Chapter 288 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

I arrived at my house, illuminated by the setting sun on the western horizon.
I went out into the garden and called my familiars, then held the three animals that had gathered in my arms. I carried them into the living room, where a bath towel was laid out.

「Something terrible has happened. I want you all to listen very carefully.」

I sat down on my knees and told the caterpillar, dung beetle, and turtle.
They must have sensed that something was wrong. The three animals wait in silence and wait for me to continue.

「The elves fired their Spirit Cannons and burned one of the cities to the ground.」

Vice-commander Imosuke and General Dangorou look at each other. They didn’t know what the Spirit Cannon was.
Zaratan, on the other hand, showed a strong reaction. The long-lived and knowledgeable Great Spirit Beast began to explain to the younger members of my familiars.

『It’s the power of the Magi Charter』

Apparently, it was a weapon that fired offensive magic using the World Tree as a wand.
The rules set by the Magi Charter. It was created as a power to make sure that the rules were followed, and Zaratan had lent his hand in the form of advice to his former master.
After Imosuke and the others understood, he turned to me and asked.

『What about the people living in that city?』

「They’re all dead. The only ones who survived were the ones who were riding the Knights. Even then, it wasn’t all of them.」

The Fire Arrows didn’t end with a single shot but continuously pouring down like rain. Since B-class Knights itself were reportedly intact, the power must have been on the lower side.
However, the Knights that were near the center of the area could not escape from the sea of flames and the pilot died.

『The auxiliary magic circles lack of power. Or the pilot’s magical power is depleted.』

It wasn’t clear which one was the cause, but they must have died because they couldn’t withstand the extreme heat.
At my answer, the twenty-centimeter-long turtle opened his mouth with a strong wave of anger.


According to the explanation that follows, Magi Carter is an authority that lays down basic rules for the world. Its purpose is to prevent the blood of non-warriors from flowing.
This ideology resonated with the human master who lived on the back of Zaratan. And the reason why the turtle lent his power was because of the wish of his previous master.

「No wonder you are so upset with it」

It was used exactly the opposite of its purpose. In addition, they ignored the rules of the Magi Charter and forcefully activated it.
It is no surprise that the mild-mannered turtle is angry.

「By the way, can this Spirit Cannon reach the royal capital?」

I feel sorry for them, but the only thing that matters to me is myself, my familiars, and the people I’m related to. Not every being that lives in this world.
I want to feel relieved, but Zaratan’s answered, 『It can』.

「I see. So the elves can stretch their arms all the way here huh」

The way the elves think about humans is only to make fun of them and use them for their benefit. A good example of this would be Ponytail who had been brainwashed into incurring massive debts to pay for her services.
When I realized this, I decided to take revenge on them.

『I peeled and peeled and peeled the beans that had become as hard as a walnut shell from being overtrained by the elves』

The result of the girls’ refreshment session was a great success.
Until now, the girls had never felt anything when partnering with a human male and just pretended to be feeling them with poor acting. But now, they would scream just by blowing on the elf bean.

(After that, the elves closed their store and disappeared from the royal capital)

They must have been forced to succumb to human males in every play. It must have been hard on both their pride and their bodies.
For me, it felt good to see the elves were gone from the capital. However, from the current situation, it means that they don’t need to worry about their people getting caught up in the flames even if they burn this place down.

(But the Elves are already at war with the Empire)

It was unlikely that they would prioritize the royal capital for revenge against the Bean Peelers. But I wanted to avoid leaving the elves with a dangerous weapon like the Spirit Cannon.
As I pondered with a grim expression, a strong wave came to me from the turtle.

「You’re going to stop them?」

Now that the elven race has crossed the mental hurdle, it is not unlikely that they will use it again. Therefore, he proposed to destroy the Spirit Cannon before that happened.
When I asked him how he was going to do that, his answer was quite simple. He said that he would transfer to Spirit Lake, and from there he would unleash his most powerful offensive magic on the World Tree.
If the World Tree is severely damaged, the Magi Charter will also be damaged. When that happens, they won’t be able to use large-scale magic such as the Spirit Cannon.

(Transfer magic and long-range offensive magic combo huh? That’s quite wicked)

The ultimate combination of hit-and-away.
As a pilot of a guild Knight, I’ve had my fair share of real-life battles, so I understand the horror of it.
The only thing that bothered me was the point about damaging the World Tree.

「The World Tree is the world’s only source of magic power, right? Will it be okay to damage it?」

In response to my question, the Great Spirit Beast turns his head toward the garden. Then he turned back at me and nodded.

『It’s alright』

I don’t know the reason why he can be so sure, but this is something that Zaratan, who has watched over the World Tree in the Spirit Forest for many years, says. There should be no problem.

「So you will just whoosh, teleport there, shoot it with a BANG, and come back home, is that right?」

I asked lightly, relieved that I no longer had to worry about the Spirit Cannon. But the turtle’s reply was dull.

(Hm? This is…)

My 『Detection Sensor』, a skill I possess while I was working as a site supervisor, picks up on a certain feeling.
Craftsmen who want to move on to the next project as soon as possible, so they omit things without thinking about the consequences. The experience of having a leak without realizing it has made me acquire this skill.
I had to ask a lot of questions to find out what they were hiding.

「Will it be over with just one shot?」

The answer that came from him was, no. The defensive magic on the World Tree is strong, and even Zaratan would need to use all his strength to break through it.
He said that he would need about five shots. In addition, it seems that Magi Charter also has an interception system.

「How are you going to protect yourself in the meantime? It’s not just the Magi Charter, there would be the Elven Knights too. They’ll be hovering across the water to get you, you know?」

Since he said it’s his most powerful magic, the interval between shots must be long. He wouldn’t be able to counterattack as he prepares for the next shot.
If they get close and surround him, they would be able to attack him one-sidedly with magic.

(After all, it’s the Elven race we’re talking about here)

They claim to respect Zaratan, calling him 『The Guardian of Spirit Lake and the Great Spirit Beast who watches over the elven race』.
However, judging from their actions so far, they would discard anything the moment it doesn’t benefit them anymore. If he were to try to destroy the Spirit Cannon, they will undoubtedly attack him to stop him from doing so.

『Not to convince the elves, but to destroy the Spirit Cannon』

Zaratan must have the same opinion since he chose that as his first move.

『I can endure it』

The turtle answered. But the waves felt strangely wavering.
I lay down on my stomach, eyes level with his, and added in a serious tone.

「You will be able to make it back to the garden safely, right?」

Zaratan didn’t reply.
As if to press him further, I asked him about the part about 『At least about five shots of the most powerful offensive magic』. It feels as if he was pushing the limits, and I don’t like how that sounds.

「This is an order as your current master. Answer this honestly」

Zaratan blinks a couple of times, then exhales deeply.

「As I thought… It will cost you your lifespan, and greatly at that, huh」



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