171 – Imperial Capital Grakkis



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The Black Lotus with Krishna stationed inside finally headed for the central system where the Imperial Capital was located together with Lieutenant Commander Serena and her Independent Anti-Pirate Mobile Fleet. Of course, I continued my training under Mei in order to insure I could survive even if I faced an attack by Drawn Sword faction-affiliated nobles.

There were quite a few nights where I coughed up blood before completely passing out whenever I went to bed. And due to the torment I experienced constantly, I don’t even remember a single instance where I was able to get a good night’s sleep these past few days. I even had to continue wearing my VR gear in bed. It ended up messing my sense of time. And before I knew it, ten days had already passed.

“Man, it really is gigantic huh.”

“It’s so big.”

“That sure is amazing. It’s our first time seeing it as well.”

“Un, it’s really huge. I think there’s still room to reduce its size without compromising its functions though.”

Although the last comment from Whisker was a bit off-target, we continued to marvel at the gigantic gateway located in the Neeparc system. We supposedly passed through the Dexer system, which was Chris’ home system, but thanks to me constantly being beaten up by Mei, I didn’t realize it at all. But we just passed through anyway, so it’s not like we could stop over for a visit.

“So we’re gonna warp straight to the Imperial Capital using the gateway, right?”

“That’s right. Thanks to the gateway network, even the far-away Imperial Capital feels so near.”

“That’s only if you’re one of the people who can freely use the gateway, right?”

“Well, yes, I guess.”

Elma shrugged her shoulders after I pointed out that particular detail.

A gateway that allows you to jump several tens of thousands of lightyears in an instant truly was convenient, but it wasn’t freely available to everyone. Even nobles would need some particular permits to pass through them, and ordinary citizens such as merchants or mercenaries rarely get the chance to make use of them on their own.

Its use was also heavily restricted in SOL, and I hardly have any memories of using it to travel during my time playing the game. It’s said that you’d be able to gain more opportunities by cozying up to the space empires who manage their respective gateway networks, but I was just your typical solo merc, and I didn’t have any meaningful connections in-game whatsoever.

“In the first place, not a lot of people are able to travel out of the colony they were born into. For them, the Imperial Capital is certainly a very distant place.”

“That’s right. The people who commonly get to travel outside their home colonies are those working for interstellar companies like us or those in the trade business.”

“There’s also those from the military. I wonder how most people end up becoming mercenaries though?”

“Oh, uh, I think there’s something like a mercenary training school. I’m not really familiar with it though.”

I think I heard something like that when I applied to the Guild. Well, there’s probably not a lot of people who decide to become mercenaries just for the thrills. If I didn’t have Krishna, I would probably just find myself a nice colony to settle on as well.

“How did you end up becoming a mercenary anyway, Boss?”

“……Um, I just sort of went with the flow, I guess.”

When I woke up after my unfortunate ‘accident’, I was already inside Krishna which was floating in outer space. I was then immediately attacked by pirates and killed them in retaliation…… After that, I just said whatever and decided to become a mercenary. That’s the story I told them. This cover story was all thanks to Elma.

“Went with the flow…… Oh, right. Come to think of it, you said you have amnesia, right Boss? I’m sorry.”

“It’s not something to apologize for. I actually think I’m pretty lucky, all things considered.”

After all, I did end up meeting Mimi, Elma, Mei, Chris, Tina, Whisker, and Lieutenant Commander Serena– No, not the Lieutenant Commander. Not the Lieutenant Commander! Anyway, I ended up meeting everyone when I came here. As for Doc Shouko…… Yeah, just remembering her makes my behind feel weirdly itchy. Ugh.

“Oh, the line’s moving. It looks like it’s our turn.”

“I sure am looking forward to it. I wonder what going through a gateway feels like?”

“It’s really exciting, isn’t it, big sis?”

You might feel excited now, but you’ll feel sorry you did later guys. I glanced at Mimi and found her sending a warm gaze toward the mechanic sisters as well. Hahaha, I remember Mimi was also this excited when we first came through a gate.

The fleet moved forward and plunged into the distorted space that gave off a mysterious glow nestled between the huge metallic structures. The sight of the leading corvettes and destroyers getting engulfed in that mysterious light and disappearing was truly a surreal view.

“O-Ooooh…… Here it comes, Whisker.”

“B-Big sis……”

The mechanic sisters held hands as they watched the distorted space come nearer and nearer through the holo-display.

The cruisers also got engulfed and disappeared.

And then–

“Eh? It’s over?”

“……That was too abrupt.”

Yep. There’s no booming sound you’d hear from activating the FTL Drive. There are no colorful and psychedelic sights like what you’d see when traveling through a hyperspace tunnel. To put it simply, it’s like the image on the holo-display just changed.

“Well, this is what you’d call a true warp.”

“Hee…… That’s kinda cool.”

“I’m not clear on the theory, but it truly is amazing. Un, I can’t afford to lose to just this though.”

