Chapter 33 – A Villager At The Magic Academy part 6

It’s been two hours since I knocked down that noble.

Me and Lilith were walking along the highway.
And… Right now, I’m in big trouble.

Since a while ago, Lilith has been entwining her hand with mine and won’t let go.
She would hold my hand like a lover, or she would cling to my arm… it’s just really annoying.


「…Lute said that. I’m important to you.」

「No, well, didn’t I say that you are one of the important people to me?」

「… Kufu… Kufufu… I am… Lute’s important… Kufufu…」


「Lute said it. He really said it. That I… is important to him… Kufu… Kufufufufu… Kufufu…」

Seriously, Lilith’s is looking strange.
In fact, it’s a little scary.
Well, it’s fine I guess…

「What about the slave crest? It has a magic inscription for brainwashing that ignores the target’s ability… Even Lilith, who can be classified as a superhuman, has to listen to the words of a small fry… Should we erase it in the next town?」

「… the current buyer… I went to the Dragon Village during transportation, so I have never seen his face. I strongly agree with erasing the slave crest, but I’m against removing the slave crest itself.」

「That, what do you mean?」

「…It said that ten gold coins can be used as a ransom. In that case, it would be better if Lute himself became my master. Or rather, if it’s just ten gold coins, I can pay it.」

Lilith nodded with a serious face.
I tilted my head there.

「What are you saying? I don’t understand the meaning… if you are paying it yourself, it doesn’t make sense that you are still going to be a slave, right?」

As I watched, Lilith’s cheeks began to turn apple-colored.


Her whole face is dyed bright red.
And then, as if she had made up her mind, she said,

「…Slave crest… I want to make it a bond with Lute.」

「No, I really don’t understand what you are talking about.」

「…You don’t have to understand, But, it’s really what I want, I want you to understand that.」

「Yare yare.」I shrugged my shoulders.

「…I see. Then do whatever you like. However, leave all the Constraint Connection things to blank.」

Constraint Connection.

It’s like the terms of use of slaves. Labor slaves are still in the better category, but sex slaves are in the bottom.

Well, the point is… it’s a basic convention that shows how far you can be unreasonable with the slaves.

There, Lilith puffed up her cheeks as if displeased and said,

「… I want Lute to make me… excessively restricted… I want to be bound by Lute… and by doing so, I can feel the bond…」

「Hm? Did you say something? Just now, I feel like I heard a line that usually comes from a landmine woman…」

「… No, I didn’t say anything. If Lute wants to do that then I’m fine with it.」

And then, she started whispering so softly that I couldn’t hear her well… Lilith is muttering something.

「…However, it’s a stroke of luck. Best timing. With this, I’m one step ahead that childhood friend hero.」

At that time, I should have noticed.
Since the Dragon Zombie incident, Lilith and I have been together.
But I didn’t notice it.
At this time, Lilith’s spirit is already completely reliant on me…
Well, I gave her a good amount of reason for that, but I didn’t realize it at the time.

Putting that aside, we paid the ten gold coins at the slave market in a nearby town.
After the commission is deducted, the amount will be paid to the original buyer later.
In Lilith’s case, even though she is a fugitive slave, she was supposed to have died with a group of slave traders.
That’s why it must have been a surprise to the original buyer.

ーIn this way, I became the owner of a slave named Lilith, both in name and reality.

After another four days of walking, we finally arrived at the city where the Altena Magic Academy is located.

And on that day, I was able to meet Cordelia again.


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