Chapter 340 part 1

In a place far north-northwest of the royal capital of the Kingdom. A steep mountainous area between the Northern countries and the Spirit Forest.
A B-class Knight was standing on the ridge, basking in the morning sunlight, looking down on the Spirit Forest.

(There’s no smoke rising and no fire in sight. I think it’s safe to assume that the fire is completely contained.)

A young man with a short mustache between his mouth and nose spoke to himself in the cockpit inside the chest armor. He was Lightning, the only B-class pilot from the Northern countries and a hero of the Black Locust country.

(So why is their number increasing again lately?)

He exhaled lightly, raised his eyebrows, and continued.
When the World Tree was scorching the sky day and night, many magic beasts crossed the mountain and ended up running out of strength on the way.
As a result, smaller magic beasts at the foot of the mountain were pushed out and invaded the territory, keeping the Knights of the Northern countries busy.
However, after the World Tree burned up and collapsed, and the fires in the surrounding trees were extinguished, the magic beasts began to regain their calm.

『The forest may have been set ablaze again by the lingering fire.』

Fearing this possibility, Lightning ventured deeper than usual. However, there was no sign of such a situation in the view below.

(Perhaps His Excellency would know something about this.)

A small, lanky old man with protruding belly and brows forming the letter “八”. The B-class Knight turned on its heels as the only minister of the Black Locust country popped up in his mind.
The fact that the appearance of the Knight’s body is that of the Empire-style Knight is not surprising, since it is a captured item.

『Bees on the clustered black locust flower.』

Although the national emblem on its shoulders has been painted out, nothing else has been done to the Knight.
Recently, its national power has been increasing rapidly, but it is still a small country with only one town, and it has its hands full with the operation of two B-class and C-class Knights.

(Still, this is a very amazing Knight.)

On the other hand, there is not a single complaint from the pilot, and even after a while since he switched from C-class, he still thinks about it from time to time.
Especially when he let it run down a steep slope like this.

(I can make it move freely as I want.)

Lightning didn’t know it, but this Knight is one of the lightest of the B-class types and specializes in mobility.
And for this reason, the armor is thin, but it is more to his liking.

『Descending at high speed over steep terrain.』

Lightning was on his way to town with a slight smile on his face from the fun of piloting the Knight under difficult terrain.


The king’s residence, the only two-story stone building in the city. Lightning went to the mansion to report and consult with the minister.
He seemed to have no idea what it is, judging from the troubled look the old man made, with the ends of his letter 八 eyebrows drooping further.

「You’ve worked hard all morning. You may go home and get some rest since there will be no more sorties.」

The minister begins to rummage through the bookshelves to see if there is anything in the past records. Bowing to his back, he leaves the mansion and heads for home.
On the way, he sees his wife.

「Welcome back, darling.」

A very normal-looking woman of her age turned around and smiled when she noticed her husband.
It was obvious what she was doing, so he didn’t ask. He lines up next to his wife and turns his head in the direction she was looking.
There he sees a huge, white mushroom that stands out even from outside the town and rises higher than the lord’s mansion.

『White Lady』

The name probably comes from its gracefully spreading lace-like umbrellas.
Normally, the mushroom is about the size of a vertical fist, but this one, which grew only one tree, never stopped growing. Currently, it has grown to over two stories high, where it has stopped growing.

「The Great Madam’s health doesn’t seem to be too bad.」

「It was probably because she was in the stable stage. That’s what the midwife aunty said.」

His wife was staring at two huge lumps of flesh just below the White Lady.
They were her grandmother, who was burying herself in a maternity dress on a deck chair made of wood and fabric, and a wide-eyed pig cowering beside her.

「She no longer having fights with the pig-dono?」

The reason why he is using “-dono” to address it is because the pig is a spirit beast. He was attracted by the huge poisonous mushroom, so he wandered here on a whim.
At first, he had a confrontation with the Great Madam over the ownership of the mushroom, but after he was beaten down by force, he became quiet.

『That was just to protect the White Lady. Now he’s my servant, so there’s nothing to worry about.』

The former dojo owner, who was his wife’s grandfather and the husband of the Great Madam, laughs as he says this.
It seems that after being defeated by the Great Madam, Piggy-dono somehow recognized the skinny old man as a being with the highest ranking. The skinny old man, who was also his martial arts master, seemed to know why, but he did not tell them.

「It’s better for her to refrain from strenuous exercise.」

Everyone seems disappointed, though. His wife smiled as she continued.
The fights, by the way, were the daily clash under the mushroom that had been going on until recently. If Tauro had seen it, he would have thought it was a 『Sumo wrestling』.
It was one of the few entertainments in the countryside, and many people bet on a drink in the evening and enjoyed watching the fight.

「But, to think grandfather on board with the idea. Even though he must’ve also felt pain.」

Changing the subject, the granddaughter exhales deeply.
Because the seed of life in the belly of the Great Madam did not belong to her husband.

『I want a child.』

It was probably because she felt lonely that the Great Madam made such a wish. Her grandson and his wife, who had been living with her, had left home.

『Unable to forget the taste of the lightning sword she received during the bride-taking trial, her reasoning flew away as she pounced on him.』

Since all of this started because of the trial, it can be said that the former dojo master is reaping what he sow.

『I’m sorry. I’m already too old for it.』

Still, he decided to agree and grant her wish because he loves his wife. However, time stood in the way.
He could stand up, and he could release seeds, but the seeds were already dead. Even if they were planted, they would never sprout.
But then an elf appeared.

『The White Lady belongs to us, the elves.』

One day, out of nowhere, a pair of elves, a man and a woman, appeared and claimed to be the elves.
When the discussion broke down, they resorted to violence, but their attempts were crushed by the more violent of the Great Madam, and the man was violated by the old woman in a defeated rape.

『…..You like this elf? Very well, you can have a child with him.』

Then, just before the last stage, the former dojo owner agreed. The contraceptive magic of the Great Madam was released, and replaced by the magic of absolute conception, and here we are today.
Incidentally, the real father, a male elf, and a female elf who was badly injured were imprisoned for ransom, but no one knows whether they will be exchanged or not now.

「What a great person he is.」

He stared at the thin old man standing behind Great Madam, who was taking a pleasant outdoor nap in the morning. Lightning was greatly moved by his mentor’s personality.

(If it had been me, would I have made the same decision?)

As he asks himself this question, he looks at the profile of his wife standing next to him. Thinking that he can’t do it, the young man with the short mustache shakes his head.
Whether she knew what he was thinking or not, changes the subject again.

「So I guess that child will have a younger great-uncle, or great-aunt, huh? This is so strange.」

What she means by “that child” is their son. He is walking around while uttering clumsy words.
And even now, he is pushing the side of the giant pig who has a scary look in his eyes, with both hands.
He must be interested. But the piggy does not seem to be interested in the toddler and only blinks as he lays there.

「I wonder if the birth of her child will make Great Madam less interested in me.」

Lightning said as he squinted his eyes.
His wife and son are fine, but he has yet to appear before the Great Madam.

「…..It’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.」

After assuring his husband, his wife went to her grandfather to pick up their son as Lightning gazed at her back.

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