Tina kept saying how cool it was, but ain’t Whisker’s thoughts flying off in a completely different direction? Sometimes, I found that I couldn’t really get what goes through Whisker’s head. Whisker goes into full engineer mode from time to time and says some pretty radical stuff.

“Well, in any case, we’ve managed to arrive safely. Welcome to the central system of the Graccan Empire. My home town, the Imperial Capital Grakkis, is located over there.”


When I saw the image on the holo-display, I couldn’t help but wrinkle my brows.

Judging from what I could see, the object in the distance was definitely shaped like a planet. However, its surface didn’t show the presence of seas, and furthermore, I couldn’t find anything that seemed even remotely natural. Manmade structures completely covered the surface of the planet.

“An ecumenopolis……? So they were able to realize such a thing here……?”

“Ara, you sure know some really ancient terms. These days, it’s just simply called a planet-city.”

“I see…… So when you say Imperial Capital, you’re actually referring to that?”

“That’s right. That planet-city is precisely the Imperial Capital, Grakkis. Welcome everyone, to the center of the Empire; the blossoming Capital.”

Elma displayed a gentle smile and welcomed us with a flourish.

Before descending onto the Imperial planet-city, we decided to head over to the Grakkis Secundus colony first. It was one of several large colonies present in the system. There, our cargo would be checked and we would undergo several inspections and procedures before we could obtain permission to land on Grakkis.

In other words, the Grakkis Secundus colony acts similar to a city gate that we need to go through before we are able to enter the Imperial City. It’s said that the merchants who are responsible for the circulation of goods and materials in the system spent most of their dealings in colonies like it. Why? It’s because landing directly on the Imperial planet-city required extensive procedures and checks, and the cost of staying was also apparently quite expensive. Well, it wasn’t as expensive as staying on a resort planet, of course.

“So what should we do now?”

After we docked on the colony, we all came to the Lotus’s dining room with Mei. I proceeded to blurt out that question as soon as we plopped down on our seats.

I know a ship captain should show initiative at times like this, but since I was semi-forced to come here by Lieutenant Commander Serena and the power of the state backing her up, I didn’t really hold any initiative at all.

I think it’s mostly Lieutenant Commander Serena’s fault for bringing us here but not handing out any additional instructions afterward. Nah, maybe it’s not that Lieutenant Commander Serena didn’t give us any instructions intentionally, but that she didn’t have any chance to give us any further instructions in the first place. That’s probably it.

“Lieutenant Commander Serena said that all the procedures related to the award ceremony would be handled entirely by the military, including our landing permits. My personal recommendation is to visit this colony’s Mercenary Guild branch first.”

“Mercenary Guild? Oh yeah. Lieutenant Commander Serena did say I better rely on the Mercenary Guild more once we arrive at the Imperial Capital, huh. Um, but I’m not exactly sure what I need to rely on them for.”

“You should be able to ask the details after you pay them a visit. The Mercenary Guild branches located in the central system should possess the appropriate know-how about how mercenaries should conduct themselves in the presence of Nobles.”

“I see?”

Well, it’s Mei’s recommendation after all. I’m sure it’ll be useful.

“Okay then. I’ll pay them a visit. Do you want to come with me, guys?”

“Alright. We have to buy some formal dresses anyway. Let’s ask the Mercenary Guild for shop recommendations later.”

“Uu, a formal dress huh……”

Mimi, who was apparently no good with the fluttery and fancy formal dresses, had a bitter look on her face. She may not like it herself, but I still think they look perfect on her. Yeah.

“We’re coming too–”

“Big sis, we still have to hand over our reports to the company branch office.”

“Eh? Ain’t it fine to play around just for a little bit?”

“I’m sorry, but I personally don’t have a hobby of listening to hateful sarcasm.”

“Uu…… The bunch in the Imperial Capital are super prudes after all.”

It looks like the mechanic sisters had some business with the Space Dwerg branch over here. However, judging from their tone, they seem to have a problem with their colleagues in the Capital.

Is it that? They were all dwarves, but they were actually part of different competing factions or something? It kinda felt like that. I better not ask.

“What about you, Mei?”

“I will be staying inside the ship. I will contact you right away in case something happens, so do not worry and feel free to go about on your business, Master.”

“Understood. I’m counting on you then.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Mei displayed a subtle smile. Un. Mei’s expressions have become nicer recently. You’d fail to notice if you didn’t pay close attention though.

“Okay then. Let’s go–”

“Wait just a moment, buster. First, go to your room and wear your Silver Sword Wings Assault medal.”

“……Do I have to?”

“You do. It would make explaining our circumstances easier later on, so go and retrieve it already. Go on. Scoot.”


“You look cooler if you have it on, Hiro-sama.”


In the end, Mimi and Elma pushed me into wearing that gaudy medal on my chest. We headed for the Mercenary Guild with my Noble-issue swords strapped to my waist as well. Why? Isn’t a laser gun more than enough?



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