Chapter 283 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The Flower Arrangement hall located on the same school ground, but a little farther away. Here, too, the men’s flower arrangement club was about to start their intense practice.

「Constraint practice, begin!」

The coach, who is around thirty years old, clean-shaven, and wearing nothing but a pair of blue shorts, shouts out to the club members.
On the mat that fills the square dojo are six boys, facing each other in pairs.
Dressed in blue bikini pants, they respond loudly and stretch their arms around each other.

『Aim at the opponent’s crotch and brushed the hands that stretched out for it just before it touches』

Doing that to each other in turns is what constraint practice is. The speed is gradually increased, and once they’re all warmed up, they move on to the match format.
This is standard practice at the beginning of their training session and can be called a warm-up stage.

(It’s that guy again)

The coach takes notice of one of the new members and his expression turns bitter. He was the problem child of the year, standing out in a bad way.
However, it’s not that he has a bad attitude. On the contrary, he is straightforward and quiet.

(That’s just like he’s asking the opponent to grab it)

It wasn’t touched in the constraint match. In spite of this, the boy’s weak point is already peeking out on top of his blue bikini.
His cheeks are flushed and his eyes are moist.
The coach approached him from behind, hugged him around the waist, and told him in a stern tone.

「Do you think you can go to the tournament with this much, ha!?」

The coach slips his blue bikini halfway down and grasps his weak spot in his thick, calloused hands.

「Hng! I’m sorry!」

A short scream, followed by an apology. Ignoring it, the coach squeezed even harder. He exhaled the garlicky breath of lunch into the boy’s ear, who gulped and stifled his voice.

「Just how many times do I have to tell you? Get it already!」

Then, he moves his hand up and down roughly as it is. The boy, stripped bare by force by the first downward movement, grabs his thick right hand with both hands and screams.
But the coach’s right hand doesn’t stop. With his index finger and thumb, he crushes the underside of the boy’s umbrella, his weakest point, and moves it like the pistons of a steam locomotive with a loud noise.

「Don’t make such sweet sounds! If you want me to stop, do it properly next time」

The boy in question continues to writhe and scream with tears in his eyes. He must have gone over the limit a long time ago, but the ring made by the coach’s pinky finger was holding him tightly at the base, so he was not allowed to let it out.
The coach frowned as he felt the pulsating pressure in his pinky finger’s belly.

(I’m roughing him up, but this guy seems happy about it instead)

He has the smooth body of a boy and a rather mild-looking face. Many men will like him.
If his appearance is his opponent’s favorite, he can easily make his opponent explode. In this respect, it can be said that he has talent

(But it’s a fact that he lacks a fighting spirit)

A will to win can’t be felt in him. It doesn’t show in his actions either. Even in practice matches between members of the club, when the opponent begins to attack, he never resisted.
Recently, he even started to show his weakness from the top during the constraint practice phase.

『A sweet shiver run through my body, making me unable to move』

This is what the person himself said.

(Now what should I do about this?)

The coach is worrying deeply.
The men’s Flower Arrangement club has only a few members, and all of them are candidates for regulars. He can’t afford the luxury of discarding players because they’re weak.
And there’s also a competition within the school as well.

(Just what the hell happened? They suddenly have such a good result)

The women’s club was once a prestigious one but had recently been in the decline. However, with the appointment of a big shot as their coach, the women’s team unexpectedly made it past the qualifying round of the Royal Capital Tournament.
Since the men’s team’s results were still at the bottom, the coach’s shoulders were shrinking rapidly.


As he emerged from his deep thoughts, he noticed that the boy he held from behind was twitching and jerking.

(Looks like I overdid it)

When he loosened his grip, the boy’s face lit up with happiness, and with a sweet yell, he unleashed a considerable amount of hot energy with great force.
The other member of the team, who had been watching to steal the coach’s technique, anticipated this and dodged to the side.

「Good, you’ve improved huh」

The coach is impressed and praises him. The boy in front of him scratches his head in embarrassment, but he takes a direct hit to the face on the second shot.
Even after the first shot, the coach’s right hand did not stop. On the contrary, he accelerated his movements and kept urging him to let it out without taking a breath.
If he didn’t do it until it was empty, the problem child would soon stand up again.

「Come on, let it out! Let everything out!」

The boy continuously shoots a white ballistic trajectory in the air with the third and fourth bullets in succession. There was no color with the fifth shot, so the coach judged that that was all and let go of the boy’s body.
The young, waist-melted body plopped forward onto the mat with the top half of his ass showing through his blue bikini pants.


He clicked his tongue inwardly because his weakness was getting bigger too.

(What’s with that butt, swaying from side to side. Is he trying to seduce me or something?)

Actually, the boy is right in the middle of the coach’s strike zone. For the club and for him personally, the boy is a 『Problem Child』.

(As I thought a butt of a young boy this age is irresistible)

He made a decision with a snort, looked around, and spoke.

「This is a good opportunity to show you how to rally against your opponent. All of you, stop your constraint practice and come over here」

The five members of the club quickly gathered around with their eyes sparkling.

『Attacking the opponent’s rear weak point with your front weak point』

This is what a rally is. This is the most exciting part of men’s Flower Arrangement, but it is very difficult to achieve.
This is because, unlike getting 『Yuko』 by using fingers and hand or getting 『Waza-ari』 by using the mouth, there is a possibility of losing by 『Ippon』.
「*TL Note: Yuko, Waza-ari and Ippon are scores in Judo. You can read more about it on wikipedia.」

「If you can make your opponent shiver, you win. On the other hand, if you are the first to let it out, you lose」

As he explains, he coats his fingertips with the boy’s liquid from his hands and smears them on the chrysanthemum flowers behind the boy’s half-slipped blue bikini.


The problem child is leaking voice even though he is unconscious, due to the coach’s finger technique that effectively uses the octopus squeeze again.
After five times, his weak point is getting bigger again. He must have really liked Flower Arrangement from the bottom of his heart.

「Focus this way」

The coach made sure the boy was sufficiently relaxed and slid down his own blue pants.
The weak spot beneath his mane of belly hair had grown even harder and more angular under the gazes.
It’s no wonder he’s called the Demon Coach behind his back.

「First, with this, I win by Ippon」

When the metal rod is pushed into the boy’s body, he immediately turns over and shoots a blank bullet into the air. If it was a match, this would be the end, but since it was a practice, he couldn’t stop.
As the coach was gasping for air while tasting the young peach, an idea popped up in his head.

(This guy… if I train him into a cut man, he can be very strong in the future)

The drive-man who attacks with the front, and the cut-man who counters back after receiving the attack. In this age group, which has just started into Flower Arrangement, drive-men are by far the most common.
The reason for this is that the drive-man can become stronger more quickly.

(Usually, they graduate before they can become something. But it’s a different story if they have talent)

Most importantly, this problem child wouldn’t be able to become a drive-man.

(There is one cut man per team. If I put him in the middle of a team game, he could be the key to turning the tide)

Excited by the idea, the coach grabbed both sides of the problem child’s waist and increased the speed. Judging from his reaction and condition, he felt like this idea could definitely work.

(All right~ I’m going to pound you thoroughly every day from now on)

The demon coach licked his lips with his tongue and thrust his metal rod forward with a force that could crush the young peach.



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