Chapter 76




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                


With that signal, the match between the Grim Reaper and Explosive onee-san began.
It seems that Explosive onee-san doesn’t plan to keep a distance.
In fact, she aggressively pushed forward.
This is a possible way of fighting because you are confident in your defenses.
Grim Reaper hugs the explosion-stricken sister from the front, and uses his scythe to strike from beneath.
The explosive sister laughed fearlessly and laid her lips firmly.

(I know that, onee-san’s kiss is the best)

It’s an adult kiss.
I gulped, recalling the feeling of my tongue being sucked and entangled.
It was tough for me as if I was on the verge of life and death because I didn’t get the chance to burst one out in my match earlier.
There is also a proper reason as to why I didn’t proceed alone while being in this kind of predicament.

『I can’t allow myself for a self-comfort』

That’s what I imposed on myself.
I have the money, time, health, and also there’s a lot of heavenly brothels.
I obtained every single thing above thanks to being transferred to this world.
And despite all of that, to think that someone is comforting himself.

(Don’t you think that’s rude toward this world?)

It’s like when someone sincerely gives you something as they say, please use this. There’s no way you would waste it right?
I think it’s the same as that, that’s why I didn’t do it.

Immediately after the transfer, I have no leeway to do it.
And when I started seeing prostitutes, I no longer needed it.
Therefore, I’ve never done it since I came here.

(It’s so different from the time when I had to let one out before going to work)

I would like to keep that in my mind, so as not to lose my appreciation towards this world.
Thus while staring at onee-san’s adult kiss and the scythe that come and go violently, I clenched my teeth as I endure my desire to touch my gentleman down there.


The tough-looking old man mutters.
Grim Reaper is carrying Explosive onee-san as if someone who’s selling lunch boxes at the station while vigorously moving his scythe.
He sure has some strength despite his slender and unhealthy looks.
I know that Explosive onee-san isn’t fat, but she’s not that light either.
Her voluptuous body packed with plenty of feminine charms are playing part in filling the total of her mass.
And he’s swinging around that body of hers albeit not with ease.
There is no doubt that his body has more strength than it looks.

「It seems they’re even」

The guild chief said with an excited tone.
Explosive onee-san continued her deep kiss.
She brought her feet behind the grim reaper and locked his ankle.
The Grim Reaper is a well-known participant, and although explosive onee-san is the top of Jayanne, she’s not at a worldwide level.
It can be said that she’s doing good for making this far.
The two release their mouths while creating a liquid bridge.
And from a close distance, they laughed fiercely.

(Explosive onee-san didn’t lose spirit at all)

I respect her for that fighting spirit.
Even against a world-class opponent like him, she’s not afraid at all. Without it, she wouldn’t achieve something like climbing to the top while working as a part-timer.

(They move from standing position to sleeping position huh)

I realize the intention of the grim reaper right away.
Grim Reaper pushed his knees down while holding explosive onee-san like a koala, and fell forward.
The two fold on the mat.
Then he started to stroke at different angles.
He’s definitely looking for her weaknesses.

(They’re bent that much. Explosive onee-san is definitely rubbed down to the back of her navel)

I’m worried after imagining the stimulation she’s experiencing.

(…..Their compatibility isn’t bad)

Noticing the expression I made, Cool-san whispered to me.

(She is unaffected by weapon curvature)

Explosive onee-san’s ability is damage averaging.
It could also be said to be the ability to erase weak parts.
Her pleasure equation does not include a coefficient that indicates the curvature of the weapon.
She doesn’t have the weakness of being rubbed on her weak spot, as such it won’t affect her in any way.

(I’m not as compatible though)

Cool-san whispered.
That’s certainly true since Cool-san’s ability related to rotation movements.
It will be tough to be stirred by that curved weapon. There, I thought of something.
If both Cool-san and Corneal are good at rotating techniques,
What happens when they fight?

(Corneal… skewering whirlwind?)

Hearing that, Cool-san made her lips twisted into a small smile.

(There was one time when I got went overboard and ended up twisting it)

Hearing that expression, cold sweat runs through my spine.
I desperately thought up some words to counter this bad feeling.

(Nose? It was a nose, right? You were talking about breaking a nose, right? Did it really…?)

But, with Cool-san’s next word, my bad premonition was confirmed.

(When we were in a battle of rotating our bodies, I just twisted the axle of his)

Cool-san’s expression doesn’t change.
He said he couldn’t stand my braking, is what she said after.
Imagining that situation, my crotch suddenly feels hurt.
Even if you can cure your body with magic, it doesn’t mean it can cure your mental state too.
Probably Corneal’s skewering whirlwind technique is sealed because of his battle with Cool-san.

