Chapter 77




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

In the corner of the Royal capital, stood a stone building.
The third floor of that three story building is halved unlike the rest of the floors. The other half is used as a garden, designed like a small forest.
In the center of it, there’s an extremely large tree, carrying a 20 cm long, large caterpillar on one of its branches.


A caterpillar resembling the fifth-instar larvae of a swallowtail butterfly lifts its upper body slightly and tilts its head as if thinking about something.
After a short pause, he used his short wart-like legs hard and ran down the trunk.
When it arrived on the ground, a dung beetle crawled out of the ground. This beetle is also as big as the caterpillar.
The two are walking to the building together and enter the room through a small pet door.
After entering the room, the two go further ahead. Entering a small bedroom and climbing the legs of the bed.
Then they went into the futon. Some soil adhered to the futon, but they seem fine with it.
The two put their heads out a little.
And stayed there for a while, as if feeling nostalgic about something.


The innermost part of the goddess of business’ temple in Holy City.
A match before God is taking place.

(As expected from her)

Cool-san also won the next game without trouble.
It’s scary how serious she is on this.

And soon my turn came.
On the stage, the one who showed up is the mature woman who lifted her legs high on the Empire’s cheering seat earlier.

(She’s about one year older above me, I think)

A wavy long black hair.
Her makeup is on the tight side with thick eyeshadow and red lipstick. A strong perfume scent drifts but not to the extent of being unpleasant.
Corneal seems to like this type.
I gulped.
Right now I’m blinded with killing intent. However, it’s still within the limit of my normal condition.
A cheerful and vibrant young woman is nice too, but a mature, rich in taste is also good in itself.

「Please take care of me」

I lowered my head. My banana, painfully pointing up, was right in front of me.
The mature woman looks at my crotch with pity, along with a half-hearted reply.

「Hah, you can do your worst」

Those thick lips uttered such words and the match started.

(Please hold on, me)

I told myself strongly.
Right now I’m just a mass of urges that want to blow one out. I’m even okay with losing if I get to do it.
This is because they didn’t let me at the match with White flower.
The last time it was this painful was since the school trip and club training camp when I was in high school.
I hold my disheartened heart and approach the mature woman.


The mature woman snorted as if making a fool of me. Then she stroked the back of my banana slowly.
At that moment, an electric current runs through the spine.
I feel weak and fell on my knees.

「Haha… are you about to come already?」

While laughing, she holds the banana with two fingers and moves it up and down slowly.
I lost power to that pleasant feeling and fell on my butt.

「You, how brave of you to show up here in that condition」

She squatted in front of me as she said that. When she approached my face, she pulled her tongue out of her red lips and licked the syrup on the banana tip.

I released a pathetic scream. To be honest, it’s already at its limit.
She’s convinced of her victory at this moment.
She then flipped over my body and brought her waist over my face.

「Entertain me a bit, will you?」

After she said that, she buried her face on my waist as if my banana is a drink bar.
I groaned feeling the texture of her throat.

(It feels sooo good)

High skill and backed by experience.
At that moment, an angel and demon appeared in my heart. They started fighting about whether to get out of this situation or not.
The ripe part of the mature woman is shaking right and left in front of my eyes as if asking for something.
As soon as I realized what I wanted to do, I ate the bean in front of me and sucked its content.
Then, I taste it.


I felt something was wrong.
This texture is the same as when the first time I tasted elf beans.
Betraying the slippery and fluffy looks of it, it feels like licking the heel.

(Is she also a victim of the elves?)

And because I felt a bad feeling from this, I activated my demon eyes and searched for the mature woman’s pleasure spot.

(As I thought….)

I feel gloomy and sighed.
The mature woman’s sweet spot is at her most deepest part, a place where no human race could reach.
Like Ponytail, she may have been too used to doing it with the elves.
This bean too, which has become completely hard after rubbing a super long stroke that surpassed the grim reaper.
In this case, it’s only a target of pity for my weapon.

(There’s always the shadow of elves, no matter where I go in this world)

The elves are a hindrance to the human race’s enjoyment.
A woman of the human race that could not be satisfied if it wasn’t an elf.
It’s unfortunate not only for the man of the human race but also for herself.

(……Now it’s a different story if this involves the elves)

Elves are my enemies.
Swallowtail butterfly fifth-instar larvae and dung beetle floated in my mind. My kins, Imosuke and Dangorou. Both are being chased out by the elves in the forest that were their homeland.
In addition, to them, the human race is nothing but a tool and something to exploit.
Now right before my eyes, there is a woman who has been used to an elf. Moreover, she is a person who participates in this match.

(I’ll break it, this elf trails!!)

I punched the angel that was trying to take me to heaven and gave myself to the devil.


With a yell, I pulled out the banana from the mature woman’s throat.
Then I smoothly swapped my posture, I brought the banana under the beans and pushed them in at once.
A thin smile appeared on her face.
She probably thought I was desperate and couldn’t hold it anymore.

