152 – Spending Time with May, Mimi, and Elma




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The sisters were only taking a break from work because they were charging the maintenance bots and had them perform self-diagnostics. When the alarm alerting that the charging and self-diagnostics were complete rang out, they returned to work with a bit of reluctance present in their expressions. I saw them both off and headed to the Black Lotus’s cockpit next, where May was staying.

“What’s the matter, Master?”

As soon as I entered the cockpit, May noticed me and turned around. There was a cable extending out from one of her wrists, and it was plugged onto the cockpit console. She was probably using this particular direct interface method to control Black Lotus. But the ship was parked inside the base hangar right now, so I wonder what she’s actually doing?

“Uh, I was just checking on everyone before we set off for the mission.”

“And you also wanted to check on me?”

“Yeah. You’re also part of the crew. May.”

“I see.”

I felt like I saw a glint of happiness in her eyes that were behind red-framed glasses. May remained as expressionless as ever, but I feel like she’s begun to show some subtle emotional changes through her body language and aura more often than before. Since I was able to pick up on them now, for the most part, it might be an indication that May’s range of expression really was developing. Well, it’s not like you can pick up on them normally at first glance, so it was a very subtle change.

“Master really is a mysterious person.”


“Yes. In the Empire, advanced independent AIs like me are nominally granted civil rights to an extent under the law. However, whether or not those rights are actually recognized is another story.”


I was a little confused by May’s statement. Just what does she mean?

“Most people from other nations largely do not recognize the rights bestowed upon Imperial AIs like me, and even a good number of Imperial citizens have the same attitude. Of course, a lot of people do treat us appropriately as well, but someone like Master, who sincerely treats AIs like me no differently from other people, is exceedingly rare. Your act of worrying about me right now before we head out for a potentially dangerous mission is a great example of how different your attitude is from most others.”

While saying so, May gradually closed the distance between us and gave me a hug. I froze up after being hugged by a girl who was almost the same height as me.

Man, it’s just like always, but how does an android like her manage to smell so nice, I wonder. The slightly sweet and fragrant scent never fails to make my heart race.


“I am certainly a machine. But scary things are scary. Crystal lifeforms do not discriminate between organic and non-organic. They devour organic lifeforms and machines alike. This body that was designed by Master is no exception to that. Of course, Mimi-sama, Elma-sama, Tina, and Whisker are not exceptions either. All of them are my precious friends. If they were to be harmed, I would be sad as well.”

May said all that in one breath. She then slightly relaxed her hug and stared up at my face from a close distance.

“But I am most afraid of losing Master. Master is my sole reason for being. Even if Mimi-sama and Elma-sama were to survive, I would probably fall apart if I were to lose you instead, Master.”

I nodded quietly to May, who was facing me with a serious gaze.

“In truth, I didn’t really want you to accept such a dangerous request. It would have been fine to leave dealing with the crystal lifeforms to the military. The profits you will potentially earn do not equal the danger you will be subjected to. Hunting pirates would be the safer and most efficient option for earning money. However, I believe Master would never leave Lieutenant Commander Serena to undertake the mission alone.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I would certainly regret it if I left the system just like this only to find out later that Lieutenant Commander Serena died. I would like to lend her a hand as much as possible.

“That’s why I didn’t stop you. But I will do what I have to do for your sake.”
“Sorry, May.”

“It’s alright. I am already content that you are concerned about me as well.”

I hugged May back. Her inner frame and her artificial muscles were made out of special metals. Her soft skin was an artificially synthesized material designed to mimic organic skin, and her body heat was generated by the heat exhaust of an ultra-compact power generator installed within her. Her glossy black hair, glittering obsidian eyes, and everything else about her was all designed to mimic humans.

However, for me, May was May. Her being fake or real didn’t matter at all for me.

“I won’t be brought down by the likes of crystal lifeforms.”

“Yes. I believe in you, Master.”

“Yeah. I won’t betray your trust. Ever.”

We hugged each other in silence for a while and very naturally separated.

“Please leave the piloting and general operations of Black Lotus to me. This ship is the place Master comes home to. I will definitely protect it with my all.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes. Please don’t worry.”

I waved goodbye to May, who bowed toward me, and I decided to visit Mimi and Elma next.

Mimi and Elma were both inside Krishna’s cockpit.

“What are you girls up to?”

“Ah, Hiro-sama.”

“We’re going to go up against crystal lifeforms on this next mission, right? I’m assisting Mimi in calibrating the radar so we can pick them up more easily.”

