Chapter 74




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

In the center of the Holy City, there is a huge temple of the god who is regarded as the main god among the others in their religion.
In the center of the holy city, there is a huge temple of the god who is regarded as the main deity in polytheism. There in the center of the holy city, near the temple, was a building that was not as tall as the temple of the main god, but had a large area that exceeded it.
It’s the temple of the god of business.
It’s always full of worshipers in the morning, but it’s different today.
The silhouette is sparse in the vast grounds.
This was due to the strict ban on the entrance to the temple grounds because the once-a-year match before the God of the shrine.


The bell tower in the temple rang with a heavy sound, slightly shaking the cobblestones.
It signaled the beginning of the ritual.

(…..It seems I’m a bit late)

In the temple, a majestic ceremony was held quietly.
I ended up sticking out because I missed the timing to lower my head.
It must be because I put too much attention to the statue in the center of the altar.

(That’s the god of business huh)

I, who hung down my head like everyone else did, slowly raised my gaze and looked at it.
The marble stone statue depicts a beautiful goddess holding a huge scale while sitting sideways.
Her right hand extended this way with an expression that told,

『Give me your fortune and I’ll let you have sex with me』

Or at least that’s what it looks like to me.

(What a wonderful culture it is)

Once again, I feel the happiness of coming to this world.
In this world, prostitutes have a very high social status.
For women, working for a high-grade brothel attracts admiration, respect, and envy of others.
This is because, let alone income, it’s a profession you can’t get unless you’re an attractive woman.
Gemstone-like women are gathering in brothels, looking for jobs as if it was a matter of course.

(This culture also pays respect to the customer who visits brothel)

To my surprise, brothel visiting is considered a fancy hobby.
In the world before I transferred here, such hobbies was like going to a museum, listening to music in a music hall, or making a piece of music with the instrument we owned.
It seems that the best thing to enjoy in this world wasn’t art or man-made things, but the human itself.
Watching a prostitute in a brothel just like watching a painting or sculpture in a museum.
Have them sing along while playing an instrument.
Things like that.

(And above all, it’s OK to let out a big eruption without any concerns)

I like this one better than being seen with respect by someone.
I recalled many big eruptions deep in the ocean floor I had before and indulged in emotion.
No complaints, just satisfaction.
But then I realize that there is no end to my desire.

(If only I came here when I was younger)

I can’t help but think so.
Just think about it.
An adolescent student, working part-time in a brothel. And they’re proud of that.
And they can hardly get hired if they’re not at least on the level of the class idol.
It means that an adolescent boy can also play with the girl he admires in the same class.
Well, it would cost money, of course.
But you can save your new year’s money, or you can do a part-time job such as cleaning or doing chores in a brothel.
And if you try hard enough, I’m sure you can accomplish it without fail.


I remembered the senpai I longed for, and the classmate I liked at school.

(As soon as we arrived at the capital, let’s go to Go Go Bar after a long time)

The best girl at school is good, but maybe a slightly beautiful girl with a kind personality is also nice. If you are looking for such girls, Go Go Bar is not bad of a choice.

(Well, It should be fine now, right?)

Some time had passed after the accident earlier calmed down.
Just because the case is closed there won’t be anyone targeting me right?
With such thought, I decided to raise my head but, I missed the timing for that too now.
And soon after, the opening ceremony was over.

「It’s time huh」

I called out to the guild master of the merchant guild who was sitting beside me.
The guild master nods gently.
He is a small old man who has a good atmosphere and dignity like the chairman of a large company.
But its appearance represents only one side of this person.
Only a few people know about it, that he has an overwhelming reproductive power and can destroy the balance of the ecosystem if he wants it.
I call him the goblin jii-san.
By the way, the explosive onee-san, Cool, and The tough-looking old man had already left their seats.
It seems they’re going to prepare for the match.


The head priest declared something.
But he didn’t speak clearly so I couldn’t hear it well.
As the old head priest descended from the stage with his body supported, men and women appeared one by one from the left and right sleeves.
It seems the match is about to begin.
Men and women facing each other in bathrobes on the stage where many people look.
At the venue, only the solemn atmosphere remains.
But in my head, I had an out-of-place memory of it.

