Chapter 264 Part 2



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(There will likely be no end to it once I started treating people)

If I don’t draw a line somewhere, more and more will keep coming to get treatment.
That’s why I’ve only decided on the spirit beasts that are my familiars. Even if I had to concede one step, it would only be to the chief of the magic beasts.
I don’t want to interfere with the life of the magic beasts as much as possible.

「Hm? What is it?」

As I was thinking about this, Imosuke pressed my cheek with his head. Looks like he has something to ask me.

『Which one is good to give Unicorn?』

It’s still a long way off, but he would like to give her some summer vegetables. Specifically, eggplants and cucumbers, just like last year.
Because I praised him that the vegetables were good and tasty, he seemed to be eager to grow them again this year.

「I wonder which」

Since it would be bad to spoil his enthusiasm, I thought about it together with him. If she can’t finish it by herself, she can share it with Light Cruiser-sensei.


I folded my arms and groaned, while thinking of Cool-san’s appearance who looked like a daughter of a samurai family.
A big eggplant and a cucumber with a deep flavor. Everyone should have their own preferences.

(Let’s give Cool-san, who’s good at rotating and twisting technique a cucumber. And let’s give the eggplant Light Cruiser-sensei who has cutting technique.)

My groin tingled sweetly as he remembered the cutting power of the Guillotine.

「What do you think, Dangorou?」

I crouched down to talk to him, and after pondering for a little bit, the dung beetle answered.


Quite a bold proposal, as expected of a general.
I imagined Cool-san with vegetables filling her front and back mouths. Then I realized a serious problem.

(Can her rotating technique be used against multiple opponents?)

While there would be no problem with cutting technique. But rotating on two axes at different angles should be physically impossible.
Even if she was sandwiched from the front and back, the two men’s axes couldn’t go horizontally.

(Which means if more than one person attacks and stabs her at the same time, she wouldn’t be able to use her rotating technique.)

She would only be attacked one-sidedly. Cool-san, who had seemed invincible until now, revealed an unexpected weakness.

(If it’s in the form of a match, there won’t be the case of one against many. But her goal is to be a Knight pilot.)

She could be defeated on the battlefield, captured, and swarmed by men. Just like the mature Viscountess of the Empire who were defeated and raped in the northern countries.
I wondered if Cool-san would be able to endure dealing with so many men at once.

(I suppose I should warn her for this)

I looked up and told the two who were waiting for my answer.

「I think that’s a good idea, let’s give her both of it」

I thought as I patted the back of the Dangorou with my hand.
Holding a cucumber in my right hand and an eggplant in my left, I asked, 『Can you spin?』 I’m sure that the clever Cool-san will realize her own weakness.
And at that time, she might also realize what I was worried about.

(There are other things I’m not good at.)

When we were watching the match together in the Holy City, she said, 『The curve on Grim Reaper’s Death Scythe might be too tough for me』.
If she’s spinning on a crooked axis, her inside would be scrambled violently. And she wouldn’t be able to use her signature high-speed rotation technique.

(I’m her superior and her senior in piloting a Knight. I want to send her off with no worries.)

Unbeatable even against a curved stick and Unbreakable heart even when fighting against multiple opponents. Also the strength to turn the tables on the opponent in wickedness to the defeated.
I want her to be that strong. Unicorn who only eats first times should only succumb to first times.

「Can you make it into a curved shape? And if possible, a strong one.」

The caterpillar shook its head at my question. Apparently, it’s a simple matter for him.
Like this? He said as he drew a circle in his head.

「A pig’s tail is too curvy. Maybe something like a crescent moon would be better.」

Then, from under my feet, a dung beetle makes a suggestion. But I reject it.

「It doesn’t need any thorns. And I want them to be normal length and thickness.」

They have the tendency to over the top with their work if I don’t tell them down to the details. Creativity and ingenuity is good, but it is meaningless if it cannot be used for its original purpose.


As I was giving instructions, a magic circle shone in the center of the pond and a turtle about 20 centimeters long appeared.
The Great Spirit Beast, which can use teleportation magic, sometimes goes out like this. And he seems to be bringing a creature with him.

「Welcome back, Zaratan」

He swam towards us when I called out to him.
Apparently the magic power in the forest has increased so he can bring in the ones he couldn’t seem to feed before.


When I look closely, I notice that he’s carrying what seems to be a pearl oyster about the size of a thumb on his back. Looks like it was also a type of magic beast.
The Heavy Lancers and the Capricorns might need to be careful. Especially when they bathe, because if they accidentally provoke it and make it angry, it will pinch their legs.
It’s bigger than the Heavy Lancers, so if it drags them into the water, they will drown.

「Just don’t put it too close to shore alright?」

Zaratan nods at my words. He swam out to sea and dropped the oyster from his back. Then he came back again.

「You said we might be able to get a pearl from it?」

As expected of an oyster. It would be a nice gift for a woman.
As I was thinking about how big it would be, Zaratan gave me more information.

「Magic beasts starting to move out of the Spirit Forest?」

As he was moving through the sea, he saw a group of magic beasts flying in a swarm.
He said that recently, places with high magical power have been appearing here and there. He said that it was easy for magic beasts to live there and that spirit beasts would eventually move in there.

「Is that one of the reasons why the magic in this place has increased?」

Some days ago, when I woke up in the morning, Imosuke and Dangorou told me about it.
When I asked him about it, remembering the scene at that time, Zaratan affirmed.

「Since you said the Spirit Forest is getting harder to live in, I guess that’s a good thing.」

If they have more than one place to move to, they won’t have to go to this place like Heavy Lancer and get into a battle with the Kingdom knight order.
I don’t mind them coming, but the problem is the process.

「Hee… So it’s that amazing of a thing huh」

Imosuke and Dangorou, who were listening from the side, excitedly said.
It must be a big deal for a spirit beast that likes to live in a land with magical power. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

「No, it would be more serious for the elves, who had a monopoly on magical resources.」

I felt much better when I thought about it. But then I noticed something that concerned me.
I clenched my fist over my mouth and raised my eyebrows in thought.

「If the magic beasts are starting to move, it’s going to affect my work.」

The magic beast has no regard for the borders of the human countries. They would take the shortest distance to their destination.
If a herd of large magical beasts approaches the city, the knight order will have to go to intercept them. If the traffic on the streets is threatened, the Knight of the merchant guild will also be called upon.

「It might get busier for now on」

I wondered if I would have time to go to the Eastern country.
I’m worried because I was looking forward to traveling outside the country.



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