Chapter 79




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

Explosive onee-san and Cool-san also won their next game.
Because the first day is only up to the third round, they have no more matches today.

(…I can go play and have fun if I manage to win this one)

With only that feeling as my support, I go up to the stage with a smile.
My opponent is a nun from a certain country.
The reason why I think she’s a nun is because she wears a veil on her head.
A black veil that extends to her shoulder. Except her face, a white cloth is covering even both of her cheeks.
Because of that, I can’t tell how old she is, but she definitely looks young.
According to the tough-looking old man’s information, it’s a country where the church officials enthusiasically learning about sex because according to them, having sex is a moment where one is the closest to god.
What a wonderful country that is.


The referee signaled.

I let out a sigh at the naked figure with a veil on which unexpectedly ticked a man’s heart. Well, anything is practically a poison for me now.

「Would you mind if I pray for your well-being?」

The nun asked me, not moving from her position.
She has a slim body, a modest chest and her arms folded, hiding her chest.

「…Go ahead」

My ability to think is kinda declining at the moment, so I accepted without thinking.
The nun smiled gently and slowly approached me, before kneeling in front of me.

(It’s the same color as her eyebrows, huh….)

I confirmed the truth of another myth when I took a look at her crotch.

「May you ascend to heaven」

The nun muttered something that could be considered dangerous depending on how you interpret it.

A second later, an electric shock ran through my gentleman.
When I look downwards, the nun’s long tongue is already coiling around it.


Is the first word that comes to my mind.
Just when I thought she opened her mouth, she fired her tongue out like a bullet.
Resulting in my gentleman entangled in a spiral of elongated tongue.

(She got me!)

I gritted my teeth at my stupidity.
Now I can’t laugh at the mature woman who let her guard down and succumbed to me.
The match had already begun.
Despite that, I simply believed in the word praying and exposed my defenseless state.
Now the nun is leaning on my crotch, pulling my body with the power of her tongue.

(Get off of me!)

I tried to reach for the nun’s head, but I couldn’t because she caught my wrists.
Both of our hands are sealed, but the nun can continue to attack with her tongue.

(Is it a style that specializes in tongue attack and uses both hands for defense?)

She’s a formidable opponent.
I remembered the beach volley that fought the Grim Reaper. She was also holding her hands in the same manner and was one-sidedly attacked by his scythe.

(This is bad!)

An urge to fiercely shoot the thing that has accumulated inside me springs up.
The skillful tongue skill of her got out of control as time passed.
She must’ve felt a change in me. When she looked straight at me, I could see her eyes smiling teasingly like that of a cat.


I leaked a voice unintentionally. If it’s like this, there’s no other way but to give it my all.

「Pierce! Astral Sword!!」

I shouted and activated it.
Now mine can become much longer and thicker beyond the limit. With this, I should be able to escape the nun’s oral technique.
But the next moment, I’m surprised.

(Wha–!! I can’t shake her off!?)

Astral Sword’s attack didn’t reach the depth of the nun’s throat.
She used her elongated tongue that tangled the Astral Sword to stop its advance. She uses that chance to pull out her face to take a little distance.
Moreover, her tongue was so flexible that it can adapt to my size changes and continued her nonstop attack.

(Is it her tongue!?)

I could definitely escape it if it was her mouth. But I didn’t even consider the possibility of her using only her tongue.
The body of Astral Sword struggling as it tangled by her tongue. It looks like a gulliver that was tied down to the ground with dozens of ropes.


Once again, my voice leaks out.
The nun, who was only surprised for a moment by the astral sword, strengthened her offensive again.
The tongue that wrapped around like a potato twister starts moving back and forth at high speed.
It was so fast that a strobe effect occurred.
The spiral pattern made by her tongue looks fantastically shimmering. It’s like the wheels of a running car.

(I must bear it!!)

The giant wave hit me but I managed to hold on.
But beyond it, I saw a bigger wave.
That sight brings me to despair.
Her skill isn’t just fast and intense.
It’s a cunning skill that came from the fruit of relentlessly researching a man’s heart.
It should be impossible to learn it by yourself. It was definitely taught to her. Just as the tough-looking old man said, the church may be leading some kind of organization to train this kind of girl.

(Damn it!!!!!)

The guild master’s gentle smile floated in my mind.

