Chapter 245 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

(This is so tasty…)

With a euphoric look on her face, she flicked her gaze to the ceiling and tasted the gin with her lower tongue. The back of her throat became hot as she swallowed more while diluting it with her lower saliva.

(It has a peculiar flavor, but it’s also delicious)

However, the endless stimulation pulled her consciousness that had been floating in the air back to her body.

(Hnk– Wa-wait, it’s still coming out!? Too much! This amount is too much! Is it because he’s been saving up for one whole week?)

A double straight, sipped from a shot glass, is the norm. But now it was like she had a bottle of gin shoved down her throat while her nose was blocked.

(Stop! It’s too thick, and there’s too much of it)

Her mind thought so, but her lower throat would not listen. She drank as it kept being served and even sucked on the mouth of the bottle to see if more would come out.

「Nuuooo!! Oooouuuuuu!!!」

In response, the beastman twisted his body as if he were squeezing out toothpaste and poured in every last drop.
The Drinker Girl realized that her consciousness was beginning to slip away.


This was the breath that escapes the herbivore mechanic’s mouth, as the light of reason returns to his eyes.
Below him is the Drinker Girl’s body. Her whole body is sweaty and red as if she had been boiled.

(Even I was getting scared since it kept pouring in)

He slowly pulls himself out and sits up on the bed. He felt as if he had lost his mind.
He has never experienced the sensation of having his bottle sucked greedily by anyone but her.

(This girl feels good after all)

He looked at the Drinker Girl, who was lying on the ground, breathing heavily. His eyes are wide open, but unfocused.

(But still, I can’t believe she emptied me in one go)

The number of times he shot his load has decreased since he’s been getting the Drinker Girl as his partner. This is because the volume of each shot has increased due to her sucking it off.
He has gone from ten shots, to four, to three, because before running out of energy, he already ran out of ammunition. Thanks to this, he doesn’t fall asleep at the moment.
However, what happened today was something that never happened before.

(Is it because I’ve been saving up? Or maybe because I was up all night?)

That he can’t tell.
While he was absentmindedly having such a thought, the Drinker Girl got up.

(Ah, she’s angry)

Her piercing glare and pursed lips. There was no doubt about it.
He has overdone it.

「No more accumulating from now on! More is not always better」

The herbivore mechanic shrugged his shoulders as he was scolded in a harsh tone.
She seemed to be happy when he let out more, so he let it accumulate. He even held himself from doing it alone in the past week.

「It’s important to feel good while staying in moderation!」

The Drinker Girl comes close to his face. Her expression softened and her voice changed into a gentler tone.

「That’s why please come here at least every three days from now on」

She placed her lips on his from the front after she said this. The herbivore mechanic nodded frantically in surprise.
With this, the way he works has undergone a drastic change.


In the center of the spirit forest stands the World Tree, a giant tree over a thousand meters tall.
The World Tree is the outlet of magic power to the world, so it would be more correct to say that the forest spread around this tree.

『The magic that has been circulating on a global scale is being distributed to the surface world through the world tree』

This is the conclusion of the High Elves who have been studying the world tree for many years.
The magic power that continues to be released from the world tree spreads into the sky and eventually descends to the entire surface of the earth.
The magic piled up on the ground and on the surface of the water, absorbing a variety of different properties. It eventually sinks into the depths of the earth, and after an uncanny number of years, it is once again released from the world tree as pure magical power.

『The world tree belong to the Elves』

The elves declared as such and claimed the entire spirit forest as their territory.
Their village is located at the foot of the world tree, and the mansion where the High Elves, the leading figures of the Elves, gather is located near the ground on the trunk of the world tree.

「We tried luring the vermins onto them, but they’ve been easily driven back」

“Good grief”, one of the High Elves gathered in the conference room said.

「I heard that they were frightened by a few screaming arrows and ran back without even reaching the enemy」

Another High Elf exhales loudly, while shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders.
The air in the meeting room was not that of anger, but rather, they were so exasperated that they couldn’t even shut their mouths.

『Damaging the Imperial army without any casualties』

With this in mind, they tried to drive large magical beasts to the south, but the results were far below their expectations.
Screaming Arrow is, as the name implies, an arrow that only makes a loud noise. When the magical beasts were struck with several of these arrows in succession, they turned on their heels and returned to the spirit forest.

「They eat our precious grasses without permission, but they are of no use to us. What is the purpose of their existence?」

The high elf with thick eyebrows who said so with an angry tone was calmed down by the slouching high elf.

「They are useless and only bring harm, that’s why they are called vermin. It was our fault for placing our expectation on them」

What they sent to deal with the imperial army was a goat-like magical beast called the Capricorns. It can grow up to fourteen meters tall, so it can be said to be a large-type magical beast.
It is considered to be a harmful magical beast because it loves the grass that’s used as magic materials and to make potions.

『We can use this opportunity to drive them out of the spirit forest and crush them, all the while causing some damage to the imperial army』

They had hoped to kill two birds with one stone, but they were greatly disappointed with the result.

「I had hoped that I would never have to see that figure again」

The thick-browed high elf frowns in disgust and sighs.
The horn of the Capricorns bends so irregularly that one would think it was caused by disease.
In reality, they are not, but many find them repulsive. In fact, most of the elves don’t even want them to be in their line of sight.

「They eat up our beneficial plants with their ugly appearance, but when the time comes for them to be useful, they shrink and turn their heels. You won’t find anything more useless than them in this world」

The others nodded at the slouching high elf who said so while sighing.

「If only the heavy lancers are still around. They’re stupid, but we can at least use them to charge into the enemy」

Another high elf’s words were also met with approval.
If they were able to hit the imperial army, they would be far better than the Capricorns. However, this time, they couldn’t find their herd.

「To think that they are not there when they could be useful for us… I guess they’re just the same as those vermins」

Like a ripple, everyone in the room agreed with the mockery said by the slouching high elf who bent his mouth sarcastically.
The chancellor also bent the corners of his mouth into a smile and looked at the old man who was as thin as a dead tree.

(He’s awfully quiet today)

In the corner of his eye, the high elf was continuously polishing his nails with a scornful look on his face.
Incidentally, the old woman who always sits next to him was away on personal business.

「Are you not disappointed, knight commander?」

He must be thinking the same thing as the chancellor.
Another high elf asks.
The old man who was as thin as a dead tree, is the commander of the Elven knight order. He is also one of the greatest warriors of the High Elves.
Everyone was expecting he would be the first to run a fit if the mission failed.


The high elf who was as skinny as a dead tree, stopped trimming his nails and leaned his weight on the backrest. Then he opened his slanted mouth.

「I don’t have any expectations towards mere magical beasts in the first place. I sent them out as entertainment, but they even fail as one」

He looked at the chancellor with an irritated look in his eyes.

「I could have shot one of those Capricorns to death. Or blow off a couple of its legs, and the rest of them would have been charging into the enemies as if their lives depended on it」

The knight commander, who was as thin as a dead tree, looked up while laughing loudly.

「Are you planning to stain the sacred land of this Spirit Forest with the blood of lowly magical beasts?」

Many high elves agreed and nodded at the chancellor, who returned with a stern look.
The knight commander didn’t erase the smirk on his face. 『What a bunch of weaklings』, he didn’t said it out loud, but it was written on his face.

「Okay, so what do we do now? Should we try to launch another charge? Or should we dispatch our elven knight order?」

As he said this, the knight commander blew his fingertips to send the dust from trimming his nails flying into the air. The high elves in that direction frowned in annoyance.




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