Chapter 49




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「… And so, I approached stealthy behind the back, and strike an impact into the deepest point. Then I got a first turn kill…」

I talked happily to Imosuke and Dangorou after returning from the shop.

I am now at the garden forest.

I live in the room on the third floor of a three-story building.

Even though it isn’t as wide as the first and second floor, there is a garden on the third.

And there, there stands a tree that grew from medical herbs after giving it multiple S-Rank Potions, and various plants that grew from the feces of Imosuke, making it a small forest.

A forest in the garden, so 「Garden Forest」. Is why I named it.

Both Imosuke and Dangorou are spirit beasts and also my family.

Imosuke is from a genus called sage of the forest, with the appearance of a 5th age larva of a swallowtail butterfly. [1. The 5th age is the period between the 4th and final molt of various insect larvae.]

With the ability of growing various plants from its feces, it’s a spirit beast summoned from the Spirit Forest and given to me by the Elves.

Dangorou, although its genus is not yet officially known, has the appearance of a pill bug.

He once also lived in the Spirit Forest, but was apparently persecuted by the Elves as an unpleasant pest, and came here with an invitation from its friend, Imosuke, becoming a part of my family.

I’m the one speaking, and the other two were the ones listening.

I do not know whether they understood what I’m talking about, but they seem to be listening with interest.

「Putting that aside, you guys seem to have grown larger.」

It feels like looking at your family members growing.

Imosuke full length is now 20cm and Dangorou is now 15cm. And Dangorou’s diameter when curling up into a circle is now 10cm.

One will probably be surprised when seeing it for the first time, but I’m used to it, they look quite cute to me.

The Garden Forest has already become a complete diorama forest.

There are various plants growing, compared to an actual forest, it will only be the size of the leaves.

The Garden Forest is made like a bonsai, so the leaves are larger.

By the way, the farm house model that I placed half in jest is now perfectly adept.

And Dangorou has also made a road connecting it to my house.

Is it because of Imosuke’s blessing? It seems that the plants were not injured when moving them to the side.

And every morning, I will be supplied with fruits. This morning I chose a loquat and ate it.

「See you, Imosuke, Dangorou. Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.」

After saying that, Imosuke climb onto a branch of the medical tree.

And Dangorou went below a random rock.

「This tree has really grown.」

It’s height of about 3m has not changed much, but the trunk thickness and the length of the branches have increased.

(This tree is the heart of the Garden Forest. Dangorou aside, Imosuke will not eat anything other than this tree’s leaves, it will be bad if it withered.)

I look at the diorama-like Garden Forest lit up by the stars while patting the trunk with my hand.

Although small, this is a world centered on this medical tree.

「I’ll leave this world to you, medical tree.」

When I mumbled, pachi, I felt something.

For example, when a screen lit up when you touched it in sleep mode.

And a voice echoes in my heart.

『Confirmed that target tree met the requirements. Confirmed that applicant has the requirement to make this application. 』

I look around in surprise.

The only thing that can be seen is Imosuke rushing out from the back of the branch and Dangorou crawling out from the ground below the rock.


I speak.

『Please select the manager.』

Not understanding, I look at Imosuke and Dangorou. My two family members seem to be in a panic.

When I look at them silently, I feel as if Imosuke is telling me 『Reply quickly! 』

For now, I will follow Imosuke’s instruction.

「Erm, then me.」

If it’s asking for the manager of the medical tree, than it will be me.

I thought so and answered.

『The target does not have the necessary qualifications for a manager. Please choose again』

Qualifications… Even in another world, qualifications are still needed. What a strict society.

「Then, Imosuke.」

I point at my family.

If it’s not me, it should be Imosuke.

『The target has been registered as manager』

Oh, there doesn’t seem to be any problem.

I’m not sure what qualifications it has, but it seems to have it even before I know it.

It’s the type of junior who studies behind the scenes and took a first class qualification in one shot. This guy.

『Please choose a assistant manager.』

An assistant is also needed…

There is only one more capable guy here.


I point at Dangorou.

Dangorou seems to be startled for some reasons.

『The target has been registered as assistant manager.』

You also have qualifications huh.

