Chapter 275 Part 2



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The royal castle rises just north of the central square of the royal capital. To the east of it is the Royal Magic Academy, the highest academy of the kingdom.
A chalk-white building with several spires. In the corridor, a skinny middle-aged man was walking with his mouth tilted wider than usual.
His name is Thermano. He is the signature professor of the magic academy and the best pharmacist in the country.

(It can’t be grown that easily huh? That’s Ambrosia for you)

His colleague, who had been putting in a lot of effort to try and grow ambrosia from the seeds he had obtained. A professor of herbology had spoken to him.

『No matter how hard I try, it just won’t grow beyond the state of the twin leaves right after they sprout』

The herbology professor was so distressed that he grabbed Thermano by both shoulders and demanded, 『Just put the student that brought the Ambrosia in prison and make her tell us how she got it!』.

(What a weak-minded man. Is his bear-like physique only for appearances?)

Remembering the exchange earlier, he sighed and shook his head.
Thermano has no intention of questioning Explosive onee-san who was his student then and is now his assistant. He believes that secrecy is personal freedom and that it should not be violated.

「We are scholars. Shouldn’t we use our own intellect to seek answers instead of trying to take them away by force?」

After saying this in a disdainful tone, the crooked mouth knocked Professor Bear over with a sharp leg sweep. He then kicked him in the lower jaw with the hard tip of his shoe, knocking him out.
There was no mercy.

『Respect for those who seek. Punish severely those who take』

This is his motto.

(However, that bear must have been so cornered and lost his composure. As long as the cultivation moved forward, he would surely return to normal)

He wished he could give some advice on that, but unfortunately, his field of study is potions. He doesn’t know how to grow plants.
He put his hand on his chin with a grim expression and bent his mouth to its structural limit. Just then, the sound of a bell echoed through the academy.

(It’s already evening huh… I have to go back early today)

He went back to his lab and started to get ready to go home. After calling out to the rest of the students, he left for the red-light district with a light step.
His destination was Jayanne.
Thermano was germinated by Unicorn, the first time-eater monster, and nurtured by 『Senior』. He was completely addicted and started to go there twice a week.
The cost of playing at one of the top three brothels is enormous, but it doesn’t bother the crooked-mouth, high-ranking pharmacist.

「Oh, ya’ finally showed up eh? I’ve been waiting for ya’」

He walked into the store and headed for the counter, where his 『Senior』 who he had an appointment appeared.
She has short, slightly wavy hair, and the way she acts and speaks is wild. When he first met her, he thought she was a scary person.
But in reality, she’s a wonderful woman who takes good care of him.

「Heh, look at this now all grown up」

The senior squinted as she washed his crotch in the shower. What used to be a crooked bamboo shoot has transformed into a crooked mushroom through experience.
『It’s thanks to senpai’s help』, Thermano said shyly with a this isn’t so bad smile.

「All right, I’ll lend you my chest. Come here」

After using a bath towel to absorb the water, she pointed at the bed with her thumb.
They both slumped onto the white sheets, and Thermano borrowed not only breasts but also other parts.

「Ya sure are smart, aren’t ya? Ya’ remember all the places that can make me feel good? You’re getting better every time」

The senior praised him while breathing roughly.

「I’m grateful. I’m confident that I’ll be able to analyze everything about you sooner or later」

The senior laugh back and say, 『don’t make me laugh』, to the junior who’s trying to chase his goal and surpass it.
However, his ability was still evident. He moaned out from his crooked mouth and poured his fluid into the mouth below.

「Ya want to continue as is? Or ya want to pull out first and take a break?」

She asked Thermano and he chose to rest. He started to pull out slowly, but halfway through, the senior’s face distorted.

「Yer thing is a curvy one, so be gentle! Don’t flick it at the last second」

He took the liberty of perceiving what she said meant 『Do it!』, and the moment it slipped out of her lower mouth, he used the curve to rub the stiffened nose just above the mouth.

