Chapter 292 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

From Tauro’s battle that took place at the Spirit Lake in the middle of the night, the time goes back a bit to the evening of that day.
A squad of one A-class Knight and four B-class Knights belonging to the Imperial Knights was advancing westward along a narrow street in the northwestern part of the Imperial Capital.


As they crossed a hill, an elderly pilot who rode a B-class Knight let out a shout of admiration.
The white castle with the setting sun on its background cast a long shadow over the rose garden. It was so beautiful that it looked like something that came out of a painting.
They were the emperor’s bodyguards. They had just arrived at the Rose Castle, the place to take refuge.

『We have to brace ourselves, especially on the first day. Everyone, be careful.』

The leading elderly pilot turned his B-class Knight around and said through the external sound system. The reason why he, the captain, rode a B-class Knight is because he lent his captain Knight to the female pilot who was one of his subordinates.
She sits on the emperor’s lap in the cockpit of the A-class Knight, being groped from behind while controlling the knight.

(This is the residence of Count Rosehip that’s famous for its rose garden. It’s certainly remarkable)

A small group of Knights rushes into the center of the crowd of enemy Knights in a tight formation. That’s what the elderly captain thought.
After making a sound with his throat and swallowing his saliva, he advanced the Knight’s legs further.

「We have been waiting for your arrival!」

The emperor and the bodyguard pilots stationed their Knights in the cobblestone square at the front of the castle and walked to the entrance.
They were greeted by a group of butlers and footmen. They ranged in age from young men to neat middle-aged men and even cool-looking old men.
But all of them had thick bodies like rugby players, and there was even a spectacular sound of wind whistling when they bowed their heads in unison.

「We’ll be in your care」

The man who replied was a middle-aged man who briefly wore the aura of a wise emperor. Behind him was a small, drowsy-eyed female pilot with small breasts and hips, walking in a strange way by holding her inner thigh together.
Her long, straight hair, which she kept in a hair band, was still disheveled even after combing it with her hand, indicating the fierce battle she had fought on the way here.

(With the way His Majesty is acting, I don’t think there will be any problems soon.)

The elderly captain breathed a sigh of relief. According to the explanation he received from the butler, he would take everyone to their rooms once.
After that, they would have a dinner party in the hall.

「Everyone’s luggage has also been delivered to your room.」

The butler, who seemed to be about the same age as the elderly captain, bowed respectfully.
He always thought he was diligent in his workout, but it is as expected of Count Rosehip’s subordinate. His thick body even bulges out of his neat clothes.
By the way, the luggage is probably their personal belongings such as a change of clothes that they had piled up behind the cockpit.

(Everything seems fine so far, huh, captain?)

Only the butler walks ahead, while the footmen stay behind. While that was happening, one of his men whispered from beside him.
They were sincerely worried about the effect of Rose Castle, which was said to be able to dye any man rose-colored in three days.
The elderly captain nodded lightly in agreement.

(It’s actually kind of anticlimactic.)

Although he could feel the physical might of the footmen’s bodies, his heart was not moved at all. When he thought about it a little more calmly, that should be obvious.

(Just what am I afraid of? 『You will be dyed in rose color within three days』 is nothing but an exaggerated bad rumor.)

While he was thinking about this, they first arrived at the emperor’s room. They parted ways with the small female pilot who will be sharing a room with the emperor to guard him and went with the butler to the area assigned to them.
It was the end of the corridor, and there were four doors surrounding a small hall, which would be the rooms for each of them.


The elderly captain raised his eyebrows quizzically because he saw people who were not supposed to be there.
The pilots’ luggage that was placed in the hall. A group of girls in white maid’s uniforms stood beside the leather suitcases fastened with belts.

(Rose Castle is supposed to be forbidden to women unless they’re guests.)

There were eight of them. They were probably in their early teens. They are short and look slender in general.
The butler, sensing the confused atmosphere of the four bodyguards, opens his mouth.

「Please be assured. These people are also men」

He was told with a calm expression, but the elderly captain did not understand what he was supposed to be assured about. His men seemed to be the same, and they looked at each other.

(You’re telling me that these maids are actually guys?)

He said that these maids are boys dressed as girls, but their hair is long and shiny. Frankly, they looked more like girls.
Perhaps unable to bear the gaze of the pilots, the boys in maid uniforms turned away and looked diagonally down. Their embarrassed gestures and slightly pink cheeks made the bodyguard pilots let out a quiet groan.

(What the hell is he up to, this butler?)

The elderly captain stares at him with a questioning look. The butler, who’s at the receiving side of that gaze, speaks in an apologetic manner and bows his head respectfully.

「Apparently the full-fledged footmen are too overwhelming for most of the guests and many of them do not want to get near them, so I brought these boys instead. But it seems I have overstepped my bounds.」

The man with the thick chest he had seen earlier. If it’s just to keep his mind at peace, he would rather choose the boys who dressed as girls.
He nodded his head and was about to tell him when the group of boys with long hair wearing white maid uniforms entered his vision.


It was the expression on their faces that made him waver. He could see the fear of being replaced on his neat, young face.

「…..No, I don’t mind, you can let them stay」

The moment he said that, the boys smiled in gratitude. Seeing this, he was struck with anxiety, wondering if he had made the right decision.
The butler bowed his head again and continued.

「Thank you for your consideration. I’m sorry I have to add this too, but these men are still apprentices. I’m sure they will make mistakes here and there.」

Then he looked up at the elderly man, smiled slightly, and spoke again.

「In such cases, please scold and punish them to the fullest. It is important to correct their bad behavior right away.」

Looking at the butler who had returned to his upright posture, the elderly captain intuitively realized.

(This butler, he’s definitely planning something to do something to us)

That was definitely the looks of someone looking at their prey caught in their trap. As a warrior himself, he has seen it before.

(It’s not like the charm of the roses fascinates us. They change their approach, and use different products to make us more accepting of them.)

If it were to be compared to something, it’s like a mother trying to get her child who hates vegetables to eat them.
He must have been doing the same thing every time a guest visited them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to make such a sophisticated preparation.

(But what’s with this quality? It’s too high level)

Perhaps it is because they are in the midst of masculine footmen, but the femininity of these boys stands out.
The beautiful boy, who turns sideways and flushes the more he stares at him. His reddened face because of his embarrassment was something that made even the elderly pilot salivate.

(These boys will just be like the servant footmen who lined up to greet us earlier when they grew old enough.)

That’s what the elderly captain told himself, and he sighed without letting anyone notice. However, the boy maids’ evaluation of his appearance remained unchanged.
Maybe this is what they call “The cub of a fierce beast can be cute too”.




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