020 – Waking Up in Bliss




Translator: SFBaka

I woke up while feeling a firm but soft sensation all throughout my body. The feel of a new bed is the best.

“Unn… Mmm…”

Mimi was sleeping quite comfortably beside me. Yep, we also enjoyed each other’s company last night. Man, I’m already fully captivated by Mimi. No doubt about it. She’s just too cute and loveable y’know. I don’t think any normal man would be able to resist her charms.

I carefully got off the bed and gathered the clothes and underwear which got taken off last night. I then tossed them inside the washing machine in the laundry room. It’s an excellent product that breaks down all dirt and stains without the need for detergent. It thoroughly cleans the fabric without damaging it and automatically dries it afterward. Moreover, the entire process lasts for just five minutes. Afterward, you’d get clean, good smelling clothes which seem brand new. The power of science is amazing!

I entered the shower while fully naked, plopped myself inside the bathtub and turned the water on. Hot water with just the right temperature quickly filled the tub and washed over my body. Afterward, the water got drained and what followed was a comfortable full-body massage. Ah, paradise. This sure was an amazing bathtub that can turn hardworking people into a bunch of lazy-asses.

After getting out of the bathtub, warm air laced with fine particles permeated the bathroom and dried my whole body. I don’t know exactly what these particles were, but they don’t clog my throat and getting enveloped with them would reproduce the effect of drying me with a towel. It was a process filled with the mysteries of advanced tech and I have no idea how it works.

I retrieved our newly washed and dried clothes from the washing machine and put on my pants. I then returned to my room. I found Mimi still sound asleep, so I stroked her hair and cheek to wake her up.

“Mm… Hiro-sama?”

“Morning, Mimi.”


She seemed to be still half-asleep, so I embraced her and buried my face on her bountiful chest. Mimi got surprised by my actions but humored me anyway, hugging my head and patting it while whispering “There, there.” as she made a soft smile. After a while, she finally woke up fully and released my head from her hug. I also got off from her body.

“G— Good morning.”

“Good morning Mimi.”

I greeted her once more and gave her forehead a kiss, making Mimi blush.

“I’ll tidy up the bed, so you go ahead and take a bath. I already washed your clothes. They’re over there.”

“O— Okay…”

Mimi wrapped the sheets around her naked body, picked up her clothes and left the room while blushing bright red. After seeing off her retreating figure, I pushed a button on the bed.


The bed, which had ended up in quite a mess after last night’s intense lovemaking, started tidying itself up automatically after the button was pushed. This type of bed was made out of specially produced synthetic biomaterials which activated themselves with a push of a button. The bed automatically cleans itself up and takes care of any leftover residues discharged by the bed’s occupants. In other words, this is a type of artificially created “living” bed.

“Mm. That should do it.”

Additionally, the new air conditioning equipment automatically regulates temperature to an ideal degree so you won’t feel any discomfort even if you walk around naked. We also had air purifiers which can filter out most harmful gases, walls which can turn completely sound-proof with a touch of a button, a washlet capable of letting out a stream of warm water with one press (For some reason, this is the only thing that’s relatively similar to the ones available on Earth) among other cutting edge equipment and functions which drastically improved the livability of my personal ship, the Krishna.

According to the equipment dealer, they’ve turned the living quarters into “something comparable to the VIP cabins of a first-class luxury cruiser”. The Tetsujin V auto-cooker was working splendidly, and Mimi and I got to enjoy delicious meals made by chef Tetsujin every day. In fact, it was so comfortable that it made me actually think that it was fine not to buy a house and just stay on the ship.

No, no. That’s no good. I want to drink soda after all. I want to guzzle down as much as I want. Thus, the plans for buying a detached house with a garden on a residential planet can’t be abandoned.

After renewing my determination, I ordered chef Tetsujin V to “make a delicious breakfast”. Tetsujin V is able to read the current mental states of its clients and creates the optimum menu based on the data it gathers after selecting recipes from a wide variety of pre-set templates. I have no idea just how it was monitoring my mental condition, but it hasn’t missed a beat ever since we started using it. As expected of the latest model of high-class auto-cooker.

