Chapter 308 Part 2

「There is an annual Divine Tournament held in the Holy City every year, right? Are there any participants from the Valley of Lily?」

The Divine Tournament is the most famous tournament in the world, and many contestants carry the prestige of their country. And the Lily Knights, although not a country, has a status comparable to that of a small country.
If it were him, he would do everything in his power to make his name known so that he could participate.

(But the place where she belongs is different.)

The Valley of Lily, home of the Lily Knights, is a place where there are almost no men, and women prefer other women. It had long been a question whether they would participate in a tournament where their opponents would always be of the opposite sex.

「Of course.」

The blonde, braided onee-sama gave an immediate answer and continued.

「We don’t have a quota like the big countries, but we do have the right to participate in the final qualifying round.」

If they make it through, they will compete in the main competition in the Holy City. The representative will be decided by a match within the knight order.
After explaining that much, the blonde, braided onee-sama’s expression turned cloudy.

「I failed to make it to the qualifying round the last time. And the last time before that, I was eliminated in the first round.」

The results were not good.
As if to change the mood, the wise deputy of the Margrave, Handlebar Mustache, who had remained silent until now, spoke.

「If it is a selective match within the knight order, it would be between women, isn’t it? Is it like a Flower Arrangement or something?」

Flower arrangement is a martial art performed separately by men and women. But it must not cause pain, and the winner is decided by making the opponent sweetly melt or squirt.
That is what he imagined, but the captain of the Yellow Lily Squadron denied it with some pride.

「It is not that straightforward. Because we are using tools.」

The three old men, except for the Grim Reaper, suddenly lean forward when they hear the word tools. They listen to the explanation of the blonde, braided onee-sama while swallowing their saliva several times.
The captain looks at them with a distant look in the middle of her explanation and begins to talk about a battle.

「It was one of the best matches in recent years.」

It was a little over a year ago. It seems that it was held between the captain and the vice-captain to settle a dispute within the Lily Knights.
In a competition called 『Ouroboros』, where two female pilots swallowed a stick made of wood with each other’s butt in a kind of sumo wrestling match.
The captain of the Lily Knights, who is now in the north, is said to be the vice-captain who won this competition.

「I would love to see that competition with my own eyes. Is there any way to do that?」

The oily bald middle-aged man who gazes at the blonde, braided onee-sama with eyes full of passion. The Yellow Lily captain put her white finger on her chin, thought for a moment, and nodded.

「I just happened to bring the tools with me. Let me give a demonstration.」

When she asked 『When would be a good time?』, the three old men, The Margrave, Handlebar Mustache, and the knight commander of the Frontier knight order, answered in unison, 『Right now!』.
The blonde, braided onee-sama agreed with a smile and stood up from her seat to ask the maid for something.
The Margrave and the other men also get up and roll up their sleeves to move the tables and sofas to the corners of the room to make space.
Soon after, several mats were brought in by the maids and laid out in the center of the office.

「What? You’re going to show them Ouroboros?」

One of the people she called out, a tall woman with short-cut blond hair, said in a masculine tone.
She is the vice-captain of the Yellow Lily Squad. The woman standing next to her, with sauvage, dark brown hair, poked her with her elbow, probably to tell her to 『watch her mouth』.
Those present know that both of them are B-class pilots.

「That’s right. Let’s show the gentlemen high-ranking officials of the Empire a performance that won’t bring shame to the name of Lily Knights.」

The two are fired up by her words. After all, here was the Grim Reaper who had remained in the single digits in the world rankings.
I can’t let him see my sorry performance, and if possible, I would like to make him let out even a single groan of admiration. That is what they thought.

「Here, take this. A gift.」

Unlike Sauvage, who carefully folds her undressed clothes, the blonde, short-cut vice captain tosses her underwear away as she undresses. The Margrave jumped to it to get it and sniffed it while enjoying the feel of the fabric.
Meanwhile, they proceeded to the center of the mat and stood back to back, naked. And then, the captain, acting as referee, held up a wooden stick in her hand which she showed to everyone.

「This is the『Double headed snake, Amphisbaena*』.」
「*TL Note: A serpent with a head at each end.」

It is a straight but slightly curved wooden snake, about the length of one’s elbow to the tip of one’s finger. It had a large head with gills at both ends, but no tail.
A sigh involuntarily escaped from the old men’s mouths.

