Chapter 265 Part 1



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To the southeast of the Spirit Forest, where the Elf Village is located, there is a group of small nations called the Northern countries.
At the outskirts of the town of one of the countries, The Black Locust country. Two old men were exchanging words in a room of a shabby wooden one-story building.

「We have put up signs to warn people, but there is no end to the number of people who touch them and get hurt.」

A skinny old man shook his head with a troubled look on his face. He was the former head of a certain style of dojo, and Lightning’s grandfather-in-law.

「I guess it’s like when you’re forbidden to do something, the more you want to do it.」

A small, frail-looking old man with a round belly answered as he took a sip of tea.
He is the minister of the Black Locust country. It’s a small country with only one king and one minister, so even though he looks like this, he’s the number two.

「They probably won’t learn until they get hurt.」

After that, he looked out the window. A lifesize white mushroom stands tall at the back of the garden, with a few spectators in the background.

『Your skin will become inflamed if you touch it. Please do not touch.』

A sign with these words was posted in front of the knee-high fence surrounding the mushroom.
The mushroom, called 『White Lady』 looks elegant with its lace skirt spreading modestly.
However, it is highly poisonous and can cause inflammation on contact.

「I don’t want to build a fence like a cage because there are many people who come to see it.」

The minister nodded in agreement with the former dojo owner. In this country where there is nothing to see, the huge White Lady is the only resource that can attract visitors from outside the country.
As proof, a good number of copper coins were thrown into the box in front of the mushroom every day.

「The housewives in the neighborhood are also happy to see so many customers asking for snacks and drinks. I heard that they will soon start selling mushroom-shaped cookies as souvenirs.」

The former dojo owner said as he smiled gently, and a soft smile appeared on the minister’s face hearing that.
This country, which had few tourists and was lacking in vitality and money, has definitely been turning for the better since Lightning became the pilot.
It may not have anything to do with the appearance of the White Lady, but they thought of it as another example of ‘luck’ coming in their favor.

「…..The inflammation will only spread if it is not treated immediately. So I’m sure we can also sell some potions. Although they will be a bit more expensive.」

The former dojo owner was momentarily startled by the minister’s leaked mumbling. Then, he grinned, bent his mouth, and replied.

「What a bad person you are, Minister」

The old men looked at each other and laughed. Then, a knock sounded.
It was the guard who opened the door. He was one of the men dispatched by the government to protect the White Lady from theft.

「There are two elves guests wanting to see you. They said they are here to investigate the White Lady.」

The former dojo owner shook his head from side to side as the minister looked at him. He hasn’t heard anything about anyone coming.
In the first place, the elves were just passing through, they had never even visited the king’s mansion. They probably had no business in this poor country.

「This might be another influence the White Lady brought.」

The minister left his seat and moved to a chair in the corner of the room. He was going to leave it to the master of the house to handle the elves.
The former dojo master asked the guards to lead them in, and began to prepare the tea himself.

「Let me get right to the point.」

The ones who entered the room were a man and a woman.
After exchanging a brief greeting with the former dojo owner, they immediately started to explain.

「I’ve had an opportunity to see the mushroom in your garden. That is definitely the White Lady.」

A young elven man with a refreshing impression, who seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, said. From the looks of the two of them, this seems to be the superior.
The former dojo owner was not surprised and only nodded. It has already been appraised by an adventurer after all.

「The reason it appeared in this place is because something like a root grew out of the Spirit Forest.」

The former dojo master offered them tea, but neither of them touched it.
Without even looking at the cup, the young elf continued.

「In other words, those mushrooms are part of the Spirit Forest, and we elves have the right to own them.」

Upon hearing this, the former dojo master spoke up in surprise.

「This is not the Spirit Forest, but the Black Locust country. And it grows in our garden. It has nothing to do with the elves.」

Without losing his refreshing smile, the young elf replies.

「Unfortunately, it’s the law. 『Anything that belongs to the Spirit Forest belongs to the elves』.」

Not convinced by such an explanation, the former dojo owner frowned and argued.

