Chapter 66




             Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

At the Red-Light District of the Royal Capital.
A young man was pacing about in front of Jayanne.
Jayanne is seen as first-rate brothel even amongst the many brothels present in the Royal Capital.

(Alright, I’m going in! Enter the brothel!)

The red-haired and lanky young man thought as he paced back and forth.

Half a year has passed since he graduated and started working.
And just the other day, he received the very first bonus of his life.
It was roughly less than half of his monthly salary.
Though it was not a large amount, he was still thankful as the difference between his monthly income and expenditure was almost zero.
But he came here with the intention of spending this precious surplus of funds.
That is because he heard from a co-worker that there is an extremely wonderful woman here.

(Today is the day I graduate!)

Indeed, Lanky-kun was a virgin.
How many times of hesitation does this make? However, Lanky-kun finally fought back the hesitation and timidly pushed open the door to the store.

(This is…a brothel)

He held his breath when faced with the scenery on the other side of the door.
In front of him, lying further inside was what he only recognized as a Gallery. And lying on his left was what he had only heard through conversations, the Sideline.


Lanky-kun was speechless.
Beautiful women he had never seen before up till now were sat in a row on the Sideline.
He could not turn his eyes towards the women in clothes that were flashy and exposing.


The concierge that made him feel pressured called out.
Lanky-kun was being called out and stammered.
The concierge chose to ignore it out of courtesy and waited for his next words.

「Er…erm! Twintails-san please!」

Those words were said with courage.
However, the concierge let out an expression suggesting she was sorry from the bottom of her heart.

「I am very sorry. There is currently a reservation for Twintails」
Lanky-kun’s mind became blank after knowing that his efforts in being courageous were in vain.
He had not come to the realization that there was such a thing as reservations.

「The-then when will she be available?」

He was willing to wait if it is only for a while.
After hearing that question, the concierge had the same expression as before.

「She has been fully reserved for the day」

She will be available the day after tomorrow. When hearing these words, his mind became completely blank.
He had not expected that she will be fully reserved.
He will need to work again starting tomorrow. He also does not know when he needs to work overtime.
A reservation with a fixed time was too difficult for a newcomer like Lanky-kun.

(As if I can go back now!)

Lanky-kun thought.
The gold was prepared, his body was cleansed after entering the bath.
And most importantly, his heart was determined to graduate today.
He would not accept an extension of a week.
Just then, the concierge had a proposal.

「I apologize that I could not fulfill your request even though you went out of your way to nominate Twintails」

Speaking politely, she continued.

「Though this is merely an alternative, how about getting someone from the Sideline?」

Lanky-kun sprung up in his heart.
The women is the Sideline are expensive. They cost at least 1.5 times more than those at the Gallery.
The gold he has right now will definitely be insufficient.

「Of course as for the fees, I do not mind charging you the same as the fees for the Gallery.」

The concierge asserted, so as to entice him.
But, she added.

「You cannot nominate the person from the Sideline. We will be the ones choosing」

The concierge’s words swirled in Lanky-kun’s mind.

(Can’t choose, but the Sideline, normally impossible, too expensive, now the same fees as the Gallery)

「It is the famed Sideline of the store. We have absolute confidence in the quality of their service」

The concierge’s single push washed away the 「worries of choosing something unknown」

「The-then that please」

Lanky-kun was then guided by the concierge to the reception counter.

Jayanne second floor, room.

「Er-erm, nice to meet you」

Lanky-kun greeted the woman in front of him.
It would normally be the opposite.
The woman would greet him, the customer.
However, the woman was such an overwhelming existence that Lanky-kun greeted her unconsciously.

(This is…the Sideline)

He was completely overpowered.
The woman had mysteriously took up a Seiza pose on the bed and gave off a dignified air.
The muscles on her back were well-built making her appearance resemble that of a fresh flower that was adorned on the bed.

