080 – Preparatory Activities




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Right after breakfast, I immediately got ready, put my swimwear on, and headed straight to the beach. I had a much easier time getting ready since I was a guy. I just needed to take off everything, put my swimming trunks on, and I was good to go. I wore a hoodie just in case I felt cold later after swimming. I also had my portable terminal inside my hoodie’s pocket. I left my laser gun though… Since we’re going to the beach to play, there’s no need to bring a laser gun. And I certainly can’t have it strapped to my waist when swimming.

“I’ll go ahead, girls.”

I gave the girls a heads up and went downstairs.

“Hey Miro, do we need to prepare anything else?”

“There’s no need. The beach already has everything needed for our guests to enjoy swimming. We have parasols, beach chairs, drinks, and sunscreen readily available.”

“I see. I’ll be going ahead then.”

I wore the beach sandals I bought together with my swimwear and headed straight for the beach, which was just nearby. I saw the beach parasols and beach chairs lined up as soon as I approached. I didn’t remember seeing this yesterday. Just when did they set these up?

I also saw three maidroids standing by at the beach as well. They put up something like a food stall and were manning it. They set it up under the shade, where the sun’s hot rays don’t reach.

As I neared the beach, the three maidroids waved their hands at me, so I smiled and waved back. They also smiled back at me. Hm. They were machines, but they sure had nice smiles. Well, the AI in this dimension, or at least the Empire had plenty of time to improve themselves after all… I’m sure those beautiful features and winning smiles are part of the results of their research about how to effectively get along with people, or rather, the human guys who patronize that sort of stuff.

But is the main race that lives in this Empire humans after all? I’ve seen quite a few alien races walking about the places we visited before though. Do those races each have empires or countries where their particular species reign at the top as well? I’m kinda interested now.

I can’t wear my hoodie while swimming, so I took it off and hung it on top of one of the beach chairs. The sea breeze that’s brushing my skin sure feels nice.

It would be dangerous not to do any preparatory exercises before going into the water, so I began doing some stretches. It’s really important to do some stretches before swimming, guys. It would reduce the probability of accidents in the water happening.

I felt some gazes pointed toward me. I turned around to see the maidroids checking me out. What’s up? Don’t tell me those maidroids are interested in my body or something? Those gazes sure feel mysterious…… Oh well. I don’t think I need to mind them anyway.

I finished stretching and waited for the girls to arrive. Before long, Mimi and the others finally arrived. Fumu…… The three of them were wearing hoodies just like me. That’s a good call. It’s plenty warm right now, but it might turn cold once the sun goes down the horizon a bit. And you’ll feel cold after having a swim as well.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“It’s fine. I didn’t spend much time changing anyway. Make sure to do some exercises before going into the water, you three. It’ll be bad if you get cramps.”
“I’m sure we’ll be rescued right away if we ever did get cramps and begin drowning. There’s probably a good number of rescue bots standing by in the water.”

“Yes, there should be. But drowning is still a scary experience y’know.”

“Yes, I think so too. Hiro-sama, can I ask you to help me do some stretches?”

“You need help with that…? Well, okay.”

Mimi, Elma, and Chris each took off their hoodies and displayed their swimsuit-clad bodies.

“Um… How is it?”

“It’s wooonderful!”

Mimi asked me what I thought about her swimsuit bashfully with both hands behind her back. Mimi was wearing a two-piece bikini with a simple design. It was white with black edges.

It’s heeeeeere! It was just absolutely beautiful! There’s no need for any more unnecessary words. Namu namu.

“Why are you clapping your hands in prayer there…?”

Elma scolded me in an exasperated tone when she saw me worshiping Mimi’s swimsuit appearance. Oh c’mon. This divine visage isn’t something you can get an opportunity to see often, so cut me some slack here. Or rather, don’t you think that body is just the stuff of miracles? She’s relatively short, but those knockers are a class of their own. It’s just mind-blowing!

“Don’t just look at Mimi! Look at me too!”


Elma forcibly turned my gaze toward her.


“What? What’s with that reaction?”

“Nah, I was just thinking about how slender, well-trained, and beautiful your body is, Elma.”

Elma was wearing a black sports type swimsuit. Her chest armor was, of course, incomparable to Mimi’s This is just the sad reality. However, her body lines, especially her waist and hips were just pure and sublime works of art.

“This is also wooonderful!”

I also ended up worshiping Elma’s divine form. She hit my head in admonishment though. Why?

“U-Um, what about my swimsuit?”
I heard Chris call out, so I turned toward her.

“Uh, isn’t that… a little bit too fetish-y?”

Why was she wearing a Japanese school swimsuit? And it was the old issue blue colored one. Her chest even had a white section where her name『Chris』was written. And why the heck is it written in hiragana? Is that supposed to be some sort of ancient writing characters or something?