「This mat will be the replacement area for the Ouroboros. It’s square but, if you fall from it, you lose, alright?」

The B-class pilots take a reverse sumo-like stance at the sound of the blonde, braided captain’s voice. The Amphisbaena, covered with the captain’s saliva, is placed and is slowly swallowed in the lower mouths of the two pilots.
When the head of the snake is in place, a sharp voice comes from the captain, who has his hands crossed.


Two butts are thrust out at once. Sauvage’s tanned butt was so big that it looked as if it would knock the blond, short-cut vice captain’s firm butt away with a single blow.


But it was the big butt Sauvage who moaned. The referee explained to the surprised Margrave.

「The key is not momentum or size, but tightness. If it is too loose, all the force will bounce back on you, and the snake will penetrate deep into you.」

The Margrave and Handlebar mustache looked at each other and nodded because both of them had once played against the vice-captain before.
They had been challenged to a match after she had been punished to be a maid for a day, and they had had a good taste of the power of her crotch.

「The snake probably went in around this deep. Right before the depth that shouldn’t be trespassed.」

The Amphisbaena is swallowed so deep inside the flesh that it is invisible, so she pulled out a spare one and explained it to them.
Knowing the depth at which it is stuck in the big butt Sauvage, the old men hold their abdomen and groan. The Grim Reaper is the only one who doesn’t show any change in expression
It’s probably because his scythe, the Death Scythe, is much longer and more curved.

「What do you think, Your Excellency?」

The blonde, braided captain asked for their impressions.
In front of the Margrave’s eyes, the vice captain’s small butt moved violently like a bee stinging its needle, trying to push the tanned butt one size bigger than her off the mat.

「It’s really wonderful. As expected of the Lily Knights, who are renowned all over the continent.」

The Margrave nodded vigorously and praised her. To the captain, who looked satisfied, he was going to return the spare Amphisbaena in his hand.
But halfway through, his hand stopped.

「What’s the matter?」

To the blonde, braided onee-sama who tilts her head, the Margrave told her exactly what came into his mind.

「No, it’s just… I was wondering if we could insert another one.」

Everyone except Grim Reaper and the B-pilots who were in the middle of the match froze and gasped, swallowing their saliva at the same time.
After a few moments, the blonde, braided onee-sama spoke up while desperately trying to control her trembling voice.

「….As one would expect from the Margrave who is said to be the Empire in his own right. What a fearsome man.」

「Stop it with the flattery. More importantly, is it possible?」

The bald middle-aged man stared at her with a strong gaze, and she nodded her head.

「But of course. ……You guys! Stop the match. Let’s start over.」

She turned around and stopped her subordinates, pulled out the Amphisbaena, and made them return to their original positions. Then she had them get down on all fours facing backward again and placed two of the snakes from the front and back.

「I’m going to stab you with two sticks now.」

The players were surprised and protested. Seeing their response, captain onee-sama yelled at them in a sharp voice.

「Your Excellency the Margrave wishes to see it! You are the pilots of B-class Knights of the Lily Knights. Show them that you can overcome this much of a challenge!」

After getting scolded, the two agreed to accept the two parallel snakes. Their agonized voices echoed in the room, making the old men’s hearts beat faster.
Then they swallow the head parts of the two snakes and are ready to fight.

「Get ready… Fight!」

Two butts, one large and one small, slowly approach each other in front of the blonde, braided captain who crosses her arms.
They’re probably in agony because they are not used to it. It’s no longer a slapping movement like in the first round.

「Ugh! Wa-wait a second, I can’t! It’s impossible for me!」

The blonde, short-cut vice captain screamed while clawing at the mat. There is no sign of the figure that had just overwhelmed her opponent.
Her pleas go unheeded, while the huge, tanned butt does not stop. The way it slowly pushes out is like a beetle engaging in battle.

「Uagh! Ahh!」

Every time her big butt was swung around, the vice-captain would scream with tears in her eyes.
The Margrave, Handlebar mustache, and knight commander made a firm note in their hearts that the vice-captain has a weak butt.


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