199 – Sortie Preparations




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After accepting Earl Dareinwald’s request, we immediately started to make our preparations. By preparations, I mean things like making additional purchases of food stockpiles for emergencies (food cartridges), medical solution for the med-pod, energy packs for the laser rifles, laser guns, and other equipment, performing some check-up and maintenance on said weapons and equipment, as well as bringing in and installing our newly purchased combat bots and maintenance/parts swap system…… Anyway, we had a lot to do.

“So you’re telling me the damn media people suddenly decided to ask if they could pay us a visit during a super busy time like this?”

“We’re really sorry, Boss.”

Tina bowed in apology to me as I was watching over the colony transport system and the cargo-bots rushing to and fro inside the Lotus’ cargo hold to bring in the supplies, but I shook my head in response.

“No, it’s not like it’s you and Whisker’s fault anyway. I’m not blaming you guys. I guess it’s about time to get all the troublesome stuff out of the way anyway, so let’s get this deal over and done with.”

But troublesome stuff was still troublesome. I’m okay with starship combat, but I’m not that good with fighting in person…… Or at least, that was supposed to be the case. Presently, I’ve become a swordsman who is able to go toe to toe with Je*i knights and S*th lords.

Uh, maybe not. They aren’t just good at sword fighting after all. They also use mysterious powers to achieve abilities like foresight and so on…… They can also use those powers to telekinetically throw stuff around and release electric attacks. Yeah. I’d probably get thoroughly beaten up. Yep.

“A meeting needs to be scheduled before anything else. What are their plans regarding that?”

“Um, they handed us their contact info.”

“I see. So they want us to contact them from our end huh.”

We didn’t hand them our contact info, so I guess this is to be expected. I have some prejudice regarding the media after all. Well, it’s not like everything’s gonna be bad even with that crappy first impression I got from them anyway.

I took out my portable terminal, received the contact info from Whisker’s tablet, and called them up immediately.

『Yes, this is Wamdo speaking.』

The one who replied on the other end was a man with a deep-sounding voice.

“This is Captain Hiro. I received word from Tina and Whisker from Space Dwerg so I got in touch. I heard you wanted to conduct an interview inside my ship, so I called to ask about the particulars.”

After a brief pause, I heard a loud crash, rattling, rustling, and other clamorous noises accompanied by some swearing. Since my terminal was on speaker mode, Tina and Whisker heard the noises as well and their eyes widened in surprise.

『E-Excuse me! Thank you very much for contacting us! We have really been looking forward to hearing from you, sir!』

I suddenly imagined the figure of a man bowing profusely like a click beetle on the other end. He seems pretty different from the ones who wanted to conduct an ambush interview and forcefully boarded Black Lotus back then.

He seems to have moved to a quieter spot (at least I couldn’t hear any other noises apart from his voice on the other side.) and started briefing me about the interview details in a calmer manner.

In short, they were planning to conduct a joint interview with Space Dwerg and other media outfits. Each company would bring their own filming equipment and would conduct the joint interview with everyone asking questions in turns.

“I see. Well, I guess it’s better to leave the interview methods to pros like you, but we have just a bit of a problem.”

『What is it, sir?』

“We were actually contracted by a certain Noble House– Uh, I guess it’s alright to tell you which House it is. We recently accepted a request from House Dareinwald and we’re slated to depart soon.”


Wamdo choked up on the other end of the line. When it comes to interviewing mercenaries who are in an active contract with Nobles, the media companies are required to discuss things with said Nobles as well. Of course, getting the interview approved ain’t my problem. It’s up to them to see things through instead.

Anyway, it’s not like I’ll dump everything on them. I’ll at least serve as a point of contact between the media folks and House Dareinwald, but it’s up to the media companies to negotiate the terms. It’s not like we absolutely need to take the interviews anyway. We certainly had a deal with Space Dwerg when we purchased Black Lotus, but it’s not like we’re obligated to take the interviews.

After all, the contract also states that we can refuse interviews if they would end up interfering with our work. In other words, our client has every right to decline the interviews if they want to.

“I’m personally fine with getting interviewed. But whether or not our client will allow it is a different story. You’ll be the ones to discuss it with them, of course.”

『C-Can you pull some strings for us somehow, sir……?』

“I’ll act as the go-between at least. Of course, I can’t just reveal the particulars of the client’s request. I believe you guys have plenty of capable personnel, so just do your best, okay. I’ll ask the client if you guys can make an appointment with them after this.”

『Uu…… Please do.』

“Yeah. I’ll be sure to put in a good word or two.”

