Chapter 52




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Although there is a longer official name, it is called 「Empire」in general.

In one corner, in a room that is luxuriously decorated that seems to be a noble residence.

Several men had a heavy atmosphere that didn’t suit the room, were meeting face to face with complicated expressions.

「According to the information obtained from…, some of the people that found out about the impurities that were discarded in the process of creating the drug, which has an effect that was approximate to an aphrodisiac, bought it out without permission, and largely used it repeatedly in brothels…」

A man with a blue face due to tension continues to report.

Along with this, the mood in the room became much heavier.

「It’s a failure.」

One of the men opens his mouth.

The others nodded silently.

This was a residence of a nobleman who had a territory in the eastern part of the Empire, which was close to that of the Kingdom.

They are all high-ranking officials of the Empire.

And they are those who were given words directly by the Emperor.

「The Kingdom weakening work was almost at the starting point.」

Another man speaks out.

Yes, the words given to them were a decree to weaken the Kingdom.

「Let’s make the drugs circulate more cheaply.」

The man counts with his fingers the number of plans they had devised.

「By increasing the drug-dependent people, productivity and economy will be reduced, and at the same time security will also worsened.」

He folds one finger.

「And slowly raising the price of the drug, a huge amount of money will be ripped off.」

Another finger fold.

「With that money, we will expand the drug production facilities and distribution systems, and deepen the penetration of drugs into the Kingdom.」

And once more folding his fingers, he slams his fist onto the table, and raises his voice with anger.

「And this is all gone! Thanks to those idiots! 」

The man reporting’s complexion went beyond blue and became pale.

And he starts to tremble.

There, a voice that remains relatively calm sounded.

「Now, now, there is no point yelling at that person. He’s just an informant.」

And continues while looking at the angry man who was breathing roughly.

「All the idiots have already been disposed of. Rather than that, we should think about what to do from now on.」

The man grimaces, and consents.

Yes, they have to think about what to do from now on.

Otherwise, those who could not fulfill the decree would receive great punishment from the Emperor.

「But still, we were so close to going into the plan.」

Although they had to think about the future, there were still regretful voices from others.

With a deep sigh, several voices of consent leak out.

Yes, their plan has been going well so far.

With the money sucked up from the people of the kingdom, their equipment has strengthened, and the scale of their organization was largely increased.

With everything prepared, at the moment for the all-out expansion reproduction, everything broke down at once.

It should have been moving in secret, but was suddenly exposed.

The network that was taking root in the Kingdom was literally uprooted in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, the organization’s central facilities and drug manufacturing facilities that were set up near the border were raided by the border guards.

What’s more, they were accompanied by a Knight from the Royal Knights’ Brigade.

They were in a very dangerous spot.

In the unlikely event, one of the Knights from the Imperial Knights was in a state of concealment standing by.

It was only thanks to it that they were able to secure the time for destruction and the withdrawal of evidence.

Without it, the definitive evidence that the Empire was involved would have already been seized.

「It’s an unavoidable matter. We must still fulfill His Majesty’s wish.」

The Emperor’s wish.

The current Emperor of the Empire has the ambition to annex the Kingdom.

And so they were ordered to undermine the Kingdom and prepare it for annexation.

If they succeed, a shining road of distinction would be open for them.

A stairway where they can’t see the peak.

On the contrary, if they brought disappointment to the emperor, they will slide down a reverse slope into a bottomless pit.

They, who were trembling thinking about their future, began seriously thinking about future plans.

「You guys received a title, but nothing changed at all.」

On the night of the day that I gained a new experience, I spoke with Imosuke and Dangorou who I had left to take care of the Garden forest.

The five-year-old swallowtail butterfly larva-like Imosuke, even now becoming the Defender of Origin, nothing has changed. It’s exactly the same as always. Not becoming a pupa or a butterfly.

It’s also the same for Dangorou.

He was given the Guardian of The Tree title, but that is all to it.

「Well, I also got the title Gate Opener, but nothing has changed either.」

I received Imosuke, but there were no changes in my appearance or ability.

I look at my family members and call out.

「How was it, was it a little disappointing?」

Because they were so happy, the recoil should also be great. I was a little worried, so I asked.

But it seems that my worries were unnecessary.

They two were in good mood as always. They don’t seem to be bothered that there were no changes.

Imosuke says that it is now possible for it to take care of the medical tree.

Until now, I’ve been the one doing it.

Dangorou says that he is tense to have received this major role. Please tell me, exactly which part of you is tense right now.

I sat Imosuke on my head, and Dangorou is curled up on my hand.

When I rub Dangorou lightly, it would twitch around as if being tickled.

I release Dangorou and lie down. Imosuke, who was on my head, passed over my face and moved to my chest.

「The stars are beautiful.」

A lot of stars can be seen in the dark indigo sky. I, who could only distinguish Orion, couldn’t compare it with Japan’s sky.

Suddenly, I thought about something.

Imosuke’s special ability is that it can plant any plant he likes using its dung as the seed.

But, what is Dangorou’s special ability?

「Dangorou, what’s your special ability?」

I turned my face sideways and asked.

Dangorou, for a moment hardened.

And, as if resolving itself, it curls up in an instant.

Not knowing why, I felt a wave of appeal.

「By any chance… Is that your special ability? 」

… Apparently, It seems to be so.

When I look towards Imosuke, It seems to be in a state of admiration.

Yeah, I don’t understand your guys’ value standards.

Well, that’s fine. I didn’t make them my followers to be useful to me. I treat them as my family.

It’s fine with just seeing you guys around when I come home.

I imitate Imosuke, and praise Dangorou.

Dangorou seems to be delighted.



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