「Y-ya bastard… Ya did it on purpose didn’t ya!?」

He can feel the part beneath his senior’s navel shiver, so he knows he has succeeded. Wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, he looked at his bent mushroom with a sense of fulfillment.
At that moment, a small amount of water spurted out of the senior’s lower mouth like a clam, sprinkling onto the mushrooms several times. When he looked at her face he saw that she had drawn her mouth shut as if enduring the jolt of sensation she was feeling right now.

(This is…)

It was an ordinary scene, nothing out of the ordinary. However, in the mind of Thermano who has entered the sage mode, two unrelated things are connected with a lightning bolt.

「Water for mushrooms. And… Potions for ambrosia!」

It was just a guess. But now he felt as if it was a wonderful discovery.

「It was all thanks to Senpai!」

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her excitedly, but she had no idea what he was talking about. She could only stare back at him with hazy eyes and questions in her head.
A few days later, the bear-like professor of Herbology apologized and thanked Thermano.


On the other hand, this is the Saintess group leaving the royal capital, heading east along the highway.
Because it was a convoy of important people, even the commuting golem carriage stopped on the shoulder to give way.
Because of this, they were able to move quickly and arrived at the city on the southern shore of the lake in the evening despite their departure in mid-afternoon.

(I thought it would be impossible when I looked at the schedule, but here we are)

I thought to myself as I let the Old Lady kneel on one knee outside the city.
Compared to the commuting golem carriage, I guess the difference was like that between a fixed route bus and a route for emergency vehicles.

(I think I’ll camp here)

The Saintess, the Bishop, and Corneal, their bodyguard, stay at the best inn in town. The missionary old man stays at a low-class inn.
I could have booked a room at a high-class inn if I wanted to, but I didn’t.

(It sounds like it will be much trouble anyway)

I don’t want to attend a dinner party.
The table manners I remembered were limited to the bare minimum. It would be both tiring and embarrassing to be in the presence of state guests.
That’s why I just chose to camp outside the city.

(It will be just for tonight)

Tomorrow afternoon, I will part ways with them at the border and return to the royal capital. At the speed of the Old Lady, I should be able to make it back in the evening.
If the need arose, the Old Lady could even hover across the lake.

(Cathedral city, huh? I wish I could go there)

The original plan was for me to accompany them to the capital of the Eastern country. After a few days of sightseeing, I was supposed to return while taking short stops.
However, I couldn’t stay away for long due to the magic beasts that roamed the highway.

「The knight order kindly offered their help to take over and escort them to the Eastern country」

Those are what Goblin jii-chan had said. It was probably arranged by Corneal or someone as a thank you for watching over Awoke the other day.
It’s a shame, though, because I’ve always wanted to travel outside the country.

(Until another chance arrives, I guess)

I think about this as I sit in the cockpit of the Old Lady on a hill with a view of the lake to the north, looking at the surface of the lake reflecting the stars and moon.
By the way, I had a sandwich that a boy from the city came to sell as my dinner. It was a big sandwich with a lot of meat and vegetables in it.
It tasted good, but the problem was that the ingredients were spilling out all over the place.

(A lake huh)

As I sipped my coffee, I thought about many things and then washed them away. The night goes by in a chorus of frogs like a cicada.
As dawn broke, the Saintess’ group left the city. Early in the afternoon, they arrived at the border of the Eastern country as planned.
It was near the place where we fought the self-proclaimed Sage, a place familiar to Corneal and the Noble kid.
The Old lady and I said goodbye to everyone here.

『I’m really sorry, but I’m counting on all of you』

I hooked up the Old Lady’s external sound system and asked Corneal to look after the missionary.
I don’t think there’s a need to apologize, but it’s something like a lubricant.
The deep blue-colored A-class Knight nodded approvingly, and the two B-class Knights took an upright posture beside him.

(Now then, maybe I should take a bath once we got home)

I stretched out in the cockpit, taking advantage of the fact that I couldn’t be seen from the outside.



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