Chapter 279: Sneaky Moves


「That snake is coated in poison! Don’t approach it carelessly! 」
Dinosso yelled.

『Earth Crawling Snake』was on a cliff a bit far from where we were standing, with people working on another cliff in between us.

Among them, an adventurer stood facing the python while protecting a guy who looked like a miner. The adventure had already dashed off before Dinosso’s voice reached him, so he fell down even before he reached the python.

The raised barbs on its tail spat out poison.

「S#*T!!! 」
Retze suddenly fell to his knees.

I hurriedly tried to help him up, flusteredly thinking that the poison reached him, but… turned out it’s the vines.

「Oy, are you okay!? 」
Mr. Talisman also rushed over.

『You can suck my mana instead. 』
Good call, I was too focused on the python that I overlooked that— I thought while telepathically speaking with Retze’s sword.

The stretched out vines disappeared into the cliff. They’re probably holding up the iron cage.

『Oh, since it’s troublesome for me, you can go ahead and suck mana off from anyone who can See and aren’t involved in the battle. In return, please heal the injured folks and support the guys fighting against the python. 」
I asked the surrounding spirits to help us. Ah, but that latter request is mostly for Zabuton and White Snake.

「What’s happening!? The spirits are going wild…! 」
Instead of Glasses falling to his knees, the bodies of the people who got splashed with poison glowed faintly.

「Oh? What’s this? 」
「An anti-poison protection, probably. Go.」
I answered Dean.

「We’re much obliged! 」
「We’ll go now. 」
Chris and Ash also dashed after Dean. Dinosso and Khan were already on the move. Fetish Spirit also joined in, and even Az enthusiastically went with them. Unfamiliar spirits also joined the battle.

I wasn’t really sure how it happened, but the glowing people seemed to become resistant against poison. That faint glow was also visible to the folks who can’t See spirits, and the ones who woke up looked at their glimmering hands with wonder. Oy, just hurry up and run away, you people.

Butler’s spirit was staring at me from the cliff’s shadow — You can also join them, you know?

While I was doing some sneaky moves (?) Dinosso, who looked like somebody owed him a million bucks, and Khan, who moved sluggishly, were beating up the python as it tried to go underground.

Oops, Glasses was about to faint so the light started to dim.

「 『Please illuminate the area around the python, and make it as bright as Glasses’s lights earlier. 』 」
I also wanted to see Glasses’s other spells, but it seemed like I won’t have that chance. Wait a sec, maybe that chance is now!?

「What a relief. 」
Retze’s comment was followed by a bang as the iron cage rolled over. Two people were inside, apparently and we heard them groan. Retrieval mission success.

The vines slithered back to the sword. Before they completely retracted, they greeted Retze and me first by wrapping around us. They even brushed away Retze’s bangs that stuck to his face because of sweat. I’m glad that they get along well.

Yup, Glasses fainting is much better than Retze’s sword being exposed. Maybe there’ll be another chance to see his magic later on. Perhaps I can file a commission request through the guild and have him show it to me?

「Alright! This is perfect! 」
「Great, we managed to draw the trajectory just like we envisioned! 」
Dean and Chris were all hyped up in the midst of battle.

「It’s amazingly sharp, really. Not even a single chip. 」
Dinosso examined his sword against the light.

Yeah, I know it’s the sword I made, but it became cooler when Dinosso’s dragon poured its power into it and it scattered flames.
「It might even cut through the bones if used in the dismantling. 」
「Either way, we’re gonna stop here for the night. Let’s have the other folks help us. 」
Dinosso and Butler chatted.

「We should treat the injured — ah, they’re already healed. Let’s gather them in one place. 」
Ash checked the condition of the people that had fallen down and gave instructions to those who could move.

Mr. Talisman glanced at Retze who then waved his hand in response, before jogging towards the cage.

「Ouch… 」
Retze flopped down and stretched his body. Even sitting is quite a pain-in-the-neck when your mana’s depleted.

I carried dizzy Retze to a spot closer to the cliff wall, then spread a blanket on the ground and laid him on it.

「If I remember correctly, you should take the heart of the Earth Crawling Snake before its blood is completely drained. You’re a mage…. And stop carrying people bridal style, will you? 」
Seemed like he still had the energy to pinch someone’s flank.

Was it that weird to easily lift and carry a man bigger than me? Well, everyone else seemed so busy, so I don’t think anyone saw me.

Alright, let’s line up the guys who fainted too.

We lit a huge campfire and put a huge pot on it. Everyone will be going back to the surface together because of the situation, so there’s no limit to the ingredients we can use. They were mostly root crops and jerky, so pot-au-feu it is, pot-au-feu. The meat isn’t that good, but it must be delicious when boiled all together in that big pot; strangely enough, I’m looking forward to it.

The able men cut vegetables and tossed them into the pot under Butler’s direction. Oy, who didn’t peel the onions!?

The men were very lively and excited, probably because they just escaped from death. As for the group of mana-depleted-guys, they were moaning and groaning — Zabuton, White Snake and the others seemed to have sucked their mana to the limit. Retze has already recovered.

I chose to sleep under Khan’s shadow in preparation for sneaking out tomorrow morning. I had to be careful of how I act, but it was like we’re having a bonfire so it was quite fun.

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