“I see.”

Although it won’t result in a dramatic increase in performance, it was indeed possible to adjust the sensitivity of the radar toward a certain target to some extent. Thus, the radar’s performance in picking up crystal lifeforms can also be slightly increased. However, the trade-off is a decreased performance in its ability to detect other objects apart from crystal lifeforms.

“If you adjust it once and save it on the preset settings list, you can change to that mode with a press of a button, right? That’s why we’re trying to save as many settings as we can.”

“That’s a pretty good idea. If you can master it, you’ll be one step closer to being a full-fledged operator.”

“I’ll do my best!”

Mimi replied energetically as she continued to fiddle with the radar console. I was watching over her from the cockpit entrance. As I watched Mimi, I remembered the first time she boarded my ship. She was really anxious and jittery back then. But now, she was looking more and more like a proper ship operator day by day.

How long has it been since I met Mimi anyway? When I’m staying inside my ship, my sense of time becomes vague, so I can’t say for sure. But it probably hasn’t been a year since then. Her improving this much after only less than a year might be a sign of talent, but it’s mostly due to her hard work. She picks up her tablet and studies about being an operator whenever she has a chance after all.

As I was thinking about that stuff, Mimi and Elma’s gazes turned toward me.

“What’s up? You’re spacing out over there.”

“Are you nervous about the request, Hiro-sama?”

“Nah, it’s not that. I was just thinking about how much you’ve improved, Mimi.”

“Eh!? N-No, I haven’t really improved that much. I’m still pretty much a rookie.”

Mimi’s face turned beet-red as she frantically waved her hands in denial. It’s true that she was still pretty new, but she isn’t easily distracted during battles now, and whenever she performs her duties as the ship operator, there was a noticeable hint of confidence on her pretty face.

“Yes, you’re right. She can’t be compared to how she was back at Termaine Prime.”

“Eh…… Why did you join in as well, Elma-san?”

Mimi’s expression turned even more embarrassed. Maybe she thought we were just making fun of her.

“I’m not sure about Elma, but I’m absolutely serious here.”

“Huh? I’m serious too, you know. Well, I guess her turning out like this is only natural since she boarded your ship, Hiro.”

“That’s right. It’s all thanks to Hiro-sama.”


“Yep. Her growth is fast because she’s subjected to lots of practical experiences.”

Mimi nodded repeatedly at Elma’s words. Well, I guess we do hunt pirates far more often than your average merc. So it’s just as Elma said. She earned a lot of practical combat experience. While it’s true that earning practical experience contributes greatly to growth, this was reality and not a game, so that alone won’t improve one’s operator skills.

“I think it’s more thanks to Mimi being really earnest in her training and studies.”

“That’s true as well. So it’s a combination of Mimi’s diligence and Hiro’s spartan practical combat experience training.”

“Elma-san is a really great teacher as well.”

“Yeah. All of that combined led to your current abilities, Mimi.”

“……Mm. Maybe. So, um, what are you here for anyway, Hiro?”

Elma quickly tried to change the subject with a red face.

“That’s really cute, Elma.”

“Elma-san can be so shy sometimes.”

“Mou! Don’t tease me, you two!”

We apologized with a smile to the fuming Elma.

“So, what are you up to again, Hiro?”

Elma regained her composure and asked me once more.

“Nothing much, really. I was just checking up on everyone.”


Elma snorted and approached me.

“……It seems you hit it off with the others really well, huh?”

“You’re scaring me.”

“You’re right, Elma-san! Hiro-sama definitely has the smell of other women on him……!”

Mimi grinned and giggled teasingly after seeing my and Elma’s exchange. It ain’t something to laugh about, you. Elma’s really scary y’know.

“Okay then. If that’s how it is, then how about getting along with me and Mimi as well?”

“That’s a great idea, Elma-san.”

“Please go easy on me, ladies.”

“Hmm. Let’s see…… As your apology for leaving us last, we’ll have you serve us a lot, okay?”

Elma grabbed my left arm and Mimi grabbed my right. They then began to pull me out of the cockpit.
“Let’s eat some delicious stuff at the dining room first.”

“Yes. What should we do after that?”

“Hmm. Maybe we’ll have him give us a massage next?”

“Yes, yes…… I’ll do everything you want me to. Sheesh.”

I smiled bitterly as I continued to let myself be pulled by the two of them. Well, I don’t mind being pushed around by these two for a bit. Once we take on the request, we won’t even have time for flirting after all.




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