(It reminds me of when I went on a trip to a hot spring)

We all went to a public show after the first party.

(If I only I could win one more time, I could go on the stage at that time)

At that time, there’s a paper-rock-scissors match with the audience.
I kept winning at first, but I lost in the end.
It’s still a frustrating memory even now.

(Hmm, but let’s say that I won at that time, could I even put up a good fight I wonder….)

But now I can see myself with composure.
It would’ve been impossible for me from back then.
I would’ve stepped down from the stage blushing from the vulgar jeering that could hurt the pride of many men.

(But it’s different now)

I nodded strongly.
Unfortunately this time, I’m only at the audience seat, watching.
But one day, I want to participate in it.

(And to be honest, I’m confident of myself)

That firm feeling inside of me made me realize that I’ve grown up since I arrived in this world.

「Look there, he’s the『Grim Reaper』from the Empire」

The guild master lightly hit my arm twice.
I looked at the stage with a slightly jealous feeling of that cool nickname.
He’s a quite thin and very tall man with his back slightly bent to the front.
His cheek is also quite thin and there’s a bag under his eyes.
He seems to have poor sight, you can call it a misfortune if you like.
I moved my eyes down from his face to his bottom part and I groaned involuntarily.

「Are you surprised? That’s the 『Grim Reaper’s Scythe』」

It emerged after taking off the bathrobe, and it was long and warped upward.
If not for the elf, it’s close enough to be called the peak of the human race.
It’s truly worthy of being called a Scythe.
With just a glance, you can see that it was a brutal weapon that has a high attack power.
He’s a very well known man that everyone started exchanging words such as, So that’s…….
Then, while crowds were still making a fuss about it, the match started.

The woman reaches for the grim reaper’s scythe.
She must have thought to attack with her hand or mouth first. The fact that she was very wary of her opponents reaches even here.
The grim reaper who won’t just let her do that, tries to grab her hand himself.
It’s like trying to grab each other’s collar and sleeves in judo.
The exchange of hands continues, trying to take advantages.
The sound of clasping hands echoes in the hall with Pashi pashi.
For a moment, the grim reaper caught the woman’s hands and after that, the scythe is sharply pushed up from below.

「 ! 」

She tried to let out a voice that never managed to come out while desperately shaking her hands and trying to retreat back.
When he was being cautious by her technique, she took the chance and hurriedly took a step back.
Standing from a little bit of distance, she took a low stance while breathing roughly.
Apparently, the scythe dug a little bit into the entrance and rubbed her bean.

(It seems she can’t find an opening)

That’s how I see it.
The grim reaper who tries to get closer and the woman who always took a distance from him.
They continue to run around the stage.
The woman is a semi-long haired beautiful woman with tan skin in a white bikini.
I quite like these healthy beauty types like a beach volleyball player.

(No, that wasn’t a bikini…..)

What looks like a white bikini was actually a sunburn mark.
The skin was so beautiful that it made me wonder.
I can’t find any fault on them even when she’s moving around like this now.
She must’ve done a perfect treatment on it.

(I’m more of a cloth-type person but… seeing fully naked ones is not bad either I guess)

I nodded a few times while watching the match.
Suddenly, I could hear the sound of chewing something coming from my side.
I turned to the side to find the guild master chewing a snack while chugging beer to his mouth.
I can see his throat moving gulping the beer.
It looks really good.

(Just where did he buy that?)

When I was about to open my mouth to ask him, the crowds became noisy with cheers.
I hurriedly changed my attention to the stage where the grim reaper was already behind beach volley.
It seems she was caught when she was cornered on the edge of the stage.
Beach volley had a face as if she’s enduring something.
The tip already pokes the entrance and the long scythe was slowly entering in front of the public eyes.

(……That seems pretty effective)

It isn’t just the length, the angle is pretty tight too.
One would wrinkle their eyebrows just by glancing at it.
After entering about two-thirds, the scythe returned at slow speed. Probably because it couldn’t go any further.
Eventually, the scythe made a sound like after having a long kiss, fully exposing itself into the air.
Beach volley leaked a big sigh of relief when suddenly another invasion began.
She tried to escape his grasp but the grim reaper held her hip tightly with both hands.
Finally unable to stand it, beach volleyball fell on her knees and on all fours.