「Nice to meet you too」

With three fingers pointing toward him, the woman bowed deeply.
The manner she carried herself was extremely beautiful. It felt like her nerves were spread all the way to the corners of her fingertips.
Lanky-kun looked at the nape of the well-mannered woman and swallowed his spit. The mildly sweet but refreshing scent wafted over.

(I will…with this woman…later)

The woman in front of his eyes was a beauty.
The Seiza1 pose she was in allowed him to perceive her stylishness.
Above all, the way she carried herself was like that of a daughter from a family of warriors which brought forth the beauty in being stiff.
It like the words 「Unattainable Flower」 took on a physical form and appeared in front of him.
Lanky-kun’s throbbing would not slow down.
An astounding number would probably be shown if someone were to take his blood pressure now.
As the woman slowly got out of the bed, she laughed a little when she saw Lanky-kun’s behavior.


A feeling similar to fear ran along Lanky-kun’s back.
That was because her laugh was cold.
He was unsure whether she was aware of this.
Though she had a dignified air, her mostly expressionless face and her smile made him feel cold.

「Then please excuse me」

Kneeling, she got on Lanky-kun and placed her hands on his clothes. She probably wants to strip him.
When the cold hands touched his skin, he jumped.
The woman seems to laugh at him when he did this.
Lanky-kun felt that her laugh was scornful. Inside his heart, a sense to not lose rose up from within.

(Damn it! Making fun of me)

That is the pride of a man without experience and results.
He was only able to come here because he had gold from working.
He cannot let this end with her laughing.

(I will make her moan)

Think like this, he reached out his hand for the woman’s chest and violently fondled it.
Lanky-kun was a beginner. He had knowledge from hearing but had no actual 「battle「 experience.
On the other hand, the woman in front of him, Cool-san was different.
The men who trained their bodies and sharpened their techniques with the sole objective of winning against the many women in the Royal Capital.
She fought through those fierce battles on par with those people with such interests.
Said to be Jayanne’s number one, Explosion Onee-san. She had overwhelming and defensive power making her total battle power peerless.
Explosion Onee-san and Instructor Light Cruiser belong to the Special Elite (Jayanne’s Strongest Force) and they are a cut above the rest.
Thinking normally, a cherry that has just shown its color would not make the woman bat an eyebrow no matter what was done to it.

(It’s working?!)

But Cool-san reacted to it.
It was not a huge reaction.
However, the knitting of her eyebrows to Lanky-kun’s violent fondling seemed to be largely due to ecstasy.

(I can do this!)

Seeing her favorable reaction, he became more assertive.
Slapping away the woman’s hands which were on her clothes, he pushed her down.
Then, he grabbed the abundant chests which filled his palms and started fondling them with some force.
He had no leeway to think about conserving his strength.
He only had the leeway to enjoy the sensation from both his hands.
A normal woman would raise her voice from the pain.
However, she should not be underestimated. Cool-san is definitely not a normal woman.
She did not let out her voice and only bit her lips.

(It’s working! It’s working!)

Even Lanky-kun, with blood rising all the way to his head, realized it.
Her behavior was not one which was bearing with the pain.
Cool-san’s cheeks were red from blushing and her body temperature was rising. The coldness he felt from the hand earlier was long gone.

(This is it!)

This was his first time close up with the two huge white slimes.
Those slimes each had a small 「crown」 placed on their heads.

(Even though they are slimes, they must be full of themselves to place 「crowns」 on their heads.)

Lanky-kun used two fingers to pinch the 「crown」. And as he was trying to steal the 「crown」, it perked up.


Even Cool-san let out a voice which was unlike one and threw her head backward.

(I’m amazing!)

Lanky-kun misunderstood and shouted in his heart.
By the way, the current Cool-san is a 「specially equipped car」. You are in big trouble if you think that all the women in the world are like Cool-san.
But Lanky-kun did not know of this.
To him, the only woman he knows right now is the Cool-san that was being pinned down by him.