(I won’t lose. For the sake of guild master who gave this chance)

Despite her lack of expression but attractive when you observe it closely, Cool-san’s face also floated in my mind.

(I can’t lose. As the leader of Doom squad)

The faces of Explosive onee-san, The tough-looking old man, and the vice guild master Santa who sent me out to the Holy City, appeared one after another flowing in my mind.
All of them are the people who hold an expectation of me and support me.

(I WILL NOT LOSE. For every one that holds expectation towards me)

That’s right. I can’t lose here.

(I can’t lose. I WON’T LOSE!!)

Every sound on the venue mysteriously disappeared from my ears.
And before I knew it, my vision became dark and I couldn’t see anything.


The sound at the venue sounds so distant, and the light, everything mysteriously disappears.
Just how much time has passed I wonder.
After the sensation of the seemingly short or long time, the light suddenly returned to this dark world.
No sound can be heard.
At the same time, the sight of my surroundings came back to my eyes with a blinding light.
The spectator seats and the match venue were spreading below. It was as if I was looking down at the center of this large space from a high place.
At the end of my sight, my body and the nun are reflected in my eyes. In one of the round stages by the wall.
When I hurriedly approached that spot, I saw that my eyes had turned white and drool flowing down from my mouth. The nun buried her face at the base of my leg and throbbed constantly.
Eventually, the nun lifts her face and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.
That face is filled with satisfaction.


For some reason, I felt the urge to laugh and laughed out loud.
I’m flying around the nun. But she doesn’t notice me at all.
I saw my goofy face and laughed again after seeing that.
Now I’m gliding over the audience seats and went to the seat of those who cheered on me. Seeing the guild leader’s gentle expression and the worried face of the tough-looking old man, it somehow became funny again so I laughed out loud.


I noticed a white light glowing above my head.
My desire to go there became stronger.
I kept laughing as I soared into that light. Just a little more…


I woke up.
I was carried by the priest and about to be put on the bed in the waiting room.
When the priest noticed that my consciousness had returned, he said that there’s no abnormality in my body so there’s no need to worry.

(…..Ah, I lost huh)

I finally realized the situation I’m in.
I lost to the nun, lost my consciousness, and was carried here.

(I’m sorry, guild master)

The first thing I felt was sorry.
It wasn’t just towards the guild master. Cool-san, Explosive onee-san, and also everyone that I let down.
The next thing I felt was regret.
Because I don’t think I did my best.

(I should still be able to do it)

It might just be me being conceited but that’s what I truly felt right now.

(If only I was careful since the start)

(There should be something that I could do even if both of my hands are sealed)

Such regret endlessly keeps coming at me.
I sighed and shook my head.
There’s nothing I could do now.
And the last thing I felt was an honest feeling, selfishness.

(It’s okay not to hold it any longer)

A self-mockery laugh naturally appeared on my face.

(How I was careless, or how I should’ve fought, it was never about that. It just that I was never ready in the first place)

Spirit, technique, and body, I’ve heard that a lot but I never think why Spirit was at the forefront.
I raised my flimsy body and dropped my feet off the bed.
Then I began walking towards the shower booth while using the walls as the replacement for handrails.


The matches for today ended and I have dinner with everyone.
No one talked about my loss today.
It seems the Kingdom’s merchant guild reputation can be maintained somehow just by progressing to the 3rd round. Only the tough-looking old man seemed a little disappointed.
When I heard about that, my heart became lighter and my expression became brighter.
I’m surprised that I’m quite self-centered.

And after that, we got some free time.
The women are going to the hot spring, the same as yesterday. I respected their efforts today.
Speaking of which, I’m not going with the guild master today.
I don’t have the intention to open the Door of Sin for two days in a row.

(If so, then what’s left is…idol live event huh?)

Shortly after the dinner, the tough-looking old man disappeared.
He’s definitely at the live venue. And so I decided to go after him.


When I enter the live venue, I involuntarily let out a sound of admiration.
What great excitement.
Many men inside shouts loudly. And surprisingly, their shouts are in unison.
Dozens of idols are performing simple choreography and singing on the stage.
It makes me feel nostalgic and great.
This sense of familiarity might be the factor in attracting people around the world.

(A real idol)

That word floats in my mind.
In fact, after entering the private room, their existence is something that on arms reach, ;iterally.
My tension is rising as I jump and cheer along with the rhythm.


