Chapter 313 Part 2

Heavy rain pounded the cobblestones of the central square of the royal capital
I took shelter in a coffee shop, sipping iced tea and looking at the scenery where the number of pedestrians had suddenly decreased.
Summer rain comes and goes in a flash. It should stop by the time I finish my drink.

(See? As I thought.)

Without much waiting, the clouds cleared, and the sun in the blue sky reflected off the dazzling clouds and baked the cobblestones at the same time.
Soon it began to dry out with steam, leaving only puddles of water in places.

(It’s about time. Let’s head for the merchant guild.)

It is already mid-afternoon. I showed up in the morning, but the guild master was away for an emergency meeting. He said he would be back around this time.

「We’ve been waiting for you. Please come this way.」

The tough-looking chief of staff led me to a reception room at the back of the first floor.
It was a classy and luxurious room with antique-like furnishings. It was the first time I had been in this room since I became an E-rank merchant.

「I’m sorry for being late.」

I said that because there was already the old man who looked like a goblin, Santa Claus, and a thin young man sitting there. I guess they called the herbivore mechanic in because I said it was an 『Important talk』.

「It’s fine. It’s not like we decided on the time beforehand anyway. Just think of it as we’re having a chat as usual.」

The guild master said and urged me to take a seat. Following me, the tough-looking chief also takes a seat. It seems he will be joining us.

(Wow, we have the full members here. Well, it saves me some time so it’s fine though.)

A sexy female clerk leaves an iced coffee on the table. Judging by the lack of reaction from the vice guild master, she must be wearing proper underwear today.
I wait for her to leave the room and open my mouth.

「Actually, I’m thinking of going on a journey one day.」

I want to visit various places. As soon as I finished expressing my feelings, the reception room was filled with silence.
The two old men were deep in thought, and the mechanic and the tough-looking chief were making a surprised expressions.

(For things like this, the first thing I should do is to bring it up to my superiors.)

I think as I look at the reactions of those around me.
At first, I thought a lot of things, like 『resigning』, but when I think about it alone, I lose my perspective and it’s not good for me.

『Magic beast subjugation by guild’s Knight.』

『Regular potions deliveries.』

What would happen if I went on a journey? It’s hard to predict the impact, and I can’t come up with any countermeasures myself.
So I decided to tell them what I wanted for now and try to work it out with my superiors and co-workers.

(Since I don’t think 『Quitting』 out of the blue is a good idea.)

If I came to such a conclusion right away, a lot of people would be troubled. And I would lose the opportunity to make a better choice.

(Well, this is only because I have a wonderful workplace and boss.)

The medicinal tree, which seems to have become the new world tree, and Imosuke and the others who live in the garden forest.
There are things to do as the master of my familiars. But I also loved my current job and relationships very much.
That is why I decided to borrow everyone’s wisdom.

「I see…」

The guild master groaned and folded his arms. But he doesn’t seem to blame me.
Perhaps it is because being a pilot, like being a woman working in a brothel, is a career that requires one to transfer from one place to another. In my previous life, they were something like professional athletes.

「It’s your life after all. Maybe it’s good to go out there and see the world.」

The Santa Claus-like vice guild master agrees while rubbing his prized white beard. Meanwhile, whispering to each other are the herbivorous mechanic and the tough-looking chief.

「But we would be in trouble if you’ll leave immediately. How about taking a long-term vacation after you made the preparations?」

If it’s six months, it’s a vacation. If it’s a year, it’s a leave of absence.
I can’t help but smile at this wonderful gift from Santa Claus.

(We’re still in the stage of traveling the world to see if there are any good places.)

As a result of my journey and my observations, there is a good chance that it is the royal capital or its suburbs. The climate in this area is that much more comfortable to live in.
Even if we found a more suitable place, it would be fine to go back and work for a while, let someone else take over, and then retire.

(Even Zaratan told me it doesn’t have to be right away.)

I think of the long-lived, knowing turtle in our garden pond whose sense of time must be much slower than mine.

「Thank you very much. Please let me do just that.」

Substitute pilots and potions. When the merchant guild has a plan for these things, we will discuss it again at that time.
After this decision was made, I bowed deeply and left the room.


Here the perspective shifts to the people in the reception room after Tauro leaves.