(Take this! And this!)

He let out a consecutive flick.
And with every flick, Cool-san’s lower body sprung up.
It was hard trying not to get thrown off.

「It is time」

It was not as if he checked on Cool-san’s current state.
He said it because he already wanted to put it in.
Pushing both legs open, he took a look at it. The very first look of his life.


His voice would not come out.
Violently, he drove his middle finger in.
Although Cool-san sprung up, he ignored it and ascertained the sensation felt by his finger.


He could no longer hold back.
He threw off the bottom and attempted his conquest.
His angle was bad and he was missing the mark, going way too low, but he neither had the leeway nor the experience to realize this.

(Damn! This thing! This thing!)

The impatient Lanky-kun who could not get it in was absorbed in repeatedly striking at the tightly shut door.
He used his strength to hold back Cool-san who had suddenly started to put on a fierce resistance.

(It’s in!)

And so, it is time to finally fulfill his long-time wish.
Cool-san had suddenly stopped resisting.

(Kuh, I can’t take it anymore)
The sensation which gave him too much ecstasy made him feel as if his entire lower half from the chest had melted.
Even he too thought that being unable to take it after a single time is too quick.
However, it was not something he could hold back.


Lanky-kun let himself out inside of Cool-san.
It happened just as his heart was nearly filled with disgrace and embarrassment at his quick deed.
Cool-san shrieked and convulsed violently.
Lanky-kun was unable to breathe from the force that his son was receiving.

(Amazing! As expected I am amazing!)

Cool-san was below him, her face distorted by madness and anguish.
There was not a speck of dignified air, from the greeting earlier, left to be seen.
The feeling of confidence and self-recognition rapidly overflowed.
He himself had achieved this result.
The Sideline from a first-rate brothel.
That highest-class beauty belittled him at first.
However, how about now? Right now, she was being pinned down by him and was convulsing freely.
He had achieved this.
He, a first-timer.

Having achieved his long-time wish, Lanky-kun took out his son and got out of the bed for a short rest.
Cool-san was still lying face-up in bed, convulsing slightly.
Seeing this, Lanky-kun was quickly able to finish recharging.
He approached Cool-san, seeking a rematch.
However, it seems like Cool-san did not have the leeway to do so.
She started retreating using the hands behind her back.
Lanky-kun had the urge to be assertive
Following this urge, words left his mouth.

「Don’t think I will let you off with only this much」

After hearing these words, a shocked expression appeared on Cool-san’s face and she looked down.
Her shoulders were shaking as if she was afraid.
But this only acted as fuel for the current Lanky-kun.
Attacking at once, he charged head-on.
Cool-san’s shrieks of madness even reverberated out to the corridor.

Two hours later, a well-groomed woman entered the employee waiting room.
There, a masked man was calmly sitting on the sofa.

The woman called out to him after seeing this.

「Tauro-san, no, Chief Doctor Slime. You were here」

The masked man nodded.

「I waited here because it will be troublesome if people realized I was here」

He was very likely wearing a mask to hide his identity.
However, for that mask to resemble that of the real person’s brings its effectiveness to question.
She thought of this but did not say it.

「So how was it?」

The masked man asked, filled with expectation.
He likely wanted to know as soon as possible how his product was rated.

「…It was awesome」

The woman answered along with a hot sigh.
Her pupils amongst others were blurry as she remembered what happened earlier.

「I will give a detailed explanation alright?」

The masked man leaned forward.

「…I see, I see」

The masked man was in a good mood after hearing the details from the woman.
It was likely that the results were satisfactory.

「How was it like to suddenly be ravaged by a first-timer?」

「It was wonderful. That was the only time in my life when I could experience both innocence and violence at the same time」

Hearing the woman’s words, he nodded twice.

「He was unable to graduate in the end, wasn’t it? Was it alright not being his first woman?」

When faced with that question, she let out a slight laugh.

