Chapter 48




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「How is it?」

Tauro asked with a smile.

He has not yet realized what level he is at. And only feels a little confidence in his skill.

The elderly man and the pilot looked at each other and nodded.

Even without words, they understood each other.

They were holding this Knight’s exhibition event in the hope of finding promising pilots.

And right now, in front of them stands this promising pilot.

All that’s left is securing him.

「Tauro-san, by all means, please come to the pilot school.」

The elderly man’s face flushed with excitement.

「Pilot school?」

I tilt my head, for this is my first time hearing this word.

The elderly man starts explaining.

In the Royal Capital, there is the sole pilot school in the kingdom.

There, those who passed the entrance examination, those who were scouted like me and those who were recommended by influential people, would study there.

「Oh, I see.」

From what I understand from the elderly man words, that it is quite a special school.

There is only a single objective, 『Acquiring the power to freely manipulate a Knight, and becoming a pilot of the Royal Knight’s Chivalric Order』, a specialized school.

It seems that there is no concept of graduation.

If you gain good achievement in the campus, you will be noticed by the Chivalric Order.

The Chivalric Order would call you out, participating in their training and measuring your abilities.

If you are judged that you have the efficient strength for the Chivalric Order, you would be recruited as a pilot.

This is the graduation.

A pilot would not be able to go through the normal concept of automatic graduation.

「What would happen if you participate in the training of the Chivalric Order, and were not recruited?」

I asked.

「You will return back to school and continue studying there, until the Chivalric Order calls out to you again.」

I see and I nod.

「But that is not always the case.」

The elderly man continues to explain.

「All the expenses for maintaining the pilot school comes from the country. Not just the school fees, uniforms and teaching material are also provided. If deemed you have financial difficulties, meals will be provided by the dormitory.」

「That’s amazing.」

I’m impressed.

It is to this extent that shows how much a pilot is valuable to the country.

「As such, you are not able to continue enrollment if you were to keep on not being recruited as a pilot. If you do not bud, you will be expelled from the school.」

It can’t be helped.

I took the opportunity and ask what kind of classes I would be attending.

I was quite surprised by the answers from the elderly man.

The curriculum seems to be completely self-selective.

While there are practical classes and various lectures offered, students can choose to attend the lectures they want to attend.

This is because of the technique 『Magic Manipulation』, to acquire and polish this unknown technique; it is up to each person.

If you think that practical skills using Golem is necessary, you can continue to select only practical skills class.

If you think that magic theory is the way to acquiring it, you can choose to take basic magic or practical magic classes.

And if you think that knowing the structure of the golem is necessary, you can attend classes on structural studies, material science, and golem design maneuvering.

If you think that all is unnecessary, you can choose to not attend any of the classes.

「It’s really an amazing school.」

It’s really thorough.

The elderly man nods.

「However, practical tests that are performed regularly are mandatory. And those who obtain good scores on the test, will be able to participate in the Chivalric Order training.」

It’s a very self-responsible school based on meritocracy.

(Quite interesting)

I honestly thought so.

I really want to pilot a knight.

This is my honest feeling right now.

There are many dangers in this world, my life now, there are many things to consider, but I will be true to myself.

I want to become a Knight’s pilot.

(I of course feel uneasy.)

If I were to become a pilot of the Chivalric Order, I may have to participate in war.

Even if I’m not recruited, discipline there will be as tough as the military.

There is no doubt that my life will be much more cramped that it is now.

(But, still, I want to become a Knight’s pilot.)

This is what it means to be incurable.

In the time when I was an office worker, I wanted to quit the company when I was suffering.

If I were to win the lottery, I would leave the company and live my days enjoying.

And now that dream has come true.

I do not belong to any company, I can play with women every day, and there is no trouble with life.

Even though I am living such an ideal life, I still feel like joining the Chivalric Order.

Honestly, I can’t even understand myself.

But even so, I can’t suppress my strong feelings toward the Knight.

(I may even be killed by this hobby of mine.)

I really think so.

(But still, I want to try.)

That is the answer that I reach.

And so I decided to attend the pilot school.

After my decision, the remaining conversation was concluded quickly.

I was told to come to the pilot school tomorrow.

I was also told to check the size of the uniform I needed, so I would be able to receive it tomorrow morning, textbooks and other educational materials are already reserved in the school.

I would be going to the pilot school’s office tomorrow morning, empty-handed.

「I understand, I’ll be there tomorrow.」

I said so when I finished my measurements and left the tent.

