Chapter 226: Population Ratio


It’s actually possible to create a bright room that’s only visible to folks who can see spirits — or those who have a contract with them — by thinning the mana that’s being absorbed from the magic stones. That’s what they did in the hallway of Es’s underground temple.

The lanterns I made use much more mana than that. The mana overdose makes it glow brightly, although not as much as an actual light magic spell. This system is much more common since it’s easier compared to thinning mana. I mean, manipulating mana is way too hard!!

「E-Even the water stands out too much already on its own, and yet… 」
Soleil muttered weakly.

Uh, it’s actually a challenge testing the extent of how eye-catching it can be.

Faramir’s eyes are still glued to the mosaic submerged in water while she tends to Soleil.

「Are you bothered about the mosaics? 」
「Yes. however, I wasn’t drawn to it to this extent until the water was filled… 」

Ahh, come to think of it, was Butler’s spirit name something like「Queen, The Spirit of Snowy Eve 」?

「In the water… Submerged In Water? 」
They probably don’t have black glass here in this world. They don’t suit the overall ambience of this world after all.

「Black Quartz Submerged In Water? 」I continued guessing her name.
Faramir flinched, her eyes going round as saucers as she froze.

「I see. So that’s the true nature of Faramir’s spirit, huh. 」
「Faramir’s… 」Kiel muttered.
Spirits mostly change their appearance to deceive humans, but it’s quite burdensome for them to sustain a form or appearance that fakes their true nature.

「I — 」
「Faramir. 」
Soleil is the one supporting the flustered Faramir this time around. Ahh, they really get along well.

「Is Faramir a Black Quartz spirit? Then until now… 」
Kiel broods over it with knitted brows as he stands beside them.

「MiLord. 」
Uh, Auro, stop staring at me with sparkly gooey eyes like that, will you.

「I still have to sign a few contracts after this, right? Should we get going now? 」
I just guessed it randomly, so I can’t calm down if someone’s staring at me with exaggeratedly twinkling eyes.

And so, I urge the folks that are increasingly becoming pensive by the second to get moving. A new batch of Changelings are waiting for their contracts.

We arrived at the completed hall and now I’m facing them.

「Aren’t there too many of them? 」
Come on, see.

I contract the employees and villagers A to G. Aren’t there too many changelings on my island? Is the ratio usually like this, and I just didn’t notice it in Canum? I don’t go to town that much so I’m not so sure. I’m bothered by the population ratio now.

「We have already eliminated the troublemakers, however, is there anything that is unsatisfactory for you, MiLord? 」
Auro is asking me while grinning. Yeah, he’s grinning alright, but why does it feel like he’s gonna kick all these folks here out of the island if I answered yes?

「Nah, there’s nothing in particular. Do we still need a contract if they’re not working in the castle? 」
I can keenly sense everyone’s relief. Hey, Auro, are you threatening these guys or something?

「People-spirit hybrids can be taken advantage of by their spirit side. Being bound by contracts is a measure that can prevent that from happening, at least to some extent. You’ll also know if something happens and the contract is broken. 」
The contract for those who wish to apply as villagers — no, as city residents includes the clause that they cannot intentionally harm the city.

There’s also some other stuff included like not harming me and the like but I removed those. I’ll be their contractor so I’m protected to some extent. Just do it like normal, normal, get it.

Still, the deities appeared only during Gold, Silver and Marlou’s contract signing. I wonder if it’s because the spirits that blended in with those three might be the deities’ kin, or maybe it’s because Auro and Marlou are actually spirits?

It’s probably the latter, I guess. Well, not that it matters anyway; it’s not like there’s a huge difference.

「I’m the Fief Lord Soleil. My proxy is also called Soleil, so just call me Bro in private. 」
It’s too confusing and a pain in the neck so Bro is fine.

「Milord, would those who serve you be allowed to call you by name?」
Auro softly said.

Eh, but the islander children, the uncles and aunties have already assimilated. Just give up, Auro.

There’s also the workers employed in the specific occupations that I requested. Ah, and the livestock too. Ah, but the farm animals that I got from Dinosso’s former place are already adapted to my mountain so they don’t have to be taken care of all the time.

I thought the pigs would take up too much time to care for, but surprisingly I just have to let them loose in the forest. They even showed me where the mushrooms were when I muttered what they’re gonna do with their food. The two goats are in charge of mowing the lawn, and the chickens and cows are all foraging and grazing free range.

Some of them sleep in the forest from time to time, but the animals generally return to the shed when night falls. They’re cute, actually.

I contemplated buying a new batch of livestock for this island as I shook hands with the personnel. Next is the blacksmith.

「Eh? Dwa… Earth Folks? 」
The person introduced to me next is one of the Earth-kin.

「Whoa? You know about us Earth-kin!? 」
「Yeah. 」
I met three of them just recently and it was quite a suffocating experience.

「I thought you guys live up north? 」
That beard must feel sweltering in this heat.

「I’m sensitive to the cold, so I roamed the land in search of warmth until I reached this place. I’m thrilled to meet someone who knows who we are, it makes me recall my home town after a long while. I’m Washik of the Black Steel Pit. 」

The Washi is a washi… Uh, it’s a Japanese pun. Washi can mean both ‘me’ (which he actually uses to refer to himself) and washi is also a bald eagle, which are solitary animals, as you know. Plus, look at that name, Washik. Anyway, a dwarf who’s bad with cold, huh? And he’s unexpectedly deep despite looking so simple.

「I’m in your care. 」
Black Steel Pit, then doesn’t that mean he’s Gamri’s brethren or something? I wanna ask, but it might turn into a lengthy discussion so I just hold my tongue.


T/N: Just name it Changeling Island, Jean.

E/N: I’m sure it has something to do with his own strength and his strength with the Deities along with his “gifts” “cut ties” probably highest on that list. statement from chapter “People-spirit hybrids can be taken advantage of by their spirit side. Being bound by contracts is a measure that can prevent that from happening, at least to some extent. You’ll also know if something happens and the contract is broken. “ — Being bound to him probably adds another layer of protection from being taken advantage of by the spirit side. THEN there is the whole other side of why – Jean’s terms – They don’t have to be assassins anymore and get to taste great food! Wow that got long!

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