Chapter 360 part 3

The sun, which had crossed the zenith of the sky, gradually turned red and eventually sank into the western horizon.
After sending off Cool-san, who came to visit after it had gotten dark as the virgin-eater Unicorn, I headed for the red-light district to fill Light Cruiser-sensei’s belly with energy.

(Phew~ I’m burning with spirit too tonight. And now it’s all burned out.)

After returning home, I went to bed early from exhaustion and woke up early the next morning to prepare breakfast. The menu was a stew consisting of broccoli, bacon, and mushrooms.

「She’s late today.」

After I’m done cooking, I move to the living room to take care of Imosuke and Dangorou. However, among one person and two animals waiting for her, my stomach rumbled first and I began to eat since I can’t wait any longer, and even then she hasn’t shown up yet.

「I was worried sick, you know? Are you al…right?」

It was almost noon when the Unicorn, who I was worried about, returned.
She removed her long dark cloak at the entrance and her body was covered in dried body fluids and her knees were shaking so much that she could barely stand up.
But the aura around her was dazzling, like diamond dust reflecting the sunlight of the frozen moisture in the air.

「Go get a shower first. We can talk after that.」

Looking at her atmosphere, I decided not to worry anymore and sent her off to the bathroom, then went to the kitchen to reheat the stew.
When I returned with a tray of black bread, salad, and stew, Cool-san had finished her shower and was being scolded by a caterpillar and a dung beetle, which seemed to be pinching her on both cheeks.

「And? Just what happened last night?」

I asked Cool-san, who has begun to eat, at the time when she grabbed for seconds.

「I was gang raped and passed around. And it was by three virgins too.」

The cool beauty answered nonchalantly with her usual expressionless face. Her body shook a little, which I guessed was the joy from recalling the event.
She is basically a down-to-earth thinker kind of woman. Even if the situation was too good to the point it feels like a fantasy, she wouldn’t use it as fap material.
In other words, it was 『a situation that she had never imagined』.

「Can you tell me the details?」

When I asked her, she nodded and began telling the story after she finished her meal.

「It was the first place I broke in.」

The scene now shifts to an old wooden one-story, tenement house.
Cool-san easily removed the padlock from the gap in the door and entered the room while trying not to make a sound. However, the door and the floor creak, and the owner of the room, a haggard, overweight 30-year-old man, noticed her.

「Let me see whether you’re really not wearing underwear down there.」

After seeing that there was no sign of the man making a fuss, she introduced herself, and the man replied without showing any sign of wariness.

(It was always like this in every place I visited.)

That’s not too surprising coming from Cool-san. I once asked her why she didn’t put her guard up more, but she just replied, 『I have nothing that they can steal from me and a half-naked beauty like me is always welcomed』.
I guess those who have nothing to protect are more fearless and strong since they have nothing to lose.

「You don’t have to flip my skirt to know that since you’ll be able to tell right away with your body.」

Cool-san brushes off the man’s hand reaching for her very short skirt and pushes him down onto the bed. Then she pulled down his pants and underwear and put her weight on his crotch with his core rod which was already pointing up as the center.

「See? I’m not wearing them, aren’t I?」

She straddled him looking down at his face, but she didn’t sit straight down.
Her specialty is spinning. Here too, her trait was fully demonstrated as she completed one rotation around the man’s core rod as the axis and safely landed.


Right after that, sparks fly in the powder keg at the innermost part of Cool-san’s belly, causing it to explode. Words stuck in her throat and the carefree expression she had a while ago has blown away, and all that remains is the figure of the stiff panty-less waitress, trembling while straddling the man.

(This guy… was a virgin?)

She had ruled the possibility completely when the man haughtily asked her to show him that she didn’t wear underwear. And it was also probably because she had turned off her detector, thinking that she won’t be as disappointed later if she just doesn’t expect anything.
No matter how much energy was replenished by the mushroom, as expected, dealing with a large number of men who were not virgins day after day was putting a heavy strain on her body.

(To think it backfired like this. I need to get back on my feet and take control.)

