Chapter 336 part 2

A well-dressed gentleman who happened to be among the onlookers. He is the concierge of the 『Seagod』, the top of the three brothels in Landbarn.
The concierge was shocked as he watched the man’s back as he walked away.

(The World Champion…..)

He’s someone who’s also known as 『A man with thousand scars on his back』. He is the legend of legends in both men’s and women’s skill world tournaments and a top tuner who trains women working in brothels.

(That face full of confidence… there’s no doubt about it.)

He did not take off his upper garments, so he can’t confirm if he had scars on his back, but his conviction is unshakeable.
But the Seagod concierge did not know. Until recently, the world champion had lost sight of himself and was so lackluster that he looked like a different person.
Even the master concierge at Jayanne’s, one of the finest brothels in the royal capital, did not notice the change.
But now, for reasons unknown, he has regained his former dignity.

(He had always been a women-only man, but why now?)

Looking at the situation, it is clear that they are heading for Rose Castle.
The Seagod concierge, with his hand on his chin and a serious expression on his face, is pondering. However, there is no way for him to know.
But even so, there is one thing that is certain.

(This year’s Rose Cup is going to be a big event.)

The well-dressed gentleman who could not suppress his body from shaking as he stood still.


A few moments after the sun sets below the horizon. In place of the retreating afterglow, the stars begin to reappear in their own assertive order.
When the autumn stars had all appeared in the deep dark blue night sky, I arrived at the east gate of the royal capital on the Old Lady.

(It’s been a long time since I’ve been late.)

I thought in the cockpit as I asked the guards to open the huge 20-meter-high gate and let the Knight pass through.
My job today was to patrol the highway east of the royal capital. Nothing happened from morning until late afternoon, but in the evening, I found fireworks shot up into the sky.

『Goddess on one side of a scale』

It is the emblem of the Kingdom merchant guild, drawn by magical light. It is a distress signal used by the merchants belonging to the guild.
When I turned around and hurriedly headed for it, I found that a group of merchants consisting of three large golem carriages was being harassed by countless small ant-shaped magical beasts on the road.

(That was a real pain in the ass.)

I instantly ready the rifle on my back and repel the swarm with a barrage of light arrow after barrage of light arrows. However, I can’t shoot the ants that are climbing up on the carriage and sticking their heads into the cargo.

『The cargo was sugar.』

If I blow up the entire cargo with light arrows, I might even attract more ants and magic beasts that are not there.

「Use your hand! Get rid of it with your hand!」

The old man shouted in frustration, but I have my own circumstances here.

(What if I get bit? Because in my case, I’m completely in sync with the Knight, even the sense of pain.)

What would happen if the golem’s fingertips were pinched and crushed by its powerful mandibles? The pain would be like having a toothpick shoved between your fingernails.
So, while being bombarded with words like 『A coach yelling at his losing team』, I hit each one on the head with the butt of my cane rifle and then scooped them out.

(He thanked me, but his expression wasn’t so nice back then.)

The quick eradication of the ant swarm was probably the only thing that made what followed so bad.
I don’t mean to brag, but because it was me and Old Lady, he only lost a part of his cargo.

『Rush in with hover and wipe out the enemy with light arrows like a machine gun.』

Aside from the hassle afterward, only an A-class Knight would be able to achieve similar results.

(Well, it can’t be helped.)

Once the life is saved, the property is next. The Knight of the merchant guild, who could have eliminated the ant right away by hand, did not do so.
Seeing this in front of his eyes, it is easy to feel something other than gratitude in his heart.

(Well, if there’s a complaint coming, I’ll think about it when it comes.)

I let out a sigh and drive the Old Lady into the Knight’s hangar of the merchant guild just inside the east gate.

「Thank you for your hard work.」

Herbivore Mechanic comes out of the office to help me as I flip the Knight’s chest upward and climb down the ladder from the pilot’s seat.
The thin young man checks on the Old Lady’s condition in not much time and turns around with a smile and says, 『Yep, there’s no problem 』.

「I was supposed to return before the sun went down though.」

I answered and place two cups of tea on a small table and talk about today’s events.
Herbivore Mechanic, who was nodding as he took notes, finished listening and closed his journal, then took out a flyer and changed the subject.

「It’s an announcement of a new store opening. The name of the restaurant is 『Brothel School』. Isn’t this what Tauro-san mentioned before?」

With surprise, I took the magazine-sized paper and read it carefully. The age range of the workers, the price, and the fact that they are wearing school uniforms.
From the text I read, it certainly is.

「Yeah, I think so.」

It was after me and Corneal, a muscular nice guy with a charming smile, had tried out a low-class brothel.
We were sitting in the lobby sharing our harsh evaluations of the brothel that had disappointed us when we were approached by someone who wanted us to hear his troubles.

「I’m a brothel manager myself. So I’m looking for a reference to see what kind of stores are in high demand.」

『Oi oi seriously? He’s not the consumer side, but the supplier side 』, we were excited by his words and spoke passionately about whatever came to mind.
The three of us shared our opinions and had a lot of fun. And the Brothel School took shape as one of the ideal whorehouses.

「Isn’t it wonderful to see your own idea of a brothel come to fruition?」

As I squint my eyes with deep emotion, the thin young man opened his mouth with a sincere expression on his face.

「But I was surprised to learn that Tauro-san was acquainted with 『The Revolutioner』. No, I guess it’s only natural huh? Since Dr.Slime is one of the twin treasures of the red-light district.」

I would like him to not call me by that nickname because the other one is the Gourmet of Gold.
That aside, I traced back to the word I can’t miss.

「Wait, The Revolutioner?」

Herbivore Mechanic points to the corner of the flyer that introduces a sister store to me as my eyes widen. It is true that the store is known to be owned by the Revolutioner.
But I couldn’t connect that skinny, middle-aged man with the words 『The Revolutioner』 in my mind.

「I thought he would be more like a greasy, egotistical person, who dismisses other people’s opinions and talks about his own ideas all the time.」

When I said that, Herbivore Mechanic then opened his mouth with a skeptical look on his face.

「Do you think that that kind of person can be someone successful?」

I don’t have a reply to that. However, there seems to be no doubt that the middle-aged man I met that day is the Revolutioner of the industry.

「People are not always what they appear to be, I guess.」

I crossed my arms and sighed heavily as I said that. I’ve just decided that this is where I’m going to have the next 『Adult Gourmet Club』 when I realize that I have no reservations anywhere for tonight.

「How about it? Wanna come together to the store after this? It will be a new experience for sure.」

I looked up and invited him to go together, but the young man in front of me turned me down with his cheeks reddening and blushing.

「I’m sorry, I already have a reservation.」

Now that I think about it, the Herbivore mechanic has the red-braids girl who worked in a low-class brothel, huh? In pilot school terms, he was in love with the freckled girl who uses a club as her weapon.
I don’t know if going to a different store would be considered cheating, but I don’t want to force him.

(My best wishes to both of them.)

I muttered to myself and shrugged my shoulders.

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