Chapter 53




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

I continued going to the pilot school earnestly every day.
Honestly, I’m addicted.
When I’m eating, or even before going to bed, I’m always thinking about the mock battle.

(It’s like that time when i was addicted to a MMORPG.)

I thought so.
At that time, except during work or sleep, I spend most of my time on my online adventure.
And even abandoning my meals.
I’ll also finish bathing as fast as I could.
My sleeping hours were also short.
Naturally, on holidays, I would be on from morning to the next morning.

(I was really crazy at that time.)

Now thinking about it, I was really walking on a tightrope.
The trigger for me to end it was because I was sent on a long-term business trip, since a fire broke out in the site I was working on.
I despaired when I found out that the site I was sent to was deep in the mountains.
But if I were to continue my previous lifestyle, both my job and body would have collapsed.
Looking back, I’m really blessed to be able to graduate from that lifestyle.
And now, even though not as bad as before, I’m still pretty addicted.

(Like a MMORPG, It’s the most addicting in the early stages when you grow steadily.)

Is how I thought.
I’m now in the middle of growing using the Golem mock battle.

(It’s too enjoyable, I can’t help it.)

Despite being so, I wasn’t reverting to back like last time, because there’s a time limit.

(No matter how much I want to enjoy, the limit is 3 frames in the morning and 3 frames in the afternoon.)

Thanks to this, I have a well-regulated lifestyle, I’m able to frequent brothels, and take care of my family.
My family is, of course, Imosuke and Dangorou.
And today as well, I happily pass through the gate of the pilot school.

Then, during lunch a few days later.
I had lunch in the cafeteria and was happily thinking back at my own growth.
My battle results have improved, and even in the advance class, I’m almost at the upper middle level.

(Like I thought, that was effective.)

I thought.
It was two techniques that helped my performance skyrocket.
One is shooting while moving.

(I’m able to shoot with high accuracy even while moving.)

Like before, I can shoot without stopping, now I can also continue shooting while escaping.
In my case, this is like striking a jackpot.
Those who thought that I wouldn’t be able to land a hit while moving, were bound to get hit by my Light Arrow Magic Missile.
And at the moment I stopped, another Light Arrow Magic Missile would be shot.
During that time, our distance would get longer and longer.
It’s my sure-win pattern.

(It was a bit surprising that others weren’t able to do it.)

Landing a hit on a moving target, while you yourself are moving as well. So far, there are only a few who are able to do this.
And the other one is movement magic.
When stepping on the pedal in the cockpit, an explosive wind magic will be activated at the Vernier part.
Initially, I couldn’t control my posture and would hit the ground while spinning, but now it’s different.
Even while activating it on one leg, I could now accelerate my arrow without breaking posture.

(There is no one else other than me who is able to handle movement magic this well.)

With this confidence, my nose swells unintentionally.

(It was also surprising that the others could not control it as well as me.)

There are some skillful users, but they were still below me.
Initially, I was brought into close combat by the opponent’s sudden acceleration closing the distance, and was crushed.
But now, with this acceleration, the opponent is not able to close the distance.

(As expected, the precision of my magic manipulation is the cause of this difference.)

Thinking of the many women who helped polished my magic manipulation ability, Jimiko-chan, Busty Milf and Light Cruiser Sensei; I bowed my head deeply and give thanks.

(But, I’m still at the lowest of the higher level. As expected from the advance class.)

I have exceeded most of my opponents with my mobility, but at times, I will be driven into a corner by skillful leading.
At other times, my movement would be read, and will be shot down at my landing point.
In either case, with my mobility overcome, I would be brought into close combat.
In close combat, I have no chance of winning.
And because of my high magic manipulation sensitivity, I would feel pain from the impact received by the Golem, and my body wouldn’t be able to move.

(What strategy should I use?)

With the several people who I had never once defeated coming to mind, I started thinking.
Good times.
But during this good time, a guy comes and rains on it.

「Hey, coward.」

It’s a young man who was smirking.
He’s in his mid-teens.
Although his face is smiling, his eyes were filled with dark emotions.
This young man is someone who was recently surpassed by me.
The recent results were 9 to 1, my win. Honestly, I don’t think it was even a battle.
I don’t want to admit it, but I would sometimes feel a detestable aura from him.
Feeling uncomfortable, I would use my trump card right from the start.

「How about a match during the next frame?」

The young man frowns blatantly.
He is aware that he can’t win.
The pilot school is merit-based, so If you have the ability to win against your opponent in a mock battle, you will be able to silence them.

「Don’t think that, that is also counted as winning.」

But in my case, I wouldn’t back down with just this.
That is my way of fighting.
The way I fight is casting magic while escaping.
As a result, all my victories were won by the judge’s decision.
None of my victories were won by driving the opponent incapacitated.
This is the reason why people are calling me unfair or cowardly, and would not recognize my victory.

「Tell that to the instructor.」

If you’re not convinced, tell it to the referee that made the judgment.
I didn’t look him in the eye.
Clicking his tongue, the young man kicked the leg of the table I was eating at and left.

(So troublesome.)

Since my meal was almost finished, no actual harm was caused.
But, I feel extremely unhappy because my pleasant mood was spoiled.
Feeling unpleasant, I decided to purify my mind by looking at the female student in the afternoon.
The matching of the mock battle is decided by the instructor, unless there was a request from both sides.
And during times when my opponent was a female student, I will be focusing on appreciation.

(Cherry Blossoms.)

I murmured when the image from the Golem’s POV projected into my mind.
My opponent is a Braided Hair Busty.
Her super-big tits dominated all the man’s line of sight including the instructor’s, but looking at it now, the triangle right in front of me was pretty good as well.
The way I fight is, prolonging the battle time, and win by judgment.
And when there is a surplus, I would hold an appreciation party like this.


Trying to catch my Golem, the Braided Hair Busty stepped on the pedal.
At the same time, the center of the triangle also deepens.


Don’t ever say that you are used to it, my heart would still quake every time I see this likable thing.

(My heart is purified.)

The unpleasant feeling that sprang because of the young man earlier, has melted away.

(Like I thought, women are the best.)

I wholeheartedly thank my opponent Braided Hair Busty.
Fortunately, maybe because of my everyday deeds, I was able to battle with many female students today.
As if enjoying the paintings in the exhibition, I zealously admire the triangular zone under the tight skirt, at the depth of the thighs.
At the end of the mock battle, I left my seat beaming happily.
Then, when passing by each other, with a contemptuous look, I was called 「lecher」and「pervert」.
She’s a strong-willed ponytail kid who I was battling against a while ago.
As expected of the advance class, it seems I was found out. This is bad, I should restrain myself.




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