(It’s the end)

I was convinced of his victory.
And after that, a deep stroke continues like a piston.
Sometimes he changed position as if looking for a weakness.
Even the audiences got affected.
A woman crouched while holding her lower abdomen.
Probably drowned in imagination and can no longer watch it.


Meanwhile, the beach volleyball tried to escape forward.
But the grim reaper saw that and held her head with his right hand, squeezing it down.
The beach volleyball face is pressed against the mat with a pained expression.

(Did he manage to hit her G spot?)

He seems to have the same thought as mine as he moved his scythe trying to confirm it.

「 ~~~! 」

At one point, beach volleyball became stiff and leaked a moan.
Apparently, his prediction was correct.
Grim Reaper pulls one side of his unhealthy face, creating a weird laugh.
After rubbing several times and getting a positive reaction, he began to drill relentlessly

(…….As expected from someone who was chosen to be the Empire’s representative)

It’s not about the Reaper, he’s just too exceptional.
In my heart, I feel sorry for Beach Volleyball.
I quickly judged that the winner was already decided.
But beach volleyball was far more stubborn than I expected.
At the peak of each stroke, a sharp and heavy voice, like hitting a serve, is emitted from the mouth of the beach volley.
She must be aiming for a way to turn the tables while enduring those strokes.

(But…. Is there really a way to turn the tables at this late of a game?)

It’s difficult. Nothing comes to my mind so far.
It’ll be bad if this continues.
The sound of serving is beginning to mix with sweet moans, albeit slowly.
She will run out of time soon.

(As expected, it’s useless huh)

After a few minutes, the result can be seen.
In the end, beach volleyball seemed to have no choice but to bear with it.
The serve I mentioned earlier had no more power and in the end, it is changed with sweet moans.
The Grim Reaper may have seen it as good timing as he changed his position and pushed the beach volleyball down.
Its appearance is exactly like a beetle itself.

(It was as if he was lifting a stag beetle)

The only difference is that the horn is inside the belly, not under the belly.
The overall weight of beach volleyball is now supported solely by her own grip.
There’s still one-third of the grim reaper’s scythe remaining. If you loosen even just for a little bit, it might go even further.
Fearing that, Beach Volley begins to struggle desperately.

(It’s impossible to escape that)

I shake my head from side to side.
Beach volley figure is like an insect pinned in specimen glass, alive.
Both hands and feet scratch the air unnecessarily.
The grip of the beach volleyball finally loosened, probably because she hit her limit.
Not long after, the remaining one-third has slipped, and possibly to an area that shouldn’t be entered.


At that moment, a high pitched roar that made you want to close your ears could be heard.
It’s hard to imagine the cool appearance of beach volleyball before the match.
After such a beasty scream, she stopped moving in the air.
The Reaper shook his waist as if to shake it off.
The pathetic prey released from the scythe dropped on the stage as if having its strings cut off.

「Winner, Imperial Man A!!」

The victor has been decided.
And unfortunately, it seems they didn’t call them by their nicknames.

(But then again, he’s a really scary opponent, that guy)

If you use that big curved sickle, you can go anywhere inside by changing the angle.
If you managed to find your opponent’s weakness, you just need to wait as your opponent’s fate will be the same as that beach volley.
When I was drowning in such thought, a voice came from the guild leader, which had a foam beard around his mouth.

「Look, it’s our team’s match now」

He said to me and I looked the other way.
There, The tough-looking old man had a nervous look.
Looking closely, there is a match being played all over the stage at the same time.
The figure of beautiful women that took the match seriously is going on in every place.
To be honest, I don’t know which one I should observe.

「What are you looking at? He’s right there!」

The guild master pulled my ears and made me turn my eyes back on The tough-looking old man.
The opponent is a gorgeous mature woman with big boobs.
I’m sorry for saying this, but… She’s in a whole different league compared to the tough-looking old man.
And then, the match began.




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