I cut the call with Mr. Wamdo, who sounded like he was about to suffer from acute stomach pain from all the stress, and immediately contacted Chris.

『Yes, this is Christina speaking. What’s the matter, Hiro-sama?』

“Sorry for calling you all of a sudden, but something came up–”

I’m not sure about what transpired in the discussion between Mr. Wamdo and Earl Dareinwald, but it seems they managed to get permission to conduct the interview in the end.

“It did seem they ended up making several arrangements though.”

“Yeah. It looks like they won’t just interview you all, Boss. They’ll also interview Christina-sama as well.”

“Chris-chan too?”

Mimi, who was feasting on her usual breakfast meal – a yellowish flavorful rice porridge of some sort – tilted her head curiously in the middle of bringing her spoon to her mouth.

“Maybe it’s a move to build up Chris’s fame and authority by letting the media cover how the next family head, Chris, would take command of the planetary colonization. They’ll be able to project the image of a young but efficient and effective leader, and by making good use of Hiro who’s a Gold Star awardee and a Platinum ranker, Chris will become more renowned in aristocratic society.”

“I see–”

After hearing Elma’s conjecture, Mimi seemed convinced. I also nodded in agreement inwardly. I have no idea just how that old man who seemed super-blunt and straight-laced struck a deal with Mr. Wamdo and the other media people, but he sure made certain to secure benefits for himself– or rather, for Chris. I guess he really is a tried and true Noble after all.

“How’s the progress of procuring supplies? In any case, we’ve already finished installing the new combat bots.”

“We’ll finish sending in all the supplies by the end of the day too. We’ve also managed to sell the crystal lifeform materials for a good price.”

“That’s good to hear. Keep an eye on products we can bring with us to the Comatt system too.”


Mimi nodded and smiled sweetly. It’s better for Mimi to gain practical trading experience this way and after she gets enough, I’d be able to safely leave the management of a trading ship to her in the future. Uh, but if I did that, I won’t be able to stay with her all the time anymore. That’s no good. Yep. Let’s think of some other method then.

“You’re making some really weird faces, Boss.”

“You’re thinking about something strange again, right?”

“How rude. I was just mulling over some plans for the future, okay.”

After retorting, I thrust my fork into a piece of my morning steak special (synthetic) and brought it to my mouth. Umu, Tetsujin V really is the best. It’s hard to think something this tasty was actually synthesized from algae, krill-like creatures, spices, and flavorings.

“Anyway, let’s stop thinking about the future for now and focus on the present. We’re gonna spend the day working inside the ship today as well, so I hope no accident happens. Here’s to spending a safe and fulfilling day.”

We can’t be neglectful, okay! We have to be really thorough. Well, the logistics work in this dimension basically just consists of giving instructions to the labor machines and leave most of the work to them. Occasionally though, some underequipped stations and planets in early stages of development make use of power armor for heavy labor. Some even use old-fashioned forklifts to load and unload stuff.

“That’s right, Boss. We have to be careful to avoid any accidents.”

“Man, that sounds really convincing coming from you Tina. I mean, you once fired off a dwarf cannonball at me after all.”

“I totally agree, big brother.”

The one who was used as the dwarf cannonball in question, Whisker, wholeheartedly agreed with me.

“Mou…… You both are still holding a grudge about that after all this time, Boss, Whisker? I’m properly reflecting on it okay.”


“Really! Don’t you see these genuinely repentant eyes, Whee?”

I decided to continue eating the rest of my breakfast in earnest as I watched the dwarven sisters poke fun at each other with a smile on my face. We’ve been experiencing really quiet and peaceful days recently, so I hope this continues on for longer.

I suddenly thought that these peaceful days might just simply be a prelude to something big. Y’know, like the calm before a storm or something. But nah, I’m sure it’s just my imagination. Hahaha.




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    I hope it’s “space monsters”, we haven’t seen those yet. I mean, like outer space type organic creature types. There was the “meat monsters” early on, but those hardly count because they were cultivated on a colony… technically.

    1. RPGsus

      Oh, I guess the crystalline ships count. Hmm, but they seem more like an organized aggressive civilization than monsters. They have armies, command structure, and semi tactical organization allocation. Kind of like ants or other matriarchal based insects. They don’t seem properly sentient, but that could be because their means of communication is massively different than ours. But their tendency to attack on sight puts them on a lower sentience margin. That is basically their restrictive trait keeping them on the same level as wild animals or monsters; their lack of sentience. Maybe one day there will be a breakthrough.

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