Chapter 283 Part 1



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A powerful country that dominates the western part of the Ost continent, the Empire.
In a room of the palace in the center of the imperial capital, a round table discussion was currently taking place. The topic of discussion was, of course, 『The Destruction of the Northern City』.

「Inform the ambassadors immediately」

The one who gave such an order was a middle-aged man sitting on the seat of honor. The current emperor, who had revived a declining country in a single generation, looked around at the conspicuously empty seats and continued to speak.

「There is no need to exaggerate or conceal anything. Just let people know the truth as is」

『A violent country with ambitions to unite the continent using military force』 is the reputation of the Empire among neighboring countries. This is completely true, and it is a disadvantage when they need to ask for assistance.
In order to gain as much credibility as possible, they decided to put the rawest and most important information in the first report.

「What should we do about the elves in the Empire?」

The Marquis, a gray-haired gentleman who looks like a person who’s competent at his job, asked.
The thin-haired Margrave and the fighting maniac, the Grim Reaper, are in Landbarn. While the old warrior who is the commander of the Imperial knight order, Count Rosehip, and the mature Viscountess remain in the north.
The Marquis’s role here is outstanding, and it’s safe to say that the meeting is proceeding with only the two of them talking.

「We don’t have to honor the wartime agreement. Capture them all and throw them in jail」

The emperor replied with a frown, and the people present nodded with a snort. In the midst of all this, only the Marquis understood the true meaning.

(Once the people learn about this incident, they would most likely kill the elves in a. fit of anger It’s a form of preemptive action before a riot breaks out)

After making eye contact with the person he was serving, he made a suggestion in a quiet tone of voice. It was 『The Emperor should move his residence』.

「Even if the Imperial City is burned by the Spirit Cannon and we die along with our people, the Empire will not be destroyed as long as you are safe and stay alive」

He puts his hand on his chin and speaks to the silent emperor.

「On the contrary, if we lose you, this country will be torn apart no matter who is left. Then we will not be able to take revenge on the elves」

The people surrounding the round table began to voice their agreement. Seeing this, the emperor looks straight at the Marquis and opens his mouth.

「I will do as you say」

The gray-haired gentleman puts his hands on his chest and hangs his head deeply while remaining seated. However, this is also a combination performance between him and the emperor.
The Marquis’ opinion is objectively true. However, it is not something that the emperor himself should agree to in front of his subordinates.

(If the Margrave had been here, he would have suggested it first)

It would have been a sincere-looking appeal with excessive gestures and even tears in his eyes. The only person other than the bald middle-aged man vying for the prime minister’s seat who would have said it would have been the old warrior.
Satisfied with the lack of competition, and dissatisfied with his somewhat unreliable colleagues. The Marquis squinted his eyes as he felt mixed emotions.
At the other end of the room, the lord was announcing the end of the round table conference.

「How about that place for His Majesty to move to?」

While the others were leaving the hall, a gray-haired tall gentleman walked alone to the seat of honor.
The image that comes to his mind is of an elegant white castle standing on a riverbank, surrounded by blooming flowers.

(Sandwiched between hills and rivers, it is easy to defend and has the facilities to accommodate multiple Knights. There is no better place than his territory)

But the emperor would have a hard time with that.

(I have to convince him somehow)

The brilliant Marquis pondered over how to persuade the emperor.


Here, the stage moves far to the southeast from the imperial capital to the royal capital.
In the evening of the day that Cool-san came to consult with me, I was taking care of Imosuke and Dangorou.

「Don’t move around even if it tickles, alright?」

I grab the back of the 20-centimeter-long caterpillar, pull it over, and brush his body. The caterpillar may look clean, but there may still be sand between his warty legs.
I bought this in the Holy City a long time ago, and it has not been badly received by my familiars.


The deputy of the Doom Squad suddenly emits a wave while wiggling around.


The general, who had been waiting his turn, also returned the wave.
This shout has been popular with them since I taught the Eight Basic Strokes to Unicorn.
When it’s Dangorou’s turn, he’s sure to shout it again.

「I wonder if she’s teaching her students that technique by now」

I said while putting the caterpillar down on the bath towel and taking the dung beetles in his place with my hand.
The girls I saw at the preliminary round of the Flower Arrangement Tournament looked to be somewhere between middle school and high school age. If it was the same as the school in my previous world, they wouldn’t have classes until late.
And as I had predicted, at Cool-san’s alma mater, the girls were gathering in the Flower Arrangement hall to start their club activities.