「I think that there will come a time when he will understand. During that time, I wonder what he will think of when he remembers today」

Rather than being his first woman, she has become an existence he will remember for all eternity.
She giggled after saying this.
That was rare for her who rarely changes her expression.

「Also, the feeling of surprise and joy when he suddenly began conquering a different part. That needs no explanation」

The masked man nodded deeply.
That is true, he would not get it even if she explained.

「The next, even after that and even the following one thereafter, he was wrong all the way. However, it would be boring if I were to teach him」

Having a first-timer attack different places she has never known of. It seems like she has taken a liking to that situation.
Sighing, the masked man decided not to ask him about the graduation.

「Nevertheless, I was surprised. ‘Don’t think I will let you off with only this much’ was it? That’s not something a first-timer would say to me」

The woman had an enraptured expression.

「…Yes. Honestly, it felt like something would happen to me even with his words alone. At that time, I was desperately trying to endure it.」
Suddenly, a concentrated pheromone wafted from the woman to her surroundings.
Sensing this, the masked man panicked and said.

「Calm down. The first-timer might come again you know? You should save your strength for when that happens」

The concierge had said earlier.
During this period when bonuses were being given out, that the first-timer would patronize the store.
And the concierge with her discerning eye, saw through the first-timer and brought him to her.
The woman who came to her senses nodded, her expression full of expectation.

「Well then, do your best, Unicorn (Eater of Firsts)」

The woman also known as Unicorn (Eater of Firsts) expression and straightened her posture and replied.

「Yes, chief! My loyalty lies with the Chief of the Die Die Force Doctor Slime!」

She shouted as she took the Die Die Force’s pose.
She did not hesitate and did not feel embarrassed.
She had one wish, one she wished so strongly that she would even burn her own body for it to be fulfilled, and she was able to have it fulfilled.
If the cost of it was this shout and pose, then they were of no big deal to her.
She was now able to be happy.
She too was a person who lived by her interests.

I left Jayanne from the back and removed my mask.
And I thought as I basked in the satisfaction of a single woman finding happiness.

(But I did not do anything that was worth so much gratitude though)

In fact, the remodeling that was done on Cool-san was only to 「Climax when being cummed on from a first-timer」.
I did not add conditions like Sabori’s 「Don’t climax unless cummed upon」 or 「After climaxing, feel ecstasy all at once」
I had written many ideas on how to become popular amongst first-timers and proposed them to her.
However, most of them did not need to be put into practice for the remodeling.

(Cool-san is overflowing with talent)

I thought as such.
She had the defensive power and endurance to easily endure the violent and crude treatment.
This is what Twintails didn’t have.
What’s more, Cool-san was equipped with the converter from the start to change the violent and crude treatment of the first-timers into joy.
This is the reason why I view her as someone who is overflowing with talent.
In terms of sensitivity too. Even without raising it artificially, it will raise to limits unknown when she is partnered with a first-timer. So much so that it is astounding.

(She really loves first-timers)

She must really be in quite the pinch to be coming to me for consultation.
This really reflects the deepness and sincerity of her feelings for first-timers.
Just then, I had a sudden thought.

(As a man, the red-haired Lanky just now was already stained)

His first experience was too stimulating.
He was also overestimating himself. If he did not, he would not have said such a haughty phrase.
…Though Cool-san was overjoyed.
Also, the first-timer has not graduated yet. The place he conquered and let himself out was a totally different place.

(Well that’s fine, during that time, I was the Die Die Force’s chief Doctor Slime)

He nodded to himself.
During that time, Cool-san too was the villainous beast, the Unicorn (Eater of Firsts).
You could say her job is to stain every male in the world.

(One day I might appear as an ally of justice fighting Instructor Light Cruiser and Explosion Onee-san)

While I thought of such a heartwarming future, I grinned as I took the road home.

[1. TL note: A traditional sitting style in Japan where you sit on your feet. To find out more, click here]





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