「Earlier, you said that roots grew out of the Spirit Forest. But that’s just your imagination, it’s not necessarily true.」

“Good grief”, The young elf shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

「It’s a White Lady that’s as tall as a person, you know? There is no way it can grow anywhere else but in the Spirit Forest.」

Ignoring the former dojo owner who was at loss for words, he continued.

「In other words, the existence of those mushrooms itself is proof that this is an enclave of the Spirit Forest.」

He interrupted the former dojo master, who was about to say something and added.

「Therefore, by law, it is the property of the elves by default. Not only the White Lady, but also the surrounding land as well. But we, too, are not without understanding for those of you who are suddenly struck by this chain of events.」

“Right…”, he said, looking around the room as if he were lightly examining it, and continued.

「I will buy this land along with the house for double the market price. Just remember, this is not a warranty, but a generous offer from us elves.」

The young man’s smile grew wider, showing his shining white teeth.
The former dojo owner looked displeased and replied strongly.

「We refuse. Please leave this instant.」

The young elf does not show any agitation at those words. He smiles thinly with a sigh, as if dealing with the selfishness of a child.

「This is the law, so your will is irrelevant. If you do not leave, we will just have to force you to.」

After that, he gave him a pitying look.

「Of course, in that case, the talk of our offer earlier will no longer be valid. It’s better for you if you sign the purchase agreement right here and now.」

He then takes the document from the elf woman next to him and thrusts it at the former dojo master with a quill.
The former dojo master stared back with a grim expression, but was unable to speak. Seeing the situation, the minister approached from the corner of the room and offered a helping hand.

「Please excuse me. I don’t remember any such law, so you can’t enforce it.」

The fresh, smart-looking young elf frowned slightly at the intrusion and shook his head in annoyance.

「No, it’s set by international law. You just don’t know it.」

He took a small but thick book with a leather cover from the female elf and flipped it open. He probably wants to show him the proof.
The old man with the c-shaped eyebrows stopped him with his hand and spoke.

「That is an international law proposed by the elves, right? But this country has not signed it, I believe.」

The Black Locust country had no money, purchasing power, or resources. As a result, they were not taken seriously at all, and naturally, no messenger had come to ask for their signature.
But the young elf, with a thin smile on his face, said as if to admonish an ignorant person.

「Have you ever heard of the Conference of Representatives of the Northern countries?」

The old man nodded. It was only natural, since he himself attended the event every year.

「We have reached an agreement there. It’s an institution that is higher than a country, you know? Such a small matter as whether this country has signed it or not, it does not matter.」

The small old man with a protruding belly denied it by shaking his head.

「The only thing that was agreed upon at the conference was the preamble, 『Let’s work together for the development of both sides』. While the rest was left to the discretion of each country.」

Then he squinted his eyes under his long eyebrows and continued.

「An unequal treaty that fully recognizes the rights of the elves to the Spirit Forest and could unilaterally strip away the land of a country. There is no way that His Majesty would sign such a thing.」

There was a slight pause, and for the first time the smile disappeared from the young elf’s face.
Then, his face distorted to a frown and said with a lower tone.

「It’s better for a nobody like you to not talk as if you know what you’re talking about. I will remember everything you said.」

He has a fierce look in his eyes, as he points at his own head with his index finger. His has a beautiful face, so he looks even more vicious when he glares at you.
However, the frail-looking old man, despite his appearance, does not flinch one bit. In a calm tone, he began to introduce himself.

「I’m sorry for my late introduction, I’m the only minister in this country. And it’s been for a long time now.」

Only his mouth was smiling as he straightened his back.

「Let me answer you with confidence. The Black Locust country does not recognize the international law advocated by the elves as law.」

He took a breath and continued.

「According to our law, the White Lady is the property of the owner of this land, and you have no right to it. On the contrary, your statement could be considered a fraud and blackmail.」

“In fact, I haven’t heard anything about an envoy from the elves”. He continued, and glared back.
There were guards on the other side of the door, and they would have jumped in at a signal.
The young elf’s face twisted into an ugly grimace at his showy attitude.

「…..Coming so suddenly and getting ahead of yourself. You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble if you’d just signed the papers quietly.」

Then, faster than the minister could speak, he chanted and activated lightning magic.



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