「Stop doing the exercises. Close all window curtains」

The girls, their immature bodies wrapped in blue bikinis and doing stretching exercises, scattered to the surroundings after receiving instructions from their coach.
The Flower Arrangement hall is a separate building on the school grounds. The girls pulled the thick fabric to the side, sticking out their tongues at the disappointed-looking boys outside the window.

『Face, style, and grades』

The requirements for joining the women’s flower arrangement club are very strict, and you need to excel in all of the above three aspects to get in. One girl from a class is the norm, and it’s rare for two girls from the same class to make it in.
With the school’s idols doing gymnastics in bikinis, it was only natural to want to watch them.

「First of all, congratulations on making it through the preliminary round of the royal capital tournament. You all did a great job」

Cool-san, who was also wearing a blue bikini, said. Unlike the girls, she has the body shape of an adult woman with bumpy curves.
She not only will fit in a museum as is, but she will also overwhelm you with her radiance of life. As expected of an active sideline of the big three brothels.

「However, the opponents in the finals are all strong schools. It won’t be an easy task to win」

They must have understood. A tense air filled the hall among the girls with serious expressions.

「So I will teach you a certain secret technique. And I would like you to keep it as the secret technique of this club」

The coach finishes and the girls stare at her. The look in their eyes is that of adoration.

『One of the sideline in the big three brothels, and the champion of the Divine Tournament』

She is a gold medalist in a major sport and a world record holder. It was as if she had been appointed as the coach of the club while still active.
When the principal heard about Cool-san’s offer, he didn’t believe it at first. By the way, no one knows why she decided to do so because she has never said anything about it.

「What I will teach you from now on is 『How to touch your opponent』. You will use a brush to practice, but this will help you learn how to move your fingers and tongue」

She distributed the brushes she had prepared to all of the girls and beckoned the girl with the young lady’s cut.
She laid her down in front of her, held up the dry brush, and slowly drew the character 『永』 from her chest to her lower abdomen.

「Poke, trace, repel, and peck. This pattern contains elements of many different touches」

The student raised a fuss under the exquisite brushwork. Covering her mouth with one hand, the coach continued in a cool manner.

「It’s basic, yet so profound, and you’ll be able to reach the realm of mastery with just this」

The unstoppable brushstrokes finally send the girl with the young lady-cut into a frenzy. 『Hold her down』, the coach instructed everyone in a quiet voice.
The bikini-clad canvas, unable to move after being pinned down on both hands and legs, can only accept the letter 『永』 while her stomach muscles ripple.
The girl with a young lady cut, who shook her head and shook Cool-san’s hand, which had slipped on her saliva, appealed with bloodshot eyes.

「Coach! You’re melting my brain!」

But the coach’s brush doesn’t stop. She shifts her bra with her saliva-soaked hands and lets the brush contain the saliva from her hands as she strokes the spike at the tip of her breast.

「I’m going crazy! I’m going to go crazyyyy!」

Her voice was getting louder as the coach moved the brush in small circles over and over again. But still, there was no change in the coach’s expression.
She continued to explain in a calm tone.

「In order to win, we rub, pinch, or even suck too hard. All of you are aware of this, aren’t you?」

In front of the girls who nodded their heads, the tip of the brush ran down the hill from the tips of her bare breasts to her belly. Then it sprinted directly across the plain to the valley between her legs.

「But that has the opposite effect. What I’m doing with this brush now shows that we can make the opponent feels good without putting too much effort」

The tip of the brush applies pressure from the top of the fabric to the hard protrusions that can be seen even from the top of the fabric. After creating enough pool of fluid, the coach finishes it off with a flick of her wrist.

「Do you understand?」

As soon as she finished speaking and stopped writing, the girl with a young lady cut voice and consciousness ceased.
None of the students said anything. They just looked at the girl with young lady-cut with a mixture of amazement, fear, and a bit of curiosity in their eyes.
Clear saliva was dripping from her upper and lower mouths and she made an expression any girl shouldn’t make.

「Now partner up and start practicing with each other’s bodies. For those who are alone, I’ll be your partner」

The members of the club instantly grabbed the shoulders of their neighbors and formed a pair. One of the club members who were unlucky enough not to get a partner turned pale after looking left and right, and backed away as her knees gave out.
Seeing this, Cool-san smiled quietly for the first time.

「I was taught directly by the creator of this technique, you know. Compared to that, this is nothing」

The short-haired girl shakes her head and crawls backward with her butt. But there is no place to run.
She is cornered and straddled as the tip of the brush is lowered to her navel.

「I’m still a novice when it comes to this technique. Let’s hone our skills together」

The student looked up at Cool-san from below in the backlight. Her figure was frighteningly beautiful to the point it made her believe in the existence of God.
And for the first time in her life, she experienced the sensation of 『Brain Melting』.



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