It seems that the only person without qualifications is the boss me.

This is bad, really bad. I don’t know other industries, but it’s really bad for someone in the technical field in a construction industry.

『The manager will obtain the title「Defender Of Origin」, assistant manager will obtain the title「Guardian Of The Tree」』

Oh, they are both cooler than my title「Gate Opener」.

『All requirements authorization has been confirmed. Authorization processing…… Cancel. According to the stipulations of the Great Charter, more than 2 existences will not be recognized. Process will be deferred until there is only one existence』

I have no clue about what it’s saying. Please say it in a way I can understand.

『That’s all』

After speaking unilaterally, the line was cut off by someone; I have no idea who.

Nothing else happened after waiting a while.

(Even so, to think that something magical like this would happen when deciding the manager for the medical tree.)

What a scary magical world. They know not just my qualifications, but also my private life. It’s a crisis of personal information.

Looking at my family members, Imosuke is twisting with joy and Dangorou is trembling quietly. Imosuke seems to be in great joy from the feeling I receive from it.

(I don’t think that there would be anything different in the managing of it now and before, is it something to be happy about?)

I rethink my thoughts.

Imosuke was treated as an unneeded being by the Elves.

Dangorou was persecuted in the Spirit Forest as an unpleasant pest.

And the two received a title for being officially recognized. I can understand why they are so happy.

For a while, I watched my happy family members with a grin.

「By the way, what are the qualifications that you guys have?」

I’m quite interested in the qualifications that my family members possessed.

If it’s something easily obtained, as the boss I should obtain it too.

But the two replies are 『I don’t know』.

For a while we thought silently.

『Spirit beast?』

Imosuke says.

The qualification that Imosuke and Dangorou had that I didn’t was that they are Spirit Beasts.

I see, so that was it.

You’re really smart, Imosuke.

If the qualification was being a Spirit Beast, of course I didn’t have it.

Satisfied that my dignity as the boss is preserved; I left the two and went towards my bedroom.

The next day, in the morning I headed to the pilot school.

Recently, I’m always free in the morning, so there was no problem.

The pilot school is located east of the royal castle and further east of the Royal Academy of Magic.

After arriving, I headed straight to the office.

「Oh, Tauro-san good morning.」

The elderly man greets me with a smile.

「Good morning. And also, I will be a student starting today, so please just call me Tauro.」

In response to my reply, the elderly man looked into my eyes for a moment, and changed his expression.

「You’re right. Tauro, from today on you will be calling me Sensei.」

「Yes, I understand.」

I said so and laugh. It’s really a funny atmosphere for two old men.

I receive both my uniform and textbooks.

And I quickly change my clothes in the locker room.

The uniform is olive drab and looks similar to a tank soldier’s uniform.

The uniform itself is cool, but to be honest, it doesn’t suit me.

Looking at my appearance, the elderly teacher did not say anything but keep a gentle smile.

Then, using the remaining time until the first lecture, I was told the timetable of the lectures and the location of the school’s facilities.

First I chose practical classes.

I didn’t even have the basic knowledge about Knights and pilots, so I sought the knowledge about them widely and shallowly.

I take notes eagerly. I have not studied this much since taking my first grade construction management engineer examination.

I continued choosing practical classes for the entire morning.

Each lecture takes about 45 minutes and takes one frame. And 15 minutes rest and class moving time.

This is just right for me, 90 minutes for one frame is too long.

It was lunch, so I headed to the student cafeteria. Lunch break is one hour.

Pushing my Chicken Sauté with a fork, I observe the surroundings.

I thought about it during the lecture, but it’s mostly teenagers. And there were only a few people that were around my age.

The youngsters were from the entrance examination group and us older ones are from the scout group. And everyone like me, are wearing the tank soldier-like uniform.

(I don’t know if there were any female tank soldiers, but this.)

Half of the students are female.

Their uniforms are the same as me, but the bottom is a skirt. And it’s tight, ending slightly above the knees.

So, when you look at their figure when they are taking a seat from the front, you can see an inverted triangle between their thighs.

It only seems to be visible, and it is actually a shadow, it’s too dark and not visible.