「Excuse me….」

I said as I went through the door of the private room.
It is finally the long-awaited skinship time.
I chose the girl who was singing and doing the MC.
Her normal-like appearance was the best.

「Thank you for choosing me~ I’m going to do my best~~」

Her guts pose is lovely. Well, let’s do our best.
I tried to undress and pushed her down, but I got scolded.
What’s okay to take off is only the cloth from her underwear downwards.
Because it seems that undressing and wearing the stage costume again is a hassle.

「I see」

I push the white long boots under her knees to both sides.
While the red tiered skirt and a pink jacket that looks like a tailcoat were kept worn as it is.
Without wasting any more time, I entered inside her, moving back and forth while humming the song I heard earlier.

(Yep, it’s so-so)

I can’t expect all the women in this world to be as competitive as the woman that became my opponent in today’s match.
This is a taste that can be enjoyed with peace of mind. If I have to use a trick or technique every time I want to play, I’ll be exhausted for sure.
When I was thinking about that, I heard a small singing voice. She began to sing along with my humming.
Honestly, she wasn’t that good at it. The pitch is slightly off. But it still made me feel good regardless.
I move my hips together with her singing rhythm.
She also posed around when she had the chance while I’m thrusting her inside.
In the end, I enjoyed the whole song. And of course, I also finished as the song ended.

「Having this kind of perfect climax, is the first time for me」

She said while breathing heavily with a tone as if she was surprised.

Don’t look down on me, adjusting the timing for both of us is a piece of cake for me.
It’s not like I’m going to say that out loud though.

「As I thought, the power of music is great」

I lied.
She made a dubious expression as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t and just smiled.

(What a good girl)

My wounded heart is healed. I suddenly felt like becoming her fan somehow.
I leave the private room with a warm feeling.
After that, I went to the live stage again to cheer the idols.
You can’t enter the private room continuously. Only once per member change.
And then after about two songs, I lined up in front of the private room.

「Excuse me…」

I pass through the small door, taking care not to bump my head.


It’s a boyish girl this time. A wolf cut Boku-ko*, Wolf-chan.
She looks quite dignified. It’s not surprising if she has many female fans.
Now, like the other members, she wears a princess’s dress with a miniskirt.
A boyish girl and a princess’s dress, the gap is pretty cute.
「TL Note: A girl who addresses herself with “Boku”, the Japanese for “I or me”, which is often used by males instead of females.」

(She’s must be not used to being called cute huh)

From my experience until now, that might become a weak point.
By saying she’s cute, pretty, or lovely.
I keep praising as I ride on her and thrusting back and forth.

(It seems I was right)

Every time I praise her, she warmly hugs me inside her.
There is no doubt that she is really pleased to be called cute and girlish.
At times like this, objective opinions are a taboo.
People are very pleased when they’re given the praise they want to hear the most. Or so what was taught to me by a prostitute on our pillow talk.

「Yosh~ I think I will give you a special service now」

Wolf-chan, who is in a good mood because of my praises, said so.
I decided to be in her care.
This time I am the one at the bottom.

「Here I go~ Don’t be surprised, okay~?」

She winked at me.
Then, while counting down 1, 2, 3,…. She swallowed me in the riding position.

「4 !」

At that very moment, the taste changed.


I made a dumbfounded voice
Wolf-chan counted again 1, 2, 3, …. But this time she made an expression as if enduring something.

「4 !」


Again, the taste easily changed. No, it’s back to normal?
It seems that at every 4th stroke, she can change the place to welcome me. The first one is the normal place, the second is behind.
By the way, I think you may be worried, but in this world, the technology in this kind of department is very advanced. There’s magical treatment and the hygiene is perfect.
By welcoming me from behind, Wolf-chan’s posture has changed significantly. It is a difficult technique without considerable muscle strength and body flexibility.
Apparently, Wolf-chan seems to be an all-purpose sporty type.

「Here… 4!!」


「Here… 4!!!」


Wolf-chan’s dignified voice and my miserable scream echoes in the private room.
I enjoyed it very much.

That night, I ended up staying at the live venue.
On the way, I passed by the tough-looking old man who just came out from the private room door. Best regards, brother.
In the end, I enjoyed four idols before returning to my room with satisfaction.




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