“D-Does it suit me?”

“Yeah, it suits you. In fact, it suits you too much.”

I felt like I had a vision of a raging policeman running toward me as I continued to ogle Chris. I mean c’mon. A jet black haired young girl in a princess cut wearing an old type school swimsuit? It’s catering to a certain fetish too much! And Christina sounds like a Western name, but her features are totally Japanese. Isn’t this too perfect for a coincidence? Come to think of it, I’ve encountered a number of companies in this dimension with Japanese-sounding names…… They freely use the alphabet and Japanese characters to write their names too. So does that mean Earth actually exists in this dimension as well?

“C’mon, let’s start stretching. You’ll partner up with me, Mimi.”

“Yes, Elma-san.”

“Hiro-sama, if you please.”


And so, I helped Chris with her stretching exercises. However…

“You’re actually quite flexible, Chris.”

“Well, yes. I have confidence in my body’s flexibility. Can you push my back from behind, Hiro-sama?”


When I pushed her down, Chris spread her legs to a full 180 degrees. Her upper body was perfectly lined up with the ground. Was she doing yoga or something?

Mimi and Elma were also quite flexible. Mimi wasn’t this flexible when she first boarded Krishna, but her daily workouts and stretches in the training room gradually improved her body fitness, and the results were showing right now. Elma looked pretty athletic and flexible right from the get-go though.

Me? I was pretty stiff when I first arrived here due to my former lifestyle, but since I also spent lots of time working out in the training room, I’ve improved a lot as well.

“Yosh! Now that we’re done with the stretches, let’s go ahead and– Uh, do you actually know how to swim, Mimi?”

“This is actually my first time trying it.”

“How about you, Elma?”

“I can swim. No problem.”

I nodded after hearing Elma’s answer and turned toward Chris.

“I am also able to swim.”

“I see. Okay then. First, let’s teach Mimi how to swim.”

“That would be for the best. But before that, why don’t we apply some sunscreen first?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Hey!”

I called out to them, and a maidroid carrying a basket quickly walked up to us.

“Yes. What do you need, sir?”

“Miro said there was sunscreen prepared for us already. Can you bring it here?”

“Of course. If you’d like, we can also provide swimming equipment such as rubber floats.”

“Oh, that sounds great. Get them for us as well then.”

“Yes. Please leave it to me. We have various types of sunscreens available. We have cream, jelly, lotion, and spray types.”

“……Are there any differences in their effects?”

“There is none. All of them can almost completely prevent sunburns. Well, they do feel different when applied to the skin.”

“I see.”

I tried each of them on the back of my hand to see how they felt when applied to the skin. Hm. I think the lotion type feels best after all. It’s also easy to apply. Mimi chose the lotion type just like me while Chris and Elma chose the cream type.

“Okay then. Shall we help each other in applying sunscreen? We can’t reach our own back after all.”

“I’ll help Mimi out then. We have the same type of sunscreen anyway.”

“Yes. I’ll apply it on Hiro-sama as well.”

“……Maybe it would have been better if I chose the lotion type as well.”

“……We made a blunder.”

“It’s not like they have different effects, so you can just put on as much as you like……”

Wait. Come to think of it, sunscreen lotion is actually a staple for these kinds of events, right? In any case, if you ladies want to touch my body, you can touch as much as you want. I won’t mind one bit. But try not to touch places where I’m ticklish, please.

“Let’s start then. I’ve already spread the sheet out, so go ahead and lie down.”

“Aye, aye.”

Elma took out a sheet from the basket and laid it down on the ground. I obediently went on top of it. Soon after, I felt a cool sensation touch my back. So they’ve started applying the lotion already.

“You’re back sure is wide, Hiro-sama.”

“Yeah. It is, isn’t it? And he’s also fairly tall.”

Elma followed up Chris’ observation. The feeling of their hands crawling around my back is kind of ticklish. The little hands stroking my right shoulder blade should belong to Chris. Elma was stroking around the waist, and Mimi was stroking my neck and left shoulder.

“There. We’ve finished covering your back. Flip around, please.”

“Uh, I’ll apply sunscreen on it myself.”

“It would still be better for other people to apply it for you instead of applying it yourself. There’s a chance of missing some spots after all. It would be lame if you get a sunburn, right?”

“Mm. I guess.”

It’s just as Elma said. It would really be lame if I left out a spot and got some sunburn. I turned around obediently and let them continue.

“W-Wow……! His abs…”

“Hiro-sama spends a lot of time working out in the training room after all.”

“This feels just right. I wish you can always maintain a build like this.”