Meanwhile, the match is still progressing.
Explosive onee-san is counterattacking.
When the part where the joint stroked, she took the chance to put her middle finger and shove it into grim reaper’s backdoor.
She buries her fingertips and gently rubs it.

(As expected from explosive onee-san)

That skillful move stimulates my memory and makes my hips groan.
For an instant, Grim reaper showed ahegao expression as he sticks out his fingers too.
And plunged it into his opponent’s backdoor.

(Ah, that’s a bad idea, Grim reaper-san…..)

I leaned forward involuntarily.
The guild master seems to have thought of the same thing.
We looked and nodded to each other.
Watching mine and the guild master’s action, The tough-looking old man made a dumbfounded expression.
Explosive onee-san who had a finger inside her, closes her entrance tightly on reflex.
For women, their back entrance and front entrance are connected by something like spring.


The Grim Reaper’s voice could be heard all the way here.
He had an expression of agony because of the powerful tightness he brought himself into.
With this move, explosive onee-san started to have the upper hand in this match.
The Reaper continues to poke through her insides to find her weaknesses but has yet to find them.
Of course, it was in vain for there’s no weakness in the first place.
Explosive onee-san keep tightening on the scythe with each stroke, the damage she gave to the opponent surely had more power than the damage she received.

(If it keeps going as it is, the grim reaper would be the one who let out a sound first)

That’s what I think.
Explosive onee-san has a dangerous jackpot spot called “the big release”
However, the probability of hitting it was extremely low.
When the jackpot comes, you have no choice but to give up because of bad luck.
I tried to look at the grim reaper’s expression, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see it from this side.

(But it’s weird, they’re too calm)

I looked at the seats of the Imperial participants, a ripe beauty crosses her arms and crosses her legs even higher while watching the game.
Her expression was too calmed.
It was as if they’re convinced of their victory.

(It’s better to think that they still have card upon their sleeve)

I looked at the grim reaper to find out.
Immediately after, even from behind, I could see the mouth of the reaper could be seen grinning.

「Something’s coming」

I unintentionally utter those words.
Cool-san heard that and whispered to my ears.

(It’s probably the grim reaper’s finishing move, Earthquake)


Cool-san nods.
The grim reaper moved when she was about to open her mouth to explain.
While still stabbing up deeply from the front, he stood up on his knees and leaned his body forward.
As a result, the body of explosive onee-san is bent greatly in a U-shape.
The posture is like being stabbed from directly above.
Then as the grim reaper bent his knees deeply he took a firm step on the mat
And that body jumps to the air with great momentum.


I was so focused on watching I forgot to breathe.
Grim reaper then began to make large rotations while piercing deeply using his scythe.
The sound of cutting wind echoes in the surroundings.
Its appearance is just like…. right

(….a helicopter)

While his scythe keeps piercing deep into explosive onee-san’s body, she turned herself into a rotating wing and turned violently.
This is the exact opposite of Corneal’s skewering whirlwind.
Skewering whirlwind is a technique to rotate the opponent, but the grim reaper is rotating his body instead.
And because of that, the audience seat shook with the sudden vibration.


I gasped.
By rotating around the curved scythe, a vibration motor with an eccentric shaft appeared on the stage.
The weight of the reaper itself is acting as the weight adjustment.
Intense and heavy vibrations are transmitted to explosive onee-san, shaking the mat, stage, floor, and audience seats.
It was as if an actual earthquake was taking place.
I turn my eyes to the explosive onee-san.
Her body outline seemed blurred after getting hit by such vibration.
Cool-san clenches her hands on top of her knees.
The imperial mature woman stood up as if trying to say Take that!!

(This is their trump card huh)

It was beyond my imagination that someone else would use this rotating technique.
Certainly, the damage this technique does is tremendous.
But at the same time, the burden on the eccentric shaft must also be
must be on the same level.
There must be a reason like that to not use this technique until now.

(Probably because it’s not something you can do for a long time)

Even a straight axis like Corneal was twisted by Cool-san.
I don’t think the reaper’s scythe is fine

(Please endure it, explosive onee-san)

Bubbles start gathering on the tip.
If those bubbles start overflowing inside explosive onee-san, she’ll lose.
I can’t stand looking at it anymore so I put my hands together and close my eyes. Praying.
Despite having damage averaging abilities, once the total damage exceeds the limit, it’s up to the end.
And the grim reaper’s earthquake can deal such damage.
Eventually, the vibration gradually slows down.