Right after I finished setting the table and preparing our drinks, Mimi got out of the shower and arrived at the dining room. She only wore black spats and a plain t-shirt.

“Are you going to work out after eating breakfast?”

“Yes. I need to improve my physical strength.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll join you in training after finishing breakfast as well.”

“Yes! Let’s do our best together, Hiro-sama!”

Today’s menu is grilled eel on rice and grated yam… Huh? Whatever do you mean by this Mr. Tetsujin? Why did you prepare a meal meant to replenish energy for breakfast? Uh, well, we did get pretty tired last night, so is this menu made to compensate for that…? Just how the heck are you monitoring my condition to come up with this kind of menu Mr. Tetsujin?

“How are you feeling today Mimi?”

“I feel great. I make sure to get my vitals checked every day along with you Hiro-sama. In fact, I’ve felt amazing ever since I started living in your ship. The meals are delicious and the exercise menu is really effective. I feel that I’ve slimmed down quite a bit. I think I weighed heavier before coming here after all…

Mimi answered my question enthusiastically at first and turned red from embarrassment when she finished.

“That’s good to hear. But don’t overdo it and ruin your health instead okay?”

“Okay. What are our plans for today Hiro-sama?”

“Oh, well, after we finish working out and having our vitals checked, let’s go to town to buy some more food cartridges. We’ve almost run out of them. And I think it’s a good idea to splurge a little to celebrate the installation of our new onboard equipment.”

“Okay. Let’s go shopping later then.”

I felt relieved after seeing Mimi’s energetic reply. After spending more than a week with me, she’s already starting to get used to her new surroundings and life and she’s started acting more naturally around me. In the beginning, she seemed a bit too anxious because of a need to feel assured that she won’t be suddenly abandoned. It seems that she’s finally started feeling more secure lately. Hmm. Maybe part of the reason is our frequent nightly “activities”?

After finishing breakfast, we headed straight for the training room in order to perform some workouts devised by our AI training coaches. The content of my and Mimi’s training menu is different, but both are aimed at strengthening the core. It seems that the aim is to train the core in order to withstand the impact of intense Gs when performing combat maneuvers.

We also ran on treadmills in order to increase our endurance. The workouts were standard stuff, but were several times more effective because of the nanomachine capsules we take before each session. But to be honest, I don’t feel the difference all that much.

After working up a sweat, we entered the bath together in order to wash each other’s body and flirt around. Due to such a reward, training doesn’t feel as dull anymore. It’s great, man.

“Alright then. Let’s go Mimi.”


Mimi squeezed both her delicate fists in front of her and displayed a guts pose like always. Mimi’s wearing full mercenary gear today; complete with a small laser gun. I’m also wearing full gear.

It’s because the place we’re going to is near the spot where Mimi got assaulted. I have no intention of letting Mimi encounter any sort of danger as long as I’m around, but you can never be too careful. I instructed Mimi about how to handle a laser gun before we went down to the 3rd Block as a precaution. The chance she’ll need to use it is small but better safe than sorry.

I taught her the safety release method and how to adjust the power settings. I then locked the safety once more and placed the laser gun on Mimi’s holster. After that, I reminded her not to hesitate if it came to the point where she needed to use the gun for self-defense. But of course, I’m going to do my utmost not to let that sort of situation happen. After confirming our equipment, we boarded the elevator together and went down to the 3rd Block.

“Try not to look too nervous, alright? Those types only go for weak-looking prey to target after all.”

“U– Understood!”

“Well, you did go through that kind of experience, so it can’t be helped if you’re worried. But it’s alright. I’m with you now, okay?”

“……Yes, you’re right, Hiro-sama. Un, I’m okay now.”

Looks like she did feel better now since her expression cleared up. In order to make her feel more relaxed, I hugged her from behind, making her eyes squint in comfort. How cute. But since we’re inside an elevator monitored 24/7 by security cameras, excessive skinship isn’t advisable. I’ll just hold back until we return later.




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