(Hmm, This visible yet not visible situation and these healthy thighs, splendid.)

I keep trying to look as much as possible, because this is not a brothel.

To be able to look at military uniform clad women and their thighs, this alone made it worthwhile to be enrolled here.

After I’m satisfied and finishing my meal, I took a nap in a vacant seat.

In the afternoon, in order to learn practical skills, I headed toward the facility with a simulator cockpit.

Thinking that I was able to operate it to some extent yesterday, I took the one for intermediate level.

The beginner’s class was about standing up, and there will be a mock battle at the end of the intermediate class.

The mock battle seems fun, but I avoided it and decide to take the previous stages before it.

「It’s fine. But it’s better to go to a mock battle next time.」

I received a seal of approval from the teacher in charge.

It’s true, the students around me seems to be only able to walk around staggering.

The simulator cockpit here and the Knight-like Golem miniature are exactly the same as what I experienced yesterday.

If there is a difference, it will be the size of the magic circle drawn on the floor.

Is it about the size of a Kendo or Judo match space.

And there, a number of Golems were staggering around.

(Here as well, there is no shell covering the cockpit.)

I have learned from the practical class lecture, that the entire cockpit is covered in a mithril silver shell.

The Knight’s heart achieves 80% magic efficiency by absorbing mana of the pilot.

There is no such thing in the simulator cockpit. The student sitting in it is exposed.

When I asked the instructor about this out of curiosity, he said that an expensive shell was not necessary to move a golem with a height of 1 meter.

The next frame will be a mock battle.

The mock battle was very fun.

The battle with the Golem’s point of view was like playing a robot FPS game.

The opponent, unlike the student from the previous frame, is able to move while withstanding the battle.

But from my point of view, it’s awkward.

Walking lightly and sometimes running, I was able to get my golem behind them. And I slash them in the back.

With this tactic, I won all the fights.

In the middle of the mock battle, I could even afford to enjoy watching the opponent girl’s up-skirt view from the Golem’s perspective.

Wearing a tank soldier-like uniform, with a tight skirt a little above knee below. And sitting in the Simulator cockpit.

With my naked eyes, the inverted triangle that is shadowed between the thighs seems to be both visible and not.

So, this is where the 1 meter high Golem with its vision linked to mine makes its appearance.

As a man, I cannot afford to not see.

The female student that is focused on the battle.

Whose body instinctively synchronized when operating the Golem, holds out one of her legs.

Then, wrinkles approach on the surface of the triangle.

I’m then filled with a sense of satisfaction as if I have seen a rare natural scenery.

This is what’s called a sight for sore eyes.

(A young female with two moderately trained healthy thighs, and a triangle at the intersection.)

Are the words I use to express the vision that I have experience. Because of the Golem’s perspective, I’m able to zoom in on it.

And my Golem keeps chasing that scenery persistently with its eyes.

(You won’t get tired of it no matter how many times you look at it, certainly a living art.)

At this time, being too distracted by the sight in front of me, I was attacked for the first time since the mock battle started.

I was diagonally slashed across the front.


My Golem flips back, and was not able to stand.

It was my first defeat.

Even after the mock battle is over, I wasn’t able to stand from the cockpit.

The instructor came and asked worriedly if I was okay.

「S…Sorry, I’m alright. Em, please just let me rest awhile.」

The instructor made a puzzled expression and acknowledge it .

(What an impact, this is really tough.)

My senses are shared with the Golem.

And that Golem was diagonally slashed across the front.

I’m unable to move from the shock and pain.

(Injuries… None. It seems to be only feeling.)

I judge after checking my body.

However, even without external injuries, this pain is really unbearable.

(Foo, Foo)

I repeatedly breath heavily.

My cold sweat does not stop flowing.

As expected, pilot school is really tough.

So I realized once again.

The guys I’ve defeated so far, regardless of gender, other than having a frustrated expression seemed to be completely fine.

Unlike myself who is crouched down groaning in pain.

(To them, is pain of this degree not a problem?)

Inside me, the view of the surrounding is greatly changed.

All the students that I thought were the same as me suddenly began to look like mysterious monsters.



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