However, no victory declaration is given to either.
I was scared to open my eyes, but I did.
And I breathed a sigh of relief.
Explosive onee-san was still alive, despite receiving such a large amount of damage.

(As expected from a battleship!!)

I was struck by that figure of hers.
Because of how reliable it is.
The super-dreadnought battleship, which survived the enemy’s full-power attack, and as if saying it’s her turn now, turned its guns around.
Knowing the power of the battleship gun and how mighty it was, the grim reaper’s mouth flinched.

『Attack at full power!!』

It was as if I heard such a voice.
All guns of Explosive onee-san start firing.

(First attack, commence!!)

Such technique and skills.
I am shocked by the height of explosive onee-san’s technique.
Explosive onee-san who suddenly changed her posture instantly sandwiched the grim reaper between her two whip thighs.
This way, he can’t escape anymore.
Then she moves up and down more violently than a rodeo machine and sends in a counterattack shell.
The grim reaper tries to resist, but each time a twisting motion is added, only moaning is heard.

(It’s gonna be fine. Explosive onee-san is calm. She’s looking intently looking at his movement)

As expected from magic academy’s most talented woman.
Even when you’re so passionate, you always keep your calm.
It does not allow counterattacks and continuously sends terrifying destructive power.
The Reaper’s armor was quickly destroyed. Not long after, it turns into rubble.
Finally, a deadly shot broke the keel of the grim reaper’s heart.
And a faint, hard-to-hear scream of man emanates for a long time.
At the same time, like his scythe, the grim reaper’s body warped like an arch.
His eyes turned white and bubbles came out.

「It’s a complete annihilation!」

I shouted and stood up.
The Grim reaper was completely crushed.
This pleasant memory is carved into the depths of my soul, and I probably would’ve squirted just by recalling this day.

「How fearful. But also reliable」

I might’ve ended up like him if I made a mistake.
The venue was dead silent that you could have heard a pin drop.
Everything was silent except the shouts raised by the other audience on the other stage.

「Winner, Kingdom Lady A!!」

The winner was declared.
At that moment, the venue becomes so loud like boiling water.
She just shrugs her shoulders amid that loud cheer.

「She just beat that grim reaper, of course the crowd will be crazy about this」

The Guild master said to me with an excited tone.
It’s crazy.
Certainly, all of the voices around praised explosive onee-san.

「It’s the appearance of a new heroine」

The tough-looking old man was also excited that blood vessels emerged on his forehead.
I stood up spontaneously and started applauding.
I couldn’t control my feeling of praise.
And perhaps because that’s the reason, I started to have a standing obsession.
The only thing that does not respond is the Empire’s audience seat.
The woman is sitting in a chair, raising her legs even higher, not even trying to hide her disgusted face. Her panties were fully visible.
I was impressed by the sense of unity that suddenly appeared in the hall.
Meanwhile, Cool-san is quietly burning with a fighting spirit.

「I won’t give up the prize that easily」

She said.
I asked The tough-looking old man what prize she’s talking about.

「The prize for the female winner is the right to take part in a ceremony of giving someone’s chastity to God」

I frown unintentionally. Just from hearing that, I can tell what this is all about.
Let’s hear the explanation just in case.

「It’s a ceremony where virgin boy brought to the temple to have their chastity taken from them in front of the god」

A ceremony to pop the cherry of shotas by the onee-sans who win the match huh.
There’s no way Cool-san wouldn’t be obsessed with that.
Cool-san’s true identity is a monster of the evil organization The Doom Squad was led by me, Doctor Slime.
That monster’s name is virgin eating unicorn, and as the name implies, she lives her life eating virgins.

「Tauro-san will also get the right to join if you win you know?」

The tough-looking old man says enviously.
The male winner is also said to be able to participate in a ceremony to deprive girls of their purity.
Cool-san nodded repeatedly.
Then I said in my mind while looking such her.

(Don’t measure other people taste with your own)

Yes, Cool-san loves pure ones and I think I like it too.
But I’m not always like that. My unicorn attribute* is thin.
[*TL Note: Special attributes or traits of Unicorns that only let virgins rides them]

「I’ll give that right to you if I win」

I whispered to The tough-looking old man.
I meant to give it away.
The tough-looking old man is surprised, but still happy about it. His unicorn attribute is high apparently.
By the way, the guild master is not interested at all.
I can’t tell from his face but his crotch gave it away.




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