(Hmph, feel free to think like that)

I said in my heart and prepared for my astral sword.
I fired as soon as I finished preparing.


I shout.
The astral banana pushes inside the mature woman.
This long banana quickly crossed the mature woman’s weak point and landed. It is still unexplored territory, even for the elves.
The mature woman is surprised at the unexpected feeling.
She quickly held her mouth with her hand and killed the voice that was leaking from it.

(It’s quite something here)

I clicked my tongue.
I felt a gap around the area where the long banana’s submandibular is.
The elf’s tip must’ve been going back and forth too many times, carving a gap in the wall.

(I’ll definitely scrape everything!!)

I’m talking about the gap.
If I don’t do that, the mature woman wouldn’t be able to escape the elven spell of pleasure.
It’s a lot of work, but I have to do it.
And there, I have an idea.

(We’re in the middle of a match now)

Once the mature woman finishes, my victory will be declared and the game ends there.
If that happens, I can no longer do anything since this isn’t something I can ask for after the match.

(There’s no other way, let’s use 『Poison Removal』here)

Loud cheers surround us.
Cheering for the mature woman, me, or both could be heard.
From their perspective, it would’ve seemed that I continued to attack while the mature woman kept enduring it. But it’s not like that.
The mature woman is no longer fighting.
The completely guarded and unprotected mature woman yielded in the first few round trips.
That proud and arrogant figure earlier is nowhere to be seen. She’s at my mercy now.
I didn’t accept her plea to let her cum. Her fate is completely in my grasp now.

(It’s getting hot)

Sweat comes out of my body.
I used my banana to fix the inside of a mature woman.
It needs some strength to do it and I’ve already accumulated quite an amount of fatigue

(But I can’t rest just yet)

I don’t know how much time remained in this match.
There are still many traces of Elves and I have to erase them all.
For now, I should just immerse myself in work.

How much time has passed since then…..
Fortunately, the end of the match had not been declared.
And finally, I erased the last gap.

(It’s done….)

Breath of relief escaped my mouth and I stopped holding it down.
The mature woman, with my permission, unleashed everything.

Suddenly, a burst of water hit my abdomen.
The water splashed violently from my belly to my face, and I jumped from the mature woman.
My eyes hurt and I can’t open it.
I, who just lost my sight heard the cheer of the audience resounded in my ears.
But the cheer is immediately mixed with screams.
At the same time, intense footsteps and the sound of bumping people erupted.

(What’s happening!?)

I can finally open my eyes after a while. I became speechless at the sight I‘m seeing right now.
The mature woman turned into something like, the object standing in the center of a fountain.
Her legs are wide open towards the audience seats, and something gushes from the center.
Amber-colored rain which has not slowed down, falls not only to the public audience but also to the noble’s seat.
It was chaos under that rain, except for a few. People in formal clothes are running away.

(To think that this is what gushes out instead)

It’s really unexpected even for me.

「Winner, Kingdom guy B」

The declaration is made.
While listening to it, I’m thinking about the future of the mature woman and I felt a little bad for her.
I’m sure her name will be spread. Not in a good way though.

(I pity her. But there’s no helping it)

I switch my feelings and turn back to the audience to appeal to victory.
Only sparse applause could be heard. Because there’s a fan shaped vacant seats at the audience seat.
In front of me is the mature woman twitching and squirting her body fluid with her body bent like a shrimp.
The amber droplets are falling on the now empty seats.


I pinched my nose.
The drops began to dry at body temperature and emitting a strong odor.

(Guess I’ll take a bath first)

I return to the stage sleeves, passing by the priests with cleaning tools in their hands.

(Oh right, I haven’t checked if there’s any trace of brainwashing)

I notice it while I’m in the shower.
Did it slip my mind back then? No, I think I just can’t afford to do it.
Fortunately, I did make it in time, result-wise.
It was just that during the match, my head was full with the thought of whether I could make it in time or not.

(I also didn’t get the chance to peel the beans)

So it’s still a bean-shaped walnut.

(Well, whatever)

I shrugged.
I did what I could.
She wasn’t that powerful anyway.
That’s just what she amounted to.

(………!! Oh no!!)

The urge to do that suddenly springs up.
I was unconsciously aiming the shower at my banana.
I almost broke the I won’t comfort myself oath I made.

(I feel like the more I win, the more I suffer)

What a cruel and harsh fight!
How did world ranker continue to win such games?

(I was naive)

Looking at the match, I thought I could go on par with them.
I become embarrassed recalling the me who thought so.

(It’s impossible for me)

I don’t think I want to partake in a battle with no joy in it even if glory awaits at the end.
I just want to have fun, drowning in the pleasure of being with women.

(But just this tournament alone, I’ll definitely fight through it)

The guild master gave me this opportunity. I can’t just throw it away.
My body swayed, probably because my banana has taken too much blood pressure.
I stopped showering while scolding myself and left the booth




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