Her preferred play is to take the cue ball and roll it around the palm of her hand. But this is impossible to do as it is.
The man’s sexual* sword, because of its innocence, nullified the evil Ice Witch’s defenses and was stuck deep into her ceiling like the Excalibur.
[*TL Note: Kanji was a wordplay from “聖剣” (Holy Sword).]

(Don’t move yet!)

She wanted a little more rest, but the man had no obligation to match her tempo.
The haggard and fat 30-year-old man rocked her from below as he pleased, each time igniting the powder keg further inside of her.

「Let us join in too!」

Cool-san, who had been holding her mouth with both hands to prevent herself from screaming, moved only her eyes at the sound of an unknown man’s voice.
Two men had entered the room, both also around in their thirties. And their atmosphere was similar to that of the man below her.

「Sure. But only after I’ve done with this.」

The man underneath her easily agreed. The conversation between the three men revealed that the new intruders were the man’s older brother and younger brother, living in the room next to his.
No matter how hard they tried to suppress their voices, the shaking caused by the collision of the two lumps of flesh seemed to shake the neighboring room as well, partly because of the cheap construction.

「It’s clean, so it’s fine if I use this side, right?」

He probably couldn’t hold it any longer. The brother pushed Cool-san’s back to the front, then spread her butt open on both sides and pressed the flower in the center with his finger.
She felt an electric shock run down her spine and her back arched up like a bow as she moved her butt from side to side. The eldest son chuckled at this, and the second son groaned at the increased stimulation.

「To think my first experience with a woman will be using this hole is also nice in its own way.」

Cool-san was astonished by what she heard from the eldest son. She didn’t think it was possible, but she soon learned that her guess was spot on.
Because the slow but relentless forceful intrusion from behind almost melted her brain.

(Could it be, the third one is also—)

She had been holding her mouth shut, but when her nose was pinched, she opened her mouth in search of air. At the same time when she opened her squinted eyes, she saw the third man with his lower halves naked and liquid dripping at the tip of his core rod.

「I can’t endure it anymore. Brother, please let me join too~ It’s okay, right?」

Judging from the fragrance rising from the foliage at the base, there was no doubt about it. The three brothers had never experienced a woman before.

「Oi, stop it! I’m still down here you know?!」

The second son who was lying on his back underneath Cool-san frowned and shouted at him. He probably didn’t want his vision to be filled with the third son’s crotch and the risk of dirty rain falling on his face.

「Then hurry up please…」

The third man, who was not allowed to join yet, had to wait for one of his brothers who was rocking the beautiful woman between them from above and below to finish.

「I love it, Giacchio of the Panty-less Troupe!」

The second son shouted loudly while the third son watched enviously.
The one he called Giacchio was actually Cool-san’s pseudonym. Cool-san came up with the name herself when she found out that the real Panty-less Troupe uses the name of gemstones as their nickname.

『Although it’s not a gemstone, it is as beautiful as one, and when the time comes, it will eventually dissolve into water.』

That seems to be the reason why she picked that name. How poetic, she has a great sense that I don’t have.
After that, the three brothers filled Cool-san both from the front and back in a 『two play, one rest』 shift, and kept rocking her until almost noon.

(So, she’s been at it for more than half a day, huh? But, well, it must have been an exquisite treat for her.)

After listening to the story, I nodded my head in understanding and unwrapped my crossed arms.

(But that’s Cool-san for you.)

The three brothers had lost the ability to stand on their legs and feet, but Cool-san was able to walk back home, albeit unsteadily. As I thought, her hips training must have been on a different level than the others.

(Now all we need to do is to wait and see how the Panty-less Troupe will react when they learn of the imposter’s existence.)

It’s difficult to come in contact with the unpredictable Panty-less Troupe, except by chance.
But it is the same for the other side. If they wanted to do something about the imposter, they would have to decide on a place and set a trap.

(And when they do, we’ll deliver a big counterattack at them.)

I’ll break through the trap they set with the power of the elite I’m going to gather.
While formulating a plan in my mind, I smiled like a true leader of a secret evil organization for the first time in a long time.

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