「A long vacation is a good idea. Honestly, I don’t want to lose Tauro-kun.」

A small old man who looked like a goblin nodded his head while stroking his chin. The vice guild master who made the suggestion smiled serenely and opened his mouth under his white beard.

「It’s normal to feel wanting to go on a journey when you are young. It’s like an epidemic, and it would be counterproductive if you forcefully try to stop it.」

“I wonder if the guild master has any experience in this area”. He thought as he looked down at the small old man and continued.

「After that, if he really wants to live in another country or continue his journey, then there’s nothing we can do. It is his life. Although most of the time, things settle down nicely in the end.」

The guild master nodded his head in agreement with the tough-looking chief.
The guild master himself had traveled around the world as a peddler in his youth, while the tough-looking chief had served as an apprentice in a big merchant’s company.
Only the Herbivorous mechanic, who was born and raised in the royal capital, is the only one who has a weak reaction.

「Now, let’s think about what happens if Tauro-kun is away for a long period of time. First, what about the potions?」

When asked, the tough-looking chief folded his arms and pondered for a moment. Eventually, he placed both hands on his knees.

「If high-quality potions are no longer delivered on a regular basis, there will be a drop in prices and availability. But I don’t think it will to the extent that we have to take down the sign that says 『Royal capital is famous for its potions』.」

Urged by the eyes of two old men, one big and small, the tough-looking chief gives his reasons.

「Since the number of potions workshops is increasing in the royal capital recently.」

The cause was the completion of the elixir by Professor Thermano and his colleagues at the Royal Magic Academy.
As a result of this accomplishment, the first of its kind for the human race, the status of the royal capital has soared among pharmacists.
Because they wanted to gather information from up close. It is said that many skilled pharmacists are relocating from their homes abroad.

「I see. So we’ll still be fine on that front somehow, huh.」

When the guild master looks at him as he finishes speaking, the Herbivore mechanic knows it is his turn.

「It won’t be any good for the Old Lady. Because of the removal of the auxiliary magic circle, she cannot be moved by anyone but Tauro-san.」

Under the gazes of three people, the slender young man continued.

「It would be very expensive and time-consuming to reinstall the auxiliary magic circle. And when Tauro-san returns, it will have to be destroyed again.」

So the renovation is not cost-effective. Old Lady will have to rest while Tauro is away.
Another set of a Knight and a pilot will be needed to exterminate the magical beasts on the highway.
So concluded the herbivore mechanic, but contrary to his expectations, the guild master and vice-guild master lacked seriousness on their faces.

「Well, I guess it’s fine.」

There are reasons why Goblin Jii-chan had a weak reaction.
One was that the payment for the C-class Knights had been made, and he was ready to receive them at any time.
The other was the good relationship with the Kingdom knight order after the Prime Minister took real power.

『Don’t make us, true pilots do lowly jobs like exterminating magical beasts!』

At least there is no one in the upper echelons of the kingdom and the knightly order who would yell out such things with veins bulging out of their temple anymore.

「If it is a small magical beast, and unless it is a very big herd, a C-class will probably be able to handle them. Beyond that, we would have to ask the assistance of the knight order.」

The old goblin nods in agreement with Santa Claus.

「The problem is finding the pilot for the C-class Knight, but we can ask Tauro-kun to help us. If it’s him, I’m sure he will choose a suitable person.」

“There is no forceful recommendation from the knight order either”, he said with a grin.
The herbivorous mechanic can only let out a wry smile at this. It was because he was talking about the previous pilot who had a bad reputation.
Although he’s not that good, he had the philosophy of a True pilot. The seniors at the pilots’ school had talked to him to take care of him.
He wondered if the guild master had come up with something. Suddenly, the guild master hits the palm of his hand with his fist.

「Why don’t we just let Tauro-kun use the Old Lady for his journey?」

The tough-looking chief and the herbivorous mechanic freeze in surprise.
A Knight is a symbol of a country and its power, and some weak countries do not even possess a B-class knight. And to lend it to one individual, of course, they would react that way.

「It takes time to reach the destination if he uses a regular golem carriage. On the other hand, a personal golem carriage would be dangerous on the road.」

But a Knight could make his journey quicker and more safely. That was what he was thinking.

「I personally think it’s worth it if it’s Tauro-kun.」

The vice-guild master nodded in agreement, followed a little later by the chief and the mechanic.
Thus, Tauro’s long vacation with the Old lady was approved.

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