“C’mon girls……”

Chris started stroking my abs with a red face and an entranced expression. Elma picked up my arm and started applying lotion on it. Mimi worked on my neck and clavicle with a strangely eager vibe. Except for Elma, did Mimi and Chris actually forget the actual purpose of applying sunscreen?

“There. Finished.”

“Thank you. But it did kinda feel Elma was the only one doing it seriously though.”

“I-I also did it seriously!”

“M-Me too!”

“Uh, I see. Okay then. I’ll apply sunscreen on you next. I’ll leave Chris to you, Elma.”


Elma laid down another sheet and started applying cream onto Chris’ back. Mimi laid down on the sheet I used earlier.

“P-Please go ahead.”

“Leave it to me.”

I untied Mimi’s bikini strap.


“Uh, I have to apply this thoroughly you know. The strap will just get in the way…”

“T-That’s right, isn’t it?”

In the first place, we’ve already seen each other naked a lot… I guess she feels this is something different huh. I re-focused myself and started applying sunscreen lotion on Mimi’s back.


“It feels a bit cold, so you might be surprised the first time. Just try to put up with it until I’m done, okay?”

“Mm. Okay. Hiro-sama’s hands are really warm though.”

I continued applying lotion on Mimi’s back. Mm. Her skin sure feels springy and soft. It was so smooth too. It feels a bit different from usual due to the lotion.

But I am a guy who can keep my cool. I seriously applied lotion evenly on Mimi’s back. I then went for her shoulders, arms, neck, and back of the ears.

“Next is your lower body.”

“I-It feels kind of embarrassing.”

I untied the straps of her bikini’s bottom half and continued applying lotion. Mimi truly is… Mm. How can I describe it? She’s the owner of such an impressive body figure. She was a bit on the skinny side when she first boarded the ship, but after eating healthily and doing daily exercise, her body has filled out splendidly. She did seem to want herself to lose a bit more weight, but I think her current build was close to perfect.

It was worth it to secretly fiddle with the settings of Mimi’s AI gym trainer! I’ll have her keep this build from now on. Her breasts were amazing, but her buttocks were quite something as well.

“Okay. I’m done.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Next is the front then.”

“Eh……? O-Okay.”

Mimi’s face turned red but still obediently turned her body around. The chest equipment that jiggled in front of my eyes truly were magnificent lethal weapons. They have completely gotten out of her swimsuit top, and it could no longer perform its original function. I had an impulse to kneel in front of them and start worshiping, but if I did, I bet Elma would give me a kick to the back of the head, so I hardened my heart and focused on my job of applying lotion. I am probably making an expression akin to Buddha’s when he was enlightened. There’s no doubt.


Mimi let out a suggestive moan when I started applying the lotion. I-Is this a test from God……!? Come to think of it, I’ve been abstaining from those kinds of acts ever since Chris boarded the ship. Be pacified, you vile beast inside of me! It is not time for you to manifest just yet!

Using every single ounce of my will power, I managed to barely pacify the beast inside my heart and succeeded in applying lotion on Mimi’s entire body. However, my mental strength was all but drained due to the intensity of the earlier battle.


“L-Let me take a break first.”

Mimi put her swimsuit back on and called out to me, but I already sat down and started meditating. I need to calm down in various meanings. Yes, in various meanings. That’s right! Let me visualize the face of the receptionist uncle back on Termaine Prime.

“Just what the heck are you doing…?”

“Uu… Give me a few years more and I will also… No, maybe if I use the configurator, I can also gain such a……”

Elma let out an exasperated sigh while Chris touched her chest and muttered softly. I don’t exactly know what a configurator is, but I think you’d better refrain from using it, Chris. Please just stay as you are.

“Thank you for waiting. We have prepared various things for you all.”

While I was busy sitting on the ground and meditating about the secrets of the universe, the three maidroids came back carrying various types of rubber floats. There were standard donut-shaped ones, one that was as large as a small boat, dolphin-shaped ones, shark-shaped ones, and various other types. I get the dolphin, but why a shark? It’s fine though.

“These can allow you to enjoy floating on the water even if you can’t swim, right?”

“That’s right. I think it’ll be fun to play using the standard donut-shaped ones first.”

“I want to use this myself.”

Chris took a shark-shaped float for herself. Elma chose the standard donut-shaped one.

“Hiro-sama, which one do you think I should choose?”

“For a beginner like you, a donut-shaped float seems best.”

Mimi picked up another donut-shaped float with a size a bit smaller than Elma’s for herself. The one Elma chose would make her bottom stick out once she sat down on it.

“Are you not using one as well, Hiro-sama?”

“I’m fine for now. Maybe I’ll use one later.”

I was actually thinking of sticking with Mimi to give her swimming pointers.

“Okay then. Let’s play, everyone!”

And so, we began our swimming activities. It’s been a while since I played in the sea, so I also had quite a lot of fun.




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