Chapter 305 Part 2

The stars are turning and the sun is just about to rise. A group of Knights was hovering and moving southward across a burnt field shrouded in the morning fog.

Leading the group was a spiky A-class Knight painted green and black. It was followed by twelve green and white-colored B-class Knights.

These were all the remaining Knights of the Elven knight order who could make the expedition. They are heading for the Great Pit to bring an end to the source of all of their troubles.


(I’m surprised. To think that something like that would happen.)


A female elf in the pilot’s seat brushes her long, straight hair out of her eyes with one hand.

This woman with too-white skin and piercing eyes is the vice commander. Because the previous vice-commander was killed in action at the lake, and she has just been promoted to a new position.


(The life span of the World Tree. The Empire’s efforts to keep the successor tree secret. And the brainwashing of the Spirit Lake guardian using the power of the young tree.)


Before their departure, the commander of the group, who was as thin as a dead tree, revealed to everyone what had happened so far.

Then she recalled the previous expedition to the Great Pit.


(Five Knights were dispatched but only one managed to return.)


The one who led the expedition was a friend she had a good physical affinity with, without being in a romantic relationship. And he was one of the members who didn’t make it back.

Exhaling deeply, the long-straight vice commander thinks.


(And the one who killed him was that Knight.)


The image of the Knight riding on the back of the Great Spirit Beast and firing unbelievably powerful light arrows at the World Tree came to her mind.

She shuddered with fear at the thought of that staff rifle pointing not at the tree, but at their group. But for the sake of the elves, they must confront it.


(I will at least avenge you. You should be grateful.)


The vice commander was adding fuel to her heart to reprimand herself for almost flinching.

But first, the Thirteen Elven Knights had to fight another enemy.


『……We’re not in luck.』


The spiky A-class leading the group lets out said through the external sound system while clicking his tongue. The long-straight vice commander, who picked it up with her ears, squinted out through the thick fog.


(That is…)


She shouted at the sight she saw when the fog cleared.


『Enemy Knights spotted! There are a lot of them!』


It was without doubt the Imperial Army. They were supposed to be holed up in the southern fortress, but it seems that they have made their move on this day.

We had planned to drive through the area at high speed so that we could shake off the pursuer, but it all went awry. It seemed that the other side had already noticed us and had begun to set up a large shield to protect themselves in front of us.




The vice commander calls out for instructions. The Imperial Army has stopped, but they are still advancing.

They are already within range of each other’s attack magic.


『We’re sticking to the plan! Cut through them!』


The vice commander B-class, and the Knights following behind, who are already prepared for this instruction, further power up the hover.


(If we retreat here, there will be nowhere else to go.)


Changing course to the Spirit Forest. There, along with the users of offensive magic, they will engage in a defensive battle.

They may be able to fight them off once, but they will not be able to last long now that the forest has lost its magic power.

With nowhere to turn for help, what awaits them after they are surrounded is a slow death.


(We can quickly settle the war by piercing straight to the opponent’s heart. That’s the only way.)


The only Knights remaining in the village are C-class. They weren’t included because they cannot be used to hover, but there is no problem using them to fight in the forest.


(Please. Do your best.)


The long-straight vice commander prayed as she thought of the faces of the C-class Knights left in the village. Gradually, however, a sense of hopelessness fills her.

As the distance from the enemy closed in, the enemy’s formation came into view.


(What a number)


It was the shadows of giants emerging from the fog, as far as the eye could reach. It was a number she had not expected and had never seen in her long life.

The vice-commander, her pale face turning even paler, jumped into the air and fired a barrage of magic with her wand.




The Empire side was also surprised by the unexpected encounter.

However, unlike the elves, who were prepared to 『Pass through the fort close by』 the Empire side was prepared to fight.


『Ready your shields! Make it as gapless as scales!』


The lacquered Samurai Knight in the lead stopped walking and shouted.

The reason why the old warrior, the commander of the Imperial Army, is leading the way. It is because they are wary of the Red Lotus, which is fired by the elven A-class Knight.

It is an attack magic that can wipe out a B-class Knight in one fell swoop. The only thing that can repel it is the national treasure-level shield held by the old warrior.


『Leave that to me.』


The Samurai Knight held the beautifully decorated shield at an angle, as a silhouette with distinctive spikes reflected in his eyes. Although it was not as powerful as the Red Lotus, it was still clearly a more powerful Fire Arrow than the others.

The old warrior deflects it with the best 『Parry』 technique of the knight order using the 『High Magic Resistance Shield』.


(Glad to see that they become more spirited. Let’s settle the score from our previous battle, shall we?)


The old warrior’s eyes narrowed as a smile formed on his mouth, but the next moment they widened. The elven A-class Knight did not fight him but flew into the sky.

He then landed a few rows behind the Imperial Army.


(Oh shit! Holding up our shield turned out to be a bad move huh!)


All but the front row were holding their shields directly above them in preparation for the magical attacks that would rain down from above.

The elven A-class Knight landed on the shield, and with the weight and momentum, it trampled the Knight below and flew up again without slowing down.


(Your Majesty!)


The old warrior looks backward with bloodlust. They should not have known that they are here, and he does not know what the enemy’s intentions are.

Fortunately, the elven A-class Knight did not head toward the A-class Knight with two riders, which was surrounded by Rose Knights in the center of the formation, but jumped further back.


(They’re just planning to ignore us huh!)


What made him realize this was the behavior of the B-class Knights that followed it.

Some flew, as did the spiky A-class. Others tried to slip between the Imperial Army.

The reason why they first showered the Imperial Army with offensive magic was probably to prevent them from making a move by making them defend themselves.


『Stop them! Knock them off to the ground! They’re planning to get past us without fighting!』


The old warrior shouts through the external sound system while cutting off the legs of an elven B-class Knight that tries to slide past his side with his sword.

The roof of the shield turned into a pile of swords instantly, skewering the descending elven B-class Knights. The elven B-class who tried to break through with slalom movement was blocked by the shield wall and was cut down by the swords rushing in from all directions.

But even so, they were still missing a lot of them because of the initial delay.


(Making the formation spread horizontally ended up backfiring us, huh.)


In the cockpit, the old warrior furrowed one of his brows.

Near the Spirit Forest, a burnt field where a Northern City once stood. He had changed the formation from a marching vertical line to a marching column once they were there.

The formation was not as thick as it had been in the past because it was a long, horizontal line of 14 Knights and seven vertical rows.


(That speed… We won’t be able to catch up to them.)


The backs of the Elven Knights meandering south, disappearing in a small mist.

By activating wind magic on their legs, they can only jump or dash momentarily. However, the elven Knights were using it continuously.

Only the elves, who are blessed with magical power, can do this.


(Are they heading to the capital?)


A sand-colored city, shaped like a starfish when seen from above, spread out disorderly across the plain. It is hard to defend, and it is unlikely that the remaining Knights will be able to defend it.

If it were the same as the Northern City, the elven Knights would open fire, even in residential areas.


(The only saving grace is that His Majesty is with us.)


Bowing to the people in his heart, he darkened the light in his eyes and looked behind him.


(Don’t think you will have a place to return to after this.)


After telling the rear to be on high alert, the Imperial Army began to advance again.

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  1. Tetsu

    this is a great way to show the different sides in a war or conflict when the leader of one side or both are incompetent and dosen’t bother to gather intelligence thoroughly. the elves are the incompetent leaders, they think highly, too high, to even bother to see how other countries view them. their small in number and their only advantage is high magic capacity and power as well as the protection of the world tree. which also their fault because they cut down all but one.

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