast moving up and down, the herbivore mechanic slowly let out a breath through his half-open mouth.

(I feel revived~)

He submerged his body in the hot water and relaxed. But the periscope breaks the bubbles and pokes its head out of the water.
『It’s been a week』 , while being looked at by the red haired braid, the herbivore mechanic said shyly

「Well then, it will be rude of me if I made you wait any longer」

She took his hand and led him out of the bathtub, rinsed off the foam with the shower, and wiped him down with a bath towel.
The bath towel goes down from his head, chest, and waist. As she was squatting down and letting the fabric absorb the moisture from the other side of his shin, the red haired braid spoke up.

「Your toenails are getting long. You need to get them trimmed」

She made him sit on the edge of the bed and the red haired braid sit on her knees on the carpet. She then began to tend them with pachin pachin sounds.

「Even though you kept your finger nails trimmed. I wonder why is that」

「Okay, all done!」

After she returned the nail clippers to her handbag and washed her hands, the red haired braid stands in front of the herbivore mechanic with a gleam in her eyes.

「Now then, let’s have fun shall we? Both of us together」

She pushes him down and straddles him with an expectant look on her face.
She then put one hand on the part of the herbivore mechanic that wasn’t relaxed, and gently lowered her hips. When she got to the base, the red-haired braid let out a deep breath.
Next, the girl begins to slowly move her hips back and forth.

「Can I be on top?」

How much time had passed? When the red-haired braid’s mouth was half open and her eyes were half-lidded, the herbivore mechanic asked from below.
A look of anguish appeared on his slender face, as if he was trying to hold something back.

(It’s here)

The red haired braid thought.
As soon as her ankles were grasped by the man’s hands, she knew that the time was near.

(It’s okay, I have prepared both in body and resolution)

The red-haired freckled girl moves the tip of her chin vertically with half-lidded eyes.


The next moment, the herbivore mechanic raises both her ankles high in the air and turns her over in one go. Of course, all while they’re still connected.

「Uoohh! Uoohh!」

The man transformed into a beast on the inside howls and thrusts his hips vigorously.
This sudden and rough attack is the reason why he is banned. Truth to be told, it was tough even for the red haired braid.
But he had a charm that far surpassed that.


The herbivore mechanic poured his fluid inside as hard as he could with a wolf-like howl.
Immediately after, the red-haired braid also screams, and her whole body turns red.

「Kyaaaaaahhhh! Wha-what’s with today’s taste–」

She is called 『The Drinker』 by her colleagues. She actually can’t handle alcohol at all, but instead she has a unique ability to savor the extracts of customers that are released in her body as liquor.
And for her, the herbivore mechanic is a customer who provides her with the best liquor.

(Is it because he was up all night? Or is it because he’s tired? It has a very peculiar flavor)

It tastes like a gin.

(Just how much of a repertoire does he have?)

Whiskey uncle, Champagne grandpa, and so on. Each person has their own liquor. But they only have one kind.
But not this young man who sways his hips on top of her while drooling. The taste changes remarkably depending on his physical condition and mood.

(Even the liquor stores in the royal capital don’t have this much variety)

Moreover, all of it has a strong flavor which is her favorite.



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