(It’s been ten years since I last attended school.)

I thought so while looking up at the sky.

In the sky, the figure of the Knight from the exhibition was reflected.

Thinking about my student life from tomorrow, I went to the red light district.

I’m now in front of a certain brothel.

It is the recently opened brothel which is on the flyer that I received last time.

(I somewhat have a bad premonition.)

The building has a somewhat cheeky feel, and has a catchphrase that says, 「We offer you what you truly want.」.

(It gives of the smell of a mercenary in the industry.)

That’s right. It is a restaurant with a transparent ceiling, a fast-food brothel, which is the feeling the atmosphere gives.

(Let’s go in first. Anything is an experience.)

I, in spite of being taught by the aunt at the dating coffee shop Bell Talk, I entered the shop without learning.

After opening the door, there was a small corridor with only a reception.

When I’m looking around the difference between an ordinary brothel and here, uncles who came in later, pays money at the reception and went into the back one after another.

I thought about asking about the system at the reception desk, but my pride as a brothel regular did not allow it.

To not look like an amateur, I decided to follow after the uncles.

I pay in silence at the reception desk.

It’s cheap. About half the price of a middle-class brothel.

I received two cards.

「One would be required for the front, and two for the back. You can also purchase additional ones at the reception in the back.」

I have no idea what he’s talking about. My uneasiness is increasing.

Nervously I push the door open, and went into the back room.

There a huge lobby spreads out.

(Is is expected or is it not. What is this?)

I am amazed at the sight which I have never seen before.

First of all, women are lined up on both sides of the wall.

But this is not normal.

All of them from their belly up were sticking out from the wall.

Which means, the back from their belly are buried behind the wall.

Women with only their upper body sticking out from the wall, have their elbows on a small table, were sending winks my way.

In the center of the room, there are a number of seats, and a good number of uncles are watching the women on the wall while having a drink.

Watching? What are they watching? Its women, but not in normal state.

Sometimes, there will be a uncles who leaves their seats and goes to the reception in the back.

The uncles would hand over two cards and disappears into the door at the back.

And after a few ten of seconds later, a woman start uttering voices and begins to react. It was the woman which the uncle that enters the back door just now was looking at.

The woman grabs the small table and shakes.

The old man in the center who is watching seems to be overjoyed.

And after awhile, being triggered, a number of uncles stood from their seats, and disappears into the back door.

And the same thing repeats. The table shakes.

(Wait, no. One of the uncles came back alone.)

From the chest pocket of the uncle, one card can be seen. To enter the back two cards is needed. That has been confirmed.

(Which mean he has used one card.)

When I started thinking about what it means, I remembered the words of the receptionist at the entrance. 「One would be required for the front, and two for the back」, is what he said.

(No way, in public?)

It was that way. In public.

But it was more than what I expected.

The uncle passed by the woman in normal condition, and stood in front of the woman in the midst of shaking, moved the small table behind him and feasted. In public.

I don’t know if both the uncles are acquaintance or not, but there’s a standing ovation. Which really rouse up the excitement.

The woman who was feasted was eagerly partaking in both a visible and non- visible place. This is really tough.

Screams of the uncles at the table can be heard. They are talking with a sloppy grin, while pointing at the woman who was in the midst of an intense meal.

(There another standing by at the back of this person?)

I don’t really understand what they are saying, so I just continue watching.

After awhile, it seemed the person behind has finished his meal, and the woman calm down a little.

But a few seconds later.


Suddenly, the woman bends backwards extensively.

The uncle in front guides with both hands, so that the woman does not spill his food.

(Ah, the back started again.)

I’m sure of it.

She will continue to be fed continuously, even after just being fed. I have such dirty thoughts.

The uncles who are watching are overjoyed.

(But this kind of dirtiness is great!)

I affirm.

This is not a lawless place. This business is carried out with acknowledgement from both sides.

And the receptionist is always monitoring.

If you can’t than say that you can’t.

But no one is moving on the shop side.

Or maybe this is what sells.

And I myself, this kind of continuous technique have something similar to my favorite syndrome fetish. I get very excited while seeing someone embarrassed.

Thinking about the woman who is next to the woman who was feasting, whose cheeks were dye a little red while peeking, I walk towards the reception at the back.

(I’ll go with the front mouth of the back, no, I should go with the back mouth of the back, yes, let’s go with that.)

I went into the back door and walked through the dark